animal rights advocates

active animal advocates, animal rights activists, animal liberationists
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Peter Singer
Pete Singer is a pioneer animal rights philosopher. Along with Tom Regan, Singer helped assemble and lead the first animal rights and animal liberation movements of the 1960s. His novel Animal Liberation is considered a monumental, ground-breaking piece of philosophical literature. Animal Rights caused...
Brigid Brophy
Miscellaneous Crew, Take It or Leave It
Gary Yourofsky
Born on August 19, 1970, Yourofsky holds a B.A. in journalism from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and a radio/broadcasting degree from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan. As of September 14, 2012, Gary Yourofsky has given 2,388 lectures to more than 60,000 people at 178 schools and 5 Israeli cities...
Tom Regan
Director, We Are All Noah
Tom Regan is a moral philosopher and pioneer animal-rights activist whose novel The Case For Animal Rights helped pave the way for the creation of animal protection laws. Armed with a doctorate in philosophy and passion for protecting animals, Regan helped form the animal rights and animal liberation movements of the 1960s...
Richard O'Barry
Miscellaneous Crew, The Cove
Jérôme Lescure
Director, A.L.F.
Jérôme Lescure graduated from various drama classes (Beaulieu 1991, Richelandière 1994, Thomas Briad 2001, Cours Florent 2002). He has also been trained in film editing and web authoring. In 1990, he begins his career as a Martial Arts performer, during five years. At the same times, he is hired to play in theater parts in France...
Tonya Kay
Tonya Kay's brutally elegant acting work is coveted for the moxie, physicality and depth of the characters she creates. You can see her series regular in the upcoming Puppet Master: Axis Termination series (El Rey Network) and leading film roles in A Better Place (Cannes), Dark Space and Earthtastrophe (SyFy) and The Other Wife (Lifetime Movie Network)...
Brigitte Bardot
Actress, Contempt
Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 in Paris, France. Her father had an engineering degree and worked with his father in the family business. Brigitte's mother encouraged her daughter to take up music and dance, and she proved to be very adept at it. By the time she was 15, Brigitte was trying a modeling career...