My Uncharted Movie Production List

My personal picks for the Uncharted movie, ranging from the cast, to the director, to even the cinematographer and special effects supervisor. A wishlist, if you will. Some of these choices will feel a bit...regurgitated, for lack of a better term. Also, bear in mind, this list consists of some strange and unfamiliar characters from the 'Uncharted' universe that may go over the heads of the uninitiated. I'd recommend watching the 'Eye Of Indra' motion comic to fully understand some of these choices. Couldn't decide on a Tenzin or Talbot, but for now, here it is:

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Special Effects: Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) (Visual Effects/Animation), Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) (Visual Effects/Animation), Legacy Effects (Animatronic/Special Makeup Effects), New Deal Studios (Miniature Effects)
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Joss Whedon
Writer, The Avengers
Joss Whedon is the middle of five brothers - his younger brothers are Jed Whedon and Zack Whedon. Both his father, Tom Whedon and his grandfather, John Whedon were successful television writers. Joss' mother, Lee Stearns, was a history teacher and she also wrote novels as Lee Whedon...
“ Writer/Director. (The writing of the games are eerily in sync with his style of writing. Being the character writer he is, I can't imagine a better writer/director who could adapt Nathan Drake's persona more accurately to the big screen. Also, 'Serenity' is an awesome directorial effort of his, more than well proving he is capable of directing an 'Uncharted' movie.

To be fair though, I wasn't totally against the idea of Neil Burger directing the movie. I enjoyed both 'The Illusionist' and 'Limitless'. He left the project awhile ago, but I think he would've done great had he stuck around.) ” - cinerealm
“ Co-Writer & Producer. (A savant in writing screenplays featuring 'adventure' and 'supernatural' elements.) ” - cinerealm
“ Producer. (Pegged as an actual producer for the 'Uncharted' movie.) ” - cinerealm
“ Producer. (Has acknowledged the 'Uncharted' series, and has gone so far as to claim that him and his sons are fans of the series, and has cast Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake, into a bit role in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. ” - cinerealm
“ Producer. ” - cinerealm
“ Producer. ” - cinerealm
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Charles Cooper was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, Gloria (Campano), is of Italian descent, and worked for a local NBC station. His father, Charles John "Charlie" Cooper, who was of Irish descent, was a stockbroker. He has a sister, Holly. Immediately after Bradley graduated from the Honors English program at Georgetown University in 1997...
“ Nathan Drake #1. (I’ve seen enough movies starring Cooper to recognize his charismatic talent and charm (namely Limitless & Silver Linings Playbook), and for it, it's hard not to recommend him for the role of Nathan Drake. Also, for Cooper being such a prominent actor in Hollywood right now, he’s never really been properly associated with a legitimately memorable character role yet. He was close with 'Face' in 'The A-Team', but that film was bogged down overall by other issues, with Cooper's performance as Face being the few bright lights. Irregardless, he's my preferred choice for Nathan Drake.) ” - cinerealm
Nathan Fillion
Actor, Castle
Nathan Fillion was born on 27 March 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is the younger son of Cookie (Early) and Bob Fillion, both retired English teachers. He has an older brother, Jeff. In Canada, he attended Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Concordia University College of Alberta and University of Alberta...
“ Nathan Drake #2. (I'm not quite as on-board with his choice as some might be, but I could definitely see him as Nathan Drake over most other actors. He's got the sarcasm and wit down, which is highly essential to the character. His character 'Mal' is, in many ways, a Nathan Drake of the future.) ” - cinerealm
Abbie Cornish
Actress, Limitless
Abbie Cornish grew up on her parents' 170 acre farm in the Hunter Valley town of Lochinvar with her 3 brothers and younger sister. Abbie started modeling at age 13. Her first acting job was at age 15 on the Australian Broadcasting Commission series Children's Hospital playing a quadriplegic.
“ Elena Fisher. (Looks identical to the character, and has acting chops. Both her and Cooper starred in 'Limitless'.) ” - cinerealm
William Hurt
William McChord Hurt was born in Washington, D.C., to Claire Isabel (McGill) and Alfred McChord Hurt, who worked at the State Department. He was trained at Tufts University and The Juilliard School and has been nominated for four Academy Awards, including the most recent nomination for his supporting role in David Cronenberg's A History of Violence...
“ Victor Sullivan. (Much like Ben Kingsley, he's a great actor who just happens to star in a bunch of crap, like 'Lost In Space'. However, he's also starred in such films as 'A History Of Violence', 'Syrianna', and 'Kiss of the Spider Woman', for which he won the Oscar for 'Best Actor'. With that being said, I think he could handle the earnestness required of Sully well.) ” - cinerealm
Ian McShane
From a lawless, foul-mouthed saloon owner in "Deadwood" to a tough no-nonsense British gangster in "Sexy Beast," Ian McShane has virtually cornered the market on playing rogues, villains and all-around bad asses. A natural at portraying complex anti-heroes and charismatic heavies, the classically trained actor was born in Blackburn...
“ Daniel Pinkerton #1. (I know this is random, but I can see him being translated to the screen well. He was the main villain in the 'Eye Of Indra' motion comic.) ” - cinerealm
Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz is an Austrian-German actor. He is known for his works with American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, receiving acclaim for portraying SS-Standartenführer Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds and bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz in Django Unchained. For each performance, he won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award...
“ Daniel Pinkerton #2. (GREAT actor, would make a great Pinkerton.) ” - cinerealm
Jamie Chung
Actress, Big Hero 6
Jamie Chung was born and raised in California, the daughter of Korean parents. She studied Economics at the University of California, Riverside. Chung's break came in 2004, when she was working in a sports bar. MTV held auditions for Real World there, she tried out, and was successful, appearing in the San Diego based fourteenth season...
“ Rika Raja. (Again, random. Sister of Eddy Raja, and a prominent character in 'Eye Of Indra'.) ” - cinerealm
“ Eddy Raja. (This one still stands as the toughest of casting choices.) ” - cinerealm
Edgar Ramírez
Edgar Ramirez Arellano is a Venezuelan actor, born on March 25, 1977 in the city of San Cristobal (Tachira State, southwest Venezuela). He is the son of Soday Arellano, an attorney, and Filiberto Ramírez, a military officer. Being the son of a soldier and living abroad with his family, he learned several languages...
“ Atoq Navarro. (I noticed that another user had also picked him as Navarro, and I couldn't agree more. His role as Paz in 'The Bourne Ultimatum' proves he has the devious and cunning nature of a truly threatening foe.) ” - cinerealm
Alan Dale
Actor, Neighbours
Alan Dale was born on May 6, 1947 in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand. He is best known for his eight year role as Jim Robinson in the long running Australian soap opera Neighbours, played Caleb in the hit Fox series The O.C., featured on Lost and has a long list of recurring roles...
“ Gabriel Roman. (Originally, I would've figured someone like Ralph Fiennes or Anthony Hopkins for this part. However, their star-power would overshadow the character. Alan Dale, on the other hand, is just right; not too famous, yet very talented.) ” - cinerealm
Simon Baker
Simon Baker was first recognized in 1992, when he received Australia's prestigious Logie award for Most Popular New Talent. Upon relocating to Los Angeles with his family, Baker was immediately cast in the Academy Award winning film L.A. Confidential.
“ Harry Flynn. ((UPDATED/ADDED 7/25/2013) I know he doesn't look quite like the character, but he's got the personality down.) ” - cinerealm
Lena Headey
Actress, 300
Lena Headey is a British actress. She was born in Bermuda to parents from Yorkshire, England, where she was raised. She is the daughter John Headey, a police officer, and his wife Sue. Headey is best known for her role as "Cersei Lannister" in Game of Thrones (2011-present) and The Brothers Grimm, Possession...
“ Chloe Frazer. (Based off her role as Sarah Conner in the brief 'Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles'.) ” - cinerealm
David Schwimmer
Actor, Friends
Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, Schwimmer was encouraged by a high school instructor to attend a summer program in acting at Northwestern University. Inspired by that experience, he returned to Northwestern where he received a bachelor's degree in speech/theater. In 1988, along with seven other Northwestern graduates, he co-founded Chicago's Lookingglass Theatre Company.
“ Jeff The Cameraman. (Looks/sounds identical to the character.) ” - cinerealm
Ray Stevenson
Actor, Divergent
Tall, dark, but somewhat gentle-looking actor Ray Stevenson was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland on 25 May 1964, on a British army base. His father was a British pilot in the Royal Air Force, and his mother is Irish. He moved with his family to Lemington, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in 1972 at the age of eight, and later to Cramlington, Northumberland, where he was raised...
“ Zoran Lazarevic. (Again, saw him mentioned as a casting choice for Lazarevic on another cast list. Just needs a clean-shaven head (and of course the large scar across his face), and he'd be perfect for Lazarevic.) ” - cinerealm
“ Karl Schäfer. ((UPDATED/ADDED 7/25/2013) A humble, not-so-familiar German actor, who hasn't done much work within American cinema--rather, he's done plenty for German cinema. Nonetheless, he's got a certain reserved and insightful quality about him, which is in keeping with the characteristics of Schäfer.) ” - cinerealm
Graham McTavish
Graham McTavish is a Scottish television, and film actor best known for his roles as Dougal Mackenzie in the popular TV series "Outlander" (2014-16), as Dwalin in the "The Hobbit" trilogy for Peter Jackson(2012-14) as well as the Saint of Killers in AMC's series "Preacher" based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's cult comic book series (2016 onwards)...
“ Charlie Cutter. (Did the voice work/mo-cap for the character in 'Uncharted 3'.) ” - cinerealm
Sayed Badreya
Actor, Iron Man
Egyptian-born filmmaker and actor Sayed Badreya realized a childhood dream by winning roles in major Hollywood films such as The Insider, Three Kings, and Independence Day. Growing up in poverty in Port Said, Sayed Badreya's dreams of movie stardom looked as bleak as the prospect of peace in the Middle East...
“ Rameses. (Did the voice/mo-cap work for the character in 'Uncharted 3'.) ” - cinerealm
Helen Mirren
Actress, The Queen
Dame Helen Mirren was born in Queen Charlotte's Hospital in West London. Her mother, Kathleen Alexandrina Eva Matilda (Rogers), was from a working-class English family, and her father, Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov, was a Russian-born civil servant, from Kuryanovo, whose own father was a diplomat. Mirren attended St...
“ Katherine Marlowe. (Probably the most obvious choice.) ” - cinerealm
John Schwartzman
Cinematographer, Jurassic World
Attended USC Film School.
“ Cinematographer. (Going off some of his work, he would be capable of emulating the vibrant color palette of the games.) ” - cinerealm
“ Main Theme Composer. (Among the most memorable of video game themes, it would be inane to imagine anyone replicating it for the movie, other than him.) ” - cinerealm
James Newton Howard
James Newton Howard attended the University of Southern California's music school, but dropped out to tour with Elton John, and eventually compose music for film and television. He started with Head Office in 1985. He has been nominated for eight Academy Awards. He currently is a songwriter, record producer, conductor, keyboardist, and film composer.
“ Composer. (His work on films such as 'The Hunger Games', 'Blood Diamond', 'King Kong', 'The Village' & 'The Dark Knight' (collaborated with Hans Zimmer) are masterful. Even his score for a film as forgettable as 'Waterworld' is incredible. Stylistically, his scoring could suit 'Uncharted' well.) ” - cinerealm
Paul Hirsch
Paul Hirsch, A.C.E. has edited over 40 films, among them the first "Star Wars" written and directed by George Lucas, for which he received an Academy Award in 1978, and "The Empire Strikes Back"; 11 films for Brian De Palma, including "Carrie", "Blowout" and "Mission: Impossible"; four for Herbert Ross...
“ Editor. (The fade wipes in some of the games transitions is very 'Star Wars-y'. It may seem strange to choose an editor just on the basis of a simple transition effect, but his resumé is impressive to say the least. Why not?) ” - cinerealm
Roger Barton
Roger Barton began working in editorial on documentaries and television movies including the Emmy award winning "Indictment: The McMartin Trial." He soon made the transition to motion pictures and in 1997 was an Associate Editor on the decade's biggest blockbuster, "Titanic." He quickly moved up the ladder...
“ Co-Editor. ” - cinerealm
Guy Hendrix Dyas
Production Designer, Inception
Guy Hendrix Dyas most recently earned an Academy Award Nomination for Best Production Design for this work on "Passengers", he also collaborated with Christopher Nolan on his ambitious sci-fi thriller "Inception" for which he also earned an Academy Award Nomination for Best Production Design. Guy won...
“ Production Designer. (His work on 'Inception' proves that he can handle designing big and complicated sets.) ” - cinerealm
Chris Corbould
Special Effects, The Dark Knight
“ Special Effects Supervisor. (His grounded and often intense approach to special effects would prove to be appropriate for 'Uncharted'.) ” - cinerealm
“ Second Unit Director. (Has plenty of experience as a second unit director on various action and adventure movies. Particularly 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles', 'Mission: Impossible III', and 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.) ” - cinerealm
“ Art Director. (Worked with Whedon on 'Serenity', and did an impressive job with the art direction there.) ” - cinerealm
Anne Kuljian
Set Decorator, Man of Steel
“ Set Decoration. (Good at intricate, stylistically-driven detailing, as evidenced by 'Minority Report' and 'Man Of Steel'.) ” - cinerealm
“ Stunt Coordinator. ((UPDATED/ADDED 7/25/2013) Has done some impressive work for a variety of big-budget blockbusters.) ” - cinerealm