Top Ten Creative Collaboraters - The Deep End

Based on a film noir book I am currently reading, I have created a new top 10 format based on the creative collaborators on a film. The creative forces will include: original writer, screenplay writer, director, cinematography, music director and key actors. Here is my list for the excellent neo noir film from 2001 - The Deep End
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Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Writer, The Deep End
Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Elisabeth Sanxay attended Miss Whitcombe's and other schools for young ladies before marrying British diplomat George E. Holding in 1913. The couple had two daughters and traveled widely in South America and the Caribbean before living in Bermuda for a number of years...
“ Wrote the original source of material - The Blank Wall published in 2001. ” - milam_ogden
“ collaborated also with David Siegel. Also responsible for the screen adaption from the original book. ” - milam_ogden
“ cinematography for this film ” - milam_ogden
“ creative force for musical score ” - milam_ogden
Tilda Swinton
The iconoclastic gifts of the visually striking and fiercely talented actress Tilda Swinton have been appreciated by a more international audience of late. She was born Katherine Mathilda Swinton on November 5, 1960, in London, England. Her mother, Judith Balfour, Lady Swinton (née Killen), was Australian...
“ Driving character of this film ” - milam_ogden
Jonathan Tucker
Jonathan is a film and television actor born in Boston, Massachusetts, May 31, 1982. While still in third grade, he was a part of a ballet production of "The Nutcracker." After High School he earned admittance to Columbia University in New York City, but instead elected to pursue his acting career. His first credited appearances were in The Night Before Christmas (original title "Botte di Natale" and a.k.a...
“ misunderstood son ” - milam_ogden
Goran Visnjic
Actor, ER
Goran Visnjic is a Croatian American actor and producer, born in Sibenik, Croatia, Yugoslavia. He is married to Eva Visnjic (formerly Ivana Vrdoljak) with whom has three children. From an early age Visnjic started appearing in various theater plays. At the age of 16, he had his screen debut in the film Braca po materi In 1990...
“ saved the day for the Hall family ” - milam_ogden
Peter Donat
Actor, The Game
The Cando-American actor Peter Donat had a 50-year-long career in TV, motion pictures and theater. So respected was Donat, that Francis Ford Coppola considered casting him in the role of Tom Hagen in The Godfather that went to Robert Duvall. The nephew of Oscar-winning actor Robert Donat, Peter was born Pierre Collingwood Donat on January 20...
“ elder male presence in the family ” - milam_ogden
“ neglected daughter in the family ” - milam_ogden
Raymond J. Barry
Before moving into film, Raymond J. Barry appeared in more than 75 stage productions, winning two Obie Awards for "Leaf People" and "Molly's Dream." Barry earned a degree in philosophy at Brown University before being accepted by the Yale School of Drama. After he moved to New York in the 1960s, his...
“ evil force behind Alex demanding money ” - milam_ogden