TOP 100 most beautiful actresses according to IMDB users for 2013

This is the final list of a voting poll that lasted a little over eight months (this year voting was possible via this IMDb page as well via facebook page and YouTube video):

Sorry for posting the results this late but I was busy. You can also see that this year there was no age limit.

List starts with #100 and finish with #1.
For those that doesn't like the results and have not voted, all I can say it is, well you should have voted.

Tiebreakers were decided:
1. who has more first place votes
2. who has more voters in total
3. my opinion

I wish to one more time thank all man and women that voted, supported(on facebook or some other way) or just visited this poll during this past eight moths, and not just to them but to all the people that voted and supported this poll over past three years.
Poll for 2013 had even less voters then the one in 2012, and far, far less them the one in 2011 so I have decided that 2013 poll, was the last one I will post.

Here I will also mention five actresses that were close to TOP 100 but didn't make it in the end:
#101 Kristen Stewart
#102 Kat Dennings
#103 Naomi Watts
#104 Brooklyn Decker
#105 Emily Blunt

Now enjoy this year results, good luck and have the best fortune in your every day life.

PS: Here you can see results of previous years:
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