GAY FILM DIRECTORS past and present

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Jeffrey Schwarz
Jeffrey Schwarz is an Emmy Award-winning producer and director based in Los Angeles. His latest documentary is "Tab Hunter Confidential," about the 1950s screen heartthrob, which premiered at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival. Previous work includes the Emmy Award-winning HBO Documentary Films' "Vito," "I...
“ --I Am Divine--
--Tab Hunter Confidential--
--Wrangler: Anatomy Of An Icon--
--Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Lee Daniels
Writer, Empire
Lee Daniels gave his parents an early Christmas present when he entered the world on December 24, 1959; unfortunately, the Philadelphia native was to have a difficult relationship with his police officer father who later reacted violently to his son's sexuality. Despite the brutality of his childhood...
“ --The Butler--
--The Paperboy--
--Shadow Boxer--
--Precious-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Rabbit Hole--
--Trending Down--
--Headwig And the Angry Inch-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
John Waters
Actor, Hairspray
Growing up in Baltimore in the 1950s, John Waters was not like other children; he was obsessed by violence and gore, both real and on the screen. With his weird counter-culture friends as his cast, he began making silent 8mm and 16mm films in the mid-'60s; he screened these in rented Baltimore church halls to underground audiences drawn by word of mouth and street leafleting campaigns...
“ --Pink Flamingos--
--Serial Mom--
--Female Trouble-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Jean Cocteau
Jean Cocteau was one of the most multi-talented artists of the 20th century. In addition to being a director, he was a poet, novelist, painter, playwright, set designer, and actor. He began writing at 10 and was a published poet by age 16. He collaborated with the "Russian Ballet" company of Sergei Diaghilev...
“ --Beauty And The Beast--
--Les Parents Terribles--
--The Blood Of A Poet-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Sabastiane--
--The Last Of England-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
John Krokidas
John received his B.A. in Theater and American Studies from Yale University, where he studied acting and graduated with a Distinction in the Major before attending New York University's Graduate Film Program. He wrote and directed two short films while at NYU. His first, "Shame No More" played at over 70 film festivals and sold to over ten countries in North America and Europe...
“ --Kill Your Darlings--
--Shame No More-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Alejandro Amenábar
Writer, The Others
Is the son of a Spanish mother and a Chilean father. His family moved back to Spain when he was 1 year old, and he grew up and studied in Madrid. He wrote, produced and directed his first short film La cabeza at the age of 19, and he was 23 when he directed his feature debut Thesis. His film Open Your Eyes was a huge success in Spain and was distributed worldwide...
“ --The Others--
--The Sea Inside--
--Open Your Eyes--
--Butterfly-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Paul Bartel
Paul Bartel was born in Brooklyn in 1938. He decided he wanted to direct animated movies when he was 11 and by 13 had spent a summer working at New York's UPA animation studio. He majored in theater arts at UCLA, and received a Fulbright scholarship to study film direction in Rome, producing a short that was presented at the 1962 Venice Fiom Festival...
“ --Death Race 2000---
--Private Parts--
--Lust In The Dust--
--Eating Raoul-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Travis Mathews
Since 2000, Travis Mathews has been working as a director, screenwriter, editor and producer. Most recently, Mathews collaborated with James Franco to make the docufiction, Interior. Leather Bar. Of the film, The New York Times said it was "one of the sharpest, best surprises" of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival...
“ --Interior. Leather Bar.--
--I Want Your Love--
--In Their Room: Berlin--
--In Their Room: London-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Journey Of Jared Price--
--On The Bus--
--My Life With count Dracula-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Above all, Rainer Werner Fassbinder was a rebel whose life and art was marked by gross contradiction. Openly homosexual, he married twice; one of his wives acted in his films and the other served as his editor. Accused variously by detractors of being anticommunist, male chauvinist, antiSemitic and even antigay...
“ --The Marriage Of Maria Braun--
--The Bitter Tears Of Petra Van Kant--
--Lili Marleen--
--Querelle-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Todd Haynes
Director, I'm Not There.
Todd Haynes was always interested in art, and made amateur movies and painted while he was still a child. He attended Brown university and majored in art and semiotics. After he graduated he moved to New York City and made the controversial short film Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story. The movie uses dolls instead of actors to tell the the story of the late Karen Carpenter...
“ --Velvet Goldmine--
--Far From Heaven--
--I'm Not There--
--Safe-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Towelhead--
--All Signs Of Death--
--True Blood--
--Six Feet Under-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Paul Morrissey
Director, Trash
Born in New York City in 1938, Paul Morrissey studied literature at Fordham University. In the early 1960s, following a stint in the Army and jobs in insurance and as a social worker, he began directing short independent films. In 1965, he was introduced to Andy Warhol, who asked him to contribute ideas and bring new direction to the film experiments he had been recently begun presenting...
“ --Heat--
--Flesh For Frankenstein-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Rob Epstein
Producer, Howl
“ --Howl--
--The Celluloid Closet--
--The Times Of Harvey Milk--
--Lovelace-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --My Fair Lady--
--The Philadelphia Story--
--A Star Is Born (1954)--
--Adams Rib-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Put The Camera On Me--
--Sparkler-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Paragraph 175--
--Common Threads: Stories From The Quilt--
--The Celluloid Closet--
--Howl-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Jonathan Caouette
Director, Tarnation
Jonathan Caouette has been making films since he was 8 years old. His shorts include "The Ankle Slasher" (1987), "The Techniques and Sciences of Eva" (1988), "Pig Nymph" (1990), "The Hospital" (2001), and "Fame" (2002). As a regional theater actor, Jonathan has appeared as a schizophrenic John the Baptist in Salome...
“ --Walk Away Renee--
--All Flowers In Time--
--42 One Dream Rush--
--Tarnation-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --I Was A Teenage Rumpot--
--Sins Of The Fleshapoids--
--Pussy On A Hot Ten Roof--
--The Craven Sluck-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Unstrap Me--
--Pagan Rhapsody--
--I Married A Heathen-
--Hold Me While I'm Naked-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Casper Andreas
Casper is an actor, writer, director and film producer who divides his time between Los Angeles and New York City. He first moved to New York to study acting and directing at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. As an actor, he has guest-starred on "Hawaii Five-0" and on the Hulu series "Deadbeat"...
“ --The Big Gay Musical--
--Going Down In LA-LA Land--
--Between Love And Goodbye--
--Violet Tendencies-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Thom Fitzgerald
Thom Fitzgerald: Since his 1997 feature debut, Thom has won over two dozen international awards including the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Award (Genie), The FIPRESCI European International Critics' Prize, The Emerging Master Award at the Seattle International Film Festival, and the Reader Jury of the "Siegessäule" Award at the Berlin International Film Festival...
“ --The Hanging Garden--
--The Wild Dogs--
--Cloudburst-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Mysterious Skin--
--The Living End--
--The Doom Generation-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
John Schlesinger
Director, Midnight Cowboy
Oscar-winning director John Schlesinger, who was born in London, on February 16, 1926, was the eldest child in a solidly middle-class Jewish family. Berbard Schlesinger, his father, was a pediatrician, and his mother, Winifred, was a musician. He served in the Army in the Far East during World War II...
“ --Far From The Madding Crowd--
--Sunday, Bloody Sunday--
--Midnight Cowboy-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Batman Forever--
--Phone Booth--
--The Lost Boys-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Anthony Perkins
Actor, Psycho
Anthony Perkins was born April 4, 1932 in New York City to Janet Esselstyn (Rane) and Osgood Perkins, an actor of both stage and film. His paternal great-grandfather was noted engraver Andrew Varick Stout Anthony. Perkins attended the Brooks School, the Browne & Nichols School, Columbia University and Rollins College...
“ --Lucky Stiff--
--Psycho III-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --X-Men--
--The Usual Suspects--
--Superman Returns--
--Apt Pupil-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Neon Bible--
--The House Of Mirth--
--Distant Voices, Still Lives--
--The Terence Davis Trilogy-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Dean DeBlois
Dean DeBlois is a Canadian writer, director, and producer known best for having co-written and co-directed Disney's Lilo & Stitch and Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon, both Oscar nominated. While working as an assistant animator and layout artist for Hinton Animation Studios in Ottawa, Ontario, DeBlois simultaneously attended Sheridan College's three year Classical Animation program...
“ --Lilo & Stich--
--How To Train Your Dragon--
--Go Quite-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Loved One--
--Tom Jones--
--A Taste Of Honey--
--Blue Sky-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Stephen Fry
Self, QI
Writer, actor, comedian, doer of good works, excellent good friend to the famous and not, Fry lives in his London SW1 flat and his Norfolk house when not traveling. Famous for his public declaration of celibacy in the "Tatler" back in the 1980s, Emma Thompson has characterised her friend as "90 percent gay...
“ --Bright Young Things-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Randal Kleiser
Director, Grease
Randal Kleiser has been an internationally known film director since the release of his first feature, Grease, the most successful movie musical ever made. Other features include The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields, Summer Lovers starring Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah, Grandview, U.S.A. with Jamie Lee Curtis...
“ --Grease--
--Honey I Blew Up The Kid--
--It's My Party--
--The Boy In The Plastic Bubble-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Camp--
--Joyful Noise--
--Bandslam-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
John August
Writer, Big Fish
John August's screenwriting credits include Go, Big Fish, Titan A.E., Charlie's Angels, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, John earned a degree in journalism from Drake University in Iowa and an MFA in film from the Peter Stark program at the University of Southern California...
“ --The Nines--
--God-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
James Ivory
The main part of his few movies were filmed in the quarter of a century in which he worked closely together with the Indian producer Ismail Merchant and the German writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. His first films are all set in India and are very much influenced by the style of Satyajit Ray and Jean Renoir...
“ --A Room With A View--
--Howards End--
--Heat And Dust-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Andy Warhol
Director, Chelsea Girls
The son of Ruthenian immigrants, Andy Warhol studied art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He worked as an advertising designer before becoming, in effect, the Father of Pop Art with his silk-screened pictures of Campbell's Soup cans and distorted images of Marilyn Monroe. He started directing films in 1963...
“ --Lonesome Cowboys--
--I,A Man--
--The Velvet Underground & Nico--
--Sleep-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich is a German film director and producer of blockbuster films like The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, Independence Day and The Patriot. Before fame, he originally wanted to be a production designer, but decided to be a director, after watching the original Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Emmerich began his career in his native Germany...
“ --2012--
--Independence Day--
--Day After Tommorow-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Writer, Accattone
Pier Paolo Pasolini achieved fame and notoriety long before he entered the film industry. A published poet at 19, he had already written numerous novels and essays before his first screenplay in 1954. His first film Accattone was based on his own novel and its violent depiction of the life of a pimp in the slums of Rome caused a sensation...
“ --Salo--
--Arabian Nights--
--Oedipus Rex--
--Mamma Roma-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Firecracker--
--Pep Squad--
--Underbelly-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
James Whale
Director, Frankenstein
James Whale was an English film director, theatre director and actor. He is best remembered for his four classic horror films: Frankenstein, The Old Dark House, The Invisible Man and Bride of Frankenstein. Whale also directed films in other genres, including what is considered the definitive film version of the musical Show Boat...
“ --Frankenstein--
--The Bride Of Frankenstein--
--The Invisible Man--
--Show Boat (1936)-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Tom At The Farm--
--Laurence Anyways--
--I Killed My Mother-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Robert Luketic
Director, 21
“ --Legally Blond--
--Paranoia-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Jim Fall
Director, Trick
Jim Fall has had a diversified directing career spanning theater, TV, and motion pictures. Jim's feature film career started with the acclaimed independent feature "Trick" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival in Dramatic Competition. It was quickly acquired by Fine...
“ --The Lizzie McGuire Movie--
--Wedding Wars--
--Holiday Engagement-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Tom Kalin
Director, Swoon
“ --Swoon--
--Savage Grace--
--The Robots Of Sodom--
--Plain Pleasures-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Milk--
--Good Will Hunting--
--My Own Private Idaho-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --If...--
--O Lucky Man--
--This Sporting Life--
--The Whales Of August-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Pedro Almodóvar
The most internationally acclaimed Spanish filmmaker since Luis Buñuel was born in a small town (Calzada de Calatrava) in the impoverished Spanish region of La Mancha. He arrived in Madrid in 1968, and survived by selling used items in the flea-market called El Rastro. Almodóvar couldn't study filmmaking because he didn't have the money to afford it...
“ --Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown--
--What Have I Done To Deserve This?--
--Law Of Desire--
--I'm So Excited-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --His Secret Life--
--Steam: The Turkish Bath--
--A Perfect Day-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Death In Venice--
--The Damned--
--The Leopard--
--Rocco And His Brothers-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Hellraiser--
--Night Breed--
--Lord Of Illusion--
--Clive Barkers Salome & The Forbidden-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Keep The Lights On--
--Boy-Girl, Boy-Girl--
--Forty Shades Of Blue--
--The Delta-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Paris Barclay
Producer, Sons of Anarchy
Two-time Emmy winner Paris Barclay, one of television's most successful and honored directors, is the President of the Directors Guild of America. Throughout his illustrious career in TV, Paris has directed nearly 150 episodes of television, including NYPD Blue, ER, The West Wing, Lost, CSI, NCIS: Los Angeles...
“ --In Treatment--
--America's Dream--
--Big Mike--
--Hate-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Year Of The Dog-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Eclipse--
--The Five Senses--
--Fugitive Pieces--
--Touch-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Peter Paige
Writer, The Fosters
Peter Paige is an accomplished actor, director, and playwright who has worked on countless theatrical productions in New York and at regional theaters around the country, not to mention numerous television and film projects. Paige lived in seven different states before graduating from high school. Started acting at age six and continued to pursue acting...
“ --Leaving Barstow--
--Say Uncle-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Wizard--
--Krippendorf's Tribe--
--Firehouse Dog--
--Isabel-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Curse Of Chucky--
--Seed Of Chucky-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Karbat--
--Summer Storm--
--Gany Und Gar-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Michael Sucsy
Director, Grey Gardens
After earning a Masters of Fine Arts in film from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Sucsy began directing commercials exclusively through Los Angeles-based Palomar Pictures. Dubbed by Shoot! Magazine as one of the industry's crop of new directors to watch, he was subsequently nominated for...
“ --The Vow--
--Grey Gardens-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Sex In The City--
--Sex In The City 2--
--It's A Mann's City-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Carter Smith
Director, The Ruins
Maine-native Carter Smith began his career in the world of fashion photography. His breakthrough story included a series of gritty, documentary-style portraits of teen life in the Midwest, which appeared in the British magazine ID. His fashion work and celebrity portraits have since been featured in The New York Times Magazine...
“ --The Ruins--
--Jamie Marks Is Dead--
--Bugcrush: Boys Life 6-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Nicholas Hytner
Miscellaneous Crew, The History Boys
“ --The Madness Of King George--
--The Crucible--
--The History Boys--
--Center Stage-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Stephen Daldry
Director, The Reader
In 1989, Stephen Daldry worked as a freelance reader of unsolicited manuscripts for Literary Manager Nicholas Wright in the Scripts Department at the Royal National Theatre. In July of that year, he directed a Dadaist/expressionist production of "Judgement Day," a play by Odon von Horvath, at the Old Red Lion in London.
“ --Billy Elliot--
--The Hours--
--The Reader--
--Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Opposite Of Sex--
--Happy Endings--
--The Other Woman-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Swimming Pool--
--8 Women--
--In The House--
--Young And Beautiful-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Del Shores
Writer, Sordid Lives
Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/Stand-Up Comedian "Del Shores is a master of the Texas comedy." Los Angeles Times Del Shores has written, directed and produced successfully across studio and independent film, network and cable television and regional and national touring theatre. Shores' career took off with the play Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got The Will?) in 1987...
“ --Sordid Lives--
--The Wilde Girls--
--Blues For Willadean--
--Southern Baptist Sissies-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Gods And Monsters--
--The Fifth Estate--
--Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Charles Laughton
Actor, Spartacus
Charles Laughton was born in Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire, England, to Eliza (Conlon) and Robert Laughton, hotel keepers of Irish and English descent. He was educated at Stonyhurst, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (received gold medal). His first appearance on stage was in 1926. Laughton formed own film company...
“ --Night Of The Hunter-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Tate Taylor
Director, The Help
“ --The Help--
--Pretty Ugly People-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Chicago--
--Memoirs Of A Geisha--
--Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Tom Ford
Director, A Single Man
Tom Ford is an American fashion designer, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He gained fame as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2006, Ford launched his own "Tom Ford" label. Ford directed the films A Single Man (2009) and Nocturnal Animals (2016), both films were Oscar-nominated...
“ --A Single Man-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Tea With Mussolini--
--Romeo And Juliet--
--Brother Sun Sister Moon--
--Hamlet-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Wigstock--
--Generation A: Portraits Of Autism And Art-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Girls Will Be Girls--
--Straight Jacket--
--Girls Will Be Girls 2012-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --ParaNorman-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The Mystic Masseur--
--Cotton Mary--
--The Proprietor--
--In Custody-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Douglas McKeown
Douglas McKeown terrorized several Metuchen, New Jersey neighborhoods in the 1950s and as a teenager, filmed a T-Rex devouring his brother. After a brief career teaching film, theatre and literature in the early 1970s (several of his students went on to distinguish themselves in television, the movies...
“ --The Deadly Spawn-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --The China Syndrome--
--The Paper Chase--
--Urban Cowboy--
--Mike's Murder-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Kenneth Anger
Director, Eaux d'artifice
Kenneth Anger is an independent filmmaker and author. He claims to have appeared as the child prince in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935), but Warner Brothers production reports and casting sheets conclusively document that a little girl, child actress Sheila Brown, actually played the role. Anger did...
“ --Fireworks--
--Lucifer Rising--
--Scorpio Rising--
--Rabbit Moon-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Boy Culture--
--Eating Out--
--Eating Out: The Open Weekend--
--Eating Out: Drama Camp-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Nine To Five--
--The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas--
--Foul Play-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Mothers Day--
--The Pleasure Garden-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Curtis Harrington
Director, Night Tide
Curtis Harrington was an excellent and shamefully underrated writer and director who specialized in marvelously offbeat and atmospheric low-budget independent horror pictures. Harrington was born on September 17, 1926, in Los Angeles and grew up in Beaumont, California. A hardcore film buff from a very young age...
“ --Games--
--Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?--
--What's The Matter With Helen?--
--Queen Of Blood-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
Andy Milligan
Andy Milligan was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on February 12, 1929. He was a self-taught film maker, playwright, script writer and costume designer. He grew up mostly in Minnesota, but he and his family moved around the country a lot. His father, Andrew Jackson Milligan Sr. (1895-1985) was a captain in the U.S...
“ --Fleshpot On 42nd Street--
--The Body Beneath--
--The Ghastly Ones--
--Vapors-- ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ --Bloodhounds Of Broadway--
--Robert Wilson And The Civil Wars--
--Burroughs: The Movie- ” - dmclaughlinabq