The Best action cinematographers.

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John Schwartzman
Cinematographer, Jurassic World
Attended USC Film School.
“ Best work: * Pearl Harbor *, * Armageddon * and * The Rock *. ” - nicesegue
Ben Seresin
Cinematographer, World War Z
Mitchell Amundsen
Camera and Electrical Department, Pearl Harbor
Mitchell "Mitch" Amundsen grew up in Larkspur in Marin County outside of San Francisco. During his high school years he became interested in still photography and studied film at the Montana State University in Bozeman. There, he took classes on motion pictures, which sparked his interest in cinematography...
Amir Mokri
Cinematographer, Man of Steel
Paul Cameron
Cinematographer, Westworld
Andrzej Bartkowiak
Cinematographer, Speed
Bill Pope
Cinematographer, The Matrix
Russell Carpenter
Cinematographer, Titanic
Mauro Fiore
Cinematographer, Avatar
David Emmerichs
Camera and Electrical Department, The Green Mile
Born in California, David grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and attended Rufus King High School. He became interested in movies at an early age, making stop-motion animated films in his basement when he was age 12. He attended the New York University Tisch School of the Arts film school from 1985-1989; winning awards for cinematography and becoming interested in Steadicam...
John Seale
Cinematographer, Mad Max: Fury Road
Janusz Kaminski
Cinematographer, Saving Private Ryan
Janusz Kaminski is a Polish cinematographer and film director. He has established a partnership with Steven Spielberg, working as a cinematographer on his movies since 1993. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for his work on Schindler's List (1993) and Saving Private Ryan (1998). His other film's as an cinematographer includes Amistad (1997)...
Dean Lent
Cinematographer, Gas, Food Lodging
Peter Levy
Cinematographer, Predator 2
Alex Thomson
Cinematographer, Alien³
Alex Thomson entered the film industry in 1946. He worked as regular camera operator to Nicolas Roeg in the 1960s before becoming a director of photography in 1968. His career suffered a hiatus in the mid 1970s when he was injured after falling off a camera rostrum on the set of Jesus Christ Superstar. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1982 for his cinematography on Excalibur
John Mathieson
Cinematographer, Gladiator
John Mathieson came up through the traditional camera ranks and worked as an assistant to Gabriel Beristáin for several years. Mathieson was first recognized for his work on the music video "Peek-A-Boo" by Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Dietrich Lohmann
Cinematographer, Deep Impact
Jeffrey L. Kimball
Cinematographer, Top Gun
Arthur Wong
Cinematographer, Ultraviolet
Arthur Wong, a famous cinematographer, is the permanent president of HKSC. Began his film career in 17 years old, he has participated in over 120 films with well-known directors, such as Ann Lee, John Woo, Hark Tsui, Jackie Chan, Peter Chan, Woo-ping Yuen and Teddy Chan. He has won Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Cinematography in 9 times...
Peter Pau
Pau has been one of the top cinematographers in Hong Kong. After his graduation of Filmmaking at San Francisco Art Institute in 1983, he directed his first feature "The Temptation of Dance" and Wu du qing chou (aka Misty) in the 1990s. Pau has been working with the top directors such as John Woo (_Dip hyut shueng hung (1989)_ [aka The Killer])...
James Hawkinson
Cinematographer, Hannibal
Michael Ballhaus
Cinematographer, The Departed
Michael Ballhaus was a German cinematographer. He worked on many American films, including Baby It's You (1983), Old Enough (1984), After Hours (1985), The Color of Money (1986), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), Goodfellas (1990), Dracula (1992), The Age of Innocence (1993), Gangs of New York (2002), and The Departed (2006)...
Dean Semler
Cinematographer, Dances with Wolves
Ericson Core
Cinematographer, The Fast and the Furious
After graduating from USC's film program as well a degree from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Core started his career as a Director of Photography on such films as "187" for Kevin Reynolds, "Payback" for Brian Hegleland, "Mumford" for Lawrence Kasdan, "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" for Michael Radford...
Newton Thomas Sigel
Cinematographer, Drive
Adrian Biddle
Cinematographer, V for Vendetta
Howard Atherton
Cinematographer, Bad Boys
Alexander Gruszynski
Cinematographer, Tremors
Haris Zambarloukos
Cinematographer, Thor
Seamus McGarvey
Cinematographer, The Avengers
Seamus McGarvey BSC, born 29 June 1967 in Armagh, Northern Ireland, is an Irish cinematographer who began his career as a still photographer before attending film school at the University of Westminster in London. Upon graduating in 1988 he began shooting short films and documentaries, including Skin...
Darius Khondji
Cinematographer, Amour
David Tattersall
Cinematographer, The Green Mile
Jan de Bont
Cinematographer, Die Hard
Jan de Bont was born in the Netherlands to a Roman Catholic Dutch family on the 22 of October 1943. He has always had a creative mind and good mentality for camera techniques and soon got into film as a popular cinematographer. He worked on a huge number of films before finding himself on the production of the film Speed...
John Toll
Cinematographer, Braveheart
John Toll is an American cinematographer. His filmography spans a wide variety of genres, including epic period drama, comedy, science fiction, and contemporary drama. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in both 1994 and 1995 for Legends of the Fall and Braveheart respectively. He has collaborated with several noteworthy directors...
Matthew Libatique
Cinematographer, Black Swan
David Eggby
Cinematographer, Pitch Black
David Eggby ACS Director of Photography, DAVID EGGBY A.C.S. began his career at Crawford Productions in 1965. A stint in Still Photography followed. He then spent 6 years as a Naval Airman Photographer with the Royal Australian Navy. David has also worked on many police TV dramas, commercials, mini series and television movies...
Daryn Okada
Cinematographer, Mean Girls
Barry Ackroyd
Cinematographer, The Hurt Locker
Thomas E. Ackerman
Cinematographer Thomas Ackerman was born on 14 September, 1948 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and enrolled in the University of Iowa, where he took a cinema course. He was hired by the university to shoot football games and training films for its School of Dentistry. In 1968 he went to work for Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Guggenheim, who became his mentor...
Dion Beebe
Cinematographer, Edge of Tomorrow
Gabriel Beristain
Cinematographer, Blade II
Bojan Bazelli
Cinematographer, The Lone Ranger
Cinematographer Bojan Bazelli, ASC is a master image maker working at the forefront of today's most high profile, visually progressive films. Bazelli most recently wrapped principal photography on director Gore Verbinski's Cure for Wellness, which opens in theaters Feb. 17, 2017. The director-DP duo previously collaborated on The Lone Ranger...
Don Burgess
Cinematographer, Forrest Gump
James L. Carter
Cinematographer, Ladder 49
Robert Elswit
Cinematographer, There Will Be Blood
Robert Elswit is an American cinematographer. He is best known for Boogie Nights (1997), Magnolia (1999), Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), There Will Be Blood (2007), Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011), Inherent Vice (2014), and Nightcrawler (2014). Elswit frequently works with director Paul Thomas Anderson and has worked with George Clooney several times...
Thomas Kloss
Cinematographer, Don Jon
Christian Sebaldt
Cinematographer, Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Christian is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Visual Effects Society and others. Raised in Munich, Germany, his first serious exposure to the film industry was as a trainee at the Bavaria Studios and Lab in Munich...
Dante Spinotti
Cinematographer, L.A. Confidential
Dante Spinotti was born in Tolmezzo, Udine, in the northeastern Italian Region of Friuli. He began his career at RAI (Italian TV), before that he spent lot of time in Kenia as cinematographer for his uncle. In 1985, producer Dino De Laurentiis offered him a chance to work in USA for the first time with Michael Mann for the feature Manhunter...
Jack N. Green
Cinematographer, Unforgiven
John Toll
Cinematographer, Braveheart
John Toll is an American cinematographer. His filmography spans a wide variety of genres, including epic period drama, comedy, science fiction, and contemporary drama. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in both 1994 and 1995 for Legends of the Fall and Braveheart respectively. He has collaborated with several noteworthy directors...
Frank Griebe
Cinematographer, Cloud Atlas
Buzz Feitshans IV
Cinematographer, Chuck
Peter Deming
Cinematographer, Twin Peaks
Mark W. Gray
Cinematographer, A.P.E.X.
Harris Done
Cinematographer, Trekkies
Alun Bollinger
Cinematographer, The Frighteners
Bill Wong
Cinematographer, Wong Fei Hung
Jingle Ma
Cinematographer, Rumble in the Bronx
John Blick
Cinematographer, The Frighteners
Ward Russell
Camera and Electrical Department, Top Gun
Luciano Tovoli
Cinematographer, Suspiria
Lukas Ettlin
Cinematographer, The Lincoln Lawyer
Steve Mason
Cinematographer, Harsh Times
Robert Richardson
Cinematographer, Inglourious Basterds
Robert Richardson an American cinematographer. He is best known for work with Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Oliver Stone. He has won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography three times, for his work on JFK (1991), The Aviator (2004), and Hugo (2011). He is one of three living persons who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography three times...
Caleb Deschanel
Cinematographer, The Patriot
Caleb Deschanel is an American film cinematographer and film/television director. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards, each time in the field of cinematography. The first nomination came in 1983 for the film The Right Stuff. His second was in 1984 for The Natural. A third came in 1996 for Fly Away Home...
Emmanuel Lubezki
Cinematographer, Gravity
Lubezki began his career in Mexican film and television productions in the late 1980s. His first international production was the 1993 independent film Twenty Bucks, which followed the journey of a single twenty-dollar bill. Lubezki is a frequent collaborator with fellow Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón...
Jess Hall
Cinematographer, Hot Fuzz
Jess Hall was born on March 16, 1971 in England. He is known for his work on Hot Fuzz (2007), Grindhouse (2007), The Spectacular Now (2014) and Transcendence (2014). He attended Saint Martins School of Art and New York University where he studied film and fine art. He has been married to Radha Singh since 1997...
Juan Ruiz Anchía
Cinematographer, Glengarry Glen Ross
Juan Ruiz-Anchia, ASC was born in the capital of the Basque Province of Spain, Bilbao. He graduated in 1981 from the American Film Institute (AFI in Hollywood, CA) with a Master in Visual Arts as a Director of Photography. Prior to attending AFI, he graduated from the Escuela Oficial de Cinematografía in Madrid...
Patrick Blossier
Cinematographer, Days of Glory