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a list of 103 titles by gustavoo-15276 created 2 months ago
The animated films I watch
a list of 40 titles by ontheis created 5 months ago
a list of 66 titles by Ricky Lee created 5 months ago
List of anime movies and series I have watched.
a list of 55 titles by Teremov created 7 months ago
Timeless feature films, shorts and TV series from all over the world, mostly those I grew up with. Soviet/Russian animation is listed in a separate top.
a list of 10 titles by ethanimation21 created 11 months ago
by ethan partington
a list of 14 titles by TheodoraEh created 21 Jul 2016
Studio Ghibli movies are amazing, and famous for their gorgeous animation, dreamy stories, and valuable life lessons they provide. They also portray some of the strongest female characters that have ever appeared in movies, or the evolution of women through life and how they realize their potential. This list features some of them, sorted by how strong the female characters are. (List in Progress)
a list of 17 titles by berr-88611 created 14 Feb 2016
a list of 3 titles by pollis090106 created 21 May 2015
Bob Esponja es una serie de televisión de dibujos animados estadounidense. Actualmente es una de las series Nicktoons más vistas de Nickelodeon.
a list of 60 titles by FiveDeadlyVenoms created 16 May 2015
My top rated Animation Feature Films.

I've given these movies either a 7 (Good), 8 (Very Good), 9 (Excellent) or a (Perfect) 10.

"Nobody knows anything." - William Goldman
a list of 26 titles by suncitytm created 18 Apr 2015
Filmukai G.
a list of 40 titles by gettysburgrich created 18 Mar 2015
Must See Movies that you probably DID NOT See Because your taste is bad. But fear not Captain Awesome is here to change all that. signed CAPT A editor and chief helper: Movie Girl
a list of 0 titles by taylorbug98-646-904816 created 17 Feb 2015
a list of 3 titles by inaandersen created 08 Jan 2015
it is alllll the movies i have seen
a list of 55 titles by Teremov created 22 Dec 2014
In 1906 Alexander Shiryaev produced Russia's and world's first stop motion animated films. He was followed by Vladislav Starevich in 1910 and a whole generation of Soviet animators during the 1920s. The industry survived three deep crises: the revolution, the World War II and the 1990s. Nevertheless, thousands of films have been produced and every big director developed his own distinctive style. Despite what you've been told, propaganda toons were rare and unpopular. Most common are Russian and European fairy tales.
a list of 70 titles by Rickting created 21 Oct 2014
These are all the animated movies I saw recently enough to give a fair review of, ranked with a short review. Enjoy!
a list of 52 titles by bertodiaz71 created 08 Aug 2014
a list of 4,256 titles by Dr-Faustus created 16 Jun 2014

{2013-2020}-A list of animated films & shorts, yet unreleased and newly released.

In random order and under constant construction.

For alternate list order, please use the 'Sort by': function.

For advanced search functions, please use the 'Refine List' feature.

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Complete List of Most Popular Animation Feature Films Released 2013 to 2020.

Complete List of Most Popular Animation Feature Films Released 2013 to 2020 With At Least 5 Votes.

Animated Feature Films Released Between 2013 and 2020 Not Featured On This List.

Animated Short Films Released Between 2013 and 2020 Not Featured On This List.

Last Update: September 16, 2017.
a list of 93 titles by qolbi-zamzami created 16 Jun 2014
a list of 10 characters by SmoovLikaPenguin created 24 May 2014
******************SPOILERS AHEAD!!!********************* ******************************************************** If you haven't seen any of these Anime shows or films and don't want to know who dies don't read! List of Lead Role/Important Role characters from an Anime series or film that were killed and never made it to the end of the series/film.

EDIT: Waiting on IMDB to approve the character page for number ten!
a list of 65 titles by zinjadu-morrison created 15 Mar 2014
a list of personal Anime favorites A-Z
a list of 38 titles by havefunrespawninghd created 01 Mar 2014
These are just some of my favorite aniamtions
a list of 0 titles by songdo7972 created 13 Feb 2014
a list of 20 titles by alamjani created 10 Feb 2014
a list of 15 titles by jonas_aberg420 created 09 Feb 2014
a list of 95 titles by Dr-Faustus created 18 Dec 2013
A list of Pixar Animation Studios Productions.

Please note: This list includes Pixar-related documentaries, shorts, video-games & feature-length animated films.

In chronological order.
a list of 111 titles by rfnsajal created 27 Oct 2013
Among all animation films these are the best I have watched so far.
a list of 10 titles by ionalanderson created 13 Jul 2013
This list is on my personal top ten animated movies from the 21st century.
a list of 141 titles by MovieMadChrisB created 29 Jun 2013
a list of 30 titles by MovieMadChrisB created 26 Jun 2013
Animation movies are some of the most memorable and brilliant movies ever made, and I have always had a soft spot for these type of films. These are the 30 best animation films in my opinion, that I have seen over the years. I still have plenty to watch and when I have this list will be updated. If anyone has any recommendations, please leave a comment.
a list of 514 titles by RDLongoria created 21 Apr 2013
Test your knowledge... Play the Special Game for this List.

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a list of 21 titles by pani_202064 created 19 Mar 2013
This is my best animations to see in my world. thank yea . thanks
a list of 0 titles by les-darko created 28 Feb 2013
a list of 30 titles by doghine-170-623313 created 16 Feb 2013
a list of 10 titles by jphkba created 11 Feb 2013
a list of 100 titles by johnpaulmcdonnell60 created 31 Jan 2013
This list of "Top 100 Anime Series Of All Time" will feature what I consider to be the 100 greatest anime series ever made. Some of the qualifying factors taken into consideration for a series being deemed great are, entertainment value, popularity, lasting appeal, quality of writing, originality and significance to the medium of anime. I didn't take just one factor into consideration. I took many as you can see by my description, this is not a list for most popular anime only.

An anime can only be considered for this list upon being completed, if you want a list of good ongoing anime please go somewhere else. You will need to research some series on anime review sites as IMDb has limited information on anime.

I have watched all of these to completion and can confirm they are certainly worthwhile viewing. As someone who has been watching anime for multiple years and has seen several hundred series I can appreciate when an anime has true legitimate merit.

Never judge whether to watch an anime by its description or picture. You think this would be common sense but you'd be surprised how many great series are overlooked because of the photo or a poor description.

As stated previously, this is a list for series only! Anime that were originally released as multiple episode OVA series will be considered, however no outright anime movies will be included! This is not a list for anime movies!

a list of 25 titles by yoyopirate created 28 Jan 2013
a list of 50 titles by themadsen created 30 Dec 2012
This is a ranked list of my 50 favourite animated feature films.
a list of 8 titles by dolphinez-1974 created 27 Dec 2012
a list of 9 titles by theokinawabadass created 05 Dec 2012
a list of 80 titles by aquascape created 30 Nov 2012
Here's a collection of modern animated featured films for both young and old starting from the 90's and up.

One of the best things in the past decades has been computer-animated films starting with the groundbreaking Toy Story and going nowadays at a rate of around half a dozen major animated films each year.

Click here for the movies you've seen/not seen from this list.

Check out my other lists:
- The Movie Buff List
- Top 10 From Each Year
- War films
- Psycho-Thrillers
- Science-Fiction Films
...other lists here.
a list of 43 titles by nutonline created 25 Sep 2012
a list of 16 images by richake-278-100883 created 14 Aug 2012
a list of 100 titles by omidpacino created 06 Jul 2012
a list of 2 titles by abirthecolour created 28 Jun 2012
Animation & Fav movies
a list of 0 characters by cadkyjo created 22 Jun 2012
a list of 24 titles by amethystwings32 created 20 May 2012
a list of 57 titles by khaledaa created 05 Feb 2012
Still watching somes, you can suggest me titles
a list of 0 titles by lindasopi created 03 Feb 2012
Most rated animated movies
a list of 25 characters by Tomsanto10 created 19 Jan 2012
a list of 2 titles by saad_9790 created 20 Dec 2011
a list of 100 titles by M S created 12 Dec 2011
Movies and Shows that I enjoyed
a list of 28 titles by idakristinefuruhaug created 27 Nov 2011
This list is in no particular order. feel free to leave comments. Enjoy !
a list of 26 titles by johnstoddard87 created 17 Nov 2011
26 animnation movies
a list of 50 titles by Tomsanto10 created 05 Nov 2011
It is a list of 'must' watch animation movies!
a list of 12 titles by moviesrme10 created 22 Oct 2011
It's about to me the Best movies of 2011.
a list of 31 titles by SteveTheAlien created 12 Oct 2011
a list of 10 titles by SteveTheAlien created 12 Oct 2011
a list of 10 characters by SteveTheAlien created 19 Sep 2011
a list of 43 titles by Smiling_Dragon created 13 Sep 2011
a list of 30 titles by mjf314 created 25 Jul 2011
My favorite animated feature films of all time.
a list of 10 titles by JTCconnolly created 12 May 2011
This is a list of what I think are the top 10 animated movies
a list of 216 titles by Dr-Faustus created 09 May 2011
A comprehensive list of the greatest animated films of all-time.

This list is purely subjective and in chronological order.

Other 'Animation' Lists:

Greatest Animated Short Films.

Future and Newly Released Animated Movies & Shorts.

Pixar Animation Studios - Filmography & Productions.

See all lists by Dr-Faustus >>
a list of 72 titles by mjf314 created 04 Mar 2011
Note: This list was last updated Nov 21, 2011. See my newer list.

Below is a list of my 3 favorite feature-length animated movies for each year since 1926 (including TV movies and straight-to-video movies).

If I list fewer than 3 movies for a particular year, it means those are the only movies I've seen from that year.

Here's a list of all the animated movies I've seen.
a list of 20 titles by perrymike55446 created 02 Feb 2011
Number one is the lowest and twenty is the highest.
a list of 17 people by larsson-879-705964 created 11 Dec 2010
a list of 47 titles by Totoroisperfect created 01 Dec 2010
Best animated movies I've seen
a list of 51 titles by luannastar created 28 Nov 2010
my favorite animation movie all time !
a list of 44 titles by Mohamed_Rashidy created 02 Nov 2010
Leave a comment if you likes it.. :-)
a list of 143 titles by mjf314 created 17 Oct 2010
See this page and this page for more information about this list.

The original list includes some series of shorts, and each short is listed separately on IMDb, so I included only the most acclaimed short (or the 1st short) from each series.

Missing from IMDb:
The Magic Fox (#28)
Goodnight, Children opening sequence (#81)
Coffee Break (#87)
Rainbow Sentai Robin (#129)
Praise be to Small Ills (#131)
The Mochimochi Tree (#147)
CM / Yakult "Miru-Miru" commercial (#148)
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