The Top 10 Talent-less "musicians" I'm tired of hearing about

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Taylor Swift
Soundtrack, The Hunger Games
Taylor Alison Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter who, in 2010 at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In 2011 Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year. She also has been named the American Music Awards Artist of the Year...
“ Ok so she started writing songs when she was 14 and they sounded exactly like that: some cheap garbage that belongs in the diary of a barely-pubescent girl with zero creative writing ability. She's 23 now and she still writes like that. And all her songs are they same topic: "that jerk broke my heart just like my last 25946494862545 boyfriends, how dare he!" Not to mention she has been trying to pass herself off as a country music artist since she first started. I'm sorry but if she's "country" then lil wayne is "gospel". Also, she's full of herself beyond all belief when she isn't anything special (quite the opposite actually) ” - Lost_Woods87
Nicki Minaj
Soundtrack, Despicable Me 2
Onika Tanya Maraj, better known as Nicki Minaj was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York. She grew up in a troubled family with a father that was a drug addict who later changed after he checked into rehab and started going to church. Minaj went to LaGaurdia High School and studied singing and acting...
“ This woman is almost 30 and she acts like a 5 year old! From her attitude to the way she dresses, she's just a giant brat that gives Barbie a bad rep. She throws a fit about everything and makes a scene just to get into the tabloids for attention and she's so conceited. She thinks she's some amazing musician but her songs are terrible: 99% autotuned (the 1% is her attempt to rap), generic beats created on a computer (and not even by her), with dumbass lyrics (that she doesn't even write!). The only 2 reasons people take a second look at her or her videos are 1)Big ass and 2)Big titties, the authenticity of both being under scrutiny anyway. ” - Lost_Woods87
Justin Bieber
Canadian Justin Drew Bieber was born in London, Ontario, the son of Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber. Pattie became pregnant when she was 18 years old, and raised him as a single mother. Justin is of French-Canadian (mother) and German, Irish, Scottish, and English (father) descent. As a child, Bieber showed a strong interest in music...
“ One of the few people on this list who can actually sing.
So why is he here and so high on the list? Easy: he's a big-headed prick with an overly-inflated sense of self worth. Yes he can sing, but his voice isn't amazing or unique,it has a copy-able high school choir boy quality to it (there's quite a few young boys on youtube who could be voice doubles for him) and all his songs are typical cheap pop songs. But perhaps the most irritating thing about him is his attitude. He acts like he is the most talented and important human being to walk this earth and that everyone who meets him should feel honored. He is a jerk and a smartass to people. How did he even get famous? Oh yeah, Usher heard a decent (but common) voice attached to an adorable pre-pubescent face and put the two together to make a giant blonde sack of cash that made all elementary and middle school girls's panties drop...Oh and he dated Selena Gomez (until she dumped him). I kinda want to punch his mom in the face for having him and punch her ovaries for sending THAT particular sperm to get fertilized
Perhaps he and Taylor Swift should date and maybe they'd both have a long lasting happy conceited relationship. ” - Lost_Woods87
Soundtrack, Neighbors
“ I could go on for days about this girl. For starters, I'm convinced stupidity is a heritable trait in her family because Kesha is her legal name she was born with. What *beep* idiot names their kid Kesha? Do they live next door to the couple with a daughter named Americus?
Also, she's just flat out nasty. She gives off that vibe that if I touched her she would be sticky (covered in God knows what) and she would smell like sex,every bodily fluid there is,liquor,stale McDonald's fries and that if you kissed her she'd taste like salty garbage.
And she can't sing. All her songs are autotuned and her voice still sounds like *beep* (the rebecca black effect) and all her songs are stupid and make no sense.
No talent, no hygiene, no good qualities. Just trash all around. ” - Lost_Woods87
“ Where do I start? For one thing he can't sing, play any instrument, or skate nor has he ever been affiliated with any gang, things which he claims to be able to do or have done. I'm sorry but when you get your big debut in a Destiny's Child music video you're not thuggin. Also, he's a skeezebag: he's got about 4 kids by about 3 different women and doesn't acknowledge any of them. And to top it all off he can't even speak semi-intelligently in an interview. Why? Maybe its because he dropped out of high school at 14 "to focus on his music career" (psh!) or maybe its because he's always baked. Either way, he's a talent-less, idiotic hack and I'm sick of him ” - Lost_Woods87
Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Dennis Graham, an African-American musician born in Memphis, Tennessee, and Sandi (Sher) Graham, a Canadian Jewish educator. As a young man, Drake appeared in several commercials, for such retailers as Sears and GMC. In 2001, Drake rose to fame playing the role of "Jimmy Brooks"...
“ Can't rap, can't sing, lyrics make no sense, is ugly as hell, and has an extremely irritating voice. Something about his voice and how nasally and annoying it is just makes me want to punch him right in the head of his, well, you know. ” - Lost_Woods87
“ Oh look, another artist with no talent, but cute face just looking for 15 minutes of fame. Except this time there's four of them. All autotuned, boring dance moves, forgettable faces, forgettable songs.
They're like a bad hy-top brand of B2K, except B2K actually had talent and looks and memorable songs ” - Lost_Woods87
Soundtrack, Suicide Squad
“ What is dubstep?
Well if you take the sound of a dial-up modem and use that as your backtrack for a song and then layer it with the sounds of someone kicking a cat, a rabid St Bernard and rabid Chihuahua gettin it on, an occasional ambulance alarm, and add a ridiculous amount of bass you have a dubstep #1 hit.
What jackass pioneered this *beep* and is trying to pass it off as music? Sonny Moore aka Skrillex. Who is he? Some loser from a semi-popular equally crappy rock band. He left after the first album released so he could punish the world with this monstrosity he calls dubstep. I guess when you have no talent its hard to stay in an industry built on it. So I guess faking it is ok with 100% synthetic "music". Until you have to perform live. But I hear his concerts are actually not that bad, I hear he has this cool segment where he actually moves away from his computer to get a drink of water. I like the part where he gets the *beep* off the stage and I punch every musically ignorant ignoramus who showed up to his "concert". ” - Lost_Woods87
The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna is a seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over three hundred million records and CDs to adoring fans worldwide. Her film career, however, is another story. Her performances have consistently drawn scathing or laughable reviews from film critics...
“ Another person who can sing has appeared!
This bitch had been obsessed with herself from day one. Yes, she was a successful artist in her day but nothing as great as to deserve to supreme importance she gives herself. This old hag is creepy. She still thinks she's got her 80s appeal and while she does look good for her age there's no hiding it - she's no 20 something year old. She has her figure thanks to expensive diets and personal training which is great but her face is clearly 90% Botox. This woman needs to shut up and accept the fact that her time is done. I actually spoke to my mother(who is also Madonna's age) and other men and women her age and they agreed they never really cared for Madonna even back in the 80s so I see nothing special about her ” - Lost_Woods87
“ This little bastard was famous for about a month because of one stupid-ass song so why am I still hearing about him!?
I have no clue but it's irritating and I want his name to stop popping up in conversations I have with people and my friends's ipods, and I want his name out of my facebook and twitter feeds! He is the poster child for being a no talent poser ” - Lost_Woods87