Brown 2

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Shane West
Shane West was born in 1978 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Leah (Launey), a lawyer from a Cajun family, and Don Snaith, a drugstore owner who was born in Jamaica. Shane began to pursue an acting career at the age of fifteen, gaining bit parts on various television shows, but it was not until 1999 when West appeared in ABC's Once and Again that he got his major breakthrough...
“ Johnny Brown ” - mwgpl
“ Edwan Collins ” - mwgpl
Michasha Armstrong
Actor, X2
Michasha Armstrong is a British born actor who got his first North American role as actor Sir. Sidney Poitier's Half Black, half Cherokee Indian companion in the Made for TV Movie named Children of the Dust in 1995. Since then, Michasha Armstrong has gone on to do strong appearances in feature films and TV shows in North America.
“ Danny Floorey ” - mwgpl
“ Ciprian Chandler ” - mwgpl
Jacob Browne
Jacob Browne is an American stage, television, and film actor. He was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma to a Liberian father and an American mother. Growing up, Jacob worked several odd jobs including welding at a steel mill in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jacob received his BFA in acting from California Institute of the Arts.
“ Von Indian ” - mwgpl
“ Daniel Anderssen ” - mwgpl
“ Garry Ritch ” - mwgpl
Danny Elfman
Music Department, Corpse Bride
As Danny Elfman was growing up in the Los Angeles area, he was largely unaware of his talent for composing. It wasn't until the early 1970s that Danny and his older brother Richard Elfman started a musical troupe while in Paris; the group "Mystic Knights of Oingo-Boingo" was created for Richard's directorial debut...
“ Febb Redman ” - mwgpl