Actor Changes - TV Series Roles

In original-release-year order and grouped by series, this is a list of human actors that played the same live-action character that at least one other actor portrayed, as part of the originally aired episodes from all seasons of a given TV series (including permanent and temporary changes, and alternating twins).

NOT included here are: (1) daytime soap opera recasts; and (2) a different actor playing the same character at a significantly different age (such as by magic or in flashback/ flashforward).
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Clayton Moore
Clayton Moore grew up in Chicago, Illinois and although his father wanted him to become a doctor, he had visions of something a little more glamorous. Naturally athletic, he practiced gymnastics during family summer vacations in Canada, eventually joining the trapeze act The Flying Behrs at 19. During the 1934 Chicago World's Fair...
“ 'The Lone Ranger' #1 (1949-1951; 1954-1957) - "The Lone Ranger" (1949) ” - kuzzn
John Hart
Tall and athletic, and possessed of "movie star" good looks, John Hart acted on the stage of the renowned Pasadena Playhouse as a young man, before making his screen debut in a supporting role in director Cecil B. DeMille's big-budget The Buccaneer. With these physical assets and early acting credentials...
“ 'The Lone Ranger' #2 (1952-1953) - "The Lone Ranger" (1949) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Little Ricky Ricardo' #1 (1953-1956) - "I Love Lucy" (1951)

- twin of Michael Mayer ” - kuzzn
“ 'Little Ricky Ricardo' #1 (1953-1956) - "I Love Lucy" (1951)

- twin of Joseph A. Mayer ” - kuzzn
Richard Keith
Keith Thibodeaux, billed as "Richard Keith" in I Love Lucy episodes, started playing drums at the age of two in Lafayette, Louisiana. He began touring the United States at the tender age of three and ended up in Hollywood, California auditioning for Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's popular comedy "I Love Lucy"...
“ 'Little Ricky Ricardo' #2 (1956-1957) - "I Love Lucy" (1951) ” - kuzzn
Vernon Dent
Familiar to many as the frustrated cop, businessman or landlord in countless two-reel comedies by The Three Stooges, Vernon Dent got his start in show business as a member of a singing troupe traveling in Southern California in the early 1920s. He was befriended by comedian Hank Mann, a member of the famed Keystone Kops...
“ 'Santa Claus' #1 (1951) - "I Love Lucy" (1951) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Santa Claus' #2 (1956) - "I Love Lucy" (1951)

- He played 'Santa' in a special episode, one that was still part of the "I Love Lucy" series. ” - kuzzn
Phyllis Coates
Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, Phyllis Coates moved to Hollywood as a teenager with intentions of enrolling at UCLA. A chance encounter with Ken Murray in a Hollywood & Vine restaurant landed her in the comedian's vaudeville show. She started out as a chorus girl and worked her way up to doing skits before moving on to work for veteran showman Earl Carroll and later touring with the USO...
“ 'Lois Lane' #1 (1952-1953) - "Adventures of Superman" (1952) ” - kuzzn
Noel Neill
Minnesota-born Noel Neill's ambition was to be a journalist like her father, the editor of a Minneapolis newspaper. However, she was hired by Bing Crosby to sing at the Turf Club at the race track in Del Mar, California (Crosby was one of the owners). Shortly thereafter, in 1941, she was signed to a contract by Paramount Pictures...
“ 'Lois Lane' #2 (1953-1958) - "Adventures of Superman" (1952) ” - kuzzn
Sherry Jackson
Gorgeous, mouth-watering, chestnut-maned Sherry Jackson began her promising career as a pleasant-looking child actress. She and brother Robert were the stepchildren of television writer/director/actor Montgomery Pittman, who died of cancer in 1962. There's a rumor that Idaho-born Sherry was discovered by a talent agent while she and her mother were waiting for a bus...
“ 'Terry Williams' #1 (1953-1958) - "Make Room for Daddy" (1953) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Terry Williams' #2 (1959-1962) - "Make Room for Daddy" (1953) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Much (the Miller's Son)' #1 (1955) - "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1955) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Much (the Miller's Son)' #2 (1956) - "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1955) ” - kuzzn
Bernadette O'Farrell
Although often seen in the St. Trinian's movies, written by Sidney Gilliat and her husband, Frank Launder, it was her role as Maid Marian in the long-running Robin Hood series that catapulted her to stardom. The Adventures of Robin Hood became one of the first British Television programs to succeed in the United States...
“ 'Maid Marian' #1 (1955-1957) - "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1955) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Maid Marian' #2 (1957-1960) - "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1955) ” - kuzzn
Ronald Howard
The British actor Ronald Howard was born in Norwood, London, England, in 1918. He and his younger sister Leslie Ruth Howard were raised by their mother Ruth Evelyn Martin and their father, the renowned actor Leslie Howard. After college, Howard became a newspaper reporter for a while but decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become an actor...
“ 'Will Scarlet' #1 (1956) - "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1955) ” - kuzzn
Paul Eddington
Paul Eddington was a tall, debonair actor who achieved international success in the 1970s with Good Neighbors, a popular television series about a young couple farming their backyard in a London suburb. He played the supporting role of neighbor Jerry Leadbetter. It was the hit comedy series Yes Minister...
“ 'Will Scarlet' #2 (1959-1960) - "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1955) ” - kuzzn
Derren Nesbitt
Rather intriguing British actor who first appeared on UK cinema & TV screens in the late 1950s, and quickly found steady work as a rather unpleasant or untrustworthy individual. His cold, yet cunning features had him appearing in guest roles on many UK TV series including The Adventures of Sir Lancelot and William Tell...
“ 'Capt. Frederick' #1 (1958; 1959) - "William Tell" (1958) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Captain Frederick' #2 (1958) - "William Tell" (1958) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Bobby Fleet' #1 (1960) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Bobby Fleet' #2 (1961) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Floyd (the Barber)' #1 (1960) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
Howard McNear
Although Los Angeles native Howard McNear had a long career on radio and in films, he will forever be remembered for his memorable - and scene-stealing - portrayal of Floyd the Barber in the long-running The Andy Griffith Show (actor Don Knotts once said that playing Floyd wasn't much of a stretch for McNear...
“ 'Floyd (the Barber) Lawson' #2 (1961-1967) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
Will Wright
Actor, Adam's Rib
One of those familiar character actors who seems to have been born old, Will Wright specialized in playing crusty old codgers, rich skinflints, crooked small-town politicians and the like. A former newspaper reporter in San Francisco, he switched careers and entered vaudeville, then took to the stage...
“ 'Ben Weaver' #1 (1960-1962) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Ben Weaver' #2 (1964) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Mr. Weaver' #3 (1965-1966) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
Hoke Howell
A consummate character actor whose deep Southern drawl (courtesy of a Georgia birth and South Carolina upbringing) made him a highly sought-after personality. Howell began his career on Broadway in "Make A Million." Hollywood took note of his accent and tried to make the best use of it, from a minor role in Splendor in the Grass (1961) to the Preacher in Grand Theft Auto...
“ 'PFC Dudley A. (Dud) Wash' #1 (1963) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
Bob Denver
Bob Denver was attending college at Loyola-Marymount University, in Los Angeles, when he got into acting. At first, Denver wasn't sure he wanted to be an actor, but gradually gave in, deciding that's what he was going to do for a career. Before he became established, he worked as a mailman and teacher...
“ 'Dud Wash' #2 (1964) - "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) ” - kuzzn
Jeannine Riley
Blonde bombshell Jeannine Brooke Riley was born on October 1, 1940, in Madera, California, and started her movie and TV career in 1962 with an unbilled movie part in the Rosalind Russell drama Five Finger Exercise and with roles on the TV shows "Father of the Bride" and "Route 66," not to mention an episode of "My Three Sons" aptly entitled "The Beauty Contest"...
“ 'Billie Jo Bradley' #1 (1963-1965) - "Petticoat Junction" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Billie Jo Bradley' #2 (1965-1966) - "Petticoat Junction" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Meredith MacRae
Meredith Lynn MacRae was born on May 30, 1944, in Houston, Texas. She was born on a military base where her father was stationed. Meredith was bitten by the show business bug at an early age. Her father, Gordon MacRae was a singer and movie idol of the 1950s (Roger & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! and Carousel)...
“ 'Billie Jo Bradley' #3 (1966-1970) - "Petticoat Junction" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Bobbie Jo Bradley' #1 (1963-1965) - "Petticoat Junction" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Lori Saunders
Striking brunette Lori Saunders managed to capitalize on her sunny, daisy-fresh beauty during CBS-TV's famous 1960s "rural age", an era in which the network churned out a connected trio of bucolic hit shows -- The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and Petticoat Junction. As the studious, slightly ditzy middle daughter...
“ 'Bobbie Jo Bradley' #2 (1965-1970) - "Petticoat Junction" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Charles Herbert
Actor, 13 Ghosts
Charles Herbert was a mildly popular 1950s child actor with a trademark sulky puss and thick, furrowed eyebrows, who was known for playing inquisitive kids besieged by alien beings, including a robot, as well as by a human fly and several house-haunting ghosts. He racked up over 20 films, 50 TV shows and a number of commercials during his youthful reign...
“ 'Ross Lane' #1 (1963) - "The Patty Duke Show" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Ross Lane' #2 (1963-1966) - "The Patty Duke Show" (1963) ” - kuzzn
William Hartnell
Actor, Doctor Who
William Hartnell was born on 8 January 1908, just south of St. Pancras station in London. In press materials in the 1940s he claimed that his father was a farmer and later a stockbroker; it turns out that he had actually been born out of wedlock, as his biography "Who's There?" states. At age 16 he was adopted by Hugh Blaker...
“ 'Dr. Who' #1 (1963-1966) - '"Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Patrick Troughton
Actor, Doctor Who
Patrick Troughton was born in Mill Hill, London and was educated at Mill Hill School. He trained as an actor at the Embassy School of Acting in the UK and at Leighton Rollin's Studio for for Actors at Long Island, New York in the USA. During World War II he served in the Royal Navy and after the war ended he joined the Old Vic and became a Shakespearean actor...
“ 'Dr. Who' #2 (1966-1969) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Jon Pertwee
Actor, Doctor Who
Jon Pertwee was born John (after the apostle and disciple) Devon (after the county) Roland (after his father) Pertwee (an Anglicised version of the true family name, Perthuis de Laillevault) on 7 July 1919 in the Chelsea area of London. He was the second son of famous playwright, painter and actor Roland Pertwee...
“ 'Doctor Who' #3 (1970-1974) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Tom Baker
Actor, Doctor Who
The English character actor Tom Baker, best known as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor, was born in 1934 in Liverpool, to Mary Jane (Fleming) and John Stewart Baker. His father was of English and Scottish descent, while his mother's family was originally from Ireland. Tom, along with his younger sister...
“ 'Doctor Who' #4 (1974-1981) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Peter Davison
Actor, Doctor Who
Peter Moffett, now better known by his stage name Peter Davison, was born on 13 April 1951 in the Streatham area of London. In 1961, he and his family - parents Sheila and Claude (an electrical engineer who hailed from British Guiana) and his sisters Barbara, Pamela and Shirley moved to Knaphill, Woking in Surrey...
“ 'The Doctor' #5 (1981-1984) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Colin Baker
Actor, Doctor Who
Colin Baker was born in 1943 in the Royal Waterloo Lying-In Hospital in London during an air raid. He spent his earliest years in London with his mother, while his father served in the armed forces. He narrowly avoided an early death during the wartime blitz when a piece of flying shrapnel just missed him...
“ 'The Doctor' #6 (1984-1986) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Sylvester McCoy
Sylvester McCoy was born in Dunoon, Scotland. He spent much of his childhood in Dublin, Ireland. Before becoming an actor, as Percy Smith he trained as a priest, sold insurance and acted as a bodyguard for the Rolling Stones. He started his acting career as a part of the Ken Campbell Roadshow, at...
“ 'The Doctor' #7 (1987-1989) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Roger Delgado
Actor, Doctor Who
Born of a Spanish father and French mother in Whitechapel. Although most often called upon to play the villain (due to his dark good looks and sinister beard), he also had a career as a voice actor on BBC Radio appearing on such programs as the "Morning Story". He was a notable 'The Master' in many series of Doctor Who.
“ 'The Master' #1 (1971-1973) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'The Master' #2 (1976) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'The Master' #3 (1981) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Anthony Ainley
Actor, Doctor Who
Anthony Ainley was a notable British actor and a member of a distinguished British acting family. His brother was Richard Ainley (1910-1967) and his father Henry Ainley (1879-1945). He worked in the theatre for many years and eventually found work in various historical film dramas in the 1970s. However...
“ 'The Master' #4 (1981-1989) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Romana' #1 (1978-1979) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
Lalla Ward
Actress, Doctor Who
Lalla Ward born Sarah Ward, daughter of Lord Bangor - Edward Ward - and his writer wife, Marjorie Banks. She always wanted to act, paint and draw, and so joined the Central School of Speech and Drama in 1967. When she left in 1970, it was straight into a part in the Hammer film Vampire Circus. Following this she worked extensively on stage...
“ 'Romana' #2 (1979-1981) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Davros' #1 (1975) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Davros' #2 (1979) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Davros' #3 (1984-1988) - "Doctor Who" (1963) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha Stephens' #1 (1966) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha Stephens' #2 (1966) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- twin of Laura Gentry ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha Stephens' #2 (1966) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- twin of Heidi Gentry ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha Stephens' #3 (1966) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- twin of Tamar Young ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha Stephens' #3 (1966) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- twin of Julie Young ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha Stephens' #4 (1966-1968) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- fraternal twin of Erin Murphy ” - kuzzn
“ 'Tabatha/Tabitha Stephens' #4 (1966-1972) - "Bewitched"

- fraternal twin of Diane Murphy

- as the twins got a little older, the difference in their looks became more apparent, and Erin was chosen to play the role exclusively, since she more closely resembled Elizabeth Montgomery ” - kuzzn
“ 'Louise Tate' #1 (1964-1966) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Kasey Rogers
Kasey Rogers was born Josie Imogene Rogers in Morehouse, Missouri, to Ina Mae (Mocabee) and Eben Elijah Rogers. She moved with her family to California at age two and a half. She got the nickname "Casey" when her neighborhood playmates discovered how well she handled a baseball bat ("I could hit a baseball farther than anybody in grammar school except Robert Lewis...
“ 'Louise Tate' #2 (1966-1972) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Alice Pearce
Actress, On the Town
Making a career out of a post-nasal drip, this scene-stealing character comedienne was one of the best Broadway and Hollywood had to offer. It's too bad, then, that she wasn't utilized in films more often for this slight, chinless, parrot-faced, squawky-voiced bundle of (kill)joy could draw laughs from a well with a mere sniffle, gulp, or stare...
“ 'Gladys Kravitz' #1 (1964-1966) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Sandra Gould
Short and with a very familiar chubby, chipmunk-like face and even more familiar abrasive tone, Brooklyn-born comedienne Sandra Gould kicked into high gear at a fairly early age. With small Broadway roles and scores of radio programs such as "My Friend Irma" and "Duffy's Tavern", the latter in which she replaced original star Shirley Booth...
“ 'Gladys Kravitz' #2 (1966-1971) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Robert F. Simon
A prolific character actor of tall, imposing presence, Robert F. Simon drifted into acting via the Cleveland Playhouse, hoping that this would cure his natural propensity for shyness. After training at the Actor's Studio in New York, he had a ten year run on Broadway (1942-52), in which he cut his teeth...
“ 'Frank Stephens' #1 (1964-1967; 1971) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Roy Roberts
Actor, Chinatown
Veteran character player Roy Roberts proudly claimed over 900 performances in a 40-year career. He might not have been known necessarily by name, but the face was distinct and obviously familiar. The prototype of the steely executive, the no-nonsense mayor, the assured banker, the stentorian leader...
“ 'Frank Stephens' #2 (1967-1970) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Cecil Kellaway
Cecil Kellaway was nominated for two Oscars for Best Supporting Actor for The Luck of the Irish and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Cecil was originally offered the role of Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street, but he turned it down, telling his son, "Americans don't go for whimsy." His works also include some television. He played Santa Claus on an episode of Bewitched and also appeared in The Twilight Zone.
“ 'Santa Claus' #1 (1964) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Don Beddoe
American character actor. Raised in New York City and Cincinnati, Ohio, Beddoe was the son of a professor at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music who happened also to be the world-famous Welsh tenor, Dan Beddoe. Although Don Beddoe intended a career in journalism, he took an interest in theatre and became involved first with amateur companies and then with professional theatre troupes...
“ 'Santa Claus' #2 (1967) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Santa Claus' #3 (1969) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Dick York
Actor, Bewitched
The gangly York is best remembered as the first and most frustrated "Darrin Stephens" on the long-running TV series Bewitched. He left the series in 1969 due to a chronic back ailment. He later founded Acting for Life, a private fund-raising effort for the homeless, which he managed from his home where he was bedridden with a degenerative spine injury.
“ 'Darrin Stephens' #1 (1964-1969) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Dick Sargent
Actor, Bewitched
Sargent was a trim, handsome man with a longish chin. He played a variety of gawky businessmen roles in feature films before finding a niche in tv history as the second Darrin on "Bewitched". Shortly before his death, Sargent publicly proclaimed he was gay, and became what he called "a retroactive role model" in the battle for gay rights.
“ 'Darrin Stephens' #2 (1969-1972) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Reta Shaw
Actress, Mary Poppins
Reta Shaw is best known to television audiences as Hope Lange's housekeeper in the TV series The Ghost & Mrs. Muir. Disney fans will remember her as one of the singing domestics in the Oscar-winning masterpiece Mary Poppins. While she never achieved stardom as a leading lady, she earned her place as a solid supporting player in a variety of popular...
“ 'Aunt Hagatha' #1 (1966; 1972) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- She was named 'Bertha,' in her first two episodes as another witch in this series (1964-1965), later being called 'Hagatha.' ” - kuzzn
“ 'Aunt Hagatha' #2 (1970) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Aunt Hagatha' #3 (1971) - "Bewitched" (1964) ” - kuzzn
David Mandel-Bloch
Actor, Bewitched
Although only David Lawrence's name is shown in the credits on Bewitched, the role of Adam Stephens was actually played by David and his twin brother Greg. It was a convention in television shows that babies and toddlers were played by twins, since the law required that child actors can work for only a certain time on television...
“ 'Adam Stephens' #2? (1970-1972) - "Bewitched" (1964)

- This series character was played alternately by the twins David and Greg Lawrence, with David being the only one of the two credited as playing 'Adam Stephens.'

- 'Adam Stephens' #1? was played by an unknown child actor (or actors), 1969-1970. ” - kuzzn
Beverley Owen
Actress, Another World
Beverley Owen was born Beverley Ogg in Ottumwa, Iowa, on Thursday, May 13th, 1937. In high school and college, she was always doing television, theatre, and radio programs. She then moved to New York to pursue an acting career after graduating from the University of Michigan. She was fired many a time for her lack of typing skills while working at CBS...
“ 'Marilyn Munster' #1 (1964) - "The Munsters" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Pat Priest
Actress, The Munsters
This sweet, wholesome, porcelain-skinned beauty was your typical bouffant blonde of the early-to-mid 1960s. She was picture perfect, whether romping along the coast of Malibu Beach in a bikini or peering over a white picket fence as the girl-next-door. Pat Priest was born Patricia Ann Priest on August 15...
“ 'Marilyn Munster' #2 (1964-1966) - "The Munsters" (1964) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Sherlock Holmes' #1 (1964-1965) - "Sherlock Holmes" (1964) ” - kuzzn
Peter Cushing
Peter Wilton Cushing was born on May 26, 1913 in Kenley, Surrey, England, to Nellie Maria (King) and George Edward Cushing, a quantity surveyor. He and his older brother David were raised first in Dulwich Village, a south London suburb, and then later back in Surrey. At an early age, Cushing was attracted to acting...
“ 'Sherlock Holmes' #2 (1968) - "Sherlock Holmes" (1964) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Jeannie's Mother' #1 (1965) - "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965) ” - kuzzn
Lurene Tuttle
Actress, Psycho
Quite a familiar lady and notorious busybody on 1950s and '60s TV and film, petite, red-headed character actress Lurene Tuttle was born in Pleasant Lake, Indiana and raised on a ranch close to the Arizona border. Her father, O.V. Tuttle, started out as a performer in minstrels but found a job as a railroad station agent when times got hard...
“ 'Jeannie's Mother' #2 (1965) - "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965)

- This actor is technically appropriate for inclusion on this list - even though her character was portrayed as having been created by magic, Lurene Tuttle was not 'playing the same character at a significantly different age,' appearance-wise, anyway. ” - kuzzn
Barbara Eden
Barbara Eden was born as Barbara Jean Morehead in Tucson, Arizona, went on and become one of America's most endearing and enduring actresses. A graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco, California. Eden would go on to study at San Francisco's City College as well as the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre...
“ 'Jeannie's Mother' #3 (1969) - "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965) ” - kuzzn
Barbara Pepper
Barbara Pepper's signature roles were as worldly "dames" during the Hollywood's 1930s and 1940s Golden Era, fitting snugly alongside other flashy broads of that period such as Iris Adrian, Joan Blondell and Veda Ann Borg. Barbara patented her own unique, hard-boiled style, however, and should have gone further than she did...
“ 'Doris Ziffel' #1 (1965-1968) - "Green Acres" (1965) ” - kuzzn
Fran Ryan
As an American character actress, Fran Ryan was a familiar face on stage, screen and television from her theatrical stage debut in the 1950s and continuing for nearly three decades. Ryan's similarity to actress Marjorie Main was soon noticed in the late 1960s, and she frequently played tough, mean-lipped, earthy and gruff-but-lovable female characters...
“ 'Doris Ziffel' #2 (1969-1971) - "Green Acres" (1965) ” - kuzzn
George Sanders
George Sanders was born of English parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in a Birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He entered show business in London as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theatrical understudy. His film debut, in 1936...
“ 'Mr. Freeze' #1 (1966) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
Otto Preminger
Otto Ludwig Preminger was born in Wiznitz, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary. His father was a prosecutor, and Otto originally intended to follow his father into a law career; however, he fell in love with the theater and became a stage director. He directed his first film in 1931, and came to the US in 1936 to direct on the Broadway stage...
“ 'Mr. Freeze' #2 (1966) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
Eli Wallach
One of Hollywood's finest character / "Method" actors, Eli Wallach was in demand for over 60 years (first film/TV role was 1949) on stage and screen, and has worked alongside the world's biggest stars, including Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, Yul Brynner, Peter O'Toole, and Al Pacino, to name but a few...
“ 'Mr. Freeze' #3 (1967) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
Julie Newmar
Julia Chalene Newmeyer (Chalane was her mother's maiden name) was born on August 16, 1933 in Los Angeles, California. Her father was a one-time professional football player (LA Buccaneers, 1926), her mother was a star of the Follies of 1920. From an early age, Julie studied piano, dance and classical ballet...
“ 'Catwoman' #1 (1966-1967) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
Eartha Kitt
An out-of-wedlock child, Eartha Kitt was born in the cotton fields of South Carolina. Kitt's mother was a sharecropper of African-American and Cherokee Native American descent. Her father's identity is unknown. Given away by her mother, she arrived in Harlem at age nine. At 15, she quit high school to work in a Brooklyn factory...
“ 'Catwoman' #2 (1967-1968) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
Frank Gorshin
Frank John Gorshin Jr. was born on April 5, 1933 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father, Frank John Sr., was a railroad worker and his mother, Frances, was a seamstress. While in high school, Frank worked as an usher at the Sheridan Square Theatre and began doing impressions of some of his screen idols: Al Jolson...
“ 'The Riddler' #1 (1966-1967) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
John Astin
Dark haired, usually mustachioed US actor with a cheeky grin who achieved pop culture status through his portrayal of the kooky patriarch "Gomez Addams" in the hit TV series The Addams Family, John Astin was born March 30, 1930, in Baltimore, MD. He attended Johns Hopkins University and studied mathematics...
“ 'The Riddler' #2 (1967) - "Batman" (1966) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Willie Loomis' #1 (1967) - "Dark Shadows" (1966) ” - kuzzn
“ 'William H. (Willie) Loomis' #2 (1967-1970) - "Dark Shadows" (1966) ” - kuzzn
Roger C. Carmel
Roger C. Carmel, who was born September 27, 1932, was named after his grandfather, Roger Charles, who carved the horses for the carousel in New York's Central Park. He became an actor and won television immortality by appearing as Harry Mudd in two classic "Star Trek" episodes, "I, Mudd" and "Mudd's Women." Carmel was one of the few actors...
“ 'Roger Buell' #1 (1967-1968) - "The Mothers-in-Law" (1967) ” - kuzzn
Richard Deacon
Richard Deacon was the bald, bespectacled character actor most famous for playing television producer Mel Cooley on The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966. In the first season of that show he also continued to appear on the series he was already appearing on, Leave It to Beaver, playing Lumpy Rutherford's father Fred...
“ 'Roger Buell' #2 (1968-1969) - "The Mothers-in-Law" (1967) ” - kuzzn
Willie Aames
After becoming an award-winning, platinum-selling writer, producer/director Willie Aames took a 5-year hiatus and became a 6-star cruise director spending his time circling the globe and visiting over 127 countries. Recently Aames returned to his roots in the acting and film-making splitting his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver...
“ 'Leonard' #1 (1971) - "The Odd Couple" (1968) ” - kuzzn
Leif Garrett
Born on November 8, 1961 in Hollywood, California, Leif grew up in a world of showbiz and got his first taste of acting in the blockbuster film, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice playing the son of Elliott Gould and Dyan Cannon, though he was uncredited. Then he was a frequent guest in TV shows such as Nanny and the Professor...
“ 'Leonard Unger' #2 (1974-1975) - "The Odd Couple" (1968) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Danny' #1 (1968; 1969) - "Hawaii Five-O" (1968)

- He is noted here as the first 'Danno,' however (although he was also later this character in one episode of this series, in 1969), he'd actually previously played him in the pre-series pilot ” - kuzzn
James MacArthur
In a career spanning more than four decades, James MacArthur developed a body of work which is wonderfully dynamic in both scope and range. Portraying everything from crazed killer to stalwart defender of law and order, frustrated teenager to cynical senior supervisor, he has appeared in numerous films...
“ 'Danny / Dan Williams' #2 (1968-1969; 1969-1979) - "Hawaii Five-O" (1968) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Chris Partridge' #1 (1970-1971) - "The Partridge Family" (1970) ” - kuzzn
“ 'Chris Partridge' #2 (1971-1974) - "The Partridge Family" (1970) ” - kuzzn
“ 'John Boy Walton' #1 (1971-1978) - "The Waltons" (1971) ” - kuzzn