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Very clever
a list of 34 titles by AnonymousCritic created 03 Mar 2016
This is a list of titles in which the character literally interacts with the plot; by changing the text, meeting the author or talking back to the narrator. Breaking the sixth wall, dude that's so meta...
a list of 15 titles by X-Martin-X created 15 Nov 2014
a list of 113 titles by AnonymousCritic created 01 Sep 2014
As a film genre I am a fan of films based in one room. Simple concept which calls for good acting... they might not be the best films ever but they make you 'think outside the box'.
a list of 124 titles by yell_in_hell created 04 May 2014
a list of 19 titles by dollfactory created 03 Mar 2014
a list of 37 titles by kmpinar created 11 Aug 2013
a list of 46 titles by ChrisTreborn created 14 May 2013
Movies that made you to think beyond the normal limit. Totally clever, in all means. Making the best in CLEVER LIST.
a list of 7 titles by radec223 created 12 Apr 2013
a list of 18 titles by mitja888 created 13 Feb 2013
a list of 9 titles by rjrusha created 29 Jan 2013
a list of 30 titles by jbrewbeer97 created 22 Jan 2013
In No Particular Order
a list of 166 titles by d_smojver created 19 Dec 2012
Mind-twisting or mind-fuc*ing movies are movies with an unexplained main fable that CAN be explained in some way, movies where we don't know what's real and what isn't (only if it's important for the main fable!), movies where we have at least two explanations and theories, movies with more stories or endings which are different from one another and movies where we don't know WHAT is really happening, HOW and/or WHY.

I didn't put here movies with an open ending only, because a lot of movies have it! I also didn't put entirely surrealist movies (like Un Chien Andalou from Luis Bunuel, Tetsuo, the Iron Man from Shin'ya Tsukamoto etc.) which are completely UNEXPLAINABLE. But, I put almost all genres: SF, action, adventure, thriller, mystery, romance, drama, crime, horror, comedy, anime, art movies, philosophical movies...

Some of the greatest directors of all time are present here: Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Ingmar Bergman, Darren Aronofsky, Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Bong Joon-ho, Andrey Tarkovskiy, David Lynch, Luis Bunuel, Alejandro Amenabar, Kim Ki-duk, David Fincher, Roman Polanski, Kim Jee-woon, Michael Haneke, Spike Jonze, Satoshi Kon, Bela Tarr, Terrence Malick, Kar Wai Wong, Robert Wise, Richard Linklater, Giuseppe Tornatore, David Cronenberg, Akira Kurosawa, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Nicolas Winding Refn, John Carpenter, Shion Sono, Lars von Trier, Terry Gilliam, Neil Jordan, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Masaki Kobayashi...

If I missed any notable titles, please tell me. Enjoy!

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a list of 13 titles by RevelYell created 23 Nov 2012
a list of 4 titles by greenthumbs1980-423-546955 created 14 Jul 2012
A list of movies and television shows about heists and bad ass robberies. Maybe some documentary action too.
a list of 120 titles by euphoria2150 created 04 Sep 2011
These are some of the best movies & TV shows for intelligent people who appreciate exceptional plots with superb acting and outstanding character development. These are movies or tv shows that will cause you to think abstract, and that will make you want to cry, laugh, and cheer as you get sucked into the emotional whirlwind of numerous characters and scenarios. This is a list of my all time favorites... Stay tuned as it keeps growing!
a list of 8 titles by matt-deverill created 07 Jul 2011
a list of 10 titles by marto-13 created 30 Mar 2011
top 10 movies clever movies
a list of 23 titles by kellie-christiansen created 15 Mar 2011
not exactly "first date" material. a mix of horror, thriller and drama
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