"REAL to REEL" Cop Actors

Former Full Time Police Officers that became Actors. (Not actors who work as volunteers or reserve officers).
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Dennis Farina
Actor, Snatch
Dennis Farina was one of Hollywood's busiest actors and a familiar face to moviegoers and television viewers alike. Recently, he appeared in the feature films, "The Grand," a comedy about a Vegas poker tournament with Woody Harrelson, Cheryl Hines and Ray Romano; "Bottle Shock," also starring Alan Rickman...
“ Dennis was the real deal. Great Actor ” - kareng81
“ Jerry Seinfeld's TV father was a retired NYPD Officer ! ” - kareng81
“ Former NYPD Officer and great character actor. ” - kareng81
“ David was a Newark Police Officer and acted in Televison in the 1970's as well as having the Show Toma and Baretta created about his exploits. ” - kareng81
“ Former NYPD Officer, Actor and Televison personality ” - kareng81
Ken Osmond
Forever tagged as the unctuous, trouble-making truant Eddie Haskell on the quintessential 50s family show Leave It to Beaver, actor Ken Osmond did not manage much of a career after the stereotype. So inextricably typed was he that he gave up on any semblance of a career within a short time after the series' cancellation...
“ Ken Osmond from Leave it to Beaver was a child Actor became a hero LAPD Officer but still continued to act. ” - kareng81
“ Former NYPD Detective, Actor and author ” - kareng81
Sonny Grosso
Sonny Grosso was a New York City police officer when his experiences with his partner Eddie Egan during the early 60s became the basis of the film The French Connection. Grosso had a bit part in the film while Egan had a more substantial role. Grosso later appeared in two more feature films, _Report to the Commissioner (1974)_ and Cruising.
“ Former NYPD and Real life French Connection Detective ” - kareng81
Eddie Egan
Mr. Egan was the tough-talking New York City police officer whose exploits inspired the Academy Award winning film The French Connection. With partner Sonny Grosso, he managed a 112-pound heroin bust in 1962, one of the biggest in New York's history. Mr. Egan was nicknamed 'Popeye' and was played in The French Connection by Gene Hackman...
“ Former NYPD Detetcive Actor and partner of Sonny Grosso ” - kareng81
“ Former Australian Police Officer turned Actor ” - kareng81
“ Former Police Officer / Actor ” - kareng81
“ Former Police Officer / Actor ” - kareng81