Favorite Soap (Daytime) Actors & Actresses

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Anna Lee
The daughter of a clergyman, Anna Lee was born Joan Boniface Winnifrith and encouraged to pursue an acting career by her father. After training at London's Royal Albert Hall, she took to the boards and later began appearing in English films, first as an extra, then working her way up to featured parts and finally earning the unofficial title "Queen of the Quota Quickies." Lee and her husband...
“ 1913, January 2

General Hospital as Lila Quartermaine ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Joseph Mascolo
Joseph has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He plays the clarinet, and he played with the Metropolitan Opera in N.Y.C for two years. He does charity work for handicapped people, and the people from Ocilla, Georgia appreciated his work so much that they had one-mile street named after him. His hobbies are reading, tennis, and gardening.
“ 1929, March 13

Days of Our Lives as Stefano DiMera
The Bold and the Beautiful as Massimo Marone
General Hospital as Domino
Santa Barbara as Carlos Alvarez ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1933, July 24

Days of Our Lives as Victor Kiriakis
Days of Our Lives as Eric Richards
Love of Life as Eddie Aleata
Search for Tomorrow as Martin Tourneur ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1933, September 13

As the World Turns as Lisa Miller Grimaldi ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1935, August 9

Love is a Many Splendored Thing as Martha Donnelly & Julie Richards
Another World as Emma Frame & Iris Cory Carrington
Guiding Light as Alexandra Spaulding
General Hospital as Myrna Slaughter ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1936, February 20

Capitol as Myrna Clegg
Santa Barbara as Pamela Capwell Conrad
Days of Our Lives (short replacement) as Vivian Alamain
Guding Light as Alexandra Spaulding
All My Children as Vanessa Bennett Hayward Courtlandt ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1937, February 5

General Hospital as Dr. Alan Quartermaine ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1938, December 21

As the World Turns as Dr. John Dixon ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Louise Sorel
A flashy, aggressive villainess and eternally hopeless meddler on a number of soaps, Louise Sorel has given her opulent, show-stopping characters major doses of humor and grit that have allowed her to become one of daytime's more popular figures for over two decades. She joined Days of Our Lives as the manipulative Vivian Alamain in March 1992...
“ 1940, August 6

Santa Barbara as Augusta Wainwright
One Life to Live as Judith Russell Sanders
Days of Our Lives as Vivian Alamain
Port Charles as Donatella Stewart ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1938, August 25

Peyton Place as Dr. Russ Gehring
Bonanza as Candy Canaday
All My Children as Adam & Stuart Chandler (5 Daytime Emmys) ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1939, July 31

Days of our Lives as Dr. Laura Spencer Horton
The Bold and the Beautiful as Stephanie Forrester -- 4 Emmy Wins ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Anthony D. Call
Graduate of Pomfret School, Pomfret, Connecticut, 1958, where Tony not only acted on the school's stage, but was, also, the star quarterback on the football team. Among his fellow classmates was Jeffrey Paul Hopkins, who went on to learn the Tibetan language while following severe Buddhist monastic training. He later became a translator for the Dalai Lama.
“ 1940, August 31

Guiding Light as Dr. Joe Werner
The Edge of Night as Senator Colin Whitney
One Life to Live as DA Herb Callison ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Donna Mills
Actress, Knots Landing
Donna Mills was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was an oil executive and her mother was a dance instructor. Donna studied ballet throughout her teens. After spending a year studying drama at the University of Illinois, she made her way to New York, where she landed an understudy role in Woody Allen's play...
“ 1940, December 11

Love is a Many Splendored Thing as Laura Donnelly Elliot
Knots Landing as Abby Cunningham Ewing
General Hospital as Madeline Reeves ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Eric Braeden
Eric Braeden is a German actor in America who began his career playing Nazis and eventually became a star of daytime soap operas. Born Hans Gudegast in Kiel, Germany, during the Second World War, he was a superb athlete who excelled in track-and-field events. As a teenager, he immigrated to the United States and worked in Texas and Montana as a translator...
“ 1941, April 3

The Young and the Restless as Victor Newman ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jennifer Bassey
Actress, Waxwork
Emmy Award-nominated Jennifer Bassey became a contract player on ABC TV's All My Children in the summer of 1998, after having portrayed borderline nymphomaniac "Marian Colby", since the early eighties. Jennifer was born in Chicago. Her first job in entertainment was as a singing Playboy bunny in the very first Playboy Club...
“ 1942, July 22

All My Children as Marian Colby Chandler ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1942, November 1 -- DECEASED 1998, December 6

TV: Search for Tomorrow as Dick Hart
Love is a Many Splendored Thing as Dr. Peter Chernak
One Life to Live as David Renaldi
Guiding Light as Roger Thorpe

Theatre: Fiddler on the Roof, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Onward Victoria ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jim Storm
Brother of Michael Storm. His brother took over his role of Dr. Larry Wolek in One Life to Live after he left in 1969.
“ 1943, August 12

One Life to Live as Dr. Larry Wolek
The Bold & the Beautiful as Bill Spencer, Sr.
The Young & the Restless as Neil Fenmore ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1944, January 19

As the World Turns as James Stenbeck & Mark Galloway
The Young & the Restless as Jack Curtis
Loving as Dane Hammond ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Leigh Taylor-Young
Actress, Soylent Green
Leigh Taylor-Young was born in Washington, DC, to a diplomat father and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the older sister of future actress Dey Young and writer/director Lance Young. She studied classical ballet and, following high school, attended Northwestern University where she initially majored in economics...
“ 1945, January 25

Peyton Place as Rachel Welles
Dallas as Kimberly Cryder
Picket Fences as Rachel Harris
Sunset Beach as Elaine Stevens
Passions as Katherine Barrett Crane ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1945, February 19

Dynasty as Dex Dexter
As the World Turns as Kevin Thompson
Bare Essence as Alexi Theopolis
All My Children as Dimitri Marick ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1945, February 22

Love is a Many Splendored Thing as Iris Donnelly Garrison
General Hospital as Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Webber) ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Robin Strasser
Robin Vee Strasser was born on May 7, 1945 in New York City. the daughter of Martin and Anne Strasser. She attended and graduated from the High School of Performing Arts, and later attended the Yale School of Drama on a full scholarship. She is a founding member of the American Conservatory Theatre...
“ 1945, May 7

The Secret Storm as Iris Ocasek
Another World as Rachel Cory Hutchins
All My Children as Dr. Christina Karras
One Life to Live as Dr. Dorian Lord (Reynolds Callison Hayes Vickers)
Passions as Hecuba

Knots Landing as Dianne Kirkwood
Coach as Elain Tewksbury ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1945, May 22

Guiding Light as Charlotte Waring Fletcher Bauer (Tracy Delmar)
Another World as Rachel Cory Hutchins ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1946, June 3

General Hospital as Robert Scorpio
The Young and the Restless as Colin Atkinson
The Bay as Commissioner Lex Martin
The Bold and the Beautiful as Hunter Jones, P.I. ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1946, June 18

As the World Turns as Gunnar St. Clair
General Hospital as Lord Larry Ashton
All My Children as Mike Roy ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1946, August 5

One Life to Live as Viki Lord -- 6 Emmy Wins ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jane Elliot
Jane Elliot was born Janury 17, 1947 in New York City. Despite never being academically taught acting (she took voice and acting classes instead), Elliott got an agent at age 17 who sent her auditioning for the most diverse roles which eventually jump-started her career. Elliott made her daytime debut in the short-lived ABC soap A Flame in the Wind in 1965...
“ 1947, January 17

General Hospital as Tracy Quartermaine
Guiding Light as Carrie Todd
All My Children as Cynthia Chandler Preston Courtlandt
Days of Our Lives as Anjelica Deveraux ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Anthony Geary
Mr. Geary has come a long way from Coalville, Utah, the small mountain community of 800 where he was born. Tony was a gifted student, attending the University of Utah as a Presidential Award Scholar in theater. Jack Albertson saw Tony perform there, a nd cast him in "The Subject Was Roses." The production...
“ 1947, May 29

General Hospital as Luke Spencer & Bill Eckert -- 8 Emmy Wins ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ October 7, 1947

All My Children as Opal Cortlandt
The Young and the Restless as Connie Ross
One Life to Live as Ursula Blackwell
As the World Turns as Judith Clayton
Santa Barbara as Garnette ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Deidre Hall
Deidre Hall has emerged as one of America's most beloved actresses, who delighted her fans in August 1991, when she returned to NBC-TV's number one daytime program, Days of Our Lives. Hall created the role of "Dr. Marlena Evans" in 1976, a character whose popularity has created a furor and a fan following...
“ 1947, October 31

The Young and the Restless as Barbara Anderson
Days of Our Lives as Dr. Marlena Evans (Brady Black)
Our House as Jessica Witherspoon ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1948, August 18

Guiding Light as Holly Norris Thorpe Reade
Ryan's Hope as Elizabeth Jane "EJ" Ryan ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1949, February 18

Capitol as Kelly Harper
The Young and the Restless as Jill Foster Abbott Atkinson ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1949, November 23

Guiding Light as Ross Marler
One Life to Live as Clint Buchanan ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1950, July 24

Ryan's Hope as Adam Cohen
General Hospital as Jake Meyer
Sunset Beach as Gregory Richards & Tobias Richards
The Young and the Restless as Maxwell Hollister ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1950, August 26 -- DECEASED

As the World Turns as Harold "Hal" Munson, Jr.
Another World
Guiding Light as Silas Crocker ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jack Scalia
Actor, Red Eye
Actor Jack Scalia, a Brooklyn native, was raised in Brentwood,NY. He graduated from Brentwood High School in 1969. He was an All-American athlete in high school, playing three sports through college, while participating in four triathlons and six marathons. He decided to attempt Hollywood stardom as an actor after an injury ended a pro-baseball career...
“ 1950, November 10

Dallas as Nicholas Pearce
All My Children as Chris Stamp ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Walt Willey
Born in Ottawa, Illinois, Walt Willey attended Southern Illinois University, where he majored in Fine Arts. It was during his time at college that he became involved in acting, performing major roles in several productions. In 1981, Walt left Illinois for New York to break into acting professionally...
“ 1951, January 26

Ryan's Hope as Joe Novak
All My Children as Jackson Montgomery
Tainted Dreams as Gregory Ashford ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Stephen Nichols
After turning down an art scholarship to Ohio State University, Stephen Nichols traveled west, studied Yoga and lived as a monk while preparing vegetarian meals for the monks and nuns in a Hollywood ashram. After three years of celibacy, a steady diet of ice cream and the films of Truffaut and Bergman...
“ 1951, February 19

General Hospital as Stefan Cassidine
Days of Our Lives as Steve "Patch" Johnson
The Young and the Restless as Tucker McCall ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1951, November 15

As the World Turns as Natalie Bannon Hughes
Ryan's Hope as Charlotte Greer
General Hospital as Ginny Blake Webber
One Life to Live as Sandra Montaigne
Days of Our Lives as Anjelica Deveraux Curtis
The Young & the Restless as Gloria Bardwell ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1952, July 30

Ryan's Hope as Delia Ryan Coleridge
One Life to Live as Roxy Balsom
General Hospital as Delia Ryan Colerige ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1953, January 20

As the World Turns as Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Coleman ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jacklyn Zeman
Jackie began training for the classic ballet at age 5. She was accepted into the New Jersey Dance Company at age 15, and accepted a scholarship from New York University at age 15 to pursue a major in dance. The dark-haired beauty decided to try acting, and has become a staple of daytime drama (aka soap operas).
“ 1953, March 6

One Life to Live as Lana McClain
The Edge of Night as Bobbi
General Hospital as Bobbie Spencer ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Lauren Koslow
Born on March 9, 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts, Koslow's mother was a docent, and was raised with a strong love for colonial life along with her sister, Linda and her brother, Donald. Koslow was educated at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University...
“ 1953, March 9

The Young and the Restless as Lindsey Wells
The Bold and the Beautiful as Margo MacClaine Lynley
Days of Our Lives as Kate Roberts (Kiriakis Brady) DiMera ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1953, June 11

All My Children as Dr. Cliff Warner
The Young and the Restless as Jack Abbott ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1953, September 29

Days of Our Lives as John Black ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Lesley-Anne Down
Lesley-Anne Down was born on March 17, 1954 and raised in London, England. With the help of her father, she began modeling at age 10, acting in commercials, and winning several beauty contests. By the time she was 15, Down had completed four films and was voted "Britain's Most Beautiful Teenager". Lesley-Anne...
“ 1954, March 17

Sunset Beach as Olivia Richards
The Bold & the Beautiful as Jackie Payne Marone Knight

various film work ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1955, February 2

One Life to Live as Echo DiSavoy
Guiding Light as Reva Shayne -- 4 Emmy Wins ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Catherine Hickland
Actress, Loving
Catherine Hickland is an American actress, best known for her starring roles on Daytime Television, most notably in the award-winning role of "Lindsay Rappaport" on ABC 's One Life to Live. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, her first professional job got her nationwide attention, as a stewardess in an airline "Fly Me" advertising campaign...
“ 1956, February 11

Capitol as Julie Clegg
The City as Tess Wilder Partou Huston
One Life to Live as Lindsey Rappaport ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Melody Thomas Scott
Scott was born Melody Ann Thomas in Los Angeles, California. Her first film credit was as a child actress in the 1964 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Marnie. After bit parts in movies in the mid-'70s (most notably in John Wayne's final film, The Shootist), she was offered bit parts on nighttime series, such as The Waltons, The Rockford Files and Charlie's Angels...
“ 1956, April 18

The Young and the Restless as Nikki Newman

film work as child actor (e.g. child Marnie) ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1956, June 1

General Hospital as Heather Webber
Ryan's Hope as Delia Reid
Santa Barbara as Gina Blake Lockridge
All My Children as Janet Green
The Bold & the Beautiful as Sugar
As the World Turns as Madam Cheri Love
Days of Our Lives as Lee Michaels ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Ian Buchanan
Actor, Panic Room
Buchanan was born June 16, 1957 in Hamilton, Scotland. He worked at a local hotel as a bellhop while still a teenager. By the time he turned 14 his parents, both of whom fought alcoholism, died suddenly. He and his five siblings were left alone and his dreams of moving to the U.S. were put on hold. Buchanan went on to work as a bartender and restaurant manager in Scotland...
“ 1957, June 16

General Hospital as Duke Lavery & Cesar Faison
Bold & the Beautiful as Dr. James Warwick
Port Charles as Joshua Temple
All My Children as Dr. Greg Madden
Days of Our Lives as Ian McAllister

It's Garry Shandling's Show as Ian McFyfer
Twin Peaks as Dick Tremayne ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1957, June 18

One Life to Live as Tina Lord Roberts
The Young & the Restless as Patti Williams
The Bold & the Beautiful as Tawny Moore
Passions as Rebecca Hotchkiss ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1958, September 22

General Hospital (& Port Charles) as Lucy Coe
Days of Our Lives as Lisanne Gardner
As the World Turns as Audrey Coleman ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1958, December 10

General Hospital (& All My Children) as Mac Scorpio ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Victoria Rowell
Victoria Rowell is an award-winning actress, international lecturer, holds two doctorates - a teacher, advocate, mother, and former foster youth. She has been recognized by 193 members of Congress for advocacy work on behalf of education, arts, foster and adoptive youth and parents as well as diversity issues...
“ 1959, May 10

As the World Turns as Nella Franklin
The Young and the Restless as Drucilla Barber Winters

Diagnosis: Murder as Dr. Amanda Bentley-Livingston ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1959, June 15

The Young and the Restless (and B&B) as Ashley Abbott
Santa Barbara as Kelly Capwell
Days of Our Lives as Kristen DiMera & Susan Banks, etc. ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jack Wagner
Born in Washington, Missouri, the son of Peter Wagner, a car salesman who died in 1990, and his wife, Scotty, he took up golf at age 10 and spent his teen years planning on becoming a pro. Performing on stage was just an extracurricular activity for him at the local St. Gertrude School though he won raves...
“ 1959, October 3

General Hospital as Frisco Jones
Santa Barbara as Warren Lockridge
The Bold & the Beautiful as Nick Marone

Melrose Place as Dr. Peter Burns ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Finola Hughes
Finola Hughes was born in London. She studied at Arts Educational Schools and began her career in the Northern Ballet Company, after winning the Markova award. She went on to work in the West End, in the original cast of "Cats" and continued working with Andrew Lloyd Webber in "Song & Dance". After making Staying Alive in LA...
“ 1959, October 29

General Hospital as Anna Devane
All My Children as Anna Devane & Alex Devane Marick ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1960, August 28

General Hospital as Holly Sutton Scorpio

Dynasty & The Colbys as Fallon Carrington Colby ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore was born Julie Anne Smith in Fort Bragg, North Carolina on December 3, 1960, the daughter of Anne (Love), a social worker, and Peter Moore Smith, a paratrooper, colonel, and later military judge. Her mother moved to the U.S. in 1951, from Greenock, Scotland. Her father, from Burlington, New Jersey, has German, Irish, German-Jewish, and English ancestry...
“ 1960, December 3

As the World Turns as Fannie Hughes & Sabrina Hughes

most notable for her film work ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1961, March 21

Guiding Light as Chelsea Reardon
One Life to Live (and General Hospital) as Blair Cramer
Days of Our Lives as Eve Donovan ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1961, March 26

Happy Days as Flip Phillips
Capitol as Ricky Driscoll
Days of Our Lives as Frankie Brady
General Hospital as AJ Quartermaine
The Young & the Restless as Ben Hollander
As the World Turns as Anthony Blackthorn
One Life to Live as Ross Rayburn ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1961, July 25

The Bold and The Beautiful as Macy Alexander
All My Children as Krystal Carey ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Kurt McKinney
Kurt McKinney originally hails from Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of 21 he was already a black belt in taekwondo and an amateur kickboxing champion. He decided to become an actor and moved to Hollywood. He would go on to star in the 1985 film No Retreat, No Surrender as the lead. The film, one of the 1st Hong Kong-U.S...
“ 1962, February 15

General Hospital as Ned Ashton
Guiding Light as Matt Reardon
As the World Turns (short term) as Ellis ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Genie Francis
Genie Francis was born on May 26, 1962 in Englewood, New Jersey to actors Ivor Francis and Rosemary Daley. She grew up in Long Island, New York and California. She has an older brother, Ivor Francis, and a younger brother, Kenneth Francis, and a half-sister, Shelley Francis. The attractive, blonde Ms...
“ 1962, May 26

General Hospital as Laura Webber Spencer
Days of Our Lives as Diana Colville
All My Children as Ceara Connor Hunter
The Young and the Restless as Genevieve Atkinson ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1963, May 29

The Young and the Restless (& The Bold and the Beautiful) as Lauren Fenmore ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Kristina Wagner
Jack Wagner and Kristina flew to Lake Tahoe on a Lear jet that Jack had rented. On December 18, 1993, the long anticipated wedding finally took place. Children: Peter Wagner (9/4/90) & Harrison Wagner (12/1/94). Siblings: 2 older brothers: Dan (5 years older), Joe (3 years older)! TV: General Hospital August 1984-??...
“ 1963, October 30

General Hospital as Felicia Jones Scorpio ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1964, July 12

Guiding Light as Beth Raines
Days of Our Lives as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis & Bonnie Lockhart
Another World as Paulina Cory Carlino
As the World Turns as Maeve Stone ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Sean Kanan
Sean Kanan stars on The Bold and the Beautiful, the number one syndicated show in daytime in 120 countries. He plays the deviously sexy Deacon Sharpe, a role that he made famous on both B and B and Y and R. Kanan is starring in a feature film, Limelight, directed by James Cullen Bressacks. Recently he starred in My Trip to the Darkside and subsequent sequel...
“ 1966, November 2

General Hospital as A.J. Quartermaine
Sunset Beach as Jude Cavanaugh
The Bold and the Beautiful as Deacon Sharpe
The Young and the Restless as Deacon Sharpe ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1968, July 20

As the World Turns as Jack Snyder ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1968, September 13

Guiding Light as Jory Andros
Loving as Kent Winslow
One Life to Live as Todd Manning
As the World Turns as Paul Ryan
General Hospital as Todd Manning & Franco ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Rena Sofer
Rena was born in Arcadia, California, to Susan (Franzblau), a psychology professor, and Martin Sofer, who was a Conservative Jewish Rabbi. She moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when her parents divorced. She was discovered at age 15 by a New York talent agent and started modeling before turning to acting...
“ 1968, December 2

Another World as Joyce Abernathy
Loving as Amelia McKenzie Domeq
General Hospital as Lois Cerullo (Ashton)
The Bold & the Beautiful as Quinn Fuller ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1968, December 14

As the World Turns as Lily Holden ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Florencia Lozano
Florencia is most thankful that her parents moved to the United States from Argentina because she's "had so many opportunities having been born and raised here." Playing the witty, intelligent, hard as nails attorney Tèa Delgado is Florencia's first television series. She has acted in regional theatre in such plays as "Hamlet." Describing herself as curious...
“ 1969, December 16

One Life to Live & General Hospital as Tea Delgado ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1970, June 28

General Hospital as Jason Morgan
The Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1971, April 9

Days of Our Lives as Austin Reed
As the World Turns as Brad Snyder
One Life to Live as Rick Powers ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jamie Luner
Jamie Michelle Luner was born on Thursday, May 12, 1971 to Stuart and Susan Luner in Palo Alto, California. She grew up with her older brother, David Luner, and her mom Susan in California. Before landing her roles on Just the Ten of Us as dizzy "Cindy Lubbock", Jamie began her career in front of the cameras at the tender age of three doing TV commercials...
“ 1971, May 12

All My Children as Liza Colby

Melrose Place as Lexi Sterling
Just the Ten of Us as Cindy Lubbock ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1971, July 27

Passion as Ethan Winthrop
Days of Our Lives as Brady Black
Miss Behave as Marcus Dunne ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1971, July 29

Days of Our Lives as Lucas Horton ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1972, April 27

As the World Turns as Carly Tenney Snyder -- 2 Emmy Wins
The Young and the Restless as Diane Jenkins
General Hospital as Ava Jerome -- 1 Emmy Win ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1973, June 26

Guiding Light as Michelle Bauer
All My Children as Greenlee Smythe
General Hospital as Hayden Barnes ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1973, November 28

One Life to Live as Kelly Cramer
Guiding Light as Dinah Marler -- 2 Emmy Wins
The Young and the Restless as Phyllis Summers Newman Abbott ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1974, May 28

All My Children as Kendall Hart ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Arianne Zucker
Three-time Emmy-nominated actress Arianne Zucker has played many roles, but she is best known for the character of "Nicole Walker" on NBC's hit daytime drama, Days of Our Lives. Arianne began playing her role in 1998 and has received three Daytime Emmy nominations and one Soap Opera Digest Award win for her portrayal as the unlucky-in-love vixen...
“ 1974, June 3

Days of Our Lives as Nicole Walker ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Sarah Brown
Actress, Cold Case
Three-time Emmy-winning actress Sarah Brown began her acting career at the prestigious Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts. On her nineteenth birthday, Sarah began her professional acting career when she was chosen as the series lead on the popular children's series V.R. Troopers, which aired worldwide...
“ 1975, February 18

General Hospital as Carly Benson
As the World Turns as Julia Morrisey Larrabee
General Hospital as Claudia Zacchara
The Bold and the Beautiful as Aggie Jones
Days of Our Lives as Madison James ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1976, March 26

General Hospital as Emily Bowen Quartermaine & Rebecca Shaw
Days of our Lives as Taylor Walker ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1976, September 19

Days of Our Lives as Sami Brady DiMera

The Biggest Loser hostess ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1978, February 3

General Hospital as Connie Falconeri & Kate Howard
The Young & the Restless as Sage Warner ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Kimberly McCullough
Kimberly McCullough has been a working actor since the tender age of seven months. She made her first TV appearance in a diaper commercial opposite 'Juliet Mills'. She attended NYU's Tisch School for the Arts in 1996-97. McCullough's mother, a dance instructor, fostered her daughter's love of dance and...
“ 1978, March 5

General Hospital as Robin Scorpio-Drake ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1979, January 14

All My Children as Ethan Cambias
Days of Our Lives as E.J. DiMera ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1979, July 3

All My Children as Frankie Stone & Maggie Stone
The Young & the Restless as Chloe Mitchell ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1979, September 17

All My Children as Richie Novak
The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1981, September 28

All My Children as Annie Lavery Chandler
The Young & the Restless as Chelsea Lawson Newman ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson was born in Orlando, Florida, to Jeanine (Sharp), an officer manager, and Dr. Rick Lee Jackson, a family doctor and country musician. He is the younger brother of actor/singer Richard Lee Jackson and Candice E. Jackson. His ancestry includes English, German, Finnish, Scottish, and Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish)...
“ 1982, May 11

General Hospital as Lucky Spencer -- 5 Emmy Wins

Nashville as Avery Barker ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Melissa Ordway
Actress, Ted
“ 1983, March 31

The Young and the Restless as Abby Newman ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Julie Berman
Actress, Casual
“ 1983, November 3

General Hospital as Lulu Spencer -- 3 Emmy Wins ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1985, August 28

General Hospital as Dr. Britt Westbourne ” - AlexandraDrakewood
“ 1987, April 17

The Bold & the Beautiful as Steffy Forrester ” - AlexandraDrakewood
Linsey Godfrey
Born and raised in Stuart, Florida, Godfrey started acting in high school and was quickly signed up by a talent agency. In 2005, she moved to Los Angeles to try her luck auditioning. One of her first parts was a recurring role on the TV show Surface. Godfrey's career came to a sudden halt when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2006...
“ 1988, July 25

The Bold & the Beautiful as Caroline Spencer ” - AlexandraDrakewood