10 Hot and Talented Upcoming Actresses from Chicago

Ten actresses, from the windy city that haven't gotten the Hollywood buzz yet, but are both talented and stunningly gorgeous! If you don't know, you better ask somebody!
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Heather Dorff
Actress, Truth or Dare
Heather Dorff is a Los Angeles based award winning actress. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she has also spent time living in Georgia, New York, and Louisiana, as well as visited Italy, Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom, giving her a wide perspective of people and cultures around the world...
Kelsey Zukowski
Kelsey Zukowski is an experienced and passionate screenwriter, actress, and model, specializing in the horror genre through dark examination. Based in Los Angeles, she has worked on productions across the country, working heavily in the indie horror scene in Chicago as well as LA. Zukowski is most well-known for penning and co-starring in the surreal dark drama...
Anita Nicole Brown
Anita Nicole Brown is an aspiring actress who caught the acting bug late. Although cast in many independent films, Brown still considers herself aspiring because she feels that with acting (as with anything in life) one should always look to grow and learn more. And that is what she is doing. Coming late into the field...
Valerie Meachum
Born in the Downriver suburbs of Detroit, Valerie Meachum grew up an Air Force brat, logging fifteen addresses by age twelve. Now based in the Chicago suburbs, she's equally at home in new plays on storefront stages, musicals and classics in the burbs, and the vibrant independent film scene of "Hollywood...
Deneen Melody
Actress, Suspense
The spirited and fairylike Deneen Melody is a voice over and film actress known for her roles in the Suspense radio drama revival and several micro-budget horror films. As a child, Deneen was known for her overactive imagination and performance flair, often obsessing over cartoons, fantasy films, and video games...