The Ordered Most Famous Movie Scenes | Quotes | Moments

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100 Greatest Movie Quotes:
According to IGN, AFI's 100 Quotes and approximated number of imitations, views and discussions on it. This is a complete movie moments/quotes/scenes list with all of the biggest ones in it. We tried to be really thorough, because we would like to see ALL the famous scenes in one row, finally, we hope we did it! Some may contain spoilers, but don't worry, you really can not have missed any of them! ;)

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For the ordered Most FAMOUS Movies, compiled with IMDb, Oscars, Box Office etc. check this toplist. Which also exists for famous TV Series

Not all images are about the exact scene that is mentioned next to it, but I tried to make sure the image had as much as possible to do with the scene. By replacing the numbers at the end of the link above, you can watch any top you want: a top 25 famous movie scenes (instead of '?start=101#201', just put '#25' there), or its top 10 movie moments (#10) or just the top 100 famous movies quotes (#100).

In consideration (2015): Inside Out (dad gets mad in the head) Sicario (crossing border) Mad Max (into the sandstorm)

Listed here are the most famous movie and film scenes ever , the greatest famous movie quotes listed in order!