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a list of 20 titles by Peter Griggs created 01 Aug 2015
a list of 18 titles by dgarling created 19 Sep 2014
Zombie Romantic Comedies
a list of 15 titles by VideoJordan created 24 Oct 2013
This is a collection of some of the Campiest TV shows that have ever graced the airwaves.

If you have suggestions for what to add to the list, let me know in the comments below.
a list of 7 titles by ewerx created 09 Apr 2013
a list of 3 titles by caitlinemmaperkins created 30 Mar 2013
a list of 131 titles by Chocolegz created 08 Feb 2013
B-Movies, Comedy, Exploitation, Grindhouse, Satire, horror, Slasher, So-Bad-it's-Good
a list of 20 titles by yesyesyes123 created 29 Dec 2012
Here are my favorite horror films - I could only come up with 80s films at first but realized there's some modern goodies.
a list of 20 titles by tlevan99 created 18 Dec 2012
a list of 78 titles by ChadTheWrestleManiac created 25 Mar 2012
Most of this movies are down right terrible... but most of these movies are down right entertaining.

By the term "guy" movies i mean violence, action, blood/gore, nudity, sci-fi, nerdy... guy stuff.
a list of 7 titles by psydde created 24 Feb 2012
a list of 119 titles by JJ_fad created 30 Oct 2011
a list of 37 titles by thisisaflea-thatwasaflea created 27 Oct 2011
They're not very scary, but they have a slithering style that gets inside of you and festers.
a list of 37 titles by FenixKaos created 08 Oct 2011
It is a list of cheesy movies it doesn't mean that they are good cheesy movies some are some ain't
a list of 25 titles by dwhepworth created 07 Dec 2010
High-camp, good and bad that you'll enjoy again and again and again.
a list of 12 titles by lstigall-2 created 27 Oct 2010
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