My fave Whedonverse actors/actresses

These are list of my fave actors and actresses from the whedonverse. these are the ones that totally blew my mind with their talent
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Nathan Fillion
Actor, Castle
Nathan Fillion was born on 27 March 1971, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is the younger son of Cookie and Bob Fillion, both retired English teachers. He has an older brother, Jeff. In Canada, he attended Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Concordia University College of Alberta and University of Alberta...
“ Obviously he is number one because he is just so talented that i just don't have words to describe how amazing he is ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
Amy Acker
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she graduated Lake Highlands High School, Amy Acker is the oldest of four children; she has two sisters and one brother. An acting major at Southern Methodist University, Amy acted in several college theater productions. She appeared in various roles during the fantasy segments for the popular award-winning children's TV series Wishbone...
“ Amazing actress and so beautiful as well ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
Tom Lenk
Thomas (Tom) Loren Lenk was born in Westlake Village, California, USA on June 16th, 1976. Tom attended Moorpark College until his junior year, then transferred into UCLA's theater program. It wasn't long before others began to notice Tom's talent, and in 1997 Tom won the Carol Burnett Award and Scholarship...
“ funny hilarious and a pure geek at heart ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
Alan Tudyk
Actor, I, Robot
Alan Tudyk was born in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in Plano, where he attended Plano Sr. High. In 1990, he went on to study drama at Lon Morris Jr. College. While there, he was awarded the Academic Excellence Award for Drama. He was also named Most Likely to Succeed and Sophomore Beau. During this time, Alan was also an active member of the Delta Psi Omega fraternity...
“ funny hilarious, was in firefly serenity, dollhouse as alpha and you will see little uncredited work of him in angel ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
“ Is mainly known as his character Jayne Cobb (FIREFLY) and as Hamilton (ANGEL) ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
Eliza Dushku
Actress, True Lies
Eliza Dushku was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Judith (Rasmussen), a political science professor, and Philip R. Dushku, a teacher and administrator. Her father is Albanian and her mother is American (of Danish, Irish, English, and German descent). She was discovered at the end of a five-month search...
“ Just a beautiful woman and a very versatile actress ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
David Boreanaz
Actor, Bones
David was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Patti, a travel agent, and weatherman Dave Roberts (Boreanaz). His father is of Italian descent and his mother is of half Slovak ancestry. At the age of seven he decide to be an actor, which eventually led him to study cinema and photography at Ithaca College in New York...
“ Although he didn't do any more whedon stuff after angel he is still very much loved in the whedonverse ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
Summer Glau
Actress, Serenity
Summer is a native of San Antonio, Texas. She's been a ballerina most of her life. Her debut was in various commercials and a guest appearance on the WB's Angel. She has gone on to star on the TV series Firefly as well as its follow-up movie Serenity and the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
“ Been in a hell of a lot of whedon stuff such as Firefly, Serenity, had an episode in Angel as a ballerina and obviously in Dollhouse as well ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
Danny Strong
Writer, Empire
Danny Strong was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, a little borough south of Los Angeles. He attended the University of Southern California, where he majored in Theater. During his tenure there, he was awarded the James Pendelton Award for Acting and was a finalist for the prestigious Irene Ryan Award given by the Kennedy Center...
“ Known as the extra whedonverse actor, always been in more than one of joss's programmes either as an extra or a supporting role ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522
“ His perfection as Wesley whindam pryce in Buffy and Angel solidified his fanatstic ability to be an actor in the whedonverse where he followed up in dollhouse, and i an greatly looking forward to see him in whedons Much ado about nothing film. I am sure he will be amazing ” - clarissa-kayleigh-541-278522