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a list of 5 titles by burnj12 created 16 Jan 2016
Controversial indie filmmaker Paul Easter top 5 films
a list of 11 titles by chavotocino created 06 Jan 2016
a list of 12 titles by herbie_mac created 21 Dec 2015
A confrontation with the world's end sometimes helps intensifying the appreciation for where we are now.
a list of 25 titles by Herbert Geier created 28 Dec 2014 order of emotional impact. This list covers rather unconventional films that critically depict sociological aberrations and taboos which in turn may memorably sharpen our ability for dealing with them. Films from the horror and war genre are NOT included in this list.
a list of 101 titles by lordmikie created 19 Sep 2014
In alphabetic order. Most of these films are not for the squeamish or faint of heart.
a list of 15 titles by final-fantasyxcjo created 01 Jul 2013
The 15 most controversial films ever, dealing with race, killings, religion etc... The ones that people were debating banning from the screen. Here we go.
a list of 18 titles by eirik-strand91 created 10 Jun 2013
a list of 53 titles by ninjaalexs created 06 Jun 2012
I am trying to create the ultimate list of controversial films from 1990 - 1999. I f you see a film missing from the list which should be included leave a comment.
a list of 98 titles by ninjaalexs created 29 May 2012
A list of some UK made television programmes, which drew complaints and debate. I'm trying to create the ultimate list; if you see a missing programme that should be included, leave a message.

* Live autopsy
* My Foetus
* Dancing with the Devil (Black Metal documentary)
* Visions: World Cinema Brazil
* The Secret Agent (2004)
a list of 94 titles by ninjaalexs created 28 May 2012
A list of the all controversial films from 2000 onwards. List will be updated as films are released. I have based the list on films that have been talked about and received press interest, not just films which are shocking.
The list is in consecutive order, maybe reverse order would be better.

Not Listed:
* Innocence of Muslims (not listed on Imdb)
a list of 13 titles by dog_lover_twelve created 03 Apr 2012
a list of 20 titles by IMDb-Editors created 17 Sep 2010
Whether it be for violence, sexuality, religion, or political stance, these 20 films pushed the envelope enough that they were protested, picketed, or boycotted in one form or another. These films challenged us to look at the world in a new way, even if it made us a bit uncomfortable.
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