Some Of The Most Colorful And Best Loved Character Actors That Ever Worked In Hollywood.
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Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell was born Kurt Vogel Russell in Springfield, Massachusetts, to Louise Julia (Crone), a dancer, and actor Bing Russell (Neil Oliver Russell). He is of English, German, Scottish and Irish descent. His first roles were as a child on television series, including a lead role on the Western series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters...
“ Quano
THE CHALLENGE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Michael Ansara
Born in a small village in Syria, Michael Ansara came to the United States with his American parents at the age of two, living in New England, until the family's relocation to California ten years later. He entered Los Angeles City College with the intention of becoming a doctor, but got sidetracked into the dramatics department...
“ The Ruler
THE CHALLENGE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Mercedes McCambridge
Actress, The Exorcist
Mercedes McCambridge is a highly-talented radio performer who won a best supporting Actress Oscar for her film debut. Mercedes McCambridge was born in Joliet, Illinois, to Marie (Mahaffry) and John Patrick McCambridge, a farmer. She was of mostly Irish (with a small amount of English and German) ancestry...
“ Sybilla
THE SPACE CROPPERS ” - dmclaughlinabq
Sherry Jackson
Gorgeous, mouth-watering, chestnut-maned Sherry Jackson began her promising career as a pleasant-looking child actress. She and brother Robert were the stepchildren of television writer/director/actor Montgomery Pittman, who died of cancer in 1962. There's a rumor that Idaho-born Sherry was discovered by a talent agent while she and her mother were waiting for a bus...
“ Effra
THE SPACE CROPPERS ” - dmclaughlinabq
Michael Rennie
The British actor Michael Rennie worked as a car salesman and factory manager before he turned to acting. A meeting with a Gaumont-British Studios casting director led to Rennie's first acting job - that of stand-in for Robert Young in Secret Agent directed by Alfred Hitchcock. He put his film career on hold for a few years to get some acting experience on the stage...
“ The Keeper
THE KEEPER ” - dmclaughlinabq
Robby the Robot
Robby was the brainchild of, and designed by industrial designer, Japanese-American engineer Robert Kinoshita. It was built in mid-1955 by the MGM prop department, at a reported cost of $125,000, to 'star' in the epic science fiction classic Forbidden Planet and its B-movie followup The Invisible Boy a year later...
“ Robotoid
WAR OF THE ROBOTS ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ The Boy
THE MAGIC MIRROR ” - dmclaughlinabq
Warren Oates
Warren Oates was an American character actor of the 1960s and 1970s and early 1980s whose distinctive style and intensity brought him to offbeat leading roles. Oates was born in Depoy, a very small Kentucky town. He was the son of Sarah Alice (Mercer) and Bayless Earle Oates, a general store owner...
“ Jimmy Hapgood
WELCOME STRANGER ” - dmclaughlinabq
Reta Shaw
Actress, Mary Poppins
Reta Shaw is best known to television audiences as Hope Lange's housekeeper in the TV series The Ghost & Mrs. Muir. Disney fans will remember her as one of the singing domestics in the Oscar-winning masterpiece Mary Poppins. While she never achieved stardom as a leading lady, she earned her place as a solid supporting player in a variety of popular...
“ Aunt Clara Simms
RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Ruth Templation
RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Newsman Lacy
RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Alpha Control Technician
THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY ” - dmclaughlinabq
Werner Klemperer
Werner Klemperer, everyone's favorite TV German Air Force colonel, was best known for his role as the bumbling Col. Wilhelm Klink on the comedy series Hogan's Heroes. Although he'll forever be known as the blustering but inept German commandant of Stalag 13, Klemperer was in fact a talented dramatic actor...
“ Bolix
ALL THAT GLITTERS ” - dmclaughlinabq
Royal Dano
Royal Dano was undoubtedly one of the best, most quirky and striking character actors to ever grace the big and small screen alike in a lengthy and impressive career which spanned 42 years. Royal Edward Dano was born on November 16, 1922 in New York City, to Mary Josephine (O'Connor) and Caleb Edward Dano...
“ Major Domo
LOST CIVILIZATION ” - dmclaughlinabq
Kym Karath
Kym Karath began her acting career at the age of 3, appearing in Spencer's Mountain with Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hara, The Thrill of It All with Doris Day and James Garner, and Good Neighbor Sam with Jack Lemmon, before winning the role of "Gretl", the youngest Von Trapp daughter. After The Sound of Music...
“ Princess
LOST CIVILIZATION ” - dmclaughlinabq
Strother Martin
American character actor who achieved considerable fame in the last decade of his life. A native of Kokomo, Indiana, Strother Martin Jr. was the youngest of three children of Strother Douglas Martin, a machinist, and Ethel Dunlap Martin. His family moved soon after his birth to San Antonio, Texas, but quickly returned to Indiana...
“ Nerim
BLAST OFF INTO SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Wally Cox
Wally Cox was a beloved character actor who made his mark in television and ranks as one of the medium's most memorable performers. His ability to show his range likely was limited by his short stature, slight frame, and high-pitched voice, which along with his talent for being very funny, made him ideal for comedy parts such as his memorable turn as Professor P...
“ Tiabo
THE FORBIDDEN WORLD ” - dmclaughlinabq
Malachi Throne
Malachi Throne, the character actor who became one of the more ubiquitous faces on television from the "Golden Age" of the 1950s through the 21st Century, was born in New York City on December 1, 1928, the son of Samuel and Rebecca Throne, who had immigrated to America from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He began performing at an early age...
“ Thief
THIEF FROM OUTER SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Ted Cassidy
Theodore Crawford "Ted" Cassidy was born on July 31, 1932 in Pittsburgh, PA, and raised in Philippi, WV. In his youth, Cassidy was academically gifted, beginning high school at an early age, and he was also on the basketball and football teams. Despite this, he was a frequent target of bullying by his much-older classmates...
“ Slave
THIEF FROM OUTER SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Henry Jones
Actor, Vertigo
Henry Burk Jones was born in New Jersey and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Helen (Burk) and John Francis Xavier Jones, and the grandson of Pennsylvania Representative Henry Burk, a Prussian immigrant. He graduated from St. Joseph's College. His Broadway debut was in 1938 in Maurice Evans' "Hamlet" (Reynaldo and the second gravedigger)...
“ Jeremiah Smith
CURSE OF COUSIN SMITH ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Enforcer Claudio
WEST OF MARS ” - dmclaughlinabq
Gerald Mohr
Actor, Funny Girl
Bearing a strong resemblance to Humphrey Bogart certainly helped in typecasting the handsome Gerald Mohr into "B" film noir. Born in New York City in 1914, he was the son of Sigmond Mohr and Henrietta Noustadt, a Viennese singer. In 1920 his father was killed in a tragic accident while at work when Mohr was five years old...
“ Morbus
A VISIT TO HADES ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Sesmar
THE DREAM MONSTER ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Keema
THE GOLDEN MAN ” - dmclaughlinabq
Hans Conried
Actor, Peter Pan
Hans Conried was born in Baltimore and raised both there and in New York City. He studied acting at Columbia University, and played many major classical roles onstage. After having been a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Company, he was heard as Prof. Kropotkin on the radio show "My Friend Irma" and had various roles on the "Edgar Bergen - Charlie McCarthy Show"...
“ Sagramonte
THE QUESTING BEAST ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Brynhilda
SPACE VIKINGS ” - dmclaughlinabq
Albert Salmi
Actor, Caddyshack
Albert Salmi was born on March 11, 1927, in Brooklyn, New York, to Finnish parents. After serving in the Army during WWII, he used the GI Bill to study at the Dramatic Workshop of the American Theater Wing and the prestigious Actors Studio. He became a stage actor, very soon landing on Broadway, where his role as Bo Decker in "Bus Stop" was his biggest stage success...
“ Alonzo P. Tucker
Treasure Of The Lost Planet ” - dmclaughlinabq
Al Lewis
In the late 1920s, Lewis worked as a circus performer, but ultimately decided on college, earning a Ph.D. in child psychology from Columbia University. He taught school and wrote two children's books. In 1949, at the suggestion of a friend, Lewis turned to acting and joined the Paul Mann Actor's Workshop in New York...
“ Zalto
ROCKET TO EARTH ” - dmclaughlinabq
Francine York
Francine York was born in the small mining town of Aurora, Minnesota to her parents, Frank and Sophie Yerich. When Francine was five, her family (including her younger sister, Deanne) moved to Cleveland, where she began to write short stories and take an interest in acting. At age nine, Francine made her theatrical debut in the Hodge Grammar School production of Cinderella...
“ Niolani
THE COLONISTS ” - dmclaughlinabq
John Carradine
John Carradine, the son of a reporter/artist and a surgeon, grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York. He attended Christ Church School and Graphic Art School, studying sculpture, and afterward roamed the South selling sketches. He made his acting debut in "Camille" in a New Orleans theatre in 1925. Arriving in Los Angeles in 1927...
“ Arcon
THE GALAXY GIFT ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Charlie
VISIT TO A HOSTILE PLANET ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Craig
VISIT TO A HOSTILE PLANET ” - dmclaughlinabq
Woodrow Parfrey
Parfrey was born Sydney Woodrow Parfrey in New York City, New York, to Hazel (James) and Sidney Parfrey, both Welsh immigrants. One of the most interesting character actors to emerge on American film and television in the 1960s, Parfrey brought a quirky charisma to every role he played, from shopkeepers to space-age simians...
“ Col. Fogey
THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Daniel J. Travanti
The highly regarded actor Daniel J. Travanti was born Danielo Giovanni Travanty in the southeastern part of Wisconsin on March 7, 1940, but raised for a time in Iowa before returning to his native state. The youngest son of an American Motors auto worker, he showed both athletic and academic prowess in high school on both the football and debate teams...
“ Space Biker
COLLISION OF THE PLANETS ” - dmclaughlinabq
Lyle Waggoner
This 60s and 70s TV heartthrob was the proverbial tall, dark and classically handsome actor. Completing the solid package was a great, muscular build, smooth charm, an almost perfect set of teeth and a marvelously resonant voice. Born in 1935 in Kansas City, Kansas, and raised in St. Louis, Missouri...
“ Mechanical Man I
DEADLIEST OF THE SPECIES ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Farnum
A DAY AT THE ZOO ” - dmclaughlinabq
Edy Williams
When we think of the term "worse for wear", somehow provocative images of 39-26-37 Edwina Beth Williams (better known as Edy Williams) and her outrageous apparel at film festivals and award shows instantly stands out into one's mind. You have to admit this wild child, who has now moved into her 70s (born on July 9...
“ Non
TWO WEEKS IN SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Fedor
PRINCESS OF SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Aunt Gamma
PRINCESS OF SPACE ” - dmclaughlinabq
Hoke Howell
A consummate character actor whose deep Southern drawl (courtesy of a Georgia birth and South Carolina upbringing) made him a highly sought-after personality. Howell began his career on Broadway in "Make A Million." Hollywood took note of his accent and tried to make the best use of it, from a minor role in Splendor in the Grass (1961) to the Preacher in Grand Theft Auto...
“ Sgt. Rogers
THE TIME MERCHANT ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ Farnum
SPACE BEAUTY ” - dmclaughlinabq
Stanley Adams
Stocky character actor Stanley Adams had a relatively minor career in motion pictures, with the possible exception of his baby-faced millionaire Rusty Trawler of Breakfast at Tiffany's fame. Otherwise, he played innumerable minor ethnic villains, bartenders and avuncular, fast-talking characters, known in the credits only by their first names...
“ Tybo
“ Verda

Nancy P Squared
SPACE BEAUTY ” - dmclaughlinabq
“ IDAK Alpha 12

THE SKY IS FALLING ” - dmclaughlinabq