IMDb's 50 Most Recognizable Rons

In honour of my Dad's upcoming birthday (his name is Ron) I have put together a list of the 50 highest rated actors named Ron on IMDb's Star Meter in order from highest to lowest.

Keep your eyes peeled in a few months because I'm also going to put together a list of IMDb's 50 Most Marvelous Michelles for my Mom's birthday!
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Ron Perlman
Actor, Hellboy
Ron Perlman is a classically-trained actor who has appeared in countless stage plays, feature films and television productions. Ronald N. Perlman was born April 13, 1950 in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York. His mother, Dorothy (Rosen), is retired from the City Clerk's Office. His father, Bertram "Bert" Perlman...
“ Best known from Hellboy. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Howard
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard is one of this generation's most popular directors. From the critically acclaimed dramas A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13 to the hit comedies Parenthood and Splash, he has created some of Hollywood's most memorable films. Howard directed and produced "Cinderella Man" starring Oscar winner Russell Crowe...
“ OK yes so this is a bit of a cheat but before he was a director he was a star actor as a child on old TV shows like The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days. Added bonus, my Dad loves those shows, so he's in at #2! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Livingston
Ronald Joseph Livingston was born on June 5, 1967 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Linda (Rinas), a Lutheran pastor, and Kurt Livingston, an aerospace engineer. His younger brother, John Livingston, is also an actor, his sister, Jennifer Livingston, is a TV news personality at CBS/WKBT in La Crosse, Wisconsin...
“ Office Space is one of the funniest movies of all time! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Lester
Ron Lester gained celebrity status at an early stage in his career, but his draw in Hollywood seemed to be based on one physical characteristic: his weight. Obese since 5 years old, by the time he was 30 years old, Ron weighed 508 pounds. Hollywood hired him as the lovable fat kid but his health was in serious danger...
“ Not Another Teen Movie was super funny too! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Eldard
Actor, Sleepers
Former golden gloves boxer Ron Eldard has found success on stage, television and in feature films. Fans of the NBC medical drama ER will remember Eldard for playing a paramedic and love interest for nurse Julianna Margulies on the show's second season. The New York native graduated from the...
“ I don't recognize this guy but he is the #5 ranked Ron and his IMDb says he was a famous boxer before becoming an actor. ” - lisacampbell2
“ Serenity! Serenity! Serenity! Serenity! Serenity! Did I mention I like Serenity! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Silver
Actor, Ali
“ I remember this actor from a Van Damme movie where Van Damme goes back in time to kill him. He has tons of credits and passed away several years ago but he has one of those faces where you know you recognize him from a lot of movies. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Rifkin
Actor, Alias
“ I know this guy I'm just not sure from what! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Donachie
Actor, Titanic
Ron Donachie was born Ronald Eaglesham Porter on April 26, 1956 in Dundee, Tayside, Scotland. He was educated at Madras College, St. Andrews and Glasgow University, from where he graduated with an M.A (Hons.) in English Literature and Drama in 1979. After a year working as a navvy, he joined the 7.84 theatre company for John Burrough's "One Big Blow"...
“ OK so this guy has over a hundred movies and he was in a lot of Game of Thrones which is my fave show of all time but still I don't recognize him? I've got to re watch GoT again to pick him out. ” - lisacampbell2
“ We are getting to the lower popularity Rons now and I have no idea who he is but that is for the best because I have already wasted 70 minutes and I am only on Ron #10 ahaha! ” - lisacampbell2
“ I've seen Chocolat, great romantic love story movie! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Ely
Actor, Tarzan
The 15th screen Tarzan (if you don't count Gordon Griffith) was to have played a Tarzan impersonator in a projected Mike Henry television show, which never materialized. He had been tested fourteen months earlier when Henry got the part. Prior to Tarzan, Ron had numerous parts in movies and television...
“ This guy was Tarzan and my Dad is strong like Tarzan! Aaa-a-a-a-a-aaaaaaah! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Smoorenburg
Ron Smoorenburg is mainly known for the end fight in Jackie Chan's 'Who am I?', 1998, and his record highest kick in 1997 (11 feet) Ron worked with a lot of the well known action stars and directors and developed himself in the last 20 years as an actor which with a versatile and experienced action background...
“ Another one I don't recognize, I have to start watching more movies with Rons in them. cool pic tho. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Moody
Actor, Oliver!
Equipped with a crooked, leering smirk and devilish gleam in his eye, the homely, yet beautifully expressive mug of actor Ron Moody will be most assuredly remembered for one signature role, despite the fact that the talented comedian had much, much more to offer. Carol Channing may have had her Dolly Levi and Yul Brynner his King of Siam...
“ Old movies. My Dad probably knows him. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Palillo
At 14, Ron Palillo started his own summer theater in Cheshire, Connecticut. His parents,Gabriel and Carmel Palillo,were surprised when the summer theater actually made money. After graduating from high school, Ron went to the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where he majored in drama. He appeared in many school plays in college...
“ Soap operas, Dad is gonna hate this! Ahahaha this one is more for Mom's list I think. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron O'Neal
Actor, Super Fly
Forever tagged as the super baaaaaaad "Super Fly," actor Ron O'Neal has spent his entire post 70s career trying to break the chains of a stereotype that made him his fortune. Of tough, humble beginnings, Ron was the son of a wannabe jazz musician who became a factory worker in order to support the family...
“ He played Super fly in Super Fly? OK that just is awesome. Dad you are pretty Super fly too! ” - lisacampbell2
“ Literally just saw this movie like 2 days ago! ” - lisacampbell2
“ Awesome name awesome country awesome movie, check check check! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Carey
He was a notably short, Italian, nasal-toned and mischievous-looking fellow, a perfect type for the stand-up comedy circuit and for playing Brooklynesque characters in T.V. sitcoms and films...which is just what Ron Carey did. He was born Ronald Joseph Cicenia in Newark, New Jersey, on December eleventh...
“ Movies from the seventies. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Melendez
Born and raised in Southern California, Ron Melendez knew from a very young age that he wanted to be an actor. Inspired by his family's weekly trips to the movie theater (his parent's would often take him out of school to see the latest release), Ron began pursuing his career at 16. While still in high school...
“ Dad hates hair like that so we will see what he thinks! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Masak
Ron Masak (MAY-SACK) was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of a salesman/musician (Floyd L.), and a mother (Mildred), who was a merchandise buyer. Ron attended Chicago City College, and studied theater at both the CCC and the Drama Guild. He made his acting debut with the Drama Guild in Chicago in Stalag 17 in 1954...
“ Tora! Tora! Tora! ok I give up wth? ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Peters
Miscellaneous Crew, Fury
“ OK this guy doesn't even have a picture that's just not fair. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Dean
Ron Dean is a character actor with over thirty years of film and television roles to his credit. This multi-talented actor, with a "tough guy" demeanor, has masterfully played nasty villains to hard, authoritative individuals (often as cops and military officials). Ron Dean has played in several notable films with many of Hollywood's biggest names in the business...
“ the Dark Knight! The Dark Knight! The Dark Knight! The Dark Knight! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Selmour
Ronald Selmour was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Ayiti, (Haiti) to Marguerite (S Joseph) and J P Decius Selmour, business owners. Selmour was raised in Montreal Quebec,Canada where he studied Anthropology, Fine-arts and Theater. He began his thespian journey at De Roberval Academy; acted in shows as a member of La Troupe de Theatre...
“ I saw Tron Legacy and I don't remember this guy but it is better off because I did not like it ahahaha! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Yuan
Actor, Marco Polo
Ron Yuan becomes new series regular on the hit Netflix/ The Weinstein Company's "Marco Polo" created by John Fusco. Yuan Will play Prince Nayan, a fiery eyed descendant of Genghis Khan. Nayan is a converted Christian that rules all of Manchuria and whose closely watched actions will affect Kublai's control of Asia...
“ This guy from Fast n Furious shouldn't he be way higher on this list! ” - lisacampbell2
“ Karate Kid but no picture, he was not the karate kid tho. Maybe one of the bad guys he beat up ahaha! ” - lisacampbell2
“ Another soap opera guy Dad is gonna kill me please Dad don't kill me! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Clinton Smith
A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Ronald Clinton Smith, was born on March 19, 1951, to Harry Raymond Smith, a former football player at Georgia Tech and P-51 fighter pilot in WW II and Korea, who died when Ron was fifteen, and Theresa Vina Gooch, a model and homemaker. Encouraged to sing at an early age...
“ I don't know him but he has tons and tons of credits. ” - lisacampbell2
“ He passed away recently and he was only 49 so sad. ” - lisacampbell2
“ Unforgiven a movie I always wanted to see and still have to I have got to get around to seeing this movie! ” - lisacampbell2
“ Smashed isn't a show it is what Bob gets right Dad? insert drum role here. ” - lisacampbell2
“ He looks kinda like you Dad! ” - lisacampbell2
“ I know this guy from TV shows and stuff! This IMDb Star Meter must be off a bit because the last 10 guys or so I haven't ever seen but this guy is totally familiar to me this is weird. ” - lisacampbell2
“ This picture is so small. I like the movies he is in tho. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Holgate
Actor, 1776
“ Totally lost on this one, another no picture and old movies I have never heard of. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Harper
Born in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania--a small town just east of Pittsburgh--Ron Harper became valedictorian of his senior class and won an academic scholarship to Princeton University, where he supplemented his academic studies by appearing in a number of plays and musical comedies. He earned a fellowship to study law at Harvard but the "acting bug" lured him instead to New York...
“ Pearl Harbour Dad you love that movie isn't it your fave movie? ahahahahah! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Pritchard
Actor, Lovelace
As the most endorsed and sought after "Sammy" look-alike & impersonator, Ron Pritchard has entertained thousands nationwide with his extraordinary talent & stunning resemblance to the beloved legend Sammy Davis Jr.. Actor, singer, dancer, impersonator; the multi-talented Ron has astonishingly captured the true essence of Sammy Davis Jr...
“ OK this guy just looks nukkin futz. ” - lisacampbell2
“ Silence of the Lambs! Silence of the lambs! Silence of the lambs!!!!!!! ” - lisacampbell2
“ Old westerns and Elvis movies oh boy Dad this one is actually one you will like. ” - lisacampbell2
“ Lots of credits but don't recognize him from anything. ” - lisacampbell2
“ Perry Mason Ironsides Matlock Emergency OK so this guy is maybe your real life friend holy crap he is in every show you love that you ever made me watch. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Roggé
Born in Hawaii, raised in Alameda, California, and trained primarily in Theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing in over 75 plays and/or musicals before moving to Hollywood, and attaining his 1st ever TV credit. Also, an active Theater director with over 35 credits, and has been associated with Noah Wyle's prestigious 'The Blank Theater Company' for over 10 years...
“ OK this guy you will hate, Rob Schneider movies are not your fortay Dad ahaha! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Gans
Actor, Hell Night
While many people may not know Ron Gans' face, any self-respecting fan of 70s drive-in exploitation cinema should be highly familiar with his extremely distinctive and unmistakable deep'n'dulcet velvet smooth golden throat voice. Gans lent his deliciously plummy tones to numerous theatrical trailers...
“ "any self-respecting fan of 70s drive-in exploitation cinema should be highly familiar with his extremely distinctive and unmistakable deep'n'dulcet velvet smooth golden throat voice" OK Dad based on this bio you have to know this guy since you are always going on about how drive in movies are the best of all time with the food and you don't get out of your car and blah blah blah hey it's your birthday that doesn't mean I don't get to tease you old timer! ” - lisacampbell2
“ This guy looks like a total psycho and his name is Killings what more do you need to know? OK I just checked him out he has a million credits as a WWE wrestler no wonder I don't know him. That pic tho wow, wouldn't want to see him in a dark alley would you? ” - lisacampbell2
“ I remember this guy from House he is one of the doctors! Not sure who he is in Spider Man but not the uncle I just checked. It is weird how you click on random people and see how many things they were in where you would know them from! ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Sparks
Ron Sparks is a Canadian comedian, actor and writer. He was born in Chatham-Kent, Ontario but lives in Toronto, Ontario, where he is best known as a stand-up comedian and regular and favourite juror on MuchMusic's highest-rated show, Video on Trial. He also starred as The Judge in the MuchMusic "Holiday Wrap" special Stars on Trial.
“ Video on Trial! Video On Trial! Video on Trial! Video on Trail! Video on Trial! ” - lisacampbell2
“ There was a Sister Act 2? I like the first one actually so wierd I don't know about this. ” - lisacampbell2
“ A Few Good Men is another movie I always mean to see but never did yet. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron James
Writer, Blackfly
Ron James' unique brand of physical comedy is balanced with intelligent and informative observations on everything from the mosquito driven torment of a Canadian camping trip to the sheer terror of being in a traffic jam with your bladder about to explode. His kinetic energy and comic style have been seen on CBC...
“ Dad it's your fave the Ron James show. ” - lisacampbell2
Ron Pucillo
Ron Pucillo began his acting and writing career as a 25-year-old college student, doing various plays and writing articles on music, in particularly about his father Danny Pucillo, a famous Jazz drummer. A few years later his first script, Play Hard, was published in a local magazine, a film that was important to his career by winning an award...
“ Our end lists with Ron Pucillo #50. Now that you are at the bottom of reading I can tell you forget about any of these other Rons no matter what # they are you are always #1 in our hearts we love you Dad!


I love you!!!!!!!! ” - lisacampbell2