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Recommended movies to watch
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My top rated Drama Feature Films.

I've given these movies either a 7 (Good), 8 (Very Good), 9 (Excellent) or a (Perfect) 10.

"Nobody knows anything." - William Goldman
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Drama, war, romance, adventure, biopic, history, sci-fi, fantasy

For comedies check out TOP 55 Soviet/Russian Comedy Movies
For animation check out TOP 55 Soviet/Russian Animated Films
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I like drama, action, I mystical movie is a good evening. I always like a classic.
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My favourite drama movies and more
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Prueba para filtrar lo mejor
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Inspiration starts from here!
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My favorite films dealing with some or all of these themes.
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Definition from Oxford

"A long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation."

Schizophrenia is not rare, the lifetime risk of developing this disorder is widely accepted to be around 1 in 100. Contrary to popular belief, although the delusional thoughts and hallucinations of schizophrenia sometimes lead to violent behavior, most people that suffer from schizophrenia are neither violent nor a danger to others.

Listed below are a number of films that have addressed schizophrenia over the years. And in the process have helped raise awareness to a disorder that affects about 24 million people worldwide.

In chronological order.
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I have always loved true to life movies! ...
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These are my favorite dramatic pictures of the 2000's years.
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Test your knowledge... Play the Special Game for this List.

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Question:“What is the point of large lists?” Lists like this have a "Refine list" feature (located in the right hand side of the page), which is a powerful filtering tool. With this tool one can exclude all of the films that one has already "rated"(seen), or that are in the >>>>> "watchlist", or exclude films that have been rated below lets say 6/10 stars, etc. With this list you get the ability to filter the list any way you like... to drill down on the exact content that you are looking for. All filters can be used at the same time, in any combination.
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Doomed lives of our favorite protagonists displaying self destructive behavior; savoring the ambivalent pleasure of self-imposed martyrdom. Here are the cynical narrators, the rebel of optimism, the self-aware protagonists. Their lives are chosen for them, their actions lead them to it, their fates are sealed irrevocably. These films end and the link to the audience, namely the main character, ends as well. Many things may bring about such a conclusion … self-destruction is the most tragic of human devices, and it is certainly a common way. There is no action as persistently acted upon, no dream that could not distract one from, no solace to cower toward – the conflict is from within the character, a parasite, a self-induced prison of anarchy. These are these characters; they are doomed and they create their doom, some through drugs, some through obsession, some through love, some through greed.

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SPECIAL UPDATE (Apr. 6, 2013)
DUE TO ILL HEALTH, I have been unable to work on this List for over a month. I may yet be down for another month, too, alas; my apologies, and do check back bi-weekly!

LIST UPDATE Plan (Apr. 7, 2013)
While ill, I still want to whip this list into better shape for you. I'm picking the easiest tasks first:

1) Preliminary "Family Suitability" Rating--my own notions of what you might not want your kids to be exposed to on a "family movie night";
2) Sorting and Grouping of Titles by "theme"--Until I've explained the "vision" for this List and "how to use it";
3) Expanded, "Beta version" of my "Suitability" Ratings--my own notions of what you not only might not want your kids to see, but also what movies might be awkward for or cause discomfort to: a new girlfriend, or people with certain trauma histories (i.e., films that might contain "triggers").

Ohhhhh.. Do I ever owe y'all some APOLOGIES for putting this List up while it was: Unsorted... Not a single title accompanied with the kind of hard workin' writing about what makes the movie Great... character analyses... how well the film actually does the job of telling you what it has to say... .

And I didn't even give you my usual List Introduction to help you understand "the vision" behind--my vision for-- this List; how it differs from other Movie Lists I maintain on IMDB; and how to understand the not-so-obvious grouping method I've used in this List.

If you'll forgive me, Bookmark this List and come back occasionally to see the rewards I want to give you for taking your important time to have a look at it.

I am guilty of acting on the enthusiasm of a midnight inspiration to Create this List right after watching "The Island"--an amazing movie I can't believe had escaped my attention since 2005! And once I started adding titles, I couldn't stop. If you've ever started a list of any kind, you might know what I'm talking about :-)

Would you like a preview of what you can look forward to here?

See my List "The Best TV Shows Running in 2013", which as of this writing has enjoyed 200,000 views and climbing.

I look forward to lengthening and "deepening" this List every week. And this List looks forward to providing you with a reliable source for some great "movie nights". :-)

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If you're looking for "quality" shows that are innovative, off-beat, "special," and feature characters you'll become enamored of, this List is for you.

*** If something is on this List, it's here because it's *different* and stands out from its genre!

(And if you're a movie buff, you might also want to have a look at my new List-in-progress, "MOVIES: Excellent, Offbeat, Quirky, Eye-Candy, Heart-Shredding, and Dark Films of the New Millenium: 1990s-2000s-2013-Present".)

*** This list (and my taste) leans towards:

* Themes of social justice, charitable humanity, and original, innovative, ground-breaking or quirky themes;

* "Authentic" or quirky characters; highly-talented or charismatic actors (either as a single lead or a "team"); and

* Shows starring a lead character or group with a "special gift" of some sort (e.g., hyper-intelligence or professional or supernatural talent).

Although the list may seem top-heavy with crime-themed shows, there are also off-beat dramas, comedies, and several animated series.

Don't "judge a book by its cover" here: Some of the show names, ID pix, and one-line synopses you'll see here may "look like a dozen others," but they're not--again, if something is on this List, it's here because it's *different* and stands out from its genre.
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With my ratings & comments.

Dickens's stories have vivid characters and great dialogue--perfect for translation to film. Here are some of the best adaptations (plus a few misfires).

Please note that I am stingy with stars, and try to rate based on criteria more objective than simply "I loved it/hated it"--a movie has to be really outstanding to earn an 8 or higher from me.
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This are my list of true-to-life Events filmed for the big screen.

To be update daily...

In order of greatness & awesomeness!
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a list of the 10 best dramas i have ever seen. enjoy! :)
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Fictional or non-fictional movies where the story takes place during the 20th and/or 21st century. The titles are not in any special order. Does not include war time related films. They are listed under their own genre.
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These are my favorite movies from which i've seen....
Most of them are dramas and really worth to see!
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