The best guest actors of season 4 of "Doctor Who"

In order from greatest to least.
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Pauline Collins
Pauline Collins, OBE, came to prominence with portraying Sarah Moffat in BBC's Upstairs, Downstairs and its spin-off Thomas and Sarah during the 1970s. After having played the title-role in the play "Shirley Valentine" for which she earned Laurence Olivier, Tony, and Drama Desk awards, she reprised the role in its film adaptation Shirley Valentine...
“ Samantha Briggs

(The Faceless Ones) ” - JohnSlash
“ Voice of Daleks/Voice of Cybermen

(The Tenth Planet/The Power of the Daleks/Moonbase/The Evil of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Edward Waterfield

(The Evil of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Quinn

(The Power of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
Robert James
Robert James was a Scottish actor whose gift for subtle characterisation meant that he was rarely out of work in a career on stage, television and in film which spanned over five decades. He was recognisable stalwart of British television drama, a prolific "I know the face, but" performer of intelligence...
“ Lesterson

(The Power of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Blade

(The Faceless Ones) ” - JohnSlash
“ Crossland

(The Faceless Ones) ” - JohnSlash
Bernard Archard
Tall, incisive, aquiline-featured British character actor. Born in Fulham, London, Archard won a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1938. The following year, he made his stage debut opposite Jessica Tandy in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, at the Regent's Park Theatre. A conscientious objector during the war...
“ Bragen

(The Power of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Kristy

(The Highlanders) ” - JohnSlash
“ Captain Pike

(The Smugglers) ” - JohnSlash
“ Kemel

(The Evil of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Janley

(The Power of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Valmar

(The Power of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Jean Rock

(The Faceless Ones) ” - JohnSlash
“ Hensell

(The Power of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
Marius Goring
Actor, The Expert
The son of Dr. Charles Buckman Goring M.D. and Kate Winifred (nee MacDonald). Marius Goring was educated at Perse School, Cambridge, England and at the Universities of Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Paris. He studied for the stage under Harcourt Williams at the Old Vic dramatic school, London. His first stage appearance was at Cambridge in 1925 in "Crossings"...
“ Theodore Maxtible

(The Evil of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
“ Arthur Terrell

(The Evil of the Daleks) ” - JohnSlash
Terence de Marney
Gaunt, emaciated-looking British character actor, who enjoyed a lengthy career on the stage, both as an actor and as a director. By the age of 19, he was already a noted writer and producer of plays. De Marney made his theatrical debut in London in 1923. His first major role was as Jim Hawkins in "Treasure Island"...
“ Joseph Longfoot

(The Smugglers) ” - JohnSlash
“ The Laird

(The Highlanders) ” - JohnSlash
Paul Whitsun-Jones
Going through old copies of the Radio Times and scanning the cast lists of vintage television productions, some names keep turning up, over and over again. Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence, prior to their horror stardom; Yvonne Mitchell, Andre Morell, Roger Delgado, Barry Letts, Patrick Troughton...
“ The Squire

(The Smugglers) ” - JohnSlash
“ Ramo

(The Underwater Menace) ” - JohnSlash
“ Ara

(The Underwater Menace) ” - JohnSlash
“ Barclay

(The Tenth Planet) ” - JohnSlash
Peter Jeffrey
Immensely talented and instantly recognizable, Peter Jeffrey was one of a great generation of British actors who were comfortable in everything from classical theatre to television comedy. He was born in Bristol, England in 1929 and went on to be educated at Harrow school. He studied at Pembroke College...
“ Pilot

(The Macra Terror) ” - JohnSlash
Patrick Barr
Actor, Octopussy
Patrick Barr, born into a judicial family in British India in 1908, was active for more than half a century on the stage, screen and, later, very successfully on television. Tall and distinguished, the son of a judge and (in retirement) theatrical manager, Barr was educated at Radley and Trinity College, Oxford, winning a "blue" in the 1929 University Boat Race...
“ Hobson

(The Moonbase) ” - JohnSlash
“ Medok

(The Macra Terror) ” - JohnSlash
“ Cherub

(The Smugglers) ” - JohnSlash
“ Josiah Blake

(The Smugglers) ” - JohnSlash