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“ Steve McFadden who plays Eastenders Phil Mitchell is a soap actor who I really hate and I hate seeing him when I watch Eastenders because I really hate his character. Phil is an aggressive, violent and cruel bully. He thinks he's great just because he's got lots of money. He also is a very horrible Father. Ben makes a silly mistake by selling the car garage to Max Branning, because Max Branning deceives Ben and tells Ben that him and Phil made an agreement to give the garage to him. When Phil finds out the silly mistake that Ben has made. Phil aggressively and very violently grabs Ben in the house, aggressively and very violently pulls Ben out of the house, puts him in the car aggresssively, drives the car with Ben beside him and just aggressively throws him out onto the street. Phil Mitchell is a horrible man and I really hate his character. He tries to cause problems for Ian Beale when Ian is very upset about Lucys death and finds out the whole story of who killed Lucy and that Ians 10 year old son killed Lucy. When Ians going through bad times and doesn't want guests and only wants his family, Phil crashes in and thinks that everything he his saying can't wait and that it is so important to tell Ian when it is not. Phil is also a very evil and manipulative man, he tries to deceive and manipulate Sharon and that nothings going on his life and that he reallt loves Sharon, but that's a load of rubbish, he really only loves himself and his possessions, he tries to deceive and manipulate Ian Beale, telling Ian that he's got something really important to tell him, tells Ian that its alright and not to worry about it and quietly one night without telling Ian, meets up with Ians mother Kathy Beale(Played by Gillian Taylorth). Phil Mitchell is also a very greedy man. ” - nims-1975
Charlie Brooks
Actress, EastEnders
Charlie Brooks was born on 3 May 1981 as Charlene Brooks in Hertfordshire, England and raised in Barmouth, Wales. All her life she had dreamed of becoming an actress and at the age of 13, she traveled without her parents to London to fulfill her dreams of a career in acting. After finding work appearing as bit parts in a few episodes of popular television series...
“ Charlie Brooks who plays Eastenders Janine is also a soap actress who I hate and I also hate her charact Janine ” - nims-1975
“ Letitia Dean who plays Sharon Watts in Eastenders was an actress who I really liked for a long time since she appeared in Eastenders in 1982, but when she came back to Walford after such a long time away from the soap Eastenders she was alright for quite a while, but after that she became evil and is as bad Phil Mitchell. ” - nims-1975
“ Tameka Empson who plays Kim Fox is also a soap actress who I hate. Her flamboyant, loud and hyperactive character Kim Fox is a character who I hate and also find very annoying. ” - nims-1975
“ Luisa Bradshaw White who plays the stupid lesbian Tina Carter is a soap actress I hate. When I see her on Eastenders with her pigtails, she looks like a little school girl. ” - nims-1975
“ Rebecca Scroggs who plays the stupid lesbian lover of Tina Carter, Tosh, is also an actress I hate. When I see her and Tina snogging each other non stop, she makes me sick. She also is a bad woman who likes to cause problems for others such as when she told the police about the fire incident involving kat and Alfie. She told the cops about Alfies mistake in the fire annd said that he started the fire. ” - nims-1975
Kristian Kiehling
Kristian Kiehling was born on September 17, 1976 in Holstebro, Denmark. He is a Latvian/German actor, known for Will and EastEnders. In Germany he is known for Pura vida Ibiza, Autobahnraser, Tsunami, Scharf wie Chili, Rumpelstilzchen and Verbotene Liebe (2014). He also appeared in numerous theatre shows in Germany...
“ Kristian Kiehling who plays Aleks in Eastenders is also an actor I hate. He is a very deceitful, manipulative bastard, who tries to wind himself round women such as Roxy, thinking he's Johnny Depp and also is a very domineering, Bossy, guy, who tries to boss about about people such as the innocent Tamwar, Bianca and Alfie and tries to make life difficult for them. Aleks also is a heartless and selfish man. He's got a beautiful wife and two daughters, and wants to break his wifes heart and be with Roxy. ” - nims-1975
“ Matt Di Angelo who plays Shirley Carters son Dean is a person who I hate. Dean thinks he's Johnny Depp by trying to act and think he's sexy by winding himself around women by touching up and trying to snog Linda Carter and also touches her arse and going around other women, talking to them and trying to think he's sexy by making moves on them. Well Dean Carter is an ugly Bastard. Dean is also a very evil man, he still won't admit that he's committed a crime by raping Micks wife Linda. He also has assaulted a Police Officer when he was arrested, he says to his Dying grandfather Stan in hospital that if he had known that Stan was Dying and was in hospital suffering from Cancer, that he would have come quicker after spending lots of time away from his Grandfather Stan and family, well that makes me laugh and is rubbish. Dean doesn't love or care about his Grandfather Stan because Dean is a heartless uncaring, inconsiderate bastard. He says he loves his grandfather Stan(but that's a load of rubbish, because he doesn't love anybody but himself), he gave his dying Grandfather Stan(who was suffering from Cancer) a bottle of Whisky. When his dying Grandfather Stan in his 90's is struggling to cope and survive, Stan tells him nicely not to get Cancer. Dean heartlessly and inconsiderately makes him laugh too much and gives him some whisky which causes severe problems for his breathing. He likes to create problems for other innocent people such as Nancy etc. He grabs hold of Nancy harshly and aggressively in an Episode of Eastenders in the storeroom in The Queen Vic. He aggressively puts his arm around her neck and puts his hand on her mouth, prevents her from talking, pours petrol over some of the cans in the storeroom etc, he wants to cause problems for Mick and thinks he can knock out big brother Mick, but Mick is a tall very strong man and will easily beat the living daylights out of this wimp Dean. Dean really also likes to annoy and make Lee angry. Lee won't tolerate his nonsense and wants to knock Dean out, but Mick tells Lee to calm down and not to knock him out and that he'll sort out Dean himself. Deans made so many very bad mistakes aka crimes and won't admit that he has committed these crimes, he tries to get people to cover for him and deceive and manipulate people into believing that he's innocent and that he did not commit the crimes, he spends a lot of time away from the Carter family without keeping in contact with his mum Shirley, makes the Carter family curious and confused on what's happened to him, he goes to see his evil father Buster in Jail, comes into the Queen Vic one Day with his father by his side and says to Mick 'Hello Brother', which causes a big shock for all of the Carters such as Mick, Linda, Lee, Nancy, Tina etc and causes more problems for them. When Dean was in Prison, I was over the moon and very happy that he was locked up, but I'm very angry and unhappy now, because he's been released from Jail and I have a feeling that he could have been released because either his evil mum Shirley or his evil father Buster would have told the Police that Lindas Lying and that Dean did not rape Linda. This guy really is an evil man and I really hate him. ” - nims-1975
“ Declan Bennett who plays Charlie Cotton is a person who I hate. Charlie is a really deceitful and manipulative guy, who tells lies to Dot Cotton saying he's a Policeman, when his mum knows his actions and that he really works in a care home. This guy is so manipulative and deceives gulible Dot Cotton. He also says that he loves his wife Ronnie Mitchell, but goes behind her back when she's in hospital, has an affair with Roxy, then when Ronnies better and talking, Roxy wants to put an end to what happened with Charlie, but Charlie says to Roxy that he loves her, not Ronnie. This guy really is a heartless guy, who is deceitful and manipulative. ” - nims-1975
“ Lisa Hammond who plays Donna in Eastenders is a very annoying person who I hate. She's evil and tries her best to cause problems for others such as Kat and Alfie. When Kat and Alfie are going through bad times and Alfie wants to sort out things out properly and carefully with Kat, showing that he loves Kat Very much and Kat also understands about Alfies love for her and that he wants to put that past behind him, accept the mistakes he's made and that won't do ever again. Kat really has an understanding of Alfies feelings and when Alfie or Kat are by themselves or together, annoying Donna says irrelevant, unhelpful and useless things that wind Alfie up and make him annoyed and will also wind up and make Kat annoyed. The thing about Donna is that she likes to move about in her wheelchair, see other people such as Kat, Alfie, Mo Tamwar etc and loves to wind these people up and make them annoyed by saying irrelevant, unhelpful, useless and boring things. Donna really annoys people. When Aleks leaves Walford and Tamwar becomes Market Inspector, Tamwar works and acts professionally and makes Donna aware about finances, but Donna laughs, criticizes Tamwar in a very horrible way and thinks it's funny. Well Donna is a really annoying person and I hate her. ” - nims-1975
Timothy West
A versatile British actor noted for his great power and command on the classical stage and in several other mediums including radio, film and television, Timothy West was born on October 20, 1934 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, the son of actors (Harry) Lockwood West and his wife Olive (Carleton-Crowe)...
“ Timothy West who plays Stan Carter in Eastenders is a person who I hate. At one point, he was a nice guy, but after Dean Carters raping of Linda Carter, he is fully behind Dean and believes the lies Dean tells him that Dean did not rape Linda. ” - nims-1975
“ Linda Henry who plays Shirley Carter in Eastenders is also a person who I hate. She believes the lies Dean tells her that he did not rape Linda, tells Linda, Mick and the others that Lindas lying and that her evil son did not rape Linda, she also deceives Denise and gets her to believe that Mick and Linda are lying and that Dean didn't rape Linda, gets Denise to back her up and stay on her side and believe her that Deans innocent, she does bad things to the Carter family, goes against them and really tries to manipulate them. Linda who plays Shirley is also a very evil, deceitful and manipulative mother who thinks only about herself and not others and doesn't care about her son Mick, but only cares about herself and very evil son Dean. When Mick wants to call a truce between him and Shirley and for him and Shirley to end their problems and wants to speak to Shirley privately, Shirley says no and just walks into her house quickly with Bastard Buster and closes the door. She thinks that Buster is more important than her own son Mick. When lovely son Mick wants to help and solve family problems, horrible Shirley ignores her son Mick and doesn't give a damn or care about his feelings. Shirley is also a bully and tries to pressurise and cause problems for the Masoods, by barging into their house and speaking loudly at them in a horrible, aggressive tone. ” - nims-1975
Karl Howman
Actor, EastEnders
Karl is a very talented actor, who will be most remembered for playing "Jacko", in the brilliant comedy series, Brush Strokes. Jacko was a painter and decorator, and very much a "Jack the lad". In this hugely entertaining series, Karl played a ladies' man, who never has any intention of settling down...
“ Karl Howman who plays Micks and Deans father Buster is also a person who I hate. He is an evil and very selfish man who only also thinks about himself and Dean and not about Mick at all. He tries to create problems for the Carter family, he wants Lee to challenge him to a fight, he wants to beat up and cause problems for Lee, harm Nancy, annoy and make Mick very angry, he also wants to cause problems for Tina and all of the others, but wants support from Dean and Shirley. He spends time in Jail, doesn't keep in touch with his sons Mick or Dean and just walks back into their lives when Dean brings him back to Walford. This is a big problem for the Carter family, Buster causes problems for them and thinks things are going to be great, but tough guy Mick won't tolerate this nonsense and won't put up with Busters crap. Mick doesn't even see him as a dad, doesn't want him to be his dad, because of not being notified about anything until he is fully grown up and living with Linda and his family. ” - nims-1975
Annette Badland
Actress, EastEnders
Annette Badland is an English actress known for a wide range of roles on TV, radio and film. She has played Margaret Blaine in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, Doomsday Dora in The Sparticle Mystery, Birdie Henshall in the drama series Cutting It, Mavis in season 6 of Skins, Ursula Crowe in children's science fiction/fantasy series Wizards vs Aliens...
“ Annette Badland who plays Aunt Babe in Eastenders is also a person I hate. Babe is a very deceitful and manipulative woman, who really tries to betray the Carters and is a very horrible woman. ” - nims-1975
“ Mimi Keene who plays Cindy in Eastenders is also a person who I hate. She has a baby at a young age, doesn't know what to do etc. People such as Carol Jackson and Jane are very supportive and caring towards her and suggest appropriate things she can do about the baby, but she justs shouts at them. Cindy is a very ungrateful spoilt brat who doesn't appeciate what people do for her. ” - nims-1975
“ Natalie Cassidy and her character Sonia were people I liked for a long time, but now I hate her because she didn't want to be with Martin Fowler (who wanted to be with her) and becomes Lesbian going with Tina Carter kissing her and hugging her passionately and she makes me sick. I really hate Sonia. Sonia is also a very cruel person who thinks only about herself. She tells Martin that he should leave Stacey and that he's useless and won't be a good father to Stacey because Staceys pregnant and when Staceys second child is born, he'll only think about himself, not understand Staceys feelings etc. ” - nims-1975
“ Rita Simons who plays Roxy Mitchell in Eastenders is also a person who I hate. She goes and has an affair with Charlie Cotton behind Ronnies back, doesn't get on with Ronnie and then starts getting comlpetely Drunk making a nuisance of herself to others. Roxy is also a slut and a manipulative woman. She sleeps and dates Dean behind Ronnies back and tells Ronnie that she's not seeing Dean. Roxy is a complete slut. ” - nims-1975
Lorna Fitzgerald
Actress, EastEnders
Lorna Fitzgerald was born in March 1996 in Northampton. At the age of four she decided after a trip to the theatre that she'd like to become an actress. She started attending acting and dancing lessons and it wasn't long before she got her first part in a short film called Big Girl Little Girl. After appearances in Cherished...
“ Lorna Fitzgerald who plays Abi Branning in Eastenders is also a person who I hate. She goes and tells the Police that her Innocent Father Max killed Lucy Beale, when really its Ians son Bobby who did it. She tells in court that she's 100% correct that Max killed Lucy Beale. I hate Lorna Fitzgerald and her character Abi. ” - nims-1975