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Abel Gance
Writer, Napoleon
Despite parental pressure to pursue a 'respectable' career, Abel Gance was addicted to the theatre, and made his acting debut at the age of 19. He started acting in films in 1909 because he needed the money - he was deeply unimpressed with the film medium at that point. But he continued acting...
“ # Com Sangue se Escreve a História (1960)

# Napoleão (1927)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“  # Inimigo Íntimo (1997)

# O Dossiê Pelicano (1993)

# Acima de Qualquer Suspeita (1990)

# A Escolha de Sofia (1982)

# Raízes da Ambição (1978)

# Todos os Homens do Presidente (1976)

# A Trama (1974)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Anatole Litvak
Director, The Snake Pit
The distinguished film director Anatole Litvak was born in the Ukrainian city of Kiev, the son of Jewish parents. His very first job was as a stage hand. In 1915, he became an actor, performing at a little-known experimental theater in St. Petersburg, Russia. As a teenager, he witnessed the 1917 Russian Revolution and the consequent nationalization of all theaters and drama schools...
“ # Noite dos Generais (1967)

# Anastacia - A Princesa Esquecida (1956)

# Mais Forte que a Morte (1953)

# Uma Vida Por um Fio (1948)

# A Cova da Serpente (1948) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ Desbravando o Oeste (1967) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Andrei Tarkovsky
Writer, Solaris
The most famous Soviet film-maker since Sergei M. Eisenstein, Andrei Tarkovsky (the son of noted poet Arseniy Tarkovsky) studied music and Arabic in Moscow before enrolling in the Soviet film school V.G.I.K. He shot to international attention with his first feature, Ivan's Childhood, which won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival...
“ # Sacrifício, O (1986)

# Nostalgia (1983)

# Stalker (1979)

# O Espelho (1975)

# Andrei Rublev (1969)

# A Infância de Ivan (1962)

# O Rolo Compressor e o Violinista (1961)
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Andrzej Zulawski
Writer, Possession
Born in Lvov, Ukraine; then he moved with his father Miroslaw Zulawski to Czechoslovakia and later to Poland. In the late 1950s, he studied cinema in France. In the 1960s, he was an assistant of the famous Polish film director Andrzej Wajda. His feature debut The Third Part of the Night was an adaptation of his father's novel...
“ # A Revolta do Amor (1985)

# O Importante é Amar (1975)

# Diabel 1972)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Anthony Asquith
Director, Pygmalion
British film director Anthony Asquith was born on November 9, 1902, to H.H. Asquith, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and his second wife. A former home secretary and the future leader of the Liberal Party, H.H. Asquith served as prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1908-1916 and was subsequently elevated to the hereditary peerage...
“ # Pigmalião (1936) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Basil Dearden
Director, Dead of Night
A former stage director, Basil Dearden entered films as an assistant to director Basil Dean (he changed his name from Dear to avoid being confused with Dean). Dearden worked his way up the ladder and directed (with Will Hay) his first film in 1941; two years later he directed his first film on his own...
“ # Meu Passado me Condena (1961) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Carol Reed
Director, The Third Man
Carol Reed was the second son of stage actor, dramatics teacher and impresario founder of the Royal School of Dramatic Arts Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. Reed was one of Tree's six illegitimate children with Beatrice Mae Pinney, who Tree established in a second household apart from his married life. There were no social scars here; Reed grew up in a well-mannered...
“ # Trapézio (1956)

# Gestapo (1940)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Devagar - Não Corra (1966)

# Cimarron - Jornada da Vida (1960)

# Lili (1953)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ O Gato Desaparce (2011) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # A Plataforma (1962) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Enfim Juntos (2007)

# A Vingança de Manon (1986)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Dois Irmãos (2010) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Daniel Mann
Director, BUtterfield 8
Stage, television and film director Daniel Mann was born Daniel Chugerman on August 8, 1912, in Brooklyn, NY. He was a child performer and attended the New York's Professional Children's School. He studied with renowned acting teacher Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse, eventually becoming his assistant. Mann was one of the first acting teachers at the Actors Studio...
“ # A Rosa Tatuada (1955)

# A Cruz da Minha Vida (1952)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Delbert Mann
Director, Marty
Delbert Mann, the Oscar-winning film director, was born Delbert Martin Mann Jr. in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1920. His father moved the family to Nashville, Tennesse, after taking a teaching position at Scarritt College. The young Mann graduated from Vanderbilt University, where he met his future wife, Ann Caroline Gillespie...
“ # Desejo (1958)

# Volta Meu Amor (1961)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Don Sharp
Director, Bear Island
Don Sharp was born on the island of Tasmania off of Australia, and began his show-business career there as an actor. After World War II he traveled to England and continued his acting carer. He became a director in the mid-1950s and turned out some low- and medium-budget musicals, such as the Tommy Steele vehicle The Dream Maker...
“ # A Maldição da Mosca (1965) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Don Siegel
Director, Dirty Harry
Don Siegel was educated at Cambridge University, England. In Hollywood from the mid-'30s, he began his career as an editor and second unit director. In 1945 he directed two shorts (Hitler Lives and Star in the Night) which both won Academy Awards. His first feature as a director was 1946's The Verdict...
“ # Fuga de Alcatraz (1979)

# O Telefone (1977)

# O Último Pistoleiro (1976)

# O Moinho Negro (1974)

# Homem Que Burlou a Máfia, O (1973)

# Perseguidor Implacável (1971)

# O Estranho Que Nós Amamos (1971)

# O Abutres Têm Fome (1970)

# Meu Nome é Coogan (1968)

# O Inferno é para os Heróis (1962)

# Vampiros de Almas (1956)

# Justiça Tardia (1946)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Douglas Sirk
Film director Douglas Sirk, whose reputation blossomed in the generation after his 1959 retirement from Hollywood filmmaking, was born Hans Detlef Sierck on April 26, 1897, in Hamburg, Germany, to a journalist. Both of his parents were Danish, and the future director would make movies in German, Danish and English...
“ # Imitação da Vida (1959)

# Sinfonia Interrompida (1957)

# Almas Maculadas (1957)

# Palavras ao Vento (1956)

# Chamas Que Não se Apagam (1956)

# Tudo Que o Céu Permite (1955)

# E o Noivo Voltou (1952)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # O Homem do Planeta X (1951)

O Gato Preto (1934)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Edward Dmytryk
Edward Dmytryk grew up in San Francisco, the son of Ukrainian immigrants. After his mother died when he was 6, his strict disciplinarian father beat the boy frequently, and the child began running away while in his early teens. Eventually, juvenile authorities allowed him to live alone at the age of 15 and helped him find part-time work as a film studio messenger...
“ # Miragem (1965)

# Deuses Vencidos, Os (1958)

# A Árvore da Vida (1957)

# A Nave da Revolta (1954)

# Lança Partida (1954)

# O Preço de uma Vida (1949)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Emeric Pressburger
Educated at the Universities of Prague and Stuttgart, Emeric Pressburger worked as a journalist in Hungary and Germany and an author and scriptwriter in Berlin and Paris. He was a Hungarian Jew, chased around Europe (he worked on films for UFA in Berlin and Paris) before World War II, finally finding sanctuary in London--but as a scriptwriter who didn't speak English...
“ # E um de Nossos Aviões não Regressou ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Ária (1987)

# Quadrophenia (1979)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Fred C. Newmeyer
Fred C. Newmeyer was a professional baseball player from 1909-13 before beginning his career as an extra at Universal Pictures. He worked his way up the ladder to become a prop man, then assistant director and, finally, director. Notable among his films are Seven Keys to Baldpate with Douglas MacLean and The Potters...
“ # O Homem Mosca (1923) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Arroz Amargo (1949) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Gordon Douglas
Director, Them!
Starting out as a child actor, Gordon Douglas was eventually hired by Hal Roach as a gag writer. His first directorial assignments were for Roach's "Our Gang" series. Graduating to features, Douglas stayed with comedies, directing Oliver Hardy in Zenobia and both Hardy and Stan Laurel in Saps at Sea...
“ # Barquero (1970)

# A Mulher de Pedra (1968)

# O Mundo em Perigo (1954)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Grigoriy Chukhray
Studied at the Moscow Cinema Institute under Soviet film master Mikhail Romm. He found fame after his 1959 film "Ballad of a Soldier" which is considered one of the best Soviet war films and which has played all over the world.
“ # O Quadragésimo Primeiro (1956) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Gustav Machatý
Director, Ecstasy
Gustav Machatý was born on May 9, 1901 in Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic). His first experience with the motion picture industry was playing piano at movie theaters, accompanying silent pictures. In 1917, he made his debut as an actor. In the early 1920s, he emigrated to the United States...
“ Êxtase (1933) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # A Cabana (2011)

# Edukators (2004) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast
Director, Laughter
Harry d'Arrast's entry into the movie industry was somewhat unusual--he was wounded while serving in the French army during WW I, and while recuperating in a military hospital met French-born American film director George Fitzmaurice, who invited him to come to Hollywood after he had recovered. He did so...
“ # Noites de Casablanca (1963) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Henri-Georges Clouzot
Writer, Diabolique
After a decade as a screenwriter, Clouzot made his directorial debut in 1942. His next film, Le Corbeau: The Raven had the distinction of being banned both by the Nazis and the victorious French forces for differing reasons. He shot to international fame with The Wages of Fear and consolidated that success with Diabolique...
“ # As Diabolicas (1955) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Henry Hathaway
Director, True Grit
Henry Hathaway, a son of a stage actress and manager, started his career as a child actor in westerns directed by Allan Dwan. His movie career was interrupted by World War I. After his discharge, he briefly tried a career in finance but then returned to Hollywood to work as an assistant director under such directors as Frank Lloyd...
“ # O Parceiro do Diabo (1971)

# Aeroporto (1970)

# Bravura Indômita (1969)

# Poquer de Sangue (1968)

# Servidão Humana (1964)

# Príncipe Valente (1954)

# A Casa da Rua 92 (1945)

# O Filho dos Deuses (1940)

# Heróis Esquecidos (1939)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Henry King
For more than three decades, Henry King was the most versatile and reliable (not to mention hard-working) contract director on the 20th Century-Fox lot. His tenure lasted from 1930 to 1961, spanning most of Hollywood's "golden" era. King was renowned as a specialist in literary adaptations (A Bell for Adano...
“ # O Velho e o Mar (1958)

# E Agora Brilha o Sol (1957)

# Suplício de uma Saudade (1955)

# Almas em Chamas (1949)

# A Canção de Bernadette (1943)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Henry Koster
Director, Harvey
Henry Koster was born Herman Kosterlitz in Berlin, Germany, on May 1, 1905. His maternal grandfather was a famous operatic tenor, Julius Salomon (who died of tuberculosis in the 1880s). His father was a salesman of ladies unmentionables who left the family while Henry was at a young age, leaving him to support the family...
“ # Eu Te Matarei, Querida! (1952) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold reigns supreme as one of the great directors of 1950s science-fiction features. His films are distinguished by moody black and white cinematography, solid acting, smart, thoughtful scripts, snappy pacing, a genuine heartfelt enthusiasm for the genre and plenty of eerie atmosphere. Arnold was born on October 14...
“ # O Rato que Ruge (1959)

# O Incrível Homem que Encolheu (1957)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Jacques Rivette
Although François Truffaut has written that the New Wave began "thanks to Rivette," the films of this masterful French director are not well known. Rivette, like his "Cahiers du Cinéma" colleagues Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol and Éric Rohmer, did graduate to filmmaking but, like Rohmer...
“ # Quem Sabe? (2001) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # O Grande Gatsby (1974)

# Os Inocentes (1961)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Jacques Tourneur
Director, Out of the Past
Born in Paris in 1904, Tourneur went to Hollywood with his father, director Maurice Tourneur around 1913. He started out as a script clerk and editor for his father, then graduated to such jobs as directing shorts (often with the pseudonym Jack Turner), both in France and America. He was hired to run the second unit for David O. Selznick's A Tale of Two Cities...
“ # Farsa Trágica (1963) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer, Le Samouraï
The name "Melville" is not immediately associated with film. It conjures up images of white whales and crackbrained captains, of naysaying notaries and soup-spilling sailors. It is the countersign to a realm of men and their deeds, both heroic and villainous. It is the American novel, with its Ishmaels and its Claggarts a challenge to the European canon...
“ # O Samurai (1967) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Trem noturno (1959)

# Madre Joana dos Anjos (1961)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Desejo de Matar 4 - Operação Crackdown (1987)

# As Minas do Rei Salomão (1985)

# O Magnata Grego (1978)

# Batalha pelo Planeta dos Macacos (1973)

# A Conquista do Planeta dos Macacos (1972)

# Os Canhões de Navarone (1961)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
John Cromwell
Actor / director John Cromwell was born December 23, 1887, in Toledo, OH. He made his Broadway debut on October 14, 1912, in Marian De Forest's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" at the Playhouse Theatre. The show was a hit, running for a total of 184 performances. Cromwell appeared in another 38 plays on Broadway between February 24...
“ # Desde que Partiste (1944) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Joseph Losey
Director, The Servant
Belonging to an important family clan in Wisconsin, Joseph Losey studied philosophy but was always interested in theater and thus worked together with Bertolt Brecht. After directing some shorts for MGM, he made his first important film, The Boy with Green Hair, for RKO. While he was filming The Prowler in Italy he was summoned to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee...
“ # O Ctriado (1963)

# Eva (1962)

# A Sombrada Forca (1957)

# O Menino dos Cabelos Verdes (1948)

# M - O Vampiro de Dusseldorf (1931)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Julien Duvivier
Director, Pépé le Moko
Revered by such legendary fellow directors as Ingmar Bergman and Jean Renoir, Julien Duvivier is one of the greatest figures in the history of French cinema and of world cinema in general. He is perhaps the most neglected of the "Big Five" of classic French cinema (the other four being Jean Renoir, Rene Clair...
“ # Anna Karenina (1948) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Onibaba - A Mulher Demônio (1964)

# Filhos de Hiroshima (1952)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Kenji Mizoguchi
Director, Ugetsu
Coming from a lower class family Mizoguchi entered the production company Nikkatsu as an actor specialized in female roles. Later he became an assistant director and made his first film in 1922. Although he filmed almost 90 movies in the silent era, only his last 12 productions are really known outside of Japan because they were especially produced for Venice (e.g...
“ # Contos da Lua Vaga (1953)

# Mulheres da Noite (1948)

# Utamaro e Suas Cinco Mulheres (1946)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Ki-young Kim
Director, Hanyo
“ # A Criada Hanyo (1960) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Kon Ichikawa
Kon Ichikawa has been influenced by artists as diverse as Walt Disney and Jean Renoir, and his films cover a wide spectrum of moods, from the comic to the overwhelmingly ironic and even the perverse. Ichikawa began his career as a cartoonist, and this influence is apparent in his skillful use of the widescreen...
“ Fogo na Planice (1959)

# A Harpa da Birmânia (1956)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Kurt Neumann
Director, The Fly
“ # A Mosca da Cabeça Branca (1958) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Lewis Milestone
Lewis Milestone, a clothing manufacturer's son, was born in Bessarabia (now Moldova), raised in Odessa (Ukraine) and educated in Belgium and Berlin (where he studied engineering). He was fluent in both German and Russian and an avid reader. Milestone had an affinity for the theatre from an early age...
“ # O Grande Motim (1962)

# Onze Homens e um Segredo (1960)

# Os Miseráveis (1952)

# Sem Novidade no Front (1930) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Louis J. Gasnier
Director, Reefer Madness
French-born Louis J. Gasnier was a stage actor/director/producer in Paris when he was hired by Pathe to direct comedy shorts. After discovering and showcasing comedian Max Linder, Gasnier was sent by Pathe to the U.S. in 1912 to run its operation there. He helped to make Pathe a major player in the U.S...
“ # A Porta da Loucura (1936) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Nicholas Ray
Nicholas Ray was born Raymond Nicholas Kienzle, Jr. in 1911, in small-town Galesville, Wisconsin, to Lena (Toppen) and Raymond Joseph Kienzle, a contractor and builder. He was of German and Norwegian descent. Ray's early experience with film came with some radio broadcasting in high school. He left the University of Chicago after a year...
“ # Alma Sem Pudor (1950) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Nunnally Johnson
The son of a railway superintendent, Nunnally Johnson was schooled in Columbus, Georgia, graduating in 1915. He worked for the local newspaper as a delivery boy, became a junior reporter for the Savannah Press and then moved on to New York in 1919. There, his journalistic career really took off, particularly...
“ # As Três Faces de Eva (1957) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Copacabana (2010) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Parente é Serpente (1992)

# Quinteto Irreverente (1982)

# Um Burguês Muito Pequeno (1977)

# Meus Caros Amigos (1975)

# O Incrível Exército de Brancaleone (1966)

# Os Companheiros (1963)

# Boccaccio 70 (1962)

# A Grande Guerra (1959)

# Os Eternos Desconhecidos (1958)

# O Médico e o Charlatão (1957)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Mark Robson
Director, Earthquake
Mark Robson studied political science and economics at the University of California. He then took a law course at Pacific Coast University, and, at one time, also attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Ultimately, his interests led him elsewhere, since he ended up in the movie business as a part-time assistant set dresser in the property department of 20th Century Fox...
“ # A Caldeira do Diabo (1957) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Martin Ritt
Director, Hud
Martin Ritt, one of the best and most sensitive American filmmakers of all time, was a director, actor and playwright who worked in both film and theater. He was born in New York City. His films reflect, like almost none other, a profound and intimate humane vision of his characters. He originally attended and played football for Elon College in North Carolina...
“ # Norma Rae (1979)

# Testa-de-ferro Por Acaso (1976)

# Hombre (1967)

# Cinco Mulheres Marcadas (1960)

# O Mercador de Almas (1958)

# A Orquídea Negra (1958)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # A Longa Noite de Loucuras (1959) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Duplo Suicídio em Amijima (1969) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Harakiri (1962) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Max Ophüls
Director Max Ophüls was born Max Oppenheimer in Saarbrücken, Germany. He began his career as a stage actor and director in the golden twenties. He worked in cities such as Stuttgart, Dortmund, Wuppertal, Vienna, Frankfurt, Breslau and Berlin. In 1929 his son Marcel Ophüls was born in Frankfurt, Germany...
“ # Conflitos de Amor (1950)

# Na Teia do Destino (1949)

# Carta de uma Desconhecida (1948)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Orca, A Baleia Assassina (1977)

# Fuga no Século XXIII (1976)

# Sandálias do Pescador (1968)

# Volta ao Mundo em 80 Dias, A (1956)

# 1984 (1956) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Michael Powell
Director, The Red Shoes
The son of Thomas William Powell & Mabel (nee Corbett). Michael Powell was always a self confessed movie addict. He was brought up partly in Canterbury ("The Garden of England") and partly in the South of France (where his parents ran an hotel). Educated at Kings School, Canterbury & Dulwich College he first worked at the National Provincial Bank from 1922 - 1925...
“ # E um de Nossos Aviões não Regreessou ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Miguel Gomes
Director, Tabu
“ # Tabu (2012) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Miklós Jancsó
Miklos Jancsó was born in 1921 in Vac, Hungary. His mother Angela Poparada was Romanian and his father Sandor Jancsó Hungarian. Jancsó received a degree in Law from the University of Cluj-Napoca in 1944. After fighting in WWII and a brief period as a POW, he chose to join the Film and Theater Academy in Budapest...
“ # Vícios Privados - Virtudes Públicas (1976)

# O Salmo Vermelho (1972)

# Vermelhos e Brancos (1967)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Paolo Taviani
Paolo Taviani studied liberal arts at the University of Pisa, becoming interested in the cinema after seeing Roberto Rossellini's Paisan. After writing and directing short films and plays with his brother Vittorio, he made his first feature in 1962. The brothers have continued to work together ever since...
“ # Pai Patrão (1977)

# César Deve Morrer (2012)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # A Garota do Trieste (1982) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Paul Cox
Director, Innocence
“ # Amor Eterno Amor ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # O Magnífico (1973) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # O Ciúme (2013)

# Um Verão Escaldante (2011)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Divórcio à Italiana (1961)

# O Ferroviário (1956)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # A Casa com Janelas Sorridentes (1976) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Ralph Nelson
In 1959, Emmy Award-winning television director Ralph Nelson directed a 90-minute adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," with John Neville as the Dane, for the DuPont Show of the Month. Nelson himself adapted the 1601 Quatro (the "pirated" version considered corrupt) in order to make a coherent production of a play that uncut...
“ # Quando é Preciso Ser Homem (1970)

# Uma Voz Nas Sombras (1963)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Raoul Walsh
Director, White Heat
Raoul Walsh's 52-year directorial career made him a Hollywood legend. Walsh was also an actor: He appeared in the first version of W. Somerset Maugham's "Rain" renamed Sadie Thompson opposite Gloria Swanson in the title role. He would have played the Cisco Kid in his own film In Old Arizona if an errant jackrabbit hadn't cost him his right eye by leaping through the windshield of his automobile...
“ # O Falcão dos Mares (1951)

# O Último Refúgio (1941)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Entre a Mulher e o Diabo (1950)

# A Nós a Liberdade (1931)

# Sob os Tetos de Paris (1930)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Richard Boleslawski
Director, Les Misérables
Inventing a stage name "Boleslawski" (later spelled also "Boleslavsky"), young Pole Boleslaw Ryszard Srzednicki left his second home (Odessa, Russian Empire) to study theatre and train as an actor at the world-famous Moscow Art Theatre before and during WW I. He also acted in a few early Russian films...
“ # Os Miseráveis (1935)

# O Véu Pintado (1934) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Richard Lester
Director, Superman II
Richard Lester was one of the most influential directors of the 1960s, and continued his career into the 1970s and early '80s. He is best remembered for the two films he helmed starring The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (1964) and Help! (1965), the frenetic cutting style of which was seen by many as the predecessor of the music video a generation later...
“ # Superman III (1983)

# Superman II - A Aventura Continua (1980)

# Três Mosqueteiros (1973)

# Petúlia - Um Demônio de Mulher (1968)

# Como Eu Ganhei A Guerra (1967)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Richard Thorpe
Director, Jailhouse Rock
After working in vaudeville, on the stage and in early movies, Richard Thorpe launched his directing career in 1923. After directing dozens of low-budget comedies and westerns, his talents were recognized in the mid-'30s when he went to work for MGM. Studio chief Louis B. Mayer valued efficiency in his directors...
“ # O Grande Caruso (1951) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Roberto Rossellini
The master filmmaker Roberto Rossellini, as one of the creators of neo-realism, is one of the most influential directors of all time. His neo-realist films influenced France's nouvelle vague movement in the 1950s and '60s that changed the face of international cinema. He also influenced American directors, including Martin Scorsese...
“ # Blaise Pascal (1972)

# Sócrates (1971)

# De Crápula a Herói (1959)

# Viagem à Itália (1954)

# Europa 51 (1952)

# Stromboli (1950)

# Alemanha, Ano Zero (1948)

# Paisà (1946)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Barbarella (1968) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Roy Ward Baker
Roy Ward Baker's first job in films was as a teaboy at the Gainsborough Studios in London, England, but within three years he was working as an assistant director. During World War II, he worked in the Army Kinematograph Unit under Eric Ambler, a writer and film producer, who, after the war, gave Baker his first opportunity to direct a film...
“ # Histórias Extraordinárias (1968)

# Almas Desesperadas (1952)
 ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Sam Taylor
Writer, Safety Last!
New York-born writer and director with a penchant for comedy. He graduated from Fordham University, and, from 1916, worked at Kalem on the 'Ham and Bud' series (Lloyd Hamilton & Bud Duncan). When Kalem was taken over by Vitagraph, Taylor became feature continuity writer. Sometime after 1920, he joined Hal Roach as a full screenwriter...
“ # O Homem Mosca (1923) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Samuel Fuller
At age 17, Samuel Fuller was the youngest reporter ever to be in charge of the events section of the New York Journal. After having participated in the European battle theater in World War II, he directed some minor action productions for which he mostly wrote the scripts himself and which he also produced (e.g...
“ # O Beijo Amargo (1964)

# Casa de Bambu (1955)
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Sergei M. Eisenstein
The son of an affluent architect, Eisenstein attended the Institute of Civil Engineering in Petrograd as a young man. With the fall of the tsar in 1917, he worked as an engineer for the Red Army. In the following years, Eisenstein joined up with the Moscow Proletkult Theater as a set designer and then director...
“ # Alexandre Nevsky (1938) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Sergio Corbucci
Writer, Django
Sergio Corbucci was born on December 6, 1927, in Rome, Italy. He entered grade school with thoughts of becoming a businessman, but after earning a college degree in economics he took an abrupt detour into the world of cinema. Corbucci began his career as a film critic, first for the Italian film journal...
“ # Par ou Ímpar (1978) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Stanley Donen
Since he was a child, Stanley Donen attended dance classes and debuted on Broadway at age 17. With the help of the producer Arthur Freed and the actor Gene Kelly he got the chance to direct the musicals On the Town, Singin' in the Rain, and Love Is Better Than Ever which revolutionized the genre. Another...
“ # Os Delicados (1969)

# O Beijo de Despedida (1957)
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“ # Horror em Amityville (1979) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Terence Fisher
Terence Fisher was born in Maida Vale, England, in 1904. Raised by his grandmother in a strict Christian Scientist environment, Fisher left school while still in his teens to join the Merchant Marine. By his own account he soon discovered that a life at sea was not for him, so he left the service and tried his hand at a succession of jobs ashore...
“ # As Bodas de Satã (1968)

# Drácula - O Príncipe das Trevas (1966)

# Múmia, A (1959)

# O Cão dos Baskerville (1959)

# O Vampiro da Noite (1958) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Terence Young
Director, Dr. No
Born in Shanghai and Cambridge-educated, Terence Young began in the industry as a scriptwriter. In the 1940s he worked on a variety of subjects, including the hugely popular wartime romance Suicide Squadron, set to Richard Addinsell's rousing "Warsaw Concerto". His original story was devised while listening to a concert in an army training camp...
“ # Os Segredos da Cosa Nostra (1972)

# 007 Contra a Chantagem Atômica (1965)

# Moscou Contra 007 (1963)

# 007 Contra o Satânico Dr. No (1962)
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Vera Chytilová
Director, Daisies
Vera Chytilová was born on February 2, 1929, in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She studied philosophy and architecture in Brno for two years, then worked as a technical draftsman, a designer, a fashion model, a photo re-toucher, then worked as a clapper girl for Barrandov Film Studios in Prague. There she continued as a writer, actress, and assistant director...
“ # Pequenas Margaridas (1966) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
“ # Vaidosa (1944) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Vittorio Taviani
Vittorio Taviani studied law at the University of Pisa, becoming interested in the cinema after seeing Roberto Rossellini's Paisan. After writing and directing short films and plays with his brother Paolo, he made his first feature in 1962. The brothers have continued to work together ever since, with each directing alternate scenes with the other watching but never interfering.
“ # César Deve Morrer (2012)

# Pai Patrão (1977)
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Walter Lang
Director, The King and I
Walter Lang entered the film industry in New York when he got a job as a clerk in the office of a film production company. He worked his way up to assistant director, and directed his first film in 1926. By the time sound arrived Lang was already a well-regarded director, but he left the business at that time to try his hand as an artist in Paris...
“ A Ceia das Donzelas (1936) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Wesley Ruggles
Director, I'm No Angel
The younger brother of Hollywood character player Charles Ruggles, Wesley Ruggles spent most of his early years in San Francisco. He attended university there, began a lengthy apprenticeship in stock and musical comedy and then joined Keystone in Hollywood as an actor in 1914 working alongside Syd Chaplin...
“ # Cimarron (1931) ” - kaparecida445-2-230390
Yasujirô Ozu
Director, Tokyo Story
Tokyo-born Yasujiro Ozu was a movie buff from childhood, often playing hooky from school in order to see Hollywood movies in his local theatre. In 1923 he landed a job as a camera assistant at Shochiku Studios in Tokyo. Three years later, he was made an assistant director and directed his first film the next year...
“ # Bom Dia (1959)

# Pai e Filha (1949)
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