North Carolina actors to keep an eye on

This is a list of actors that are successful in North Carolina. Keep an eye out as some may be heading or already headed to NYC, Atlanta, and LA acting scenes! Or hopefully they will stay in NC and keep the acting scene real! This list is in no particular order.
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Anna Wood
Actress, Reckless
Jeff Stultz
Actor, Home Run
Jeff Stultz grew up in Fayetteville, NC. For 15 years he was a member of two different motorcycle gangs, living all over the country, in and out of jail. He was an alcoholic and a drug addict. Jeff was also an extremely violent person. He then turned to crack cocaine for a total of six years, living on the streets for the last 2 ½ years of his addiction...
Rob Springer
Rob has been an actor, producer, cinematographer, director since 1987. His career started in New York City at CBS Sports and lead to the position of studio manager at one of NYC top acting schools. While there for five years, Rob pursed NYC acting and voice talent gigs. The next 26 years saw his migration to the Southeast and a professional focus on creating TV and film productions...
Darren W. Conrad
Miscellaneous Crew, Partners
Darren Walker Conrad, an Award Winning Filmmaker, was born on 10 February 1968; to Darryl Walker Conrad and Sarah Gail Phillips, in the small southern town of Gastonia, North Carolina. Darren's Father was an All American Football Player who's shot in the NFL was stopped short by knee injuries. Darren's...
Joshua C. Allen
Joshua C. Allen is an up-and-coming actor. Born in California and raised in Florida for most of his life, Joshua began to fall in love with the acting craft. Determined to make it happen, he started the audition process on his own at the age of 14. He would look at newspaper ads, anything, to find some sort of opportunity to perform...
Tim Ross
Tim Ross was born in Miami Florida to a Scottish heritage father and Cuban mother. His first professional job was as a jazz dancer and as Flash Gordon in a children's tour. For his appearance as Flash Gordon, Tim rode a bicycle inside a wooden rocket while spraying a fire extinguisher out the back. It was an auspicious career starter...
Elijah Chester
Actor, Lincoln
As an actor, and Grammy & Dove Award winner...this North Carolina boy has been performing professionally since the age of 10, where he appeared alongside Broadway stars Jason Graae and Chita Rivera. That's all it took to convince him that the stage and eventually the screen was his passion. His studies and training have ranged from the NC School of the Arts in dance...
David Schifter
As a teenager, David Schifter hosted a cable television show in New York City called "Spotlight on Teens", and later spent a successful 14 years as a TV news investigative reporter, reporting for stations in West Virginia, Virginia, California, New York and Cleveland. He also was a correspondent for CNN and CNBC...
Carla Stanley
Actress, The Detour
Carla Stanley has played roles from ditsy comedic, to type-A corporate, to drug addicted mom and has the ability to submerge herself in various situations as an actress. She most recently had a recurring role in HBO's Vice Principals, and a part in the new TBS comedy, The Detour. Carla Stanley has been creating art since her Carolina childhood...
Matthew Warzel
Matt wrote, financed, produced and acted as lead in his first independent feature, Dale Archdale set to release Winter '14. They were honored to have been able to land adult film star Ron Jeremy for the role of Dale Archdale's father, Emmanuel Archdale. And yes, Ron does keep his pants on.
Candace Blanchard
Actress, Masterminds
Candace is a native of North Carolina. She began her career in corporate America and realized the business world was not for her. Candace worked for several years as a lifestyle model working throughout the Southeast. She started working in TV commercials and quickly added TV and film acting to her resume...
Dottie Davis
Dottie Davis is an actress based out of the Southeast. She has been involved in student films, major television shows, commercials, and Indie films. Dottie was involved in 3 mainstage shows during her time at UNCW, and has also been involved behind the scenes as a costume and makeup designer as well as head of wardrobe...
Toochukwu T.C. Anyachonkeya
Actor, Iron Man 3
Born in Nigeria and raised in North Carolina. He is an actor and model. T.C. served in the United States Marine Corps, while going to college where he began modeling for fashion shows on campus. He has a bachelors in Art and a published poetry book.
Ashley Bratcher
Charismatic Carolina girl, Ashley Bratcher is most well known for her breakout role as Grace Anderson in the award winning romantic drama, [link=tt3175798]. Ashley was born and raised in a small southern town in eastern North Carolina and began her acting career on the stage at the age of 16. She later attended Campbell University...
Kelli-Anne Harris
Kelli-Anne Harris was born on October 31, 1987 and raised in Trenton, North Carolina. Kelli-Anne is best known for her roles as Angelica in The Struggle is Real(2015)and as Serena in Beneath the Old Dark House: The Bride(2015). Kelli-Anne started her career in 2012 when she worked her first film Burnt Bridges taking on the role of Evangeline...
John Henry Scott
Actor, Fall Time
John Henry Scott was born in North Carolina. As a teen, John began a quest to be an entertainer. Through the years he has been a radio/TV personality, finally retiring from morning radio shows in 2008 after 45 years on the air. He was a touring musician as bassist with award winning Cajun band, Circus clown (also Ronald Mcdonald), stilt walker, magician/wizard/fortune teller, stage and film actor.
Jeff Kidd
Actor, Texas Rein
Jeff grew up in Charlotte NC. He was a championship swimmer and all around athlete. Extreme sports are a favorite of his and he is a black diamond Snow Skier, an avid Surfer and an Expert Horseman. He attended U.N.C. Charlotte and is a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Jeff sold Real Estate in Charlotte for many years after College...
Tom Gore
Born and raised in Newport RI. of Irish heritage, he realized from an early age that he enjoyed entertaining people with his off beat sense of humor. His first acting experience came as a high school freshman when he performed in a school play. He immediately fell in love with the entire theater experience...
Matt McHugh
Matt McHugh is an American actor from Rochester, NY, known for Under The Dome (2013) Halt and Catch Fire (2014) and Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016). Film Festival Award winning short films include: The Buck Johnson Story (2010) The Low Road (2013) and McDuffy: The Urban Eagle (2013) McHugh studied at The Groundlings School in Los Angeles in 2011...
Levi Erik
Actor, Bessie
Teisha Speight
Teisha is a native of a small southern town, Wilson, NC. Her best friend is her poodle pup, Polo, and other than acting, dancing is her next favorite past time. She discovered her desire to act at an early age, but was afraid to pursue it professionally. After conquering her fear, she took acting classes...
Michael Rosander
Michael Rosander was born in North Carolina to parents Ken & Terri on the March 10th 1982, he got married to Caitlyn Rosander on the 5th September 2008 and the two have a daughter Sydney who was born on the August 5th 2015. He also two brother Steven and Kenny Rosander. Michael is an American actor and writer best known for Adrenaline (2015)...
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds is an American film, television and theatre actor known for his work as a character actor playing authoritative roles as law enforcement officers, federal agents and military officials. Gravitating toward the character actors in the movies of his childhood, Anthony aspired to be a regular guy who plays to the leads in supporting roles...
Myke Holmes
Myke Holmes is an American actor known for his work on The Walking Dead (2016), House of Cards (2016) and The Longest Ride (2015). He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University where he studied under master acting teacher Kathryn Gately. Myke also studied at the world-famous...
Rebecca Hope
Actress, Six
Rebecca was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised on the eastern shore of Maryland and the Southside of Maui. With roots in theatre and dance, her transition into film began in Wilmington, NC where she majored in theatre at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. There, she starred in several independent feature films...
Samantha Mills
Born in North Carolina, Samantha discovered the world of acting after enrolling into a drama class during her first year of middle school. With this, she found an instant love for the art. Growing up, she continued to partake in drama classes until she graduated from high school. Shortly thereafter...
Elizabeth Becka
Elizabeth (Beth) Becka's professional career includes directing or playing leading and supporting roles in over 40 theatrical productions from Off-Broadway in NYC to Regional Theatre and multiple film and television projects on both coasts. Beth has extensive voice over experience and, as a professional dialect coach...
“ Has quite a few productions coming up this spring. ” - Redheadncchick
Randy Grazio
Miscellaneous Crew, Paper Towns
Zach Hanner
Actor, Big Fish
Zach Hanner was born in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, in June of 1969 and spent his formative years growing up in nearby Pilot Mountain. After attending the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival in High Point (which featured a young Terrance Mann as Oberon in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"), he knew that the stage would be a lifelong passion...
Robert Crayton
Actor, Ant-Man
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Rob has performed in events since childhood, such as "Mr. Bojangles", singing in the choir, small films, plays and just plain entertaining his whole family at reunions. He made his acting debut, on "Tru TV", as "Tank" on Southern Fried Stings. He performed in many films, such as soon-to-be released Let the Church Say Amen...
Chris Matheny
Chris Matheny was a child actor & model that was trained by Dottie Mullis of the NC School of Beauty & Fashion. At only 14, Chris was already doing print advertisement modeling for Polo(TM) and Homelite-Jacobson(TM) Chainsaws. He became a Thespian while only a freshman in high school, due to his prior experience...
Tabitha Meready
Born and raised in Kinston, North Carolina. Tabitha has always loved to perform whether it is dancing, which she studied for over 13 years, or acting. Although she loves to be center of attention...she has always been quite shy about it.
Christopher McConnell
Christopher Don McConnell born in Charlotte, NC in 1987, also raised on Charlotte, NC. He did not always want to be an actor, first started out when he was 10 years old as a skateboarder, carried on until he was 16, When he left high school, he became passionate about music, and started playing the bass guitar...
Laura Avnaim
Actress, Iron Man 3
Laura Avnaim is a Virginia native, most prominently known for her lead role in the Destination America series, A Haunting. Other recent credits include a supporting role in the SAG feature film, "Crossing Streets", and a supporting role in the feature film "Texas Rein," in which she performed her own stunt work on horseback...
Lucky Mangione
Actor, Goosebumps
Born in Brooklyn New York and raised in North Carolina. Lucky Mangione is no stranger to entertainment. His father the late Isshin-Ryu GrandMaster Carmelo Anthony Mangione raised him into a huge Martial Arts Family. No stranger to being in front of an audience lucky has competed in front of thousands of people all over the country...
Addy Miller
Actress, Dark Places
Addy Miller started her career as a child model at the age of four, acting later followed, but she didn't get her first big break until the age eight when she won the role of Young Lily (Dakota Fanning) in "The Secret Life of Bees". After setting foot on that set, she knew this was what she was meant to do with her life...
Taran Hall
Taran started out as an extra on One Tree Hill where he met Rachel St. Gelais. Rachel's mom convinced Taran's mom that he could be more than an extra. His first role in The Devil's Tramping Ground was very exciting and the short film won an award for Most Artistic at the Final Cut Film Festival in Wilmington, NC...
Nick Basta
Actor, Safe Haven
Nick Basta holds an M.F.A. from the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard, whose alumni include Jon Bernthal and Steve Zahn. His on-screen career began in the now booming New Orleans where, with the help of late agent, Claudia Speicher, he booked many features and commercials. After graduate school...
Lynne Smith
Lynne moved to North Carolina from the DC area and has been working steadily here as an actress ever since, most recently in the upcoming film, "Strings" and the recent festival winning "Where We're Meant to Be" and "Karma's Shadow." Lynne has also appeared in the Investigation Discovery channel's "Your...
William Frasca
William Frasca is an up and coming actor from North Carolina. His breakout performance will be in the highly anticipated Lionsgate comedy feature film "Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland" set to be released in 2016. William is best know for his performance as the "sketchy guy" in the second season of MTV's Finding Carter...
Nelson J. Davis
Nelson got the acting bug at an early age when he joined his elementary school's drama club in the 4th grade. From that point on to adulthood he has been working on perfecting his craft and paving his way in the entertainment industry. At age 16 Nelson signed with his first talent agency as a model on their talent roster from then booking various fashion show and print ad opportunities...
Maxwell Korn
Performing for family and friends since he was a young lad, Maxwell Korn has been doing horrendous impersonations of celebrities, and mimicking his family members' laughs and sneezes for as long as he can remember. He believes that you don't truly know a person until you can replicate the unique sound of their nasal evacuation...
Catherine Sewell
Actress, Elbow Grease
Catherine Sewell recently hosted The Screen Actors Guild 75th Anniversary GALA held in North Carolina. While on the red carpet she interviewed many celebrities and VIPS. One of the most recognized celebrities was Pat Hingle, who played Commissioner Gordon on the Batman films. He received a tribute for his life long contributions to the film industry...
Lacy Camp
Actress, Outcast
Lacy Camp is proud to call North Carolina her home, but spends time in Los Angeles, New Orleans, South Carolina and many different locations living her dream. Her love of acting has trickled down to her daughter Darby Camp, who has had the privilege of sharing the screen with her. Her husband Clark and oldest daughter Ruthie are her biggest fans...
Yesse Rodriguez
Actress, Ride Along 2
Yessenia "Yesse" Rodriguez has always made it a goal to continually strive for success and reach out for her dreams, all while working to ensure she remains grounded, humble and in tune with who she is as a person, model and actress. Since she was a child, this bilingual latina knew that she was destined...
Cari Moskow
Actress, One Tree Hill
Cari was raised on the coast in North Carolina. She grew up riding and showing horses, and was a true beach baby. She remembers being mesmerized the first time she read a play in her fourth grade class. Her father is from a Jewish family that arrived in Staten Island in the early 1900s from Russia, and her mother's family arrived from Ireland around the same time...
Joan Reilly
Actress, Healing
Cari Moskow
Actress, One Tree Hill
Cari was raised on the coast in North Carolina. She grew up riding and showing horses, and was a true beach baby. She remembers being mesmerized the first time she read a play in her fourth grade class. Her father is from a Jewish family that arrived in Staten Island in the early 1900s from Russia, and her mother's family arrived from Ireland around the same time...