Top 6 Film/TV Characters I Would PAY to Sleep With

To me the idea of a male prostitute is the literal definition of lol, b/c unless you're ugly or fat, penis is constantly being offered to every women on a daily basis. Any conversation with a guy basically translates to this " Hi its nice to meet you, can I offer you my average sized penis?..... No? Ok, well lets try this friend thing & I'll re-introduced this topic later." With that said there's an exception to every rule & since I'm currently stuck in Dubai for work & I haven't seen my bf in over 7 months (b/c of his deployment) this list of characters has been playing in my mind for a while. So here it is the list of the top 6 Movie/TV characters I would actually pay to sleep with & by "pay" I mean a single penny b/c like I said earlier penis is a silly investment.