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These young actors are all students at Debby Gaudet's Young Screen Actors, an acting school in Baton Rouge, LA. Mrs. Debby teaches students aged 8 and up all about Scene Study, Cold Reading, Improvisation, Set Etiquette and Audition Techniques.
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Debby Gaudet
A native of New Orleans, Debby Gaudet began entertaining at the young age of five. She studied classical voice privately for fourteen years under Charles Paddock, one of the most highly respected professors from Loyola University. She performed solos, singing in Latin,French and English. In her late teens...
“ Acting Coach ” - Bridgetnic
Ty Parker
Actor, Mono
Ty Parker was born to entertain. When he was just a toddler, his older sister had brain cancer. As early as we can remember Ty Parker could be found putting on skits for children at the hospital just to make them laugh and smile. As he grew older and his sister went in remission Ty Parker decided to turn his entertaining gift into an acting career...
“ Former student and now a working actor in L.A. ” - Bridgetnic
Toby Nichols
Toby started his film training in 2012 and has since booked lead and supporting roles in feature films, prime time TV and prize winning short films. He has been nominated for, and won, awards for his roles. In 2015, he booked the role of T.R Macon on the WGN series Underground, and the lead role in the upcoming feature suspense thriller...
“ Student for 8 years and current student at Full Sail University. ” - Bridgetnic
Shadayah Mae
Shadayah Mae was born in Long Island, New York. At the age of nine, she moved to Louisiana with her family. "Shay" got her first taste of playing a character in musical theater. She enjoyed the performing arts, but wanted to learn more. With the growth of the film industry in Louisiana, her mother inquired at the local film studios about acting classes for her daughter...
Cullen Chaffin
Cullen Chaffin was born in Baton Rouge, LA. Cullen began his training as an actor in local community theater. During the summers, Cullen participated in the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) program. Cullen landed his first role in film when he was cast as "Fry" in a Columbia University produced short film Terrebonne (2009)...
“ Former student, now a Theater major in college ” - Bridgetnic
Tori Wolsefer
Actress, Cold Moon
Victoria Anne Corinne Wolsefer, "Tori", was born in Slidell, Louisiana on December 5, 2001. Tori began pursuing acting in the third grade, when she was accepted into the Talented Theater program in school. Two years later, she became a student of Debby Gaudet and studies at Young Screen Actors in Baton Rouge...
Kyla O'Deay
Kyla O'Deay has training in film, TV and theatre and has worked with renowned casting directors both in front of the camera as well as on stage. She had a featured role in Sarik Andeasyan's American Heist which debuted at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and worked on Vic Armstrong's Left Behind. Kyla has also had lead roles in theatre and played Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol...
“ Former Student, and current college student ” - Bridgetnic
Caroline Delatte
Actress, Grace Wins
Caroline Grace Delatte was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A charming girl with a keen imagination, she was always entertaining at the family gatherings. As a toddler, she began to sing and play make believe. By the age of 5, she told her mother she wanted to become an actress, but she enrolled her in private voice lessons instead...
Peyton Wich
Peyton most recently starred as Nick Harrison in Impact Earth opposite Tom Berenger, Lew Temple, and Brooke Langton. He immediately followed that role with a part in the inspiring soon to be released movie Same Kind of Different as Me. He plays Young Bobby opposite Renee Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, and Greg Kinnear...
Julianne Fincher
Julianne loves sports, martial arts, rock climbing, and riding her ripstik, but her true passion is acting. She loves to travel and has done films in Virginia, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. She lives in the south and has portrayed characters that are extremely tough as well tender and kind. She played the lead in the short films Anna and the Alligators and The Decision...
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
Danielle Nichols
When Danielle started showing an interest in acting at the age of eight, she became involved in the local theater. About a year later, she began traveling six hours one way in order to take acting classes and meet with talent agencies. Once she had representation, she never missed an audition even though she lived in South Mississippi...
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
“ Former student ” - Bridgetnic
Dylan DePaula
Dylan's journey in acting began at the young age of three when he was cast to play a featured role with Hillary Swank in the Reaping. Dylan has since been a part of several commercials, shorts, Tv series and feature films. He learned through playing his first lead role as a robot in Little Wonders, that he was meant to be an actor...
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
Logan Halliburton
Miscellaneous Crew, Ticking Clock
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic
Alex Iturbe
Actor, 1959
“ Former Student ” - Bridgetnic