The 40 Best Cult Australian Actors

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“ One of the most under rated actors in Australia, Waddell came from nowhere and acted in cult films like Pure S (1975), Oz (1977), The FJ Holden (1976), Chopper (2000), Maslin Beach (1997, The Proposition (2005) and In Search of Anna (1979). In 2012 he gave a remarkable performance in The King Is Dead! for which he was nominated an AACTA Award. Australia's true leading actor. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Ultimate cult actor Terry Camilleri was terrific as the impressionable Arthur in the cult horror The Cars That Ate Paris (1974). He was the prowler in The Night, The Prowler (1978) and Napoleon in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989). Other notable cult film roles include Money Movers (1978) and Backroads (1977). ” - Ozziefilms
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Hugh Keays-Byrne was born in 1947 in Kashmir, India. In 1973, he moved to Australia, where he began an acting career. He is a well respected theater, film and TV actor in Australia. Hugh became noticed after roles in Stone (1974), Mad Dog Morgan (1976) and The Trespassers (1976). He landed his first leading role in TV film The Death Train (1978)...
“ Before being immortalised as The Toecutter in Mad Max (1979), Hugh Keayes-Byrne appeared in the cult films The Man From Hong Kong (1975), Mad Dog Morgan (1976) and Snapshot (1979). Other cult films roles include The Chain Reaction (1979), Going Down (1982), The Salute of the Jugger (1989) and the long forgotten 2084 (1984). Will be in Mad Max Fury Road. ” - Ozziefilms
“ A great body of work for an actor who has appeared in a plethora of off beat roles in a number of cult films, and also managed to somehow get an AFI Award nomination for his role in BMX Bandits!(1983) Argue played double roles in Haydn Keenan's Going Down (1982), one as a transvestite called Trixie. He has also played dual roles in the cult flicks Pandemonium (1986) and Coming of Age (1984). His appearances in cult films include Razorback (1984), The Return of Captain Invincible (1982), Midnite Spares (1982), Hercules Returns (1993) and Melvin Son of Alvin (1984). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Mad Max, Turkey Shoot, The Chain Reaction. Tall, sexy, often bald and often menacing. Icon. ” - Ozziefilms
Nell Campbell
Nell Campbell (aka Little Nell) was born May 24, 1953 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Ross, humorist and editor of the Daily Telegraph, and Ruth Campbell. She made her "debut" tap dancing for an exhibition for Martin Sharp in 1970. When she turned 18 her father moved her brother...
“ Nell Campbell or Little Nell as she was known has been immortalized in the ultimate cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) as Columbia. She then went onto appear in the forgotten equal to Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment (1981) as Nurse Ansalong. She played a convict escapee in Journey Among Women (1977), Olga Janina in Ken Russell's Lisztomania (1975). Crabs in Derek Jarman's Jubilee (1977) and Beth in The Killing Fields (1984). She appeared as the love interest Amy in Stanley:Every Home Should Have One (1984). ” - Ozziefilms
“ The Queen of Ozploitation cinema, Chantal Contouri played the lesbian model with her eyes set on a young Sigrid Thornton in Snapshot (1979) and then went straight into the lead role of Kate Davis in Australia's first vampire film, Thirst (1979). Roles followed in the campy cult female exploitation film Touch & Go (1980). On TV she was the notorious Pantyhouse Strangler in Number 96 and turned a Logie award winning performance as the Greek resistance fighter Melina. A far cry from her Alvin Purple sex symbol role, Boobs La Touche (1974). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Weather a local boy in Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975), serial killer in Wolf Creek (2005), Soldier in Vietnam in Odd Angry Shot (1978), Ned Kelly in The Last Outlaw or slaver in Django Unchained (2012), Jarratt excels. Other cult films include killer crocodile flicks Dark Age and Rogue, Bad Behaviour, Needle and All Men Are Liars to name just a few. ” - Ozziefilms
“ The easily identifiable Bruce Spence has appeared in many cult films from the early days of Stork and Dimboola, Spence has turned up in two Mad Max films (still debatable weather he was playing the same character), a Star Wars film, a Matrix film, a Narnia film and a Lord of The Rings film. On the cult front, Spence was in The Great McCarthy, Mad Dog Morgan, Midnite Spares and as a mad doctor in The Return of Captain Invincible. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Interesting chameleon actor played the diabolical kidnapping cross dresser in the absurd cult film Nancy Nancy (2006). Other film roles include the campy cult film Prisoner Queen (2004), and the Boronia Boys films (2011). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Often seen in many Paul Cox films, Kaye was remarkable as the eccentric flower collecting Charles in Man Of Flowers (1983). A performance which should have seen him nominated for an Academy Award. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Coming into international recognition as the young boy in Walkabout (1971), Gulpilil went onto play the memorable Fingerbone in Storm Boy (1976), The Last Wave (1977), Jacko in The Proposition (2005), and his award winning role in The Tracker (2003). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Cold eyed with that distinct voice, Frank Thring became particularly known for his biblical villains Pontius Pilate in Ben-Hur (1959) and King Herod in King of Kings (1961). In Australian cult films he was the sweaty "Collector" in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), and Fingers in Alvin Rides Again (1974). Other cult films include Age of Consent (1969) as The Art Dealer, Ned Kelly (1970) The Man From Hong Kong (1975), Mad Dog Morgan (1976) and Howling III:The Marsupials (1987). ” - Ozziefilms
Nathan Phillips
Currently best known for his role as backpacker Ben Mitchell in Wolf Creek. He began his career in the traditional rites-of-passage for Australian actors with a role in Neighbours in 1999. He worked entirely in television until 2001, with roles in Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story, Something in the Air and The Saddle Club (2001)...
“ As backpacker Ben Mitchell in Wolf Creek (2005), Nathan then went onto make cult films, West (2007), Dying Breed (2008), Snakes On A Plane (2006), Surfer Dude (2008), Balibo (2009) and Chernobyl Diaries (2012). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Prolific Aussie actor and incredibly under rated, Field has appeared in many Aussie films. His cult films include Ghosts...of the Civil Dead, Broken Highway, Blackrock, To Have and To Hold, One Night The Moon, Chopper, West and Two Hands. ” - Ozziefilms
“ A fine actress Horler won back to back awards in the same year with roles in Praise (1999) and Soft Fruit (1999). Her other notable roles in cult films have included My Year without Sex (2009), Savages Crossing (2011), Travelling Light (2003) and the was the voice of Strix Struma in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010). ” - Ozziefilms
“ After her role in The Matrix (1999), Belinda McClory appeared in the urban cop thriller Red Ball (1999) and other cult films including Acolytes (2008) and X (2011). ” - Ozziefilms
Abigail became Australia's undisputed number 1 female sex symbol through her role as virginal blonde Bev Houghton in Number 96. English born Abigail was educated in France. Her mother was a Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) of Dutch Burgher/Eurasian ethnicity. Abigail came to Australia in 1971 and played female lead in "There's a Girl in My Soup" in Perth...
“ Australia's first sexy symbol, Abigail became synonymous with sex in the 1970's. Roles in the sex cult comedy films Alvin Purple (1972), Eliza Fraser (1976), All At Sea (1977) and Melvin, Son of Alvin (1984) followed. Towards the end of her career Abigail was often used to pump up sagging soap operas. ” - Ozziefilms
“ An actor to watch who's role in the cult film Razor Eaters (2003) is not one to be missed. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Wonderful as the detective in Kiss Or Kill, the strange looking Gilbert has also made memorable appearances in the cult films Idiot Box, In A Savage Land, Mullet, Look Both Ways and The Loved Ones. ” - Ozziefilms
Maeve Dermody
Australian actress Maeve Dermody is the daughter of Susan Murphy Dermody, a film theorist, historian, and director. Her father is a psychologist. Dermody's family encouraged a love of literature and the arts, and supported performing as well - her mother gave the 5-year-old a part in her film Breathing Under Water...
“ Her fine performance in the tense thriller Black Water (2007) to her well received role in Beautiful Kate (2009), Dermody in one to watch. ” - Ozziefilms
Vernon Wells
Strong-featured Australian actor Vernon Wells was born December 1945 in Rushworth, rural Victoria, to Eva Maude (Jackson) and Michael Wells. He initially worked in a quarry, and then as a salesman. He was noticed by casting agents and started to appear in Australian TV commercials, print ads, local Australian TV shows such as "Homicide" and "Matlock Police"...
“ Unforgettable in the role of the manic baddie Wez in Mad Max 2 (1981), Welles would go onto carve himself a prolific career as baddies in many cult films both in Australia and the US. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Terrific leading lady from the Australia's 10BA era, Morris gave memorable performances as intelligent neurotic women in "...Maybe This Time" (1980), The Great MacArthy (1975), The Plumber (1980), Razorback (1984) and the definitive Aussie cult film In Search of Anna (1979). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Every one thought she was a singer when Body & Soul became a Top 10 hit, but Jo Kennedy went onto appear in more films than the 1982 comedy musical Starstruck. Her other notable cult film roles include Wrong World (1985), Tender Hooks (1990) and Mallboy (2001). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Cotterill has possibly chalked up more appearances in cult films than anyone on this list, but never in leading roles. Some of his supporting and brief cameos' mostly as fathers include The Chain Reaction (1980), Journey Among Women (1977), Blue Finn(1979) The Survivor (1981), Alison's Birthday (1981), Going Down (1982), 2084 (1984), Ricky & Pete (1988) and as Pop in Bad Boy Bubby (1994). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Three words....BAD BOY BUBBY ” - Ozziefilms
“ AFI and Logie Award winner, Le Nevez is one of Australia's most talented actors. He was the only credible thing in the horor Man Thing (2005). Other cult roles include Garage Days (2002), Feed (2005), Peaches (2004) and The Tender Hook (2008). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Sultry sex kitten and beauty but could act very well. Sizzled the screen as the artist Kerry in Don's Party (1976), Raymond also appeared as a gang member in the early black and white flick Shirley Thompson Vs The Aliens (1972). She had back to back roles in the aussie cult films Money Movers (1978), the all star cast film The Journalist (1979), and Peter Weir's The Plumber (1980). Always seen playing very sexy, confident and intelligent women ” - Ozziefilms
“ Australia's answer to Ruth Gordon, Sheila appeared in many cult films throughout her career including Mad Max (1979), End Play (1976), The Devil's Playground (1976), Cactus (1986), The Tale of Ruby Rose (1987) and Summerfield (1977). But it was her role in A Woman's Tale (1991) where Florence played a woman dying of cancer which brought her a Best Actress award a week before dying from cancer herself. ” - Ozziefilms
“ With a very distinctive nasal voice, Lyndon stood out in a number of cult Aussie films including the role as a killer of a 15 year old raped girl in Blackrock (1997). He was terrific as Jimmy Loughan in Chopper (2000) winning an AFI award for the role. ” - Ozziefilms
Virginia Hey
Award nominated Australian actress Virginia Hey has achieved prominence and success not only nationally throughout her native Australia , but also around the world. Virginia Hey, devotee of health and wellbeing, is best known worldwide for her roles on TV and film, however all throughout her adult life Virginia has also pursued her passion for studying natural therapies...
“ Warrior Woman in Mad Max 2 (1981). Her death scene always brings a tear to my eye. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Handsome Michael Dorman has chalked up a number of roles in cult films including the horror hit Needle (2011), Daybreakers (2009), Suburban Mayhem (2006), and Killer Elite (2011). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Morassi appeared as Kristy in Wolf Creek (2005) and followed it up with roles in the brothel film Birthday (2009), The Illustrated Family Doctor, Blame and the unseen The Wedding Party. ” - Ozziefilms
Tyler Coppin
Tyler Coppin is a film and stage actor, and writer. Born in Roseville, California, he attended Rio Americano High School in Carmichael, California, and CSU (Sacramento) before moving to Australia in his late teens where he attended and graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney...
“ He has had small roles in Mad Max 2 (1981) and 2084 (1984) and was part of the gang waiting for the atomic bomb at the Sydney Opera House in the forgotten One Night Stand (1984). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Won an AFI award for his role in The Boy Who Had Everything (1985), Needles appeared in Dogs In Space (1987), Afraid To Dance (1989) and Tender Hook (1990). Nique Needles needs to make a come back. ” - Ozziefilms
“ Stunning in cult flick Hard Knocks (1980). One of the trio in the forgotten classic Going Down (1982). ” - Ozziefilms
“ Exciting little known actress who first came to major attention with a role in Garage Days. Other cult film roles include In A Savage Land and Love In Limbo. ” - Ozziefilms
Steve Le Marquand
Steve was born in Perth in 1967. His family soon moved to Sydney where he completed his schooling. After two years working his way around Australia on a motorbike he studied acting at Penrith (Theatre Nepean) in Sydney's outer west. His first job was a TV commercial for Arnott's Ruffles which was banned a day after its release for sacrilege...
“ He was Wozza in Two Hands (1999) and Jones in Mullet (2000). Was terrific in the cult film The Last Train To Freo (2006), and the only good thing in A Few Best Men (2011). ” - Ozziefilms
“ She was Tanya in "Chopper" and went onto appear in Flightplan (2005), The Wicker Man remake (2006) and Burning Man (2011). ” - Ozziefilms