An Adventure Through The Universe

The creative minds behind BBC's DOCTOR WHO from 1963 to 2013.
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Verity Lambert
Producer, Eldorado
A young Verity Lambert began her career as TV producer when given the chance to produce the new children's television sci-fi series Doctor Who in early 1963. Due to the fact this was her first job as a producer, Mervyn Pinfield was given guardian role over the series, but Verity's talents were soon recognised...
Terry Nation
Writer, Doctor Who
Before becoming a film scriptwriter, Terry Nation was a prolific writer of UK television scripts in both the action and science fiction genres. His scripts are noted for their depth, i.e. they usually have many sub-plots as well as the main plot. As a writer on the BBC's Doctor Who series, he created the Daleks...
Barry Letts
Producer, Doctor Who
Barry Letts started his career as an actor. He began in repertory in York whilst also working for a local radio station in Leeds. After a chance meeting with BBC producer/director Rex Tucker, he started working with him first on radio and then on television. His first television appearance was in a 1950 production of "Gunpowder Guy," about Guy Fawkes...
Terrance Dicks
Miscellaneous Crew, Doctor Who
Born in East Ham, London, England in 1935, Terrance Dicks was educated at the local grammar school and went on to study English at Downing College, Cambridge. After two years' National Service in the British Army, he got a job as an advertising copywriter. This lasted for five years, during which time he started writing radio scripts as a sideline...
Philip Hinchcliffe
Producer, Doctor Who
After graduating in English Literature, Philip Hinchcliffe worked for a travel company and as a teacher before becoming a script editor for the television company Associated Television. After extensive experience of working with writers and scripts for a number of shows, he began to set his sights on moving into the production side and gained experience as an associate producer...
Douglas Adams
Born Douglas Noel Adams on March 11, 1952 in Cambridge. From 1959 until 1970 he went to Brentwood school in Essex, and his main interest was science. As a student in Cambridge he decided to hitch-hike through Europe to Istanbul, and in order to raise funds for this he took a lot of small jobs. In 1970 he left school to become a writer...
Graham Williams
Miscellaneous Crew, Doctor Who
Graham Williams joined the BBC in 1966 and worked as a script editor for several years on series such as The View from Daniel Pike, Sutherland's Law, Barlow at Large and Z Cars. In 1977 he was made producer of Doctor Who. On taking over the series, Williams was ordered by BBC bosses to lighten the...
John Nathan-Turner
Producer, Doctor Who
John Nathan-Turner was born and brought up in the Midlands. As a boy he acted in numerous school plays and revues and appeared as an extra in several TV series, including The Newcomers and United! for the BBC and Crossroads for ATV. By the time he reached the sixth form his interests had widened to encompass producing, directing and writing...
Eric Saward
Miscellaneous Crew, Doctor Who
Eric Saward was born in December 1944 and attended school until the age of 18. After working for a short time as an estate agent he moved to Holland, where he lived for three years and was briefly married. On his return to England he took a succession of jobs, including as a publisher's proof editor and as a bookshop sales assistant...
Andrew Cartmel
Miscellaneous Crew, Doctor Who
After taking a post-graduate course in computer science, Andrew Cartmel started working for a computer company in Cambridge. He left that job to become script editor for Doctor Who. After leaving the show in 1989, Cartmel worked for a year as script editor on "Casualty" before leaving the industry and working in publishing on several computer magazines...
Russell T. Davies
Writer, Doctor Who
Russell T Davies was born in Swansea, Wales (UK) in 1963. After initially taking a BBC Television director's course in the 1980s, he briefly moved in front of the cameras to present a single episode of the BBC's version of the Australian young children's show "Play School" in 1987, before deciding that his abilities lay in production rather than presenting...
Phil Collinson
Phil Collinson started in television as a script editor for Granada. After working in this capacity on the popular soap opera Emmerdale he joined the medical drama Peak Practice, subsequently being made into producer of the series. He then joined the BBC to become producer of Born and Bred...