My List of the Funniest Comedians(in my opinion)!

Now, these are some of my favorite funny men and women. If you don't like them, let's just agree to disagree. ;)
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Richard Pryor
Highly influential, and always controversial, African-American actor/comedian who was equally well known for his colorful language during his live comedy shows, as for his fast paced life, multiple marriages and battles with drug addiction. He has been acknowledged by many modern comic artist's as a key influence on their careers...
“ The Master... nothing else needs to be said. The one who raised the bar and then broke it by making even the most depressing and tragic events in his life funny. No one else will even come close to him. ” - Cosmic_Cre
George Carlin
Actor, Dogma
Born and raised by his mother in Manhattan, New York City. His parents divorced when he was two months. His mother (as well as his father) worked in marketing, where they met. The long hours the mother worked left the young George by himself for long hours every day, providing him (in his own words)...
“ A legend and certified genius! His razor sharp wit and blunt honesty by focusing a microscope at the absurdities of life made him truly one of the greats. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Robin Williams
Robin McLaurin Williams was born on Saturday, July 21st, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois, a great-great-grandson of Mississippi Governor and Senator, Anselm J. McLaurin. His mother, Laurie McLaurin (née Janin), was a former model from Mississippi, and his father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, was a Ford Motor Company executive from Indiana...
“ This man has been so ingrained in my childhood since his stint on "Mork and Mindy"(I even had the lunchbox)! As a master of improvisation, his wit and humor was so lightning fast that his transition from the stage to screen was simply destiny. An added bonus was how in recent years he'd easily and believably taken on dramatic roles. His untimely death was a horrible loss for the world and I will miss him terribly. Rest in paradise, Robin. :( ” - Cosmic_Cre
Eddie Murphy
Edward Regan Murphy was born April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, to Lillian (Laney), a telephone operator, and Charles Edward Murphy, a transit police officer who was also an amateur comedian and actor. After his father died, his mother married Vernon Lynch, a foreman at a Breyer's Ice Cream plant...
“ This is the comedian I practically grew up with. I was watching his stand-up concerts, "Delirious" and "Raw" even before I was old enough to understand a lot of his more racy jokes! The Cookout routine I know pretty much verbatim! Seen pretty much all his movies too! One of the best! XD ” - Cosmic_Cre
Carol Burnett
The entertainment world has enjoyed a five-decade love affair with comedienne/singer Carol Burnett. A peerless sketch performer and delightful, self-effacing personality who rightfully succeeded Lucille Ball as the carrot-topped "Queen of Television Comedy," it was Burnett's traumatic childhood that set the stage for her comedy...
“ A comedy goddess! Her on the "Carol Burnett Show" and all of the hilarious characters she portrayed, will be a part of popular culture for many years to come and I'm not exaggerating that. Right now, I'm giggling thinking about the "Gone With The Wind" sketch! XD ” - Cosmic_Cre
Chris Rock
Christopher Julius Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Rosalie (Tingman), a teacher and social worker for the mentally handicapped, and Julius Rock, a truck driver and newspaper deliveryman, whose own father was a preacher. Rock has been in stand-up comedy for several decades...
“ His satirical take on racism and politics has made him one of the best and funniest comedians of the last 20 years. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Wanda Sykes
Wanda Sykes has been called one of the funniest stand-up comics by her peers and ranks among Entertainment Weekly's 25 Funniest People in America. Her smart-witted stand-up has sent her career in many different areas. She was recently seen in Comedy Central's Wanda Does It, where she tried various non-showbiz jobs...
“ The only black female to show up on Comedy Central's 100 Greatest Standups of All Time. Her routines about being a newly outed gay woman with a family is in step with the kind of honest humor that Pryor was famous for. Hilarious! ” - Cosmic_Cre
Ellen DeGeneres
Emmy-winning talk show host Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born in Metairie, Louisiana, a New Orleans suburb. She is the daughter of Betty DeGeneres (née Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer), a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent. Her brother is musician and producer Vance DeGeneres. Her parents divorced when she was sixteen years old...
“ Such a sweetheart and a really funny woman! Ellen's take on comedy is almost like she's a big kid. Her observations are those of a prepubescent child with an adult vocabulary bringing attention to the weird and silly stuff that only kids notice. Even after her controversial coming out episode that led to the cancellation of her sitcom, she came back stronger and funnier than ever as host of her own talk show. Love her! ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ He's known for his distinctly lethargic voice and slow, deadpan delivery of ironic, philosophical and sometimes nonsensical jokes, and one-liners with contrived situations. He's probably the last person you'd think would be a funny comedian, but he's one that I hold near and dear to my heart! I actually have an autographed picture of him. :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
Adam Ferrara
Actor, Rescue Me
Adam Ferrara is a stand-up comedian and actor who proudly played Chief Needles Nelson on the Emmy nominated FX drama series Rescue Me with Denis Leary and Frank Verelli on Showtime's hit series Nurse Jackie opposite Emmy Award winner Edie Falco. Ferrara has also costarred alongside...
“ My favorite Italian-American New York comedian who I have a little crush on! I love that in recent years because of shows like "Nurse Jackie", "Rescue Me", "The Job" and "Top Gear", more people are finding out who he is and I couldn't be prouder! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
Dana Carvey
One of SNL's most talented alumni, comedian Dana Carvey reigned supreme during his six-season run creating some of the show's most memorable characters, including "Church Lady", "Garth" of Wayne & Garth fame, Grumpy Old Man and bodybuilding "Hans" of Hans & Franz notoriety. So it is quite bewildering that this sharp and witty writer...
“ An SNL alum, great with imitating voices and personas who I've loved for years. From the Church Lady to George Bush, he's funny without being scathing or hurtful. A refreshing attribute when nowadays comedians are trying their best to be edgy. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Right now, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is the highest grossing comedian in North American and Europe thanks to his multiplatinum selling DVD specials, Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself, Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity, Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special, Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos and Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters. His dummies, Walter, Peanut, Achmed the dead terrorist, Bubba J and Jose Jalapeno on a stick are now household names because of it. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ His original comedy routines often talk about all the funny situations and people he's known from his years as a church organist. He also role-plays fictional characters such as "Bernice Jenkins" (AKA Granny Swims, Ms. Johnson or Mrs. Francis), "Lil' Daryl", "Rusty Dale", "Beauford" and a mentally challenged girl named "Precious". He has his own morning radio show where he does his trademark prank calls. Love him to death!! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle's career started while he was in high school at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC where he studied theatre arts. At the age of 14, he began performing stand-up comedy in nightclubs. Shortly after graduation, he moved to New York City where he quickly established himself as a major young talent...
“ OMG, why did he have to walk away from "The Chappelle Show"? It was probably the funniest hour on television back when his show was on. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ He was named by Ebony Magazine, "Black American's Favorite White Comedian". Being the first and only white host of BET's "Comicview", his stand up is mostly about his fish out of water experiences with him being this geeky white guy embracing and being embraced by black culture, mostly because of his black wife and her family. Hilarious guy! ” - Cosmic_Cre
Denis Leary
Denis Leary was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, the son of Nora (Sullivan) and John Leary, Irish immigrants who had grown up together. His mother was a maid and his father was an auto mechanic. After a childhood in the 1960s, Leary went to Emerson College in Boston, where he tried his hand at acting and writing...
“ His comedic style is angry, manic and relentless, but still manages to be very funny! If you happen to be one of the many things that enrage and/or annoys him, watch out because his humor is like a machine gun and God help you if you're caught in the spray! ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Lewis Black is known for his angry face, comedy style which can almost be compared with Denis Leary's. Unlike Leary's, his often includes simulating a mental breakdown, or an increasingly angry rant, ridiculing history, politics, religion, trends and cultural phenomena. It's almost as if the absurdity of others causes him physical pain. Love his shtick! ” - Cosmic_Cre
Jerry Seinfeld
Writer, Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Betty (Hesney) and Kalman Seinfeld. His father was of Hungarian Jewish descent, while Jerry's maternal grandparents, Salha and Selim Hosni, were Syrian Jewish immigrants (from Aleppo). He moved with his family, including sister Carolyn, to suburban Massepequa...
“ Specializing in observational humor, often focusing on personal relationships and uncomfortable social obligations, Jerry Seinfeld and his semi-biographical show, "Seinfeld", has made him probably one of the most successful comedians of his generation. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ My other favorite Italian-American comedian from NY and I really miss him. His observations about relationships, growing up Catholic and religion in general were absolutely hilarious! He did a few movies, TV shows and stand up specials, but who knows how far he would have gone had he not taken his own life. :( ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ He's another fairly new comedian making a name for himself in the business. His mocking humor is described as "envelope pushing" and frequently features punchlines which are intentionally racist, sexist or homophobic. His sarcastic and edgy persona has gotten him in trouble because of a controversial rape joke, but he's managed to bounce back unscathed. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ This is the man who took controversy to a whole new level. Back in the early 90s, he was the top grossing comedian on the scene. Practically a rock star selling out stadiums and arenas nationwide, he was the first comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. So, what happened? He became the whipping boy to a lot of feminist groups calling him and his routine misogynistic and politically incorrect. The backlash began to be too much and he fell out of sight for a few years. Now, he's back and badder than ever! Welcome back, Diceman! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Sam was another controversial comedian who started out as a Pentecostal preacher, then ended up performing stand-up routines that were most often characterized by an intense style, similar to enthusiastic preachers, punctuated by his trademark scream. He was also another one that was taken from us too soon. He died in a car accident on April 10, 1992. :( ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ I know that I'm probably going to get reamed for this, but who cares! Most don't think Dane is funny, but I happen to like the guy. Cook's style is principally "long-form storytelling" and "multipurpose phrases" with a casual attitude. Though he really doesn't tell jokes per se, his comedic style kinda reminds me of how frat boys tell each other funny, over the top stories. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Although nowadays, he's mostly known for his voice over work for such characters as The Taco Bell dog, Rocko on Rocko's Modern Life, Denzel Q. Crocker and Juandissimo Magnifico on The Fairly OddParents, Lazlo and Clam in Camp Lazlo, etc., his start was as a stand up comedian and an extremely funny one too! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
Billy Connolly
Actor, Brave
Billy Connolly was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He left school to work in the shipyards becoming a welder and joined the Territorial Army (in the parachute regiment) at around the same time. He developed an interest in folk music, eventually becoming an accomplished banjo player and a member of the band Humblebums with Gerry Rafferty (later of Baker Street fame)...
“ Not necessary a direct disciple of Pryor, but his life certainly mirrors his. Finding humor in the darkest parts of his painful childhood that consisted of his mother's abandonment, the aunts that had to raise him and their cruelty toward him and his sister, the physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his father and his past drug addiction.

His observational comedy is idiosyncratic and often off-the-cuff. He has offended certain sectors of audiences, critics and the media with his free use of the word "*beep*". He has made jokes relating to masturbation, blasphemy, defecation, flatulence, hemorrhoids, sex, his father's illness, his aunts' cruelty and, in the latter stages of his career, old age (specifically his experiences of growing old). ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Not only is Greg a really funny comedian, he's a best selling author for self-help/comedic books such as He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys(which was adapted into a screenplay and turned into a movie of the same name), It's Just a Date: How to Get 'em, How to Read 'em, and How to Rock 'em, and It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Break-Up Buddy. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Bill Maher
Bill Maher was born William Maher in New York City, New York, and grew up in River Vale, New Jersey. His father, William Aloysius Maher, Jr., who was of Irish descent, was a radio announcer and news editor. His mother, Julie (Berman), was a nurse, who was from a Jewish family. Maher was raised in his father's Catholic faith...
“ He is known for his sarcastic attitude, political satire and sociopolitical commentary, which targets a wide swath of topics including religion, politics, bureaucracies of many kinds, political correctness, the mass media, greed among people and persons in positions of high political and social power, and the lack of intellectual curiosity in the electorate. He's never afraid to tell it like it is or how he feels it should be. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Samantha Bee
Studied at George Brown Theatre School in Toronto. She waited tables for five years, did some theatre work and the odd commercial. Even kept her comedic bent alive in the Toronto sketch comedy group, the Atomic Fireballs, she formed with three other women.
“ This Canadian-American comedian, writer, actress and former correspondent of "The Daily Show" has come into her own becoming one of the funniest and most scathing political satirist to come along in the last few years, mostly thanks to her hit show, "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Another supremely funny comic that made his start as a correspondent of "The Daily Show", John Oliver has taken off into the stratosphere in much the same as his former co-stars by hosting his own show on HBO, "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" where he showcases his brilliantly hilarious social commentary. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Stephen Colbert
Stephen Tyrone Colbert (pronounced "col-BEAR") was born on May 13, 1964 in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the son of Lorna Elizabeth (Tuck) and James William Colbert, Jr., a doctor and medical school dean at Yale, Saint Louis University, and MUSC. He is the youngest of eleven children, and is of Irish Catholic background...
“ Yes, another graduate of "The Daily Show"! He was one of the first correspondents to spin off onto his own show. First, he starred in "The Colbert Report", a parody of personality-driven political opinion shows such as The O'Reilly Factor, in which Colbert portrayed a caricatured version of conservative political pundits and now he hosts "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" adding his political satirical spin to David Letterman's former show. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Tom Kenny
Tom Kenny grew up in East Syracuse, New York. When Tom was young he was into comic books, drawing funny pictures and collecting records. Tom turned to stand-up comedy in Boston and San Francisco. This led to appearances on every cable show spawned by the stand-up epidemic of the 80's and 90's as well as stints on The Dennis Miller Show...
“ Nowadays, most people know him as a voiceover artist, namely for providing the voice for Spongbob Squarepants, but I've been a fan of his since his stand up days. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Whoopi Goldberg
Self, The View
Whoopi Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson in the Chelsea section of Manhattan on November 13, 1955. Her mother, Emma (Harris), was a teacher and a nurse, and her father, Robert James Johnson, Jr., was a clergyman. Whoopi's recent ancestors were from Georgia, Florida, and Virginia. She worked in a funeral parlor and as a bricklayer while taking small parts on Broadway...
“ Another comedic/dramatic actor that I grew up with, I've been a fan of hers since her one-woman show on Broadway back in 1985. I can still do that entire show verbatim! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
John Leguizamo
Actor, Ice Age
Fast-talking and feisty-looking John Leguizamo has continued to impress movie audiences with his versatility: he can play sensitive and naive young men, such as Johnny in Hangin' with the Homeboys; cold-blooded killers like Benny Blanco in Carlito's Way; a heroic Army Green Beret, stopping aerial terrorists in Executive Decision; and drag queen Chi-Chi Rodriguez in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar...
“ Not a stand up comedian per se, I became a fan of his through his off Broadway one-man comedy shows, Mambo Mouth, *beep* Freak, and Sexoholix... A Love Story. In all of these productions, he's portraying different characters, some of them women. He's also a movie actor who, like Robin Williams, can transition easily between comedic and dramatic roles. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Gabriel Iglesias
Born in Chula Vista, California, Gabriel Iglesias is the youngest of six children, and was raised by a single mother, Esther (Pinuelas) Mendez. Growing up, the family lived in Section 8 housing in Long Beach, CA. It was during his childhood that he developed a strong sense of humor to deal with the obstacles he faced...
“ He's not fat, he's fluffy! Since his start on the kid's show, "All That", Gabriel's stand up career has catapulted him into the mainstream! He employs storytelling, effected voices and sound effects in his act, whose other trademarks include references to his weight and his use of Hawaiian shirts. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ This was a funny man that not too many people know or remember, but I was a fan of his. He was a favorite among his peers and his untimely death was a huge loss in the comedy world. :( ” - Cosmic_Cre
Mitch Hedberg
Mitch Hedberg was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on February 24, 1968. He began his stand-up career in Florida, and after a period of honing his skills there he moved to Seattle and began touring. He soon appeared on MTV's "Comikaze", then a 1996 appearance on Late Night with David Letterman brought him his big break...
“ Probably one of the most underrated comedians of his time, Mitch was known for his surreal humor and unconventional comedic delivery. His comedy typically featured short, sometimes one-line jokes mixed with absurd elements. He had somewhat of a hippy-dippy druggie persona that was all too real and eventually took his life. Another funny comedian who left us too early. :( ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Thanks to roles in films like "This Is The End", "Shrek Forever After", the upcoming "Sausage Party" and on the TV show "The Office", he's one of hottest comedians coming up now. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ I know that he's mostly seen as an singer and dancer, but his videos are hilarious!! Watch his video, "Twerkin' In The Rain" and you'll see just what I'm talking about. :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ One of my current favorite political comedians out now. Handsome and intelligent... my favorite combination! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ God, I wish he had a picture up! Unless you are a frequent Vine watcher, you probably have never heard of this guy, but trust me when I say that he's hilarious! He's an actor, musician and comedian who has a large following on You Tube because of his Vine videos and is a major contributor to a Facebook page called Awkward Puppets in which he voices a Mexican puppet named Diego. I hope and pray that we see him in the mainstream soon. ” - Cosmic_Cre
Tré Melvin
Tré Melvin is an American actor, singer, songwriter, published playwright, philanthropist, and YouTube personality. Melvin is widely known for his YouTube show, formerly named "This Is A Commentary", in which he varies between sketch comedy, parody, and social commentary. His channel currently boasts over 3.2 million+ subscribers and 300 million video views worldwide...
“ This is one of my favorite You Tubers and I'm a huge fan of his "This Is A Commentary" page. He's done several skits about many subjects, but his most famous is his character, "Watermelondrea"... a bitchy ghetto girl with blond hair. He's also worked with Todrick Hall on several occasions. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ I'm starting to think the future of comedy isn't the comedy clubs or improvisational workshops, but on You Tube and Vine. This is another extremely funny Internet famous actor/comedian that I've grown to adore. He and Rudy do know each other and have collaborated on videos together. ” - Cosmic_Cre
“ Another hilarious breakout Vine star who does one of my favorite segments of his called "Storytime", where he accosts random strangers with a camera, saying to them what he believes to be their "true stories" which usually turn out to be completely off the mark in a shocking or embarrassing way. Something that you have to check out! :D ” - Cosmic_Cre