This is what The Flash movies should be like.

This what I think The Flash movie should be like. I think there should be 3 movies to be a trilogy and here's what I think they should be called The Flash (1st movie) The Scarlet Speedster (Sequel) The Flash Forever (3rd movie)
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Bradley Cooper
Cooper garnered consecutive Oscar nominations from 2013 to 2015 for his roles in the romantic comedy Silver Linings Playbook (2012), the comedy-drama American Hustle (2013), and the biographical war drama American Sniper (2014). For producing American Sniper, Cooper also received an Academy Award for Best Picture nomination...
“ As Barry Allen/The Flash
(In The Flash, The Scarlet Speedster, and The Flash Forever)

After a lab experiment goes wrong from a lightening strike hitting the chemicals, Barry Allen becomes faster than the speed of light and takes the identity of The Flash. ” - alexwayne616
Sean Penn
Sean Penn is a powerhouse film performer capable of intensely moving work, who has gone from strength to strength during a colourful film career, and who has drawn much media attention for his stormy private life and political viewpoints. Sean Justin Penn was born in Los Angeles, California, the second son of actress Eileen Ryan (née Annucci) and director...
“ As Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
(In The Flash) ” - alexwayne616
Jessica Chastain
Actress, The Martian
Jessica Michelle Chastain was born in Sacramento, California, and was raised in a middle-class household in a northern California suburb. Her mother, Jerri Chastain, is a vegan chef whose family is originally from Kansas, and her stepfather is a fireman. She discovered dance at the age of nine and was in a dance troupe by age thirteen...
“ As Iris West
(In The Flash and The Scarlet Speedster)

The girlfriend of Barry Allen in the first movie and the fiancee of Barry Allen in the second movie. Iris is also the aunt of Wally West (second Flash). In The Scarlet Speedster, Iris gets surrounded by Reverse Flash and he runs really fast around her causing her lose her breath which ends up killing her. Barry Allen gets devastated and must stop Reverse Flash before he harms anyone else. ” - alexwayne616
Joaquin Phoenix
Actor, Gladiator
Joaquin Phoenix was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Arlyn (Dunetz) and John Bottom, and is the middle child in a brood of five. His parents, from the continental United States, were then serving as Children of God missionaries. His mother is from a Jewish family in New York, while his father, from California...
“ As Sam Scudder/Mirror Master
(In The Flash) ” - alexwayne616
Ryan Gosling
Actor, Drive
Ryan Thomas Gosling was born on November 12, 1980, in London, Ontario, Canada. He is the son of Donna (Wilson), a secretary, and Thomas Ray Gosling, a traveling salesman. Ryan was the second of their two children. His ancestry is French-Canadian, as well as English, Scottish, and German. The Gosling family moved to Cornwall...
“ Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash
(In The Scarlet Speedster)

After a chemical expert goes wrong in the lab, Professor Zoom becomes evil and becomes Reverse Flash to try and kill The Flash. When the chemicals get off Reverse Flash after The Flash goes around him to trying a tornado to him the chemicals wear off and Professor Zoom realized the monster he became. ” - alexwayne616
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, a city in the greater Johannesburg-area, in South Africa, the only child of Gerda Theron (née Gerda Jacoba Aletta Maritz) and Charles Jacobus Theron. She was raised on a farm outside the city. Theron is of Afrikaner (Dutch, with some French Huguenot and German) descent, and Afrikaner military figure Danie Theron was her great-great-uncle...
“ As Lisa Snart/Golden Glider
(In The Scarlet Speedster)

After the death of her brother, Captain Cold, Lisa must avenge her brother's death by going after the man that she believes killed her brother, The Flash. ” - alexwayne616
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Michael Jackman is an Australian actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and producer. Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as superhero, period, and romance characters. He is best known for his long-running role as Wolverine in the X-Men film series...
“ As George Harkness/Captain Boomerang
(In The Flash Forever) ” - alexwayne616
Brandon Routh
Brandon James Routh (pronounced like "south") was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and grew up in nearby Norwalk. He is the son of Catherine LaVonne (Lear), a teacher, and Ronald Wayne Routh, a carpenter. Routh has English, Scottish, and German ancestry. He attended the University of Iowa and starred in many productions at the Norwalk Theater of Performing Arts...
“ As Billy Baston/Captain Marvel
(In The Flash Forever)

Captain Marvel teams up with the Flash to stop the new villains that are planning to destroy Central City and Captain Marvel and Flash create a team with themselves called Bolt Brothers ” - alexwayne616
Tom Felton
Tom Felton was born in Epsom, Surrey, to Sharon and Peter Felton. He has been acting since he was 8 years old at the suggestion of an actress friend of his family who recognized Felton's theatrical qualities. Felton met with an agent, and two weeks later, after auditioning with over 400 other children, he landed an international commercial campaign and went abroad to work...
“ As Thaddeus Thawne/Inertia
(In The Flash Forever)

After his favorite teacher that was like a father to him, Professor Zoom, got arrested. Thaddeus Thawne does a lab experiment to become Inertia to destroy the city, to brake Professor Zoom out, and to kill The Flash and Captain Marvel. ” - alexwayne616
Daniel Craig
Actor, Skyfall
Daniel Craig, one of British theatre's most famous faces, who waited tables as a struggling teenage actor with the National Youth Theatre, went on to star as "James Bond" in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre. He was born Daniel Wroughton Craig on March 2, 1968, at 41 Liverpool Road...
“ As Theo Adam/Black Adam
(In The Flash Forever)

After finding out that Captain Marvel is teaming up with The Flash, Black Adam teams up with Inertia and Captain Boomerang to destroy The Flash and Captain Marvel ” - alexwayne616
Naomi Watts
Actress, King Kong
Naomi Ellen Watts was born on September 28, 1968 in Shoreham, England, to Myfanwy Edwards "Miv" (Roberts), an antiques dealer and costume/set designer, and Peter Watts (Peter Anthony Watts), the road manager to Pink Floyd. Her maternal grandfather was Welsh. Her father died when Naomi was seven and she began to follow her mother and her brother around England...
“ As Sarah Hall
(In The Flash Forever)

The Flash's new love interest in The Flash Forever. After the death of his fiancee, Iris West, Barry Allen has been depressed. After he met Sarah Hall, Sarah started having feelings for The Flash after The Flash saved her from Captain Boomerang. Later on, she found out Barry Allen is The Flash, then after The Flash and Captain Marvel save Central City, Barry quits his life as The Flash and starts a new life with Sarah. ” - alexwayne616
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Russell Garfield was born in Los Angeles, California, to a British-born mother, Lynn (Hillman), and an American-born father, Richard Garfield. When he was three, he moved to Surrey, U.K., with his parents and older brother. Andrew was raised Jewish. He went to a private school, the City of London Freemen's School...
“ As Wally West/The Flash
(In The Flash Forever)

He doesn't become The Flash during the movie, he becomes The Flash at the end. Wally West is a new character in The Flash Forever who is just a scientist and assistant to The Flash helping him save Central City (sort of like John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises) then at the end, Wally goes into the same chamber that cause Barry Allen to become The Flash and he takes his breath in to become The Flash and The Flash suit is seen his locker showing that he becomes the new Flash to protect Central City. ” - alexwayne616
Ben Affleck
Producer, Argo
Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt was born on August 15, 1972 in Berkeley, California, and was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His mother, Chris Anne (née Boldt), is a school teacher, and his father, Timothy Byers Affleck, is a social worker; the two are now divorced. Ben has a younger brother, actor Casey Affleck...
“ From Director Ben Affleck

Director of Argo and The Town
(This is what it would like in the trailers)

(First choice for director) ” - alexwayne616
“ From Director JJ Abrams

Director of Star Trek and Star Wars VII
(This is what it would look like in the trailers)

(Second choice for director) ” - alexwayne616
Quentin Tarantino
Writer, Pulp Fiction
Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. His father, Tony Tarantino, is an Italian-American actor and musician from New York, and his mother, Connie (McHugh), is a nurse from Tennessee. Quentin moved with his mother to Torrance, California, when he was four years old. In January of 1992...
“ From Director Quentin Tarantino

Director of Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained

(Third choice for director) ” - alexwayne616
Christopher Nolan
Born in London in 1970, Christopher Nolan began making films at the age of seven years using his father's Super-8 camera and an assortment of male action figures. He graduated to making films involving real people, and his Super-8 surrealistic short 'Tarantella' was shown on P.B.S.' 'image union' in 1989...
“ Producer/Writer-Story ” - alexwayne616
“ Producer ” - alexwayne616
Greg Berlanti
Producer, Green Lantern
WGA, DGA and Golden Globe nominated writer, director, and producer, Greg Berlanti, is the force behind several of the most inventive and acclaimed works of film and television. He is the writer, director and producer behind several of the most creative and lauded television series, including ABC's...
“ Producer ” - alexwayne616
Jonathan Nolan
Attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, graduating in 1994. Graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in 1999. Majored in English. Shortly after graduating from Georgetown University, Jonathan Nolan served as a production assistant on Memento. Wrote the short story, "Memento Mori", on which the film Memento is based...
“ Writer-Screenplay ” - alexwayne616
“ Writer-Screenplay ” - alexwayne616
Wally Pfister
Cinematographer, The Dark Knight
“ Cinematographer ” - alexwayne616
Hans Zimmer
German-born composer Hans Zimmer is recognized as one of Hollywood's most innovative musical talents. He featured in the music video for The Buggles' single "Video Killed the Radio Star", which became a worldwide hit and helped usher in a new era of global entertainment as the first music video to be aired on MTV (August 1, 1981)...
“ Music ” - alexwayne616