The Walking Dead Comic Book Adoption Cast (Based On The Comic By Robert Kirkman)

The TV show is good, but the comic is truly great. The Walking Dead is one of the top selling comic books in recent years. It is well crafted and has made Kirkman a superstar in the comic book industry. Horror fans should definitely check this comic series out as well as fans of comic books everywhere. TV series is nothing like the comic. Sure, there are some certain fragments from the comic in the show. But most of the time it is a whole new thing. There are the same characters but they do new things. And above all there are alot of new people like Daryl and T-Dog in the show. So here is my reboot cast for a direct adoption form the comic series. The characters are grouped roughly in order of first appearance.

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye
Volume 2: Miles Behind Us
Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars
Volume 4: The Heart's Desire
Volume 5: The Best Defense
Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life
Volume 7: The Calm Before
Volume 8: Made To Suffer
Volume 9: Here We Remain
Volume 10: What We Become
Volume 11: Fear the Hunters
Volume 12: Life Among Them
Volume 13: Too Far Gone
Volume 14: No Way Out
Volume 15: We Find Ourselves
Volume 16: A Larger World
Volume 17: Something to Fear
Volume 18: What Comes After
Volume 19: March To War
Volume 20: All Out War
Volume 21: All Out War (Part Two)

Top 10 Characters From The Comic:

No. 10: Axel
No. 9: Glenn
No. 8: Sgt. Abraham Ford
No. 7: Tyrese
No. 6: Michonne
No. 5: Andrea
No. 4: Carl Grimes
No. 3: Paul 'Jesus' Monroe
No. 2: Negan
No. 1: Rick Grimes