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Yes, I'm being serious! ...And I really dare say, can even *act*. (Yeah, I know this description is a bit LENGTHY, but I'm only doing my best to be as specific as possible.)
But hey, I KNOW a good actor [or celebrity] when I see one!
(Other lists would likely joke about this & waste your time, but I decided to be whole-heartedly honest on this topic instead. Trolling around is the LAST thing on my list!)
Some of these are men, dead or alive, who assuredly DESERVE more airtime & recognition than all that Leo's getting (and a big award of some sorts too) for being overall more coherent & better actors as well. Boy, it just appears like many drooling, agitated, overzealous Leo fanboys and fan girls out there seem totally *oblivious* to the fact that THESE guys exist as well!

(Now to be clear, dear READERS, all of this is opinion-based; to admit, I'm may not be the best to address this issue - and this certainly ain't no ploy to be rude, crude, or unnecessarily mean about anything; it's just a bit of "honesty" & "reality" coming from someone actually STUDYING acting as a Hollywood-hopeful.
Plus, I've made a bit of EFFORT in putting this whole thing together, so don't just go off on a tangent labeling & calling me another "jealous DiCaprio hater", 'cause that's just lazy. "Jealous... Jealous... Jealous..." I mean, is that the ONLY word in your vocabulary...??? Truth is, I'm NOT at all! And I haven't created this list as thing to gain attention for "myself" ~ certainly not. I was only convinced bringing attention and a bit of love to *THESE* underrated men was a worthy enough cause.)

All joking aside, there are *more* important things in life to concentrate on & devote time to other than just THIS guy's career ~ becoming too much of a sellout lately which is annoying as a reputation ~ not even in recent years gaining notoriety for being a so-called "expert" on & giving an ALTAR CALL to global warming, climate change, or whatever; a star spouting off about something he knows NOTHING of, notwithstanding the trivia that he DROPPED OUT of high school...
Doesn't even matter that he called a pope or the corrupt United Nations in on it either.
C'mon, Dr. Kent Hovind is a MUCH better research scientist, teacher, & historian than DiCaprio, or even Bill Nye.

[No worries, I AM against pollution and destroying things unnecessarily.] But hey, c'mon, the Climate Change scare (or what used to be called "global warming") is pretty much a baloney hoax scam that ended like 16 years ago! Ironically Leo, who jets around the world in his private JET, million-dollar diesel-burning YACHT, & all around DEBAUCHED life-style, he pollutes *way more* in a month than dozens of middle-class families do in a year; and then (like an Al Gore clone) has the nerve to lecture us about the environment, for us the hoard resources, yet THEY get to pollute all the want ~ typical Hollywood elitist. "Do as I say, not as I do..."; it's like PETA protesters eating animals while wearing a leather jacket and shoes.
Trivially, every single thing used in & to make a movie can irresponsibly 'destroy' the climate - from the props, to the computers, to the vehicles, and to the chemicals put into that cheesy Oscar trophy! Every single bit of anything for this is harmful to the climate ~ they are all too hypocritical.)
Plus, Leo's recent global-warming 'schlockumentary' "The 11th Hour" was a major box-office FLOP.

Firstly, IF there was "global warming" (which is highly questionable & I doubt it), that doesn't prove MAN is causing it ~ think about it. Secondly, IF man is causing it, the government is the LAST one who should try fixing it; because their fix will cost 1000x times more than it should, be half as effective, & it won't work ~ show me *ANYTHING* they ever fixed! A plot to just let the government in on and run & dictate your life ~ it's all a FARCE! Private Property ownership is the solution, not more big government regulation.
I warn you, overall, the "environmentalist movement" isn't really about saving the environment ~ it's a plot to push Agenda 21 & establishing Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, Plank #1, "Abolish private property."
Don't look at me! Search it up yourself.
If that's the case, it kinda makes me wonder if this Leo dude is just another puppet being used for the coming New World Order.

But when you get down to it, DiCaprio's talent is really just limited to SHOUTING & yelling!
...And playing a bit of a retard.

I'm not joking! Truth be told, he isn't very original ~ kinda overrated & not even THAT special of an actor, no matter how many movies he's been, whether he has an Oscar or not; at most just amateur, a mediocre wanna-be ~ no range, same tone, same face, same expression, NOTHING! Every line of dialogue he DELIVERS is the same way; he's always ANGRY the same way; always HAPPY the same way; always SAD the same way, across the board! It's kinda made him STALE, no matter what ppl or Hollywood say. Having carried along the habitual traits of the same squinty-eyed, serious-eyebrow frown whispering-line delivery that he has done from character to character, almost since as long as his career *magically* took off! Wow...
GOOD LOOKS only get you so far, unfortunately too far ~ he's just gotten too lucky is all; likely having vast sorts of the most excellent agents putting him in all these BIG films with BIG directors.
Plus, he comes across pretty BLAND in interviews.

Plus, the size of his HEAD has kinda weirdly expanded over the years.... maybe from "acting angry" too much?? Maybe it's that whole "I must scream/shout/get angry/cry" all in one scene in his work, trying too hard like that's what he considers "real acting". Surprisingly, it's NOT! 'Gangs Of New York' was overrated anyway (I liked Liam Neeson's cameo) but Leo made it worse with all the charisma of a digestive biscuit, and just about NO chemistry with his leading lady [which I think even 'Twilight' would laugh at].

In the end, I'm not SURPRISED he hadn't won an Oscar all those years (after all being beaten TWICE by black actors, and people complain about "not enough" in the Academy) ~ and I wasn't even the LEAST bit swayed due to his recent win. Rather disappointed instead. (Just like I was with Sylvester Stallone losing "Best Supporting Actor" to Mark Rylance. lol wut??? Such a joke)
In fact, I admit it was interesting seeing all these numerous Internet videos of people freakin' out over his Oscar win ~ how people can just LOSE IT over something so nonessential. And all those Leo Oscar memes never fail to make me laugh; and with the Internet and that meme being so huge, the only thing many younger people know about the Oscars at ALL is that Leo had never won one... that's it!
Actually, *I* would give Leo an award for 'Most Over-Promoted Actor' of all time ~ being constantly nominated, and is always called an "underrated actor" everywhere because he hadn't won an Oscar yet ~ so he's definitely overrated. The complete deserving ones opposite DiCaprio would be the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, or Gary Oldman (btw, who are REAL talents at being so versatile with changing their appearance & accents to make every character unique.)
I had firmly guessed there would ALWAYS be that one other actor who did a much better & deserving job than Leo did; and I predicted he would win [this February for "The Revenant"] only because of WEAK competition. No contest!

He was just given lucky DIRECTION is all ~ c'mon, ANY other competent actor could've been chosen to fight & ravage a bear, eat bison liver, & sleep in a horse carcass, and won an Oscar for it! In all honesty, perhaps Joaquin Phoenix would've made a better & believable Hugh Glass!)
Besides, Leo's even stated himself, "...I only do this job because I love it, not to win prizes."
....Yeah sure, I guess you love it a little *too* much, pal; like an unhealthy OBSESSION with it.

Furthermore, director Scorsese (who I'm not particularly a fan of anyways, except for "HUGO" [2011]) needs to give it a *BREAK* using this Leo guy in every freakin' movie! Using De Niro, I could understand, because he surely is one of the best (& talented) likable actors out there.
But DiCaprio? COME ON!!!

Best example: At one point the main role of "American Psycho" bounced back & forth between him and Christian Bale - can you honestly see Leo topping Christian Bale's performance? Or any performance by Tom Hanks (or even Johnny Depp)?? Tom Hanks does what DiCaprio only WISHES he could do - actually BECOME the character he is portraying in whatever movie he is in - not just inside himself, but TO THE AUDIENCE. Like, Hanks WAS Forrest Gump; Johnny Depp WAS Jack Sparrow (Though to be fair, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" did have some redeeming qualities, like Johnny Depp's character, them struggling as a family & all). But put DiCaprio in any scene next to an actual, recognized actor and just watch him disappear! For instance, Ben Kingsley in "shutter island" ~ wow, their scenes together were quite frankly embarrassing.
(No wonder Kirk Cameron's "Growing Pains" got canceled right after Leo joined in.)

Though to be fair, if there's ONE redeemable thing about DiCaprio, it's when he was dating Jewish & Israeli model, Bar Refaeli (between 2006~2011).

But like I said, I honestly can't take Leo serious in nearly ANY role he's in! Not even when he uses a ridiculous unconvincing accent, looks like he's playing dress-up all the time, or even wears hilariously bad makeup to look like an older man (even though he looks 15).
And ANY film he's in that seems *remotely* interesting, he ends up ruining it!
"INCEPTION" (the film he's most notably known for) is a clear such case, which had COOL music & special effects [I'll give it that] but the story, him, & the characters were NOT cool - not even the least bit sympathetic! Boy, his constant vibe of insecure shouting & taking the Lord's name in vain was just disappointing and took me out of it. Bewildered how it made up this whole crazy, unrealistic, nonsensical, & MEANINGLESS ideal about "dreams", which still confuses the heck out of people today! (I mean, c'mon, "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014) was a *much* more engaging & meaningful science fiction film than that OVERRATED circus-fest!)

It settles the fact that I'm NEVER wasting any of my hard-earned cash on any of his movies... ever.

(And I'm GLAD he didn't play Steve Jobs; not only would it not make any lick of sense since he doesn't even look the part (same goes for Fassbender), but what? Was he gonna SCREAM most of his lines?? Not to mention the late rumors him playing "Lenin" for pete's sake! I mean, does he HAVE to play *every* *single* *person* throughout history!???
I don't see him playing characters ~ I just SEE Leonardo DiCaprio; that's it! Moreover, I hardly remember his movie characters' names! He's in that group of actors who always play THEMSELVES in movies.

(I believe he should've actually retired after all the hype of "Titanic". As they say, "Better quit while you're ahead.") Though try closing your eyes & listening to his dialogue in Titanic too ~ it is worse than a high school play. Truly OVERRATED film, whether it's based on a true story or not!
[Seriously, "Groundhog Day" (1993) is still a MUCH better & tremendous romantic love story compared to that nonessential over-hyped blockbuster... or really ANY film that Leo's been in]
Never heard of it?? Surprised I'm not. I say it's a classic hidden gem that's been drowned out by much bizarre similar overrated films throughout the years.
Give it a watch ~ you won't be disappointed! ;-]

There're some exceptions to the rule of course, but most child actors grow up to be talentless hacks (ex. Macaulay Culkin, Haley Joel Osmit, Edward Furlong, Gary Coleman, Corey Feldman, etc), And DiCaprio certainly wouldn't have made it as an adult if he wasn't lucky as a kid FIRST.

He doesn't deserve a majority of the praise he gets for playing the same insecure, smug, spoilt, whiny, screaming, raging, repressive, degenerate, foul-mouthed, blasphemous, antisocial, amoral, abusive, condescending character in so many damn movies...

...Movies with LITTLE to NO morals!

Playing characters that just only *encourage* horrific behavior.
Couldn't he try playing a more unflappable character any time soon?? (One who doesn't LOSE THEIR S*** at the drop of a hat!?) ...Or at the very least RETIRE???

If you'd like the simple short & sweet story instead, I've provided these quick [YouTube] links:

DISCLAIMER: Not ALL the men listed are necessarily actors ~ they're just simply celebrities, who do things even beyond just acting. And even if you claim they're "not that good," "they suck", "DiCaprio is 'much better' than a lot of these", "You don't know anything about acting", "Whoever created this list is a crazy idiot", or "He's won an Oscar now, so shut up!", well perhaps you haven't yet gotten to SEE their full potential! And a bunch of them ARE Oscar-material too! Some of their movie choices may not have always been the best, but hey, actors have to put a lot of trust in their directors or casting agents even.
Perhaps Leo has just been given TOO MUCH of the spotlight ~ as a result, these guys don't have a lot of attention to even allow flexing their acting careers & abilities! Just you wait & see... ;-)

[By the way...
I'll dare say this is a list of men who're even hotter & better than the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Michael Fassbender, Charlie Hunnam, Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne, Channing Tatum, or even Tom Cruise, ...just some other smug, overrated, irritating, cantankerous, rancorous same-same celebrities I don't give two HOOTS about.]

I realize I've only just scratched the surface here, but in the end, all of this is in my total, humble, un-biased [and correct] opinion.

(Fine, I WELCOME your comments, experiences, critiques, and suggestions on this list ~ I'm just hoping you will find some beginner tips & tools to help you see the art of Hollywood acting in a new light a little MORE a new way. If you've enjoyed this page, please do "LIKE" through Facebook, and spread it around & share with others you know ~ I'd really appreciate if you could do that, but that's completely up to you. If you abhor this list, then I recommend U just find something else possibly better to do ~ you don't have to turn into a bunch of cyber-bullies, needing to be all mean-spirited & profane about it, 'cause that'd be just immature & impulsive. Pleez be nice, grow up, & get a life.)

(And THANK YOU all so much, from the bottom of my heart, for over 22K views ~ just WOW! So unexpected. But sadly, I DO expect to get a lot of hate for making this; just as well looking at the comment section ~ Haters R gonna Hate!)

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Handsome, hot, pretty, cute, lovely, adorable, beautiful, real life ruiners. From past times and present, some well-known and probably listed on thousands of lists in here, others not so much, and few to make your head spin on why they're here (don't judge me on my weird taste). Going in no particular order (RANDOM) and sometimes followed with an explanation.
P.S.: Read and look all the pages carefully, please. I'm tired of people asking me 'why didn't you put that guy?' when the mentioned guy was already listed.
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