Actors We Should Never Forget

They left a staggering legacy but very rarely are they included in lists and tributes.
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Gian Maria Volontè
Born in Milan in 1933, he studies in Rome at the "National Dramatic Arts Academy" were reaches the degree in 1957. He starts working in teather and television, where he is soon noticed as one of the most promising actors of his generation. After a few short appearance in movies, he reaches notoriety with the character of Ramón Rojo in Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars...
“ His body of work is overwhelming. Unforgettable actor. ” - littlemartinarocena
Gérard Philipe
In 1940 Gerard left school and his parents wanted him be a lawyer. But soon his mother noticed that he was only interested in acting, although his father was against the idea. After timely intervention from Mark Allégret, who decided he showed some promise, Gerard's debut was in Claude Dauphin's play "One plain girl"...
“ He was unique among his peers. His work, remarkable. ” - littlemartinarocena
Anton Walbrook
Actor, La ronde
This dark, debonair, dashing and extremely distinguished Austrian actor was christened Adolf Wohlbrück in Vienna, the scion of a family of circus clowns. He broke away easily from generations of tradition as the circus life had no appeal whatsoever to Walbrook. Trained by the legendary director Max Reinhardt...
“ He was fearless and magnetic. ” - littlemartinarocena
Patrick Dewaere
Actor, Beau Pere
Popular but troubled renegade French actor Patrick Dewaere was christened Jean-Marie Patrick Bourdeaux on January 26, 1947, at Saint-Brieuc in Britanny in the north-west region of France. The third of six children born to actress Mado Maurin (1915- ), his mothere made acting a family affair. All of his siblings -- Jean-Pierre Maurin (1941-1996)...
“ Not even his picture on IMDB. He died tragically young. "Look at "Beau Pere", "The Best Way To Walk", "Going Places" ” - littlemartinarocena
Oskar Werner
This remote, rather morose and, as a result, intriguing Viennese talent was born in 1922, not far from the birthplace of "Waltz King" Johann Strauss, and christened Oskar Josef Bschließmayer. His parents divorced when he was fairly young. While growing up in school, performing in plays aroused a deep desire to act...
“ Look at him falling in love with Simone Signoret in "Ship Of Fools" and then tell me. ” - littlemartinarocena
Alberto Sordi
One of Italy's most captivating and talented cinematic comedy stars, Italian veteran Alberto Sordi was known for satirizing his country's social mores in pungent black comedies, farcical tales and grim drama. He, along with peers Vittorio Gassman, Ugo Tognazzi and Nino Manfredi, arguably represent the finest of post-war Italian cinema history...
“ A huge star in his own country but unknown in the USA. Look for his
work, you'll be amazed. ” - littlemartinarocena
Jarl Kulle
Hadn't it been for his school teacher, who managed to get him money for a theater education, he would probably never had become an actor. After two failed attempts at becoming a student at the Royal Dramatic Theatre's acting school he succeeded at the age of 19. During these years in the beginning of...
“ Magnetic. ” - littlemartinarocena
“ He was Becket's favorite actor in the Spanish speaking world. Look at him in "Castigo Al Traidor" or his almost silent performance in "Apartment Zero" ” - littlemartinarocena
Born in 1898, son of Anna Clemente and Giuseppe de Curtis, son of a Marquis. As a youngster, he preferred sports to studying, and in an incident with either a football or in the boxing ring, part of his nose became paralysed, thus giving him that look which later became his trademark. Travelled to Rome to work in local theatres and met Liliana Castagnola...
“ A Tragicomic genius. Huge in his country. ” - littlemartinarocena
Robert Williams
It's fair to say that if 'Frank Capra (I)' hadn't cast Robert "Bobby" Williams in his 1931 film Platinum Blonde the actor would be entirely forgotten today. When the movie was made available on video in the 1980s the promotional copy on the video box emphasized the names most buffs would recognize: actresses Jean Harlow and Loretta Young...
“ Died so young, but look at him in Frank Capra's "Platinum Blond" ” - littlemartinarocena