The Indiana Connection

Various actors, writers, directors, etc., in the entertainment industry that were born in or are connected to the state of Indiana.
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Brenda Jo Reutebuch
Actress, The Promise
Born Brenda Joan Sisson in Adamsboro, Indiana, Brenda was quite the tomboy growing up. She spent most of her early childhood working with her father caring for the animals on their farm & fishing in the nearby rivers. Although Brenda Jo had been involved in the local theater and music programs in Logansport, Indiana during her school years, it would be years later before she made her film debut...
“ Brenda is a graduate of Logansport High School, Logansport, Indiana.
Born October 25, 1961. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Ken grew up in a small town in southern Indiana.
Brenda Jo Reutebuch was blessed to be in a film with Ken Kercheval, for her very first project, "This Promise I Made". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Kimberly J. Richardson
Actress, Losing Breen
Multi-award winning actress Kimberly J. Richardson began acting on stage as a teenager and began modeling in her twenties. She performed in her first film in 2012, the multi-award winning "Seven Deadly Words", and now continues to enjoy performing in a wide variety of roles in film and television. She loves the Lord and gives Him all glory for her gifts and accomplishments..
“ Kimberly and Brenda Jo have been in several film & television projects together - among them - "Old Folks Like Us", "Vanished", "Smoke & Mirrors" and "How To Survive The End Of The World". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Brenda Jo met Mary as a result of Facebook, and has been in two projects with Mary since - "At The Foot Of The Rainbow", and "Smoke & Mirrors". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Red Skelton
The son of a former circus clown turned grocer and a cleaning woman, Red Skelton was introduced to show business at the age of seven by Ed Wynn, at a vaudeville show in Vincennes. At age 10, he left home to travel with a medicine show through the Midwest, and joined the vaudeville circuit at age 15...
“ Born Richard Bernard Skelton in 1913, this Vincennes, Indiana native is probably best known for his variety show, The Red Skelton Show, but he was also a prolific actor, writer and singer. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ David & Brenda Jo have performed together in film projects - "This Promise I Made" and "Old Folks Like Us". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Russ Siler, originally from Kokomo, Indiana. He got his first shot in Hollywood with James Arness' "Gunsmoke". He is also a budding screenwriter. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Kermit started his career as a stuntman. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Ken Maynard
Studio publicity incorrectly puts his birthplace at Mission, Texas. Ken was a trick rider with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and later with Ringling Brothers and was also a champion rodeo rider. His movie debut, The Man Who Won, was the first of many for this early cowboy movie superstar. He was famous for the stunts he could enact with his horse Tarzan...
“ Tarzan.
Ken & Kermit are brothers. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Chip Rossetti
Producer, Saving Faith
Chip has dedicated his career to making movies ONLY in the Christian, Faith-Based and Family genres, and has written, directed and/or produced 19 feature films in these genres. He has also developed television shows and has 9 documentaries and 10 short and animated sorts to this credit. His first feature film...
“ Chip is a prolific writer, director, producer and cameraman in the Evansville, Indiana area. Brenda Jo has worked with Chip on his film project, "Homefront". We also have plans to work together in 2014 on a film in Ohio where Chip will be co-directing & running sound - "The Waiting Room - American Version". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Candy J. Beard
Producer, Vanished
Candy is the youngest of six children. Her parents divorced when she was just three years old. To earn a living, her father joined The Mighty Bluegrass Shows, a Tampa based traveling carnival that traveled nine months out of the year. In 1979, her mother took the five youngest children out of Indiana and left them with their father...
“ Writer, Director, Producer at Dreams Come True Films.
Brenda Jo's first film project, and many others since were with Dreams Come True Films, owned/operated by Candy and her family. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Sandy Slaven
Cassandra (Sandy) Slaven was born in New Castle,Indiana on November 4th, 1968 to parents Cecil L. and Anna E. McKillip Slaven. Her father was a factory worker for Firestone out of Noblesville, Indiana and her mother was a homemaker. From the time she was six years old Sandy knew she wanted to write for films...
“ Writer. Brenda has worked with Sandy on her short, "Smoke and Mirrors". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Tom is a graduate of Logansport High School, Logansport, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Mike is a graduate of Logansport High School, Logansport, Indiana.
Fun, fun guy. Super sweet. And very gifted. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ One of Brenda's favorite projects, "From Ashes" was written & directed by this Lafayette native. Autumn is a very talented young lady. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Actor/Director Paul, "From Ashes". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Greg Kinnear
Greg Kinnear was born on June 17, 1963, in Logansport, Indiana, USA to Edward Kinnear, a career diplomat with the US State Department, and Suzanne (Buck) Kinnear, a homemaker. Greg has two brothers--James, vice president-investments at Wachovia Securities in Arizona who was born in 1957, and Steve, a business manager with the Billy Graham Training Center in North Carolina who was born in 1959...
“ Greg was born in Logansport, Indiana, in 1963. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Kevin Kline
Kevin Kline was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to Margaret and Robert Joseph Kline, who owned several stores. His father was of German Jewish descent and his mother was of Irish ancestry. After attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Kline studied at the Juilliard School in New York. In 1972, Kline joined the Acting Company in New York which was run by John Houseman...
“ Kevin, from St. Louis, MO, attended Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Jordon Hodges
Actor Jordon Hodges, best-known for playing Noah Daly in the award-winning Sand Castles, was born in Goshen, Indiana on March 2, 1987. Jordon's interest in acting came while studying Fine Arts at Indiana University of South Bend (IUSB). During his sophomore year he enrolled in 'Acting I: Fundamentals...
“ John & Brenda Jo worked together on a few film projects, including "Old Folks Like Us" and "Homefront" ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Glenna & Brenda Jo, both talent for the Helen Wells Agency, have worked on commercials together, in Indianapolis, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Mariah & Brenda Jo have worked together on "From Ashes" and are scheduled to work together also on "Vanished" soon. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Anna and Brenda worked together on "From Ashes", a poignant film about the very real problem of human trafficking in the US. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Michaele & Brenda have worked together on several projects, including "Smoke & Mirrors", "This Promise I Made" and "Old Folks Like Us". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Chuck is from Logansport, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Matthew W. Allen
He is a 1995 graduate of Frankton High School in the very small town of Frankton, Indiana. He was an avid artist and painter in high school. Matthew first started acting after a friend of his ask for help while he was making a movie in College. Matthew was asked to portray a small role and then also to help with the sword fight choreography...
“ Brenda Jo and Matthew worked together for the first time on Nat Geo's "How To Survive The End Of The World." ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Jim Dougherty
Jim is a character actor who studied theatre and film at Indiana University. He spent several years in Chicago training as a stuntman under John Hicks Pearce, and helped develop The Chicago Stunt Team. He also attended and managed The Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts for several years. Jim's early film work started with precision driving for Nora Ephron's film Michael...
Brendan Fraser
Actor, The Mummy
Brendan James Fraser was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Canadian parents Carol Mary (Genereux), a sales counselor, and Peter Fraser, a journalist and travel executive. He is of Irish, Scottish, German, Czech, and French-Canadian ancestry. As his parents frequently moved, Brendan can claim affinity with Ottawa...
“ Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, 1968. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Crystal Gayle
Soundtrack, The Hateful Eight
Born January 9, 1951, in Paintsville, Kentucky, Crystal Gayle moved with her family to Wabash, Indiana, when she was still quite young. Her music career was given a big boost by her older sister, country superstar Loretta Lynn. Loretta thought that Crystal's real name of Brenda Gail Webb was not quite "classy" enough...
“ Although born Brenda Gail Webb, in Kentucky, Crystal's family moved to Wabash, Indiana, when she was still very young. Crystal's sister may be a name you also recognize - country singer Loretta Lynn. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
David Letterman
Television would never be the same after David Letterman made his second attempt at a television show in 1982. But his career before becoming host of the show was quite an interesting and long one. Letterman was born in Broad Ripple, a neighborhood in Indianapolis. His childhood was relatively unremarkable...
“ Born 1947 in (Broad Ripple) Indianapolis, Indiana.
Graduated from Ball State University. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Born 1951 in Seymour, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Michael Jackson
Thanks, This Is It
Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958, and entertained audiences nearly his entire life. His father, Joe Jackson, had been a guitarist, but was forced to give up his musical ambitions following his marriage to Katherine Jackson (née Katherine Esther Scruse). Together...
“ Born 1958, Gary, Indiana. Part of the famous Jackson Five music group, as well as having his own successful movie career. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Janet Jackson
Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, to Katherine Jackson (née Katherine Esther Scruse) and Joe Jackson, a musician. She is the youngest of ten children. After her birth, her brothers formed a band later called The Jackson 5. She lived at home with her sisters, while her brothers and father lived an extravagant life in Los Angeles...
“ Actress, Singer, Writer. Another successful member of the famous Gary, Indiana Jackson family. My first recollection of Janet was as a very young girl in the TV Series, "Good Times". Loved that show. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
La Toya Jackson
La Toya Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, USA as La Toya Yvonne Jackson. As a member of the famous Jackson family, though she was the most outspoken, she has lived in her sister Janet's and brother Michael's shadow. She is a producer, known for Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: La Toya Jackson (1994), The Apprentice (2004) and Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story (2010)...
Jenna Fischer
Actress, The Office
Emmy-nominated actress Jenna Fischer, known for playing the character of receptionist Pam Beesley in The Office, was born Regina Marie Fischer on March 7, 1974 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is the daughter of Anne (Miller), a teacher, and James E. Fischer, a plastic engineer. Her ancestry includes German...
“ Born in 1974, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
James Dean
James Byron Dean was born February 8, 1931 in Marion, Indiana, to Mildred Marie (Wilson) and Winton A. Dean, a farmer turned dental technician. His mother died when Dean was nine, and he was subsequently raised on a farm by his aunt and uncle in Fairmount, Indiana. After grade school, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of acting...
“ Born in Marion, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Vivica A. Fox
Vivica A. Fox was born in South Bend, Indiana, on July 30, 1964, and is the daughter of Everlyena, a pharmaceutical technician, and William Fox, a private school administrator. She is of Native American and African-American descent and is proud of her heritage. She is a graduate of Arlington High School in Indianapolis...
“ Born in South Bend, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Axl Rose
Soundtrack, Terminator 2
Born on February 6th, 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He grew up with strict religious teaching, but at the age of seventeen, left his town and headed to Los Angeles. Some time after, his long time friend Izzy Stradlin' joined him in LA and they started playing in some bands like Hollywood Rose and LA Guns...
“ Born William Bruce Rose, in 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Born 1982, Indianapolis, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Shelley Long
Actress, Cheers
Shelley Lee Long was born at 7:15 am on Tuesday, August 23, 1949 in Indian Village, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, the only child of Ivadine (Williams), a schoolteacher, and Leland Long, a teacher who had previously worked in the rubber industry. Shelley attended school at Kekionga Junior High for grades 6-9 and at South Side High School for grades 10-12...
“ Born 1949 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Sydney Pollack
Director, Tootsie
Sydney Pollack was an Academy Award-winning director, producer, actor, writer and public figure, who directed and produced over 40 films. Sydney Irwin Pollack was born July 1, 1934 in Lafayette, Indiana, USA, to Rebecca (Miller), a homemaker, and David Pollack, a professional boxer turned pharmacist...
“ Born 1934, in Lafayette, Indiana, this director, producer, actor, writer has been so prolific. He passed away in 2008. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson was considered by protocol executive Jerold Franks, CSA to be " of the most generous stars I have ever worked with." Los Angeles, New York and all parts of the country, Florence has helped raise millions of dollars for various charitable organizations. Jerold Franks, friend and confidante to actress Mary Martin as well as producer of Ms...
“ Born in Dale, Indiana, this actress/singer has been a national icon.
She also has been a regular at the Indianapolis 500 until recently. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Born in Indianapolis. Graduated from Indiana University. This fellow Hoosier is probably best known for her years on the Today Show. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Dick York
Actor, Bewitched
The gangly York is best remembered as the first and most frustrated "Darrin Stephens" on the long-running TV series Bewitched. He left the series in 1969 because of a chronic back ailment. He later founded Acting for Life, a private fund-raising effort for the homeless which he managed from his home, where he was bedridden with a degenerative spine injury.
“ Best known for his role on Bewitched, as Darrin Stephes, this Hoosier born actor hails from Ft. Wayne. Died in 1992. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Steve McQueen
He was the ultra-cool male film star of the 1960s, and rose from a troubled youth spent in reform schools to being the world's most popular actor. Over 25 years after his untimely death from mesothelioma in 1980, Steve McQueen is still considered hip and cool, and he endures as an icon of popular culture...
“ Born in Beech Grove, Indiana, 1930. Died in 1980. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Best known as Colonel Sanders of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, Harland was actually born 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Born 1907, in Brazil, Indiana, this popcorn king carved his niche in the world. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Stephen Sommers
Writer, The Mummy
Stephen Sommers was born on March 20, 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota, he attended St. John's University and the University of Seville in Spain. Afterward, Sommers spent the next four years performing as an actor in theater groups and managing rock bands throughout Europe...
“ This prolific Hollywood writer, best known for films like "The Scorpion King", "The Mummy", etc., was born in 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Probably best known for "The Princess Diaries", this writer was born in 1967, in Bloomington, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Garfield writer, Jim was born in Marion, Indiana. He started his career writing cartoons for newspapers. Graduated from Ball State University. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ This Indianapolis, Indiana born actor has made quite a prolific career for himself in Hollywood. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ This Rochester, Indiana born actress is making quite a splash. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Doug Jones
The youngest of four brothers, Doug Jones was born on May 24, 1960 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in the city's Northeastside. After attending Bishop Chatard High School, he headed off to Ball State University, where he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications, with a minor in Theatre...
“ Born 1960, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Graduated from Ball State University in 1982. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Clifton Webb
Actor, Laura
Already trained in dance and theater, he quit school at age 13 to study music and painting. By 19 he was a professional ballroom dancer in New York, and by his mid-twenties he was performing in musicals, dramas on Broadway and in London, and in silent movies. His first real success in film came in middle age as the classy villain Waldo Lydecker in Laura...
“ 1889–1966, from Indianapolis, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Hoagy Carmichael
Soundtrack, Goodfellas
Award-winning songwriter ("Stardust", "Ole Buttermilk Sky", "Georgia on My Mind"), composer, pianist, actor and singer, educated at Indiana University (LL.B). He played piano in the college bands, and later gave up a law practice for a career in songwriting. He joined ASCAP in 1931, and his chief musical collaborators included Mitchell Parish...
“ One of the most loved composers, Hoagy was born in Bloomington, IN.
(1899-1981) ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Cole Porter
Cole Porter was born June 9, 1891, at Peru, Indiana, the son of pharmacist Samuel Fenwick Porter and Kate Cole. Cole was raised on a 750-acre fruit ranch. Kate Cole married Samuel Porter in 1884 and had two children, Louis and Rachel, who both died in infancy. Porter's grandfather, J.G. Cole, was a multi-millionaire who made his fortune in the coal and western timber business...
“ One of my favorite songwriters, the Cole Porter home is just the next county over from my county. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Born in Alexandria, Indiana, Bill & his wife Gloria still live in the area, with their recording studio still located there. Probably one of their most famous songs written & sung has to be, "Because He Lives". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ This founder of WSM’s Grand Ole Opry, was born in Attica, Indiana. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Carole Lombard
Carole Lombard, the 5' 2" beauty was a comedy hit during the 30s and 40s. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 6, 1908 under the name of Jane Alice Peters. Young Jane Alice loved the Friday night movie night with her family and would perform the night before's show in the morning. Her mother and her father divorced in October of 1914...
“ Born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Carole may have died young, but she still left behind a famed career in Hollywood. She was married to Clarke Gable at the time of the plane crash that killed her.
1908-1942 ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Born in Anderson, Indiana, this musically talented Hoosier has already impacted Hollywood. He was born in 1982. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ This Hoosier musician was born into a very musical family, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Although he's been gone for several years, his music is still being used as soundtracks in a number of TV Shows & film.
1923-1968 ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Ernie Pyle
The two greatest American war correspondents of World War II were Edward R. Murrow on radio and Ernie Pyle in print. Murrow is more famous today because he survived the war to do some of the best television journalism in the early days of that medium. However, during the war, Pyle was more popular, especially among the GIs at the front...
“ Ernie has been credited (by some) as the one who first coined the expression from which the term "Hoosier" comes. This prolific American journalist was born in Dana, Indiana. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1944, the year before his death. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ Known as The Hoosier Poet as well as America’s Children’s Poet, this Hoosier was born in Greenfield, Indiana. 1849-1916 ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
David Lee Roth
Soundtrack, Argo
David Lee Roth was born in Bloomington Indiana in 1954. A few years later, his father Nathan, a doctor, moved the family to sunny California. The move proved to be a good one because while attending Pasadena Community College, David hooked up with the Van Halen brothers and Michael Anthony to form the Mighty Van Halen hard rock band...
“ Born in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1955, this performer is probably best known as lead singer of the rock group Van Halen. He is, however, also an actor, author and radio personality. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
“ I have always loved the fact that Chris, who I remember mostly for the Saturday commentaries of the PBA tour, was born in Bippus, Indiana, in 1923. Chris recently passed away in 2005. He will be missed. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Lew Wallace
Writer, Ben-Hur
The son of the governor of Indiana, Lew Wallace lived in Indianapolis as a young boy. He served in the Mexican War, and afterwards became a lawyer and was elected to the state Senate. He served again in the Union army during the Civil War, reaching the rank of major general. He was noted for repulsing an attempted raid by Confederate Gen...
“ Best known for his historical novel, "Ben Hur", this Mexican War & Civil War general was born in Brookville, Indiana. His Crawfordsville, IN, home where he wrote this novel, is still available to visit today.
He also wrote 2 other historical novels, "The Fair God" and "The Prince of India".
1827-1905 ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
George Ade
American writer, newspaper columnist, and playwright George Ade was first and foremost a self described Hoosier. Ade was born in Kentland, Indiana, one of seven children raised by John and Adaline Ade. While attending Purdue University, he met and started a lifelong friendship with cartoonist and Sigma Chi brother John T...
Leon Ames
Leon Ames was born Harry Wycoff in Portland, Indiana, to Cora Alice (DeMoss) and Charles Elmer Wycoff. He had always wanted to be an actor and he did it the hard way, serving a long apprenticeship in touring amateur theatre companies, even selling shoes for a while on 42nd Street in the 1920's. It took him until 1933 to make his debut on Broadway...
Bill Blass
Costume and Wardrobe Department, Advise & Consent
Paul Dresser
Composer, songwriter ("My Gal Sal", "On the Banks of the Wabash" [the official Indiana state song]), author, actor, singer, publisher and producer, educated at St. Meinrad's in Switz City, Indiana during training for the priesthood. He joined a medicine show at 16, then toured in vaudeville as a singer and monologist...
“ "Back home again in Indiana. . ." ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Phil Harris
A bandleader of the 1940s and a radio, film, and TV actor who always seemed to imply allegiance to the former Confederate States of America. Was a principal of long standing among the comedian Jack Benny's radio retinue, parlaying his popularity into his own radio series, in which his wife, Alice Faye, co-starred.
Buck Jones
Buck Jones was one of the greatest of the "B" western stars. Although born in Indiana, Jones reportedly (but disputedly) grew up on a ranch near Red Rock in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), and there learned the riding and shooting skills that would stand him in good stead as a hero of Westerns. He...
Marjorie Main
Her father was a minister, and when she joined a local stock company as a youngster she changed her name to avoid embarrassing her family. She worked in vaudeville and debuted on Broadway in 1916. Her film debut was in A House Divided. She repeated her stage role in Dead End as Baby Face Martin (Humphrey Bogart)'s mother...
“ Pulitzer Prize-winning composer from Richmond, IN. ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
Twyla Tharp
Miscellaneous Crew, Amadeus
Forrest Tucker
Actor, F Troop
Forrest Tucker, best known to the Baby Boom generation as Sergeant O'Rourke on the classic TV sitcom F Troop, was born on February 12, 1919, in Plainfield, Indiana. He began his performing career at age 14 at the 1933 Chicago "Century of Progress" World's Fair, pushing big wicker tourists' chairs by day and singing at night...
“ Although Forrest was from Plainfield, IN, his aunt lived in Logansport, IN, my home town. My freshman year in high school, Mr. Tucker came to Logansport High School to co-direct the Winter Fantasy play, "The Music Man". ” - BrendaJoReutebuch
David Anspaugh
Director, Hoosiers
Best known for the inspirational sports dramas Hoosiers and Rudy, David Anspaugh has enjoyed a long career as a director and producer of film and television. Born in Decatur, Indiana in 1946 to Lawrence Anspaugh, a portrait photographer, and his wife, Marie, he was a member of his high school's football...
Arija Bareikis
Arija Bareikis was born on 21 July 1966 in Bloomington, Indiana. She attended Bloomington High School South from 1980-1984. After graduating from Stanford University in 1988, she moved to Southern California to take care of horses for a brief period of time. Next, Arija moved to New York City first working as a paralegal while contemplating which direction to take her life in...
Rhonda Bates
Actress, Roadie
Anne Baxter
Actress, All About Eve
Anne Baxter was born in Michigan City, Indiana, on May 7, 1923. She was the daughter of a salesman and his wife, Catherine, who herself was the daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright, the world-renowned architect. Anne was a young girl of 11 when her parents moved to New York City, which at that time was still the hub of the entertainment industry even though the film colony was moving west...
Monte Blue
Actor, Key Largo
Stalwart, durable Monte Blue, a romantic leading man of the silent days, was born January 11, 1887, as Gerard Monte Blue (some sources indicate 1890, but his mother's application for his admission to the Soldier's and Sailor's Orphan's Home lists his birth date as January 11, 1887). Various sources have reported his first name as George or Gerald...
Avery Brooks
Avery Franklin Brooks was born on October 2, 1948 in Evansville, Indiana to a musically talented family. His maternal grandfather, Samuel Travis Crawford, was a tenor who graduated from Tougaloo College in Mississippi in 1901. Crawford toured the country singing with the Delta Rhythm Boys in the 1930s...