20 Extremely Forgotten Former Child Actors

These are 20 of the most forgotten mostly Tv child actors I can think of
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“ Was in the early 70's TV Drama , Apple's Way ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Angela Played the Daughter of Dick Van Dyke in the 70's New Dick Van Dyke Show than vansihed ” - LingIsNiceNice
Lisa Gerritsen
Lisa Gerritsen's acting career spanned the years of 1968 to around 1977. She was introduced to acting in a local summer parks department production, when she was eight. Soon afterward, she began pursuing a professional career. Encouraged by her mother and grandfather, veteran screenwriter True Boardman...
“ Lisa True Gerritsen was Bess both on MTM and Phyllis. She also played a girl named Bunny on the Odd Couple. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Kellie played the young daughter of Hope Lange in the 60's series, The Ghost And Mrs. Muri ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Danielle was cast many years ago as Archie Bunker's niece-in-law on All In The family than later transferred over to the Spinoff of sorts, Archie Bunker's Place with series star, Carroll O'Connor. Danielle later became a successful songwriter and scored a mega achievement with her writing contribution to the International Hit song, Unwritten. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Rori was Diana Canova's young daughter in the early 80's short lived sitcom, I'm A Big Girl Now. Danny Thomas, the comic legend, player her grandfather. After that Rori seemed to disappear. ” - LingIsNiceNice
Dawn Lyn
Actress, My Three Sons
Dawn Lyn made her acting debut at four years old in the low-budget, independent Cry Blood, Apache. It wasn't until she was 12 that she discovered she had played a Native American boy in the movie. She was the original Prudence in pilot for Nanny and the Professor TV series. By the time the pilot sold at the last minute...
“ Dawn was best remembered as Dodie in MY Three Sons and later did shows such as The Red Had Gang and movies Like Walking Tall and Shootout ( with Gregory Peck). Dawn has spent recent years in Germany I believe. Dawn's brother is the singer, Leif Garrett. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Ashleigh was a cutie of a child actor in the 90's appearing as Gregory Harrison' daughter and Al Molinaro's granddaughter on a short lived sitcom. ” - LingIsNiceNice
David Doremus
David began acting in TV commercials at the age of seven. According to a TV Guide interview in December 1970, he enjoyed science and math at school as well as a number of sport (baseball, basketball, water skiing, and hunting). At that age, his ambition was to go to the University of Southern California and to become a dentist...
“ David was best remembered as oldest son Hal on TV's Nanny And The Professor in the early 70's ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Bernadette is best remembered as Ginger ,A character that had 3 surnames ,lol! during the long ruin of tv's late 50's sitcom, Bachelor Father. She was the neighbor and best friend in the show , of lead Girl Noreen Corcoran who played Niece Kelly. Ginger's changed last names included Loomis. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Julie was best remembered for her 1 year stint as the bebaseballcapped Cindy early in the run of Facts Of Life. Julie alter made several guest appearances on somewhat later eps of that show. Julie is said to be active in her church. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Doney is best remembered as Edna Unger no. 2 on TV's the Odd Couple. Doney mysteriously seemed to disappear after the series halted production. ” - LingIsNiceNice
Katy Kurtzman
Older sister of actor Yano Anaya who played the little bully in A Christmas Story. Katy grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Graduated from James Monroe High School in 1983. Attended SWAS (School Within A School) while at Monroe. Katy played young Caroline Quiner Ingalls on the Little House on the Prairie series.
“ Katy was a popular 70's child actress who did a version of Heidi and and appeared in such stable family fare as Little House On the Prairie. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Joseph was one of the pair of the delightful set of twins that immediately proceeded Keith Thibodeaux ( Richard Keith) into the role of Little Ricky on I love Lucy. Joe's twin brother Mike also essayed the role from time to time ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Michael was one of the pair of the delightful set of twins that immediately proceeded Keith Thibodeaux ( Richard Keith) into the role of Little Ricky On I Love Lucy. Mike's twin brother Joe also essayed the role from time to time. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Michael was best remembered in the 60's series Julia as Earl Waggedorf, than seemed to vanish. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Karen Sue was the replacement " bratty" girl on Leave It To Beaver, replacing Geri Weil as Judy Hensler. Karen played Penny Woods for 3 seasons on the show. Penny Woods also curiously was the name of Janet Jackson's eventual adopted name on Good Times. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Rusty was TV's Larry Mondello for 3 years on Leave It To Beaver, then it was said in real life he moved form Hollywood and sadly out of our laugh loving hearts. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Melanie Watson was best remembered for her heat wrenching performances as Arnold Jackson's wheelchair bound friend Kathy Gordon on Different Strokes. Other than reading she has a company now, she has not been seen in the public media in decades I believe. Btw the link above is not to the correct Melanie Watson. The correct one is Melanie Watson I , but in order to post this description I had to pick a name link from the search list and oddly ( and perhaps due to a software issue) IMDB would not access me t selecting Melanie Watson I. Sorry for the inconvenience. ” - LingIsNiceNice
“ Again like Melanie above a potential software problem, has forced me to select the wrong Patty from the list just to post this description. I again apologize. Patty whom I Have in mind is he younger sister of Paul Petersen from The Donna Reed Show. On Donna Reed, Patty spent almost 4 years playing Paul's adopted sister. Again sorry for any inconveniences. ” - LingIsNiceNice