Underatted Actors - Best of the Best

Everyone can list their favourite "celebrities", but I want to recognize the talented actors that, although may not have first billing (yet), are the true masters of their craft.
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“ Probably most recognized for his work on Global's "Bomb Girls", Dan has been stealing the scene since 2008. Although he's been described as a comedic actor, with his gentle wit and dry sarcasm beautifully displayed in "I Am a Houslamp (2012)", this is an actor who has already become a master of the subtle nuances which make every character he portrays original and unforgettable. Just a slight change in posture, or the furrow of his brow and Dan really transforms himself into someone new each time. I can't wait to see what he's going to do next.... And yes, that is him in the official music video for City And Colour's "Sleeping Sickness" ” - huniebee1
“ This actor is probably most recognizable for depicting the role of 'Steve Holt' on Arrested Development series. Returning now for a four season, Justin not only reprises his role, but also gives him new life!. He has turned a previously one-dimensional character into someone with whom the audience can relate. Most impressively, Justin communicates the majority of 'Steve's' feelings with very few words. His body language, his facial expressions, even just the look in his eyes causes the audience to emphasise. Keep watching, Justin Grant Wade is going places ” - huniebee1
Sean Whalen
Sean was born in Washington D.C. The youngest of four, he was raised in Silver Spring/Olney Maryland and graduated from Sherwood High School. He moved west and graduated from UCLA four years later. Like most actors, he worked as a waiter while studying and performing at the famed Groundling Theater...