Queens of Reality TV

This list is dedicated to my favorite reality TV show female personalities that I've watched on mainly VH1/Bravo/Oxygen/WE/Lifetime. Their over-the-top characters, potty-shady mouths, intriguing/funny talking heads, and memorial reunion show episodes makes them the shining star on their respected TV shows. Hope you enjoy the list!
***Disclaimer - List will be updated regularly!***
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“ Favorite quote(s):
*F___ ya if you hate me, if you love me I'm with you."

"I don't apologize because I don't make mistakes."

"Who wants to f____ with me?"

"They don't matter, I'm what matters."

"I just want to say that I feel fabulous, I look fabulous."

"I'm a natural beauty, that's what I know."

"B*tch, I will be ignorant all over your mf'ing ass"

"I never knew in a million years a human could spout plastic hair."

"I just want to say that... I'm back! And I feel sorry for these girls"

"...Cute next to gorgeous. Gorgeous is gonna, you know, devour cute in the looks department I definitely, you know, I've scored too high for her to catch up."

"And I'm wonderin' to myself, "You think I like watermelon just because I'm black?"

"You hatin' a** b*tch. All fraudulent."

"NY is in the mf'in building house!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quote(s):
"I don't want to call you honey-you’re an old hag–so I don’t want to call you honey, b*tch. Is that better? Is b*tch better?"

"She's not my honey, she's a nasty skanky b*tch"

"You're the devil. You're wearing red. It matches you. You like that, b*tch? We're at a good place right now. Why are you going back there?"

"You got three roles: blubber, blubber, blubber"

"You put the 'cont' in contradiction"

"I want a lot of diamonds, then the pain will go away."

"I swear on my dad! I never said you were a stripper!"

"Don't forget, honey, I'm from Paterson, b*tch!

"She must have slept with at least 500 guys. I mean her hole must be as big as... not the Lincoln Tunnel, not the Holland Tunnel... What's the name of the longest tunnel?"

"I'm not big on swallowing."

"Your t*ttes are hanging out! Are you professional?"

"My house isn't in foreclosure, b*tch!"

"Joe kinda had the runs, if you know what I mean and you know we don't want any accidents happening in church...My stomach was rumbling and I was like, "sh*t," cause when the runs start with me too, it ain't no joke."

"I don't say, "Thank you Jesus" I'm not Mother Teresa."

"Kiss my t*ttes."

"Am I fazed? No."

"Oh my god that's a big volcano! Naples had this volcano and it did erupt hundreds and hundreds of years ago...hundreds...or sixty years ago...oh, is it 60 years ago?"

"The only thing I regret is pushing Kim G. Because she is an older woman and I respect the elderly."

"I'm the opposite of slow."

"Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley? I didn't think so."

"Alls I wanted to do was b*tch slap the b*tch"

"Prostitution wh*re! You f___ing engaged 19 times! You stupid b*tch! ” - ReRun28
“ "Fav. quote(s):

"Close your legs to married men."

"You touch me girl, I will wear that wig off your head."

"I'm a rich, b*tch!"

"For rich, for richer."

"You want me to pee in yo glass?"

"I clearly know Kim has a personal disorder and I'm not even a doctor to diagnose her."

"All this d*ck in Atlanta and gonna text somebody else's man? Girl, gone."

"I'm ready to drink. The b*tch is back."

"Close your legs to married men, trash!"

"You better watch those b-words before you end up in the ocean."

"I will strangle you and snap your neck and pop your eyes out all at the same time. Bloop, bloop."

"She sucha a monster, a monster full of trash."

"You and your wig. Get outta my life."

"I am a 10 I probably could go down to a size 8 but I don't want to. Why? Because I'm *beep* hungry.'

"I am "Gone with the wind" fabulous. B*tch, is it movie night?"

"I went home and I prayed"

"Don't let the door hit you, where the good Lord split you. Right up yo ass."

"Of course we want wine, honey."

"She's a dirty low-down monkey with a wig on."

"I'm trying to keep NayNay locked up in my suitcase."

"If I'm gonna hangout with all these girls, I need to be a little bit drunk. I want all the alcohol."

"Better you than me, honey. I would be gone and his credit card would be towed up!"

"Don't do it b*tch!"

"Is your wig squeezing your brain too tight, heifer!"

"I'm not getting on no treadmill or anything...but we can walk through the neighborhood and gossip" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I'm that b*tch that every b*tch wants to be."

"First of all, why would I smash somebody that ain't got no neck?"

"H*, why is you here?"

"No, my a** is real. Don't be a hater!"

"I see you got your maid outfit on, like you always do."

"I have a perfect face. I have a perfect body. Every b*tch I know that ever see me, wish they could look like me!"

"You ain't gonna have no money left after you mess with me."

"You're a throwback and you're old."

"Calm down... why you all up on me?"

"Listen, I don't talk to 'The Help'"

"She's mad cause she's old. It ain't got nothing to do with me."

"It ain't my fault that you ain't no superstar!"

"I'ma show you... I can take your man... again."

"I want the whole package. I want the ring and I want the house. I want it all."

"I'ma beat yo a**!"

"Sit yo ugly a** down!"

"B*tch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you."

"B*tch you look a mess!"

"I'm that b*tch, I will always be that b*tch"

"He threw a drink at me and messed my fur that I got from Neiman's. I could have killed him. Oh but don't worry, he's gonna buy me a new one!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quote(s):

"Get your life!"

"My fans really really really love me! I mean, I don't blame them."

"I don't know how many way I can say hell to the no."

"You gon'novacane my c*och"

"I'm not pregnant. I'm just fat."


"Who twerks at 40 - you late!"

"I'm hungry all the time. I just wanna steal a bucket of chicken every time I go out."

"That tasted like a**crack dot com"

"Have you heard of the corporation called getyourlife" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quotes:

"B-I-C-T-H and in that order"

"You left him for dead!"

"I just feel like MF bent me the *beep* over and *beep* me without no damn grease... How the *beep* you gone pimp a pimp!"

"Away with them b*tches! Away with them b*tches!"

"He's not just fine, but he's fyoneee!"

"We can handle this like two women, or we can get into some gangsta sh*t."

"Smoke a straight shooter, b*tch!"

"Who are you to tell me to be quite? Shut your g'damn mouth!"

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them - that would be me! Queen Momma Dee!"

"I shoulda took that b*tch to trap, you feel me? So I can get some money off that a** since Scrappy paid for that a**.

"Do what players do. How do players play? All day, everyday, ya heard?"

"He's in good hands, and I'm not talking about Allstate."

“But guess what? You ran out of air, bitch. You ran out of air!”

"Die, b*tches! Die!"

"I don't have to accept anything I don't like. I will never do that."

"I'm that ride or die MF'er"

"If I were Dracula, I would sink my fangs in your f___ing corona artery and drain you for all of it, b*tch!" ” - ReRun28
Danielle Staub
Danielle Staub was born on July 29, 1962 in the USA. She is an actress, best known for The Real Housewives of New Jersey (2009), Famous Food (2011) and The Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special (2009). She was previously married to Thomas N. Staub. Danielle gave birth to her 1st child at age 31...
“ Fav quote(s):

"Is 'bye' a threat?"

"I sat at home alone, throwing up with diarrhea for 3 weeks because of you."

"Pay attention puh-lease."

"What is that ghetto thing you're doing?"

"That's a f__ing-ough."

"I still do have my sexy."

"Tonight was unbe-weave-able."

"I will not have to say pay attention puh-lease anymore."

"And it's in foreclosure!"

"I'll be spreading the love and light that they make fun of, while their darkness rains upon them."

"I know I'm not a wh*re, and I know I'm not garbage."

"Don't call me 'honey'."

"I'm gonna say, "word up, caroline, grow up!"

"It only takes one good smack to the head to make a person never walk again."

"I was literally sitting there getting gangbanged."

"You're either gonna love me or hate me. There is no in between with me"

"I'm a clown? But your the one sitting there with red hair."

"You really are insane, aren't you?"

"You don't get to cut me out off your life, I am not disposable!"

"Always engage and then suggest."

"Don't you ever call me crazy!"

"Karma is such a big b*tch, it's a bigger b*tch than I'll ever be."

"I've been called a 'special kind of evil' on more than one occasion."

"What is it, baby girl, mommy's got a little situation here."

"The present is very much so. In the past, thanks to you."


"My kids wore lace and crinoline at those ages, okay. My dogs wear leopard."

"Paris Hilton taught me that. Just pretend you're on the phone." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quote(s)

"Every day somebody tells me I look like Beyonce"

"Don't come for me unless I send for you."

"Now twirl on that"

"You are trying way too hard. sweetheart. No matter what you do, I will twirl on out of here and pass you..."

"I'm gone with the wind fabulous."

"I'm a public figure, I always have security with me. People are crazy."

"Apollo is fighting like he's in his jail cell fighting for his virginity."

"I only wear thousand dollar shoes."

"I don't have to look very far since someone's husband's strays."

"You are a dumb h*."

"Your marriage is a gift certificate."

"Where is Apollo getting 8k to go blow in the strip club on booty, it's not from his booty dvd...maybe it's from his allowance."

"Don't let the Louboutins fool you, because I will beat a bitch down."

"I know how to get myself off... Zzzzz."

"I can see her coochie crack!"

"Are you serious right now? The police? You picked up your phone and took your finger and dialed 911."

"The bank doesn't accept checks written in crayon, sweetheart."

"Your body looks like sh*t"

"Is there anymore wine? No. I'm leaving."

"It's almost hurtful to me to watch her be so...dumb."

"Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living."

"She suffers from a very rare disease. It's called full-of-sh*t-itis." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quote(s):

"Yo c*och got a rip in it! You got no walls!"

"That's my booty, I got it from my mama and Jiffy cornbread."

"Safe sex and mf paychecks."

"You can't be over him when you're on top of him, it's just not gonna work!"

"B*tch you look like Michael Jackson in Thriller!"

"I'm Rasheeda, I rap like Shawty Lo."

"Oh, this b*tch is shaking the table!"

"She walking around here with a deflated a** cheek. She should deal with that first!"

"The least you could have did was tell me that you done laid down and spread your hot pocket wide open for him."

"Joseline look like sleeps on beds without sheets."

"I don't think that man is gonna commit, and it has nothing to do with you being a bad b*tch and your c*ochie smelling like roses."

"I looked for your receipts when I googled your name a brand of vinegar popped up." ” - ReRun28
Tami Roman
Tami Roman grew up in a middle-class, single-parent household in White Plains, NY. Since her mom worked three jobs to support the family, Tami spent many days and nights alone, undoubtedly a "latch-key" kid responsible for raising herself. It wasn't until her mother met and married Ali Akbar that her childhood changed drastically...
“ Fav. quote(s):

"I am tired of trying to induct these ladies into the Tami Roman school of this is who the f___ I am."

"Write the letter to someone who gives a f___."

"B*tch I know where I came from, you need to understand where the f___you came from."

"She sitting over there looking like a transvestite Mary J. Blige."

"Then i don't need to tell you that I f____ed Chad."

"She's pitiful. That's your pitiful a** friend." ” - ReRun28
Drita D'Avanzo
Self, Mob Wives
Drita is a hot-tempered Albanian who married into the mob much to the chagrin of her straight-laced immigrant family. Her husband Lee was part of the New Springville Boys gang and is in prison for robbing a Staten Island bank. While she's been married to Lee for 12 years, she's only been able to spend 2 years with him due to his crime sprees and jail time.
“ Fav quote(s):

"Haters are like crickets. They chirp all f___ing day and when you walk by them they shut the f__up."

"I know that violence is not the answer, but.. yes it is."

"I'll kill you, you mf'er!

"When I hit you, you're getting hurt. You're going down, you're getting stitches, you're gonna get plastic surgery. I'm not pulling your hair, I'm not scratching. An ambulance is sure to come."

"I'm on a mission to stay away from douche bags!" ” - ReRun28
Phaedra Parks
Phaedra Parks stars in the hit Bravo reality series "Real Housewives of Atlanta," now in its ninth season and one of the network's highest rated shows. Parks is also a successful attorney, businesswoman, media personality, motivational speaker, author and social activist. As managing partner of The Parks Group...
“ Fav quote(s):

"I don't like bite size brownies. And I don't like cocktail sausages."

"You didn't send for me, but I still came for you."

"You cannot make a wh*re into a housewife."

"She a beauty queen on bath salts."

"I ain't got no time for no bacterial vaginosis."

"You can't be a housewife because you can't get a husband."

"Are there a lot of black people in Montana?"

"If you bring the penis ring I'm really gonna have a good time."

"Everybody knows an opinion is like an anus we all have one."

"This g-string is eating my booty! It might be too small!"

"A prayer cloth is covering so that you don't offend people with your luscious thighs and knee caps when you're in service. So I always carry my prayer cloth and a little holy oil with me just incase I have a old pesky lusty spirit."

"Irony is so ironic."

"I never leave home without my taser."

"Have you seen that booty? Because mine is God give, home grown, but Ms. Kenya brought hers from Home Depot - The Silicone Injection Department."

"I might have to kill him with this damn steak knife."

"You're about two seconds from me cutting out your tongue."

"I’m a Southern Belle. Brains, booty, and all business."

"I love to see everybody's booty. I'm a donk-ologist. PH.D"

"I might be too tired to get food, but I'm surely not too tired to have it delivered to me."

"Her booty is more lumpy than a bad batch of gravy." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"What can I say? I love furs. I have 30 of them. It's like having my own little zoo."

"Why don't you get a job? How about that being your new thing."

"I need gays. They love me and I love them."

"My favorite TV show is Mob Wives... cause I'm on it."

"Money! Diamonds!"

"Last night me and my friends were partying like we were 21."

"I wanna have fun and get whacked!"

"Water's for fish, I'll drink this."

"I need to get my boop boop boop boop done."

'I'm the boss, I will always be the boss."

"Going to the gym is like a slow *beep* death!"

"That's just how I roll."

"Wherever I am, everybody knows me."

"Cover me in glitter cause I'm ready to sparkle!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quote(s):

"Pop off! Pop off!"

"I didn't get no sleep cause of y'all! Y'all not gonna get no sleep because of me Get the f___ up!!"

"Any of y'all step to me it's a mf'in wrap!"

"She can call me fat all she mf'ing wants! I'm fat and I'm mf'in proud! I am P-H-A-T! Pretty, hot, and mf'in tempting!"

"I love juice. Juice makes me happy. It has a lot of different flavors and it's nothing like a cold cup of juice"

"You don't mess with anybody's food. That is a big no-no. It's like opening a can of whoop a**."

"You a rude a** bitch, yo."

"I haven 't been this confused since I stepped on the scale, b*tch."

"Any friend of macaroni and cheese is a friend of mine."

"My throat is burning! We could never be friends! Die slow!"

"The devil is called, he wants y'all to come back home b*tches!"

"Don't get f__ed, shawty!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav. quote(s):

"These b*tches were pulling each others f__ng weaves out."

"The only thing you know how to do with your f__ing hand like this."

"When we first got back together, his ex-gf, Crusty Crotch, just couldn't seem to stop f___ing texting him."

"I was so angry I felt an overwhelming sensation of hurt the b*tch."

"She's a no good, filthy leader lookin' motha f__kin' p*s c__!"

"When a man disrespects a woman, I don't believe you need to kill them with kindness, but with a f___ing sledge hammer!"

"Jesus Christ better come down now, because there's nothing could save her!"

"She had more traffic than the Holland Tunnel come through her crotch." ” - ReRun28
Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller is the head of the Abby Lee Dance company in Pittsburgh. She founded the company in 1980. Both she and her studio are featured in Dance Moms. Abby learned to dance from her mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller, who ran a dance studio in Penn Hills.
“ Fav quote(s):

"Suck it up, I don't want to see those tears."

"Girls, what are you doing? Those legs are about as straight as Elton John."

"I'm Abby, I can do whatever I want." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I'll lie, I don't care. But I'll make up a good lie"

"Should I Let you finish?"

"Are you with me or against me? "I'm against you Russell." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav Quote(s):
"...I’ll tell you one thing…you put your hands on that girl I’m gonna drag your ass up and down the damn street like you was a damn rag. I wish the hell you would put your hands on that girl you old lowdown heifer." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I love to sleep, sleep, and eat, and sleep some more."

"Because it's free, hello."

"I've been really stressed out so I've been eating a lot of candy."

"I just look good when I wanna look good."

"It takes a lot to turn this big Mama on." ” - ReRun28
Kandi Burruss
Kandi is best known as one of the lead vocalists in the hugely successful 1990s R&B vocal group, Xscape. Burrus sang lead on hits such as "My Little Secret", "Just Kickin' It" and "Who Can I Run To", as well as wrote their early hits, including "Feel So Good" and "Can't Hang". Kandi is also known as the song-writing genius behind the massive 1999 No...
“ Fav quote(s)

"Nobody gives a *beep* about what you saying. So sit your a** down."

"If you wanna send me a d*ck pic, please do."

"I may be small - OHHHW! - but my empire keeps on growing." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I have to question her sanity. The girl is freakin' obsessed with me."

"I don't know if she wants to be me, or skin me and wear me like last year's Versace."

"Do you ever try knockin' the sh*t out of her."

"I'm gonna pray for you because that's what you need."

"When we're all sitting down at night, drinking a cup of tea, petting our cats, she's like scheming all this crazy a** stuff."

"Karma is b*tch and so is she."

"Do I feel horrible about Danielle's childhood? Absolutely. That doesn't give you an excuse to be evil. I mean, Oprah was abused."

"If you think I'm a bitch then bring it on." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I run LA!"

"Send the wild bangy home and leave her there"

"I do everything first, those b*tches do it second"

"All you h*es better bow down to the mf'ing queen!"

""You pull my hair you're gonna get f___ed up!""

"Looks like I got the voodoo for you, b*tch"

"You good! You good!"

"I don't care about other people's feelings and I'm a b*tch"

"You're a stripper and you couldn't get over the wall but you can get up that pole for a dollar." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"Yous a liar and g'damn sneak, Danielle!"

"I have friends! You have no friends! You'll be an old f___ing lady with your fake and square t*ts." ” - ReRun28
Golnesa Gharachedaghi
Golnesa Gharachedaghi, known to millions of fans as G.G., is one of the stars of the hit Bravo reality television series, Shahs of Sunset. The highly-rated show features the captivating lives of six young Persian-American friends as they navigate through life, love and the pursuit of happiness in Beverly Hills. The show is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions for Bravo...
Keke Wyatt
Actress, Brown Sugar
Keke Wyatt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to Lorna Wyatt, and Keever Wyatt II. Her mother is a vocalist, while her father is a organist/vocalist. Her mother is Caucasin while her father is Native American specifically Cherokee and African American. Ketara comes from a musical family rooted in church music...
“ Fav quote(s)

"I don't know nothing about nothing."

"I`m sick of being accused of gold-digging. It just so happens I get turned on by liver spots."

"I didn't get to masturbate this morning, I've been dying to, so I gotta go home."
"One men plus 2 beers equals 20 dollars." ” - ReRun28
“ "If you can't be my friend then please don't be my enemy."

"This is only person (at horse) I know that has lips bigger than mine."

"I have pea-green towels, Do you have pea-green towels in your house? I want to wake up in the morning with the same latte I can afford in my own home, I want the same, you know, filet Mignon I have in my own home." ” - ReRun28
Janelle Pierzina
Janelle Marie Pierzina goes by Janelle Perzina. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Minnesota; Janelle currently (2007) lives in Miami Beach, Florida. She works at The Mansion Club in Florida as a lingerie wearing waitress (also in their VIP sections). She graduated in 1998 from Grand Rapids High School in Minnesota...
“ Fav quote(s)

"Bye bye b*tches!"

"Too bad, so sad."

"Beau's a male prostitute, I just figured it out. He's also a coke wh*re."

"Give me the f__ing key you f__ing b*tch!"

"She hates us because she's short and ugly." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"You're entitled to your wrong opinion, that's fine." ” - ReRun28
Mariah Huq
Mariah Huq, "Queen Bee" and sophisticated and fierce mother of two from Chattanooga Tennessee, brings a new definition to the term "working mom." Enjoying a strong, multicultural marriage to Dr. Aydin Huq, an emergency physician and native of Bangladesh, Mariah juggles family and career with their two children...
“ Fav quote(s):

"You know, Jeana's defineity the girl that would fart in the room and walk away and say "who did that?". B*tch." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"Wake u, stupid b*tch, because there's gay people in the world!"

"You could talk like a big girl, you take a beating like a big girl."

"I have a major, major problem with women who show their vagina in the clubs."

"She's lucky she didn't get her face smashed in cause she would have got her a** beat, real quick."

"Don't ever walk to me like you run sh*t ever in your life!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I called her a hobag."

"Ok, I'm crazy."

"Your, like, blood type is pinot grigio."

"It's not my style to have unprotected sex."

"I'll do whatever I want. I am a woman,, and I have a prerogative."

"I'm having nightmares about Bethenny killing me."

"Cosmopolitan rated me the five most nice nice celebrity ever."

"I don't want a time out, I want you to zip it."

"Oh my god! Al Sharpton! It's Al Sharpton!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s)

"Take a Xanax! Calm Down!" ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"Went to sleep cute, woke up cute. B*tch I run this house." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s)

"Being flirtatious is a big part of my personality... it gets me what I want. I'll flirt with girls to get my way, I'll flirt with guys to get my way." ” - ReRun28
Rachel Reilly
Producer, Reality Relapse
Rachel E Reilly is a television personality, actress, and host. Rachel grew up in North Carolina where from a young age she showed a passion for performing staring in school and local theater. One of her first acting gigs was a traveling performer with a Renaissance Festival. While working as a chemist...
“ Fav quote(s)

"Ain’t nobody gonna come between me and my man!"

"I am vegas."

"I don't call girls b*tches, because that's derogatory term."

"Are you kidding, wrong move, b*otch!" ” - ReRun28
Kim Richards
Kim Richards was one of the most popular and adorable star child actresses of the 70s. Kim was born September 19, 1964 in Mineola, New York, to Kathleen Mary (Dugan) and Kenneth Edwin Richards, a business executive. She is of Irish, English, and Welsh descent. Kim made her TV commercial debut at four months in a diaper ad...
“ Fav quote(s):

"I waved at Stevie [Wonder] but he didn't see me." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I will never forgive her for that. I might forget though, cause I forget everything. But I will never forgive her for that."

"When Ramona walked out, she looked like an alien invaded her body."

"Where do you think Brooklyn is? Ohio?"

"I'm subtle and low-key."

"It looked like she was channeling the devil."

"I don't think it's classy thing to talk about money."

"Just because you say it doesn't make it true." ” - ReRun28
“ Fav quote(s):

"I'm booked!" ” - ReRun28
Keke Wyatt
Actress, Brown Sugar
Keke Wyatt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to Lorna Wyatt, and Keever Wyatt II. Her mother is a vocalist, while her father is a organist/vocalist. Her mother is Caucasin while her father is Native American specifically Cherokee and African American. Ketara comes from a musical family rooted in church music...
Whitney Houston
Actress, The Bodyguard
Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born into a musical family on 9 August 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, the daughter of gospel star Cissy Houston, cousin of singing star Dionne Warwick and goddaughter of soul legend Aretha Franklin. She began singing in the choir at her church, The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark...
“ Fav quote(s):

"Hell to the naw!"

"That's love!" ” - ReRun28
Whitney Mixter
Whitney identifies as a lesbian and has had relationships with both men and women. Whitney notes that her first lesbian experience was with a girl in high school and was actually dating a boy at the time. She made her mark on the show The Real L Word and quickly became a fan favorite due to her scandalous ways that were known to stir up drama...