Cast of Damaged Goods

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I am writing a book and even though I've tried not to, I have created a 'dream cast' for a film, though by the time I'm done, some of these people will probably be too old to do it anymore, namely the teenagers.

1. Sandra Bullock

Producer | Miss Congeniality

Sandra Annette Bullock was born in Arlington, a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. Her mother, Helga Bullock (née Helga Mathilde Meyer), was a German opera singer. Her father, John W. Bullock, was an American voice teacher, who was born in Alabama, of Irish, English, French, and German descent. ...

Sandra Bullock as Dana Sherbrook. Mother of three Dana is overprotective of her daughter, Harper, but doesn't realize it. Dana's major flaw is that she cares too much, regardless of who she's dealing with. At the end of the day, her children and her faith come first.

2. Paul Rudd

Actor | Ant-Man

Paul Stephen Rudd was born in Passaic, New Jersey. His parents, Michael and Gloria, both from Jewish families, were born in the U.K. He has one sister, who is three years younger than he is. Paul traveled with his family during his early years, because of his father's airline job at TWA. His family...

Paul Rudd as Immanuel Sherbrook. Father of three Immanuel has been married to his wife, Dana, for twenty years. Unlike his wife and mother of his children, Immanuel understands that his kids need their space. He is slightly naive to their individual antics and needs, but his job as an adoption attorney gives him an advantage not only in the lawsuit plaguing his family but in connecting with his children.

3. Sarah Hyland

Actress | Modern Family

Sarah Hyland was born in New York City to actors Melissa D. Canaday and Edward James Hyland. She began in the business at the age of 4 with commercial work and voice overs. Her first film was Private Parts (1997). She then moved on to The Object of My Affection (1998) and then spent time on Another...

Sarah Hyland as Gabriella Sherbrook. Gabriella, or 'Gabby', is the eldest child of the Sherbrook family. Gabby is a senior in high school that struggles to make herself seen to her parents, because her younger sister Harper always seems to be most important. Naive and completely oblivious to the world around her, Gabby makes friends with a group of people that completely alter her life forever. But is it for the better?

4. Jake T. Austin

Actor | Wizards of Waverly Place

Jake T. Austin was born Jake Austin Szymanski in New York City, to Giny Rodriguez Toranzo and Joe Szymanski. His middle initial is taken from his mother's name Toranzo. He has a younger sister, Ava. His father has Polish, English, and Irish ancestry, and his mother is of Puerto Rican, Argentinian, ...

(I'm not sold on this one, but he's the best I can do) Jake T. Austin as Saxon Sherbrook. Saxon is the twin brother to Harper Sherbrook, and at sixteen he knows just how much his sister's condition really affects his family. For that, he always has a positive (and often comedic) outlook to everything, but he is much more complicated than he seems to be. Under the surface, Saxon is just as vulnerable as his twin and struggles to be seen as important as she is.

5. Mackenzie Foy

Actress | Interstellar

Mackenzie Christine Foy was born 10 November, 2000. She began her career as a child model in 2004, working for Garnet Hill, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Guess Kids. She has also modeled in print ads for companies such as Rubbermaid, Jones Apparel Group,The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Target Corporation,...

Mackenzie Foy as Harper Sherbrook. Harper is sixteen, but she looks nine. She was born with a condition called Turner syndrome that makes her appear much younger than she actually is, and has plagued her life with illness. Suffering from four conditions that have spurred from her chromosomal abnormality, Harper seeks guidance in the form of Alexander Flint, an attorney who helps her sue her parents for proper freedom. Unfortunately, Harper's decision comes with a price that tears the little family apart and makes them struggle to survive.

6. Morris Chestnut

Actor | Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

A tall, handsome, and versatile American actor, Morris Chestnut was born in Cerritos, California, to Shirley (Wynn) and Morris Chestnut, Sr. He first came to be recognized by moviegoers starring as Ricky in Boyz n the Hood (1991), a role where he played a high school running back using his football...

Morris Chestnut as Alexander Flint. As a lawyer hoping to appear professional, Mr. Flint does not reveal much about himself. On the surface, he seems like a stoic. Underneath, he is just a bitter, angry person who has agreed to work for Harper for all the wrong reasons. He is strictly business and will do (and force Harper to do) anything that will help them win the case.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Actress | Gigli

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born in the Castle Hill section of The Bronx on July 24, 1969. She is the middle of three musically-inclined sisters, Leslie Lopez, a homemaker, and Lynda Lopez, a DJ on New York's WKTU, a VH1 VJ, and a morning news show correspondent on New York's Channel 11. Jennifer ...

Jennifer Lopez as Claudia Villa. Claudia is the secretary to Mr. Flint. A quiet, gentle woman, she is mainly working for Mr. Flint to make ends meet and to help him rationalize in the heat of the moment. When the trial pushes Harper away from her family, Claudia is there to pick up the pieces and make sure Harper faces the world with a smile.

8. Emma Roberts

Actress | We're the Millers

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts, and the niece of Oscar-winner Julia Roberts. She was born in Rhinebeck, New York. Emma was a baby when her parents separated, and she grew up living with her mother, Kelly Cunningham. She was educated at Archer School for Girls in ...

Emma Roberts as Stephanie Hawthorne. Stephanie is the blonde bombshell, the new girl in school that the entire student body seems to be lusting after...but she's taken by Johnny Abbott. Past her outer appearance, however, Stephanie is blunt and in your face, but is a good actor at acting sweet when need be. Along with her best friend, Clove, Stephanie takes Gabby under her wing and puts her through such a catastrophic metamorphosis that they completely change who the oldest Sherbrook is.

9. Lucy Hale

Actress | Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale is an American actress and singer. She was born Karen Lucille Hale in Memphis, Tennessee, to Julia (Caperton) Knight and John Preston Hale. She started out as a singer, appearing on American Juniors (2003) in a search for band members. She successfully won her place in the band. The group...

Lucy Hale as Clove Robinson. Clover Robinson (but don't call her Clover) is quiet and withdrawn, but she is not what she seems to be. Clove is much more blunt than even Stephanie, but unlike her best friend, there is no heart of gold just waiting to shine through. Clove has a reputation, known best for being "easier to screw than a light bulb". Along with Stephanie, she becomes a "role model" for Gabby, but for all the wrong reasons.

10. Taylor Lautner

Actor | Twilight

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Deborah, a software company worker, and Daniel Lautner, a pilot for Midwest Airlines. He, and younger sister Makena, were raised in a well-mannered, Roman Catholic household in Hudsonville, Michigan. He is of English, German, Dutch, and ...

Taylor Lautner as Destry Young. Destry is a popular boy, but no one can seem to know why, since he's so quiet. Gabby's interest in him causes him to come more out of his shell and prove that he's much more than a silent figure. With his parents' neglect, he turns to drugs to solve his problems, and when Gabby gets roped into his world, something about him makes it impossible for her to get out.

11. Josh Hutcherson

Actor | The Hunger Games

Joshua Ryan Hutcherson was born on October 12, 1992 in Union, Kentucky to Michelle Fightmaster Hutcherson, who worked for Delta Air Lines, and Chris Hutcherson, an EPA analyst. He has one younger brother, Connor Hutcherson. From the age of four, Josh knew that he wanted to be an actor. In order to ...

Josh Hutcherson as Frank Lloyd, Jr. Frankie, as his friends call him, is the popular senior boy. He's the all around good guy, who plays sports and is the captain of the varsity football team. With Saxon as a sophomore on that team, he takes the young Sherbrook under his wing and shapes him in his own image, like Clove and Stephanie have done to Gabby. But Frankie's choices could cost Saxon greatly, in more ways than one.

12. AnnaSophia Robb

Actress | Bridge to Terabithia

AnnaSophia Robb was born on the 8th December 1993 in Denver, Colorado, USA, to Janet, an interior designer, and Dave Robb, an architect. She has Danish, English, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish ancestry.

Robb started off life with a dream to act, and began by performing on a church stage in her home ...

(Not sold on this one, either) Annasophia Robb as Sadie Hawthorne. Sadie, like her sister Stephanie, is the new girl in school, but that's where the similarities end. Sadie is very athletic and joins the cheerleading squad at her new school in order to fit in. When Saxon wins over her heart, it is certainly not without conflict. Sadie, who is also Harper's best friend, may find her relationship with Saxon tarnished after he becomes friends with Frankie Lloyd and older sisters Gabby and Stephanie start to intervene.

13. Logan Lerman

Actor | The Perks of Being a Wallflower

One of today's leading talents across both independent and mainstream film, Logan Lerman is an immensely talented actor who takes on challenging roles and brings dynamic characters to life on screen.

Logan was born in Beverly Hills, to a Jewish family. His parents are Lisa (Goldman), who worked as ...

Logan Lerman as Jacob Moran. Jacob, too, is one of those "how did he get popular?" boys, who is a year above Harper and Saxon in school. Though Jacob is more outgoing than Destry, he has an intellectual side and excels in art and is a fan of literature. Harper is drawn to Jacob but feels that no one will overlook her exterior and see the real her. Jacob forms a friendship with Harper, but is he also harboring romantic feelings for her?

14. Lori Loughlin

Actress | Summerland

Lori Loughlin is an American actress who was born on July 28, 1964 in Queens, New York, USA. She was a junior lifeguard before becoming an actress. Lori began her career at the age of 12 as a print model. During her early teen years she appeared in television commercials and was frequently seen in ...

Lori Loughlin as Lydia Mooney. Ms. Mooney tries her best to be strictly business, but what gets in the way is her overly inflated ego. Her biggest weakness is that her favorite subject is herself. Ms. Mooney is bitter and angry that she has to compete against Mr. Flint in the case of Sherbrook vs. Sherbrooks, knowing that he is the best lawyer that Charleston, South Carolina has to offer.

15. Sofía Vergara

Actress | Hot Pursuit

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her mother, Margarita Vergara Dávila de Vergara, is a housewife. Her father, Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo, provides cattle to the meat industry. She has five siblings. She was educated at a private bilingual Spanish/...

Sofia Vergara as Celeste Moreno. Celeste is just as doting as Claudia is to her boss, Mr. Flint, but with one difference: Celeste actually cares for her job and employer. Hired mainly by Ms. Mooney as a translator for Hispanics, Celeste loves to gossip just as much as the Sherbrooks' teenagers do. However, not matter how much Ms. Mooney wants to dismiss Celeste, she can't because they're "best friends".

16. Steve Carell

Actor | The Office

Steve Carell, one of America's most versatile comics, was born Steven John Carell on August 16, 1962, in Concord, Massachusetts. He is the son of Harriet Theresa (Koch), a psychiatric nurse, and Edwin A. Carell, an electrical engineer. His mother was of Polish descent and his father, of Italian and...

Steve Carell as Kent Norridge. Kent is Dana's older brother, and he is quick to tell anyone that. A bit egotistical, Saxon's sometimes poor sense of humor more than likely came from Kent. Married with his own wife and daughter, Kent wants only what is best for the good of his nieces and nephew, which can clash with his undying brotherly love for his sister, Dana.

17. Joan Cusack

Actress | Grosse Pointe Blank

Actress Joan Cusack was born in New York City, New York, and is the daughter of Nancy (née Carolan) and Dick Cusack. Her father was an advertising executive, writer and actor, and her mother was a math teacher. Her siblings - Susie Cusack, John Cusack, Ann Cusack and Bill Cusack also act. Her ...

Joan Cusack as Doctor Amelia Shay. Dr. Amelia, as her patients call her, has been Dana Sherbrook's obstetrician and close friend since she was pregnant with her first daughter, Gabby. Amelia has had the bad luck of having to present the Sherbrooks with the bad news that their daughter has Turner syndrome. She is the first person that Harper and Mr. Flint go to as a witness for their trial. Though she has seen many women and their babies, Dana and Harper will forever stand out in her memory.

18. Channing Tatum

Actor | 21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum was born in a small town, Cullman, Alabama, 50 miles north of Birmingham. He is the son of Kay (Faust), an airline worker, and Glenn Matthew Tatum, who worked in construction. Growing up, he was full of energy and somewhat troublesome, so his parents decided to enroll him in ...

Channing Tatum as Coach Parsons. Coach Parsons has been the football coach at the local high school for years, but he has never had an outstanding varsity football team...until he brings up sophomore Saxon Sherbrook as their running back, that is. With Saxon now under his guard and with his team having a shot at winning the league title, he becomes a lot tougher as a coach and a lot stricter, which forces Saxon to change who he really is as a person.

19. Dennis Quaid

Actor | The Day After Tomorrow

Dennis Quaid was born in Houston, Texas, to Juanita Bonniedale (Jordan), a real estate agent, and William Rudy Quaid, an electrician. He grew up in the Houston suburban city of Bellaire. He was raised a Baptist, and studied drama, Mandarin Chinese, and dance while a student at Bellaire High School....

Dennis Quaid as Judge Charles Abernathy. Judge Abernathy has seen more cases that can tear families apart than he'd like, but Harper Sherbrook's is the most unique by far.

20. Matthew Morrison

Actor | Glee

Matthew Morrison knew he wanted to be an entertainer after participating in a theatre camp as a child. He attended NYU's TISCH School of the arts in the CAP21 program before joining the cast of Footloose. He was a member of the boy band LMNT, briefly, before he redevoted himself to Broadway in ...

Matthew Morrison as William Moore. William Moore has been a child psychologist for years, but never imagined that diagnosing a little girl with dyslexia would have such a catastrophic effect on his life.

21. Elizabeth Banks

Actress | The Hunger Games

Elizabeth Banks was born Elizabeth Mitchell in Pittsfield, a small city in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts near the New York border, on February 10, 1974. She is the daughter of Ann (Wallace), who worked in a bank, and Mark P. Mitchell, a factory worker. Elizabeth describes herself as ...

Elizabeth Banks as Doctor Megan Charmichael. Megan Charmichael is not a diabetic, but she treats all her diabetic patients as though she was one. Harper Sherbrook started coming to her office at age two. Fourteen years later, when she stands before the court, she is completely shocked that things have escalated to this level.

22. Aziz Ansari

Actor | Parks and Recreation

Aziz Ansari was born in Columbia, South Carolina, to Fatima, a medical office worker, and Shoukath, a gastroenterologist. His family is from Tamil Nadu, India. He graduated from NYU as a business major in 2004. He graduated from the South Carolina Governor's School for Math and Science in ...

Aziz Ansari as Doctor Raj Amir. Doctor Amir's own daughter has Turner syndrome, and he lost another before birth to the same condition; thus, he has dedicated his life to treating girls with the condition. When he is called as a witness to the Charleston Federal Courthouse, he is hardly expecting the case that he is drawn into.

23. David DeLuise

Actor | Wizards of Waverly Place

The youngest son of legendary actor and comedian Dom DeLuise, David DeLuise is now perhaps the most popular dad on TV. He's won the admiration of millions of children and parents alike for his portrayal of family patriarch Jerry on the hit Emmy award-winning Disney Channel series, "Wizards of ...

David DeLuise as Vice Principal George Van De Kamp. Van De Kamp has never so much as heard of the Sherbrooks before, but suddenly with the court controversy and the internal controversies surrounding the two oldest Sherbrooks, he knows them like the back of his hand.

24. Cameron Diaz

Actress | There's Something About Mary

A tall, strikingly attractive blue-eyed natural blonde, Cameron Diaz was born in 1972 in San Diego, the daughter of a Cuban-American father and an Anglo-German mother. Self described as "adventurous, independent and a tough kid," Cameron left home at 16 and for the next 5 years lived in such varied...

Cameron Diaz as Principal Alicia Wright. Principal Wright understands her students, sometimes more than she'd care to know. But she cannot bend the rules for them, something she sorely regrets when Saxon Sherbrook is sitting in front of her.

25. Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor | Inception

Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo DiCaprio's. DiCaprio has gone from relatively humble beginnings, as a supporting cast member of the sitcom Growing Pains (1985) and low budget horror movies, such as Critters 3 (1991), to a major teenage heartthrob in the 1990s,...

Leonardo DiCaprio as Pastor Gabriel. Gabriel Ulrich wasn't always a good, Christian man. When he was on his deathbed after a bout of stomach cancer in college, he made a promise with God that he would change if He would spare him. When he recovered miraculously, despite being told that it was impossible and without losing any portion of his stomach, he suddenly turned to scripture and turned his life around completely. Now, he is the pastor at First Christian Church in Charleston, and has known the Sherbrooks for three years. The case of Sherbrook vs. Sherbrooks leaves the family wondering if their faith should be their main priority.

26. Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Actor | Superbad

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was born on June 20, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse. He is an actor, known for Superbad (2007), Kick-Ass (2010) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013).