1800 actors or not who appeared in 'The young and the restless'

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my work. I decided to make that post about Y&R to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Through a deep research I made this list containing 1,800 names of actors and what were their characters. This list contains almost 1800 people who appeared in soap-opera 'The young and the restless': actors (a recurring role or as guest star), non-actors that played themselves, twin children and so on.
I will put another 200 names these days. You can read the list my list here http://supermarketuldefilme.blogspot.ro/2013/03/actors-who-played-in-the-young-and-the-restless.html. Thank you!
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“ Role: Timothy 'Tim' Reid, doctor
Period: 1996, 1997, 2002, 2012 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Aaron Neville
Soundtrack, Rain Man
New Orleans-born Aaron Neville started singing in a group called The Hawkettes, in which his brother Art Neville also sang. He had some minor hits over the years, mostly regional, but finally hit the big time in 1966 with the delicate "Tell It Like It Is". For a variety of reasons--including the collapse of his record company--he wasn't able to capitalize on that record's success...
“ Role: himself
Period: 2006 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Abbey Scott
Abbey is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. Raised in a musical family, with her father Norman Saleet - a successful writer of hits songs for Air Supply, Selena, Celine Dion, etc. Abbey has always dreamed of a career in Music. She released her debut release on January 28th 2012 on iTunes.
“ Role: barista
Period: 2008, 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Abby Dalton
Sleek and striking Abby Dalton became a very familiar perky and sexy presence in 60s TV households. Known not only for her award-worthy acting on TV comedy, she became an avid game-show panelist and appeared on a slew of TV's more popular programs. It might come as a surprise to some, then, that Abby...
“ Role: Lydia Summers
Period: 1995 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Young Gloria
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: doctor
Period: 2001 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Riggs
Period: 2010 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Buddy, CSI tech
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Adam Lazarre-White
Actor, The Gift
Adam graduated from The Fieldston School in New York and from Harvard University. He excelled in music, playing guitar and saxophone, and was a superior athlete, achieving All-league honors in high school football & baseball; and started at QB for the Harvard Crimson, earning Ivy League Player of the Week...
“ Role: Nathaniel Oliver 'Nate / Nathan' Hastings
Period: 1995, 1996, 2000 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: cop
Period: 2010 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Michelle 2006, 2007
Role: nurse 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Adrian Bustamante
Adrian Bustamante was born Raul Bustamante on September 8, 1981, in Fremont, California to Raul and Marie, and was the first of their four children (1 sister and 2 brothers). The Bustamante family, moved to Antioch, California, where Ryan grew up and graduated College. Adrian's parents divorced when he was young and both his parents remain strong supporters in his life...
“ Name: Adrian (Raul) Bustamante
Role: paramedic 2010
Role: Sean Hatifield 2010 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Marco
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Alec Moretti
Period: 1997, 1998 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Adrian Sparks
Born in the UK and raised in the US, Adrian Sparks is an award winning veteran actor of the American stage. He has played leading roles at some of the most prestigious theaters in the country including The Tyrone Guthrie in Minnesota, Seattle Repertory, Long Wharf, and the Shakespeare Theater Company in Wash...
“ Role: Hugh Abernanthy
Period: 2000 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Adriana Millan
Actress, Harsh Times
A native of Los Angeles, Adriana began studying acting, singing, dance and piano at age seven and began acting in theatre productions a year later. Since then, she has become a multi-faceted entertainment professional. Her acting roles have ranged from lethal criminal, to cynical sheriff to over zealous best friend." In reference to her performance in "Real Women Have Curves"...
“ Role: prison guard
Period: 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Colleen Cecile Carlton
Period: 2006, 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Adrienne Frantz
An accomplished actor, singer and songwriter, Adrienne Frantz made a name for herself on television playing the character of Amber Moore on two CBS daytime dramas throughout the 1990s and 2000s. An outgoing only child, by age three Adrienne Danielle Frantz was holding private dance recitals in her hometown of Mount Clemens...
“ Role: Ambrosia 'Amber' Moore Forrester Ashby Romalotti
Period: 2006-2010 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Ali Spencer
Period: 2005 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Twin brother of Andrew Gonzales
Role: Fenmore 'Fen' Baldwin
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Twin brother of Aidan Gonzales
Role: Fenmore 'Fen' Baldwin
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: ophthalmologist
Period: 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Akeem Smith
Actor, Vile
Akeem Smith is an American film, stage and television actor. A native of New York, Akeem grew up in Los Angeles where he began acting at the age of 16, training with Faith Acting Studios and later at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His various stage credits include playing music legend Smokey...
“ Role: gym staffer
Period: 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: doctor 2007
Role: E.R. doctor 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Stan Harris 1986
Role: Tom 1988 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: cult member
Period: 1981 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Colleen Cecile Carlton
Period: 1994, 1995 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Albert Hall
Albert P. Hall was born November 10, 1937 in the small town of Brighton, Alabama. He is attended Columbia University and graduated in 1971. His most famous film role was probably in 1979 as Chief Phillips in Apocalypse Now'Apocalypse Now'_qv by 'Francis Ford Coppola'. Contemporary audiences will probably recognize Hall as stern judge Seymour Walsh...
“ Role: Theodore Billington, judge
Period: 2004 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: surfer
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: investigator 2010
Role: chaplain 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Owen Pomerantz, detective
Period: 2009-2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Campbell, reverend
Period: 2011, 2012 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alex Darke
Camera and Electrical Department, Larry King Now
Alex Darke is an American filmmaker. In addition to his four years of undergraduate study in Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, Alex spent his first 3 years out of the university as an executive and consultant at numerous independent film distribution and sales companies where he specialized in film acquisition, marketing, and fulfillment...
“ Role: Garcia, detective 2012
Role: Ronny 2012 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Alex David Linz
Role: Phillip Robert 'Chance' Chancellor IV (McNeil)
Period: 1995 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Diane Jenkins Newman
Period: 1986-2001 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: plain clothes cop 2011
Role: detective 2011
Role: cop 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Vince Holliday
Period: 1979, 1980, 1986, 1987 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Andrews, doctor
Period: 1986 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ The information that the actor played in 'Y & R' it isn't shown on IMDB.
Role: Davis Holloway
Period: 2011, 2012 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alex Valente
Alex was born and raised in New York City. He attended Horace Mann High School in Riverdale, New York. He began acting at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut where he graduated with a BA in Economics. He recently graduated from the 2-year Graduate Meisner Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. Alex is a huge NY sports fan.
“ Role: barista 2007
Role: Mitch 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Alexander 'Alex' Scarlis
Role: Lowell 'River' Baldwin, alias Richard Gerick
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alexandra Bokyun Chun
Actress, Saw
Alexandra Chun (born Bok Yun Chun) is an actress and filmmaker of Korean ancestry living in Los Angeles. She immigrated to the United States when she was seven years old. After attending a boarding school in Maryland, she pursued a study in Western Philosophy at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico...
“ Role: Kyon
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Sandy Blonde 2011
Role: Interrupted bookstore girl 2012 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Alez Perez
Period: 2001 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alexis Thorpe
Alexis Thorpe was born in Newport Beach, California. She made her acting debut on The Young and the Restless, after which she moved onto film projects including, The Forsaken and Pretty Cool and fell in love with films. So she has decided to leave "The Young and the Restless".
“ Role: Rianna Miner
Period: 2000, 2001 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alexis Zibolis
Actress, Hinnon Valley
Alexis was raised in Salem, New Hampshire where for the first 14 years of her life, she pursued dancing and singing in dreams of one day going to Broadway. When Alexis was 14, her mother and stepfather moved her to Redlands,CA where completed high school and went on her earn her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism at California State University...
“ Role: police officer
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alice Rietveld
Stunts, Twilight
Originally from The Netherlands, Alice began her career as a dancer getting her Associates Degree at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam. She went on to perform professionally touring through Europe with several modern dance companies before landing her Broadway debut in NYC with Annie Get Your Gun in the supporting role of Winnie Tate...
“ Role: maid
Period: 2010, 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Anna
Period: 1998 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Daniel's girlfriend
Period: 2004 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Laura
Period: 2002 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Alitzah (as Alitzan Navarro)
Role: Davida (Dalida), receptionist
Period: 2004 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Twin sister of Madeline Dubois
Role: Cordelia 'Delia' Katherine Valentine Ashby Abbott
Period: 2010, 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Twin sister of Alix Dubois
Role: Cordelia 'Delia' Katherine Valentine Ashby Abbott
Period: 2010, 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Raymond King, detective
Period: 1994, 1995, 1996 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Allen Maldonado
Allen Maldonado is one of young Hollywood's busiest men. The multi-talented actor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur has starred in several blockbuster films and TV projects including Sony Pictures action thriller, THE EQUALIZER. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (TRAINING DAY, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN), Maldonado stars as 'Marcus' opposite Academy Award winner Denzel Washington...
“ Role: Jamal
Period: 2004 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: trick-or-treat kid 2009
Role: Happy Birthday girl 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: hapless assistant 2007
Role: Emily Porter, nurse 2009
Role: mystery woman 2009
Role: nurse 2010 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Alyvia Alyn Lind
Actress, Blended
Alyvia Alyn Lind grew up in Los Angeles, and it is no wonder that at eight years old, the little blonde actress impresses any adult four times her age. "I have a lot of fun being an actress, but I also know how serious it is" is the exact attitude that has helped Alyvia land several recurring roles and six films...
“ Role: Faith Newman
Period: 2011, 2012, 2013 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Amelia March Heinle Luckinbill
Role: Victoria Newman McNeil Howard Carlton Hellstrom Abbott
Period: 2005-2013 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: nanny
Period: 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Twin brother of Avital Weiss
Role: Fenmore 'Fen' Baldwin
Period: 2006, 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Twin brother of Amiel Weiss
Role: Fenmore 'Fen' Baldwin
Period: 2006, 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Salyers, doctor
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Alana Anthony Jackson
Period: 1985 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: nurse
Period: 2004, 2005 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Amy Lyndon
Actress, Fly
Amy Lyndon has been entertaining the public since the age of 10. Having grown up in New Rochelle, New York, formal training was as easy as jumping on a train. During her senior year, Lyndon studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse Jr. School in New York City and went on to England to tackle the prestigious London Academy of Performing Arts...
“ Role: Crystal
Period: 2006 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Amy O'Neill
American performer Amy O'Neill was born in Pacific Palisades on July 8, 1971. The daughter of an art school director and a construction company owner, O'Neill is the third of five children. Accompanied by her older siblings, she began auditioning for roles at the age of ten, first appearing at the age...
“ Role: Molly Stark
Period: 1986 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ The information that the actress played in 'Y & R' it isn't shown on IMDB.
Role: herself
Period: 2005 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: nurse
Period: 2005 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Anastasia Roussel (as Anastasia Drake)
Role: reporter 2006
Role: Wendy Gomez 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: André Gower
Role: Brooks Prentiss
Period; 1981, 1982 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Alec Moretti
Period: 1997, 1998 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Andrea Elson
Actress, ALF
Andrea Elson first realized her love for acting at age eleven when she played the lead in a sixth grade production of "Alice in Wonderland". Born on March 6, 1969 in New York City, this green-eyed actress grew up traveling because of her father's job in advertising. Before she was ten years old, she had lived in New York...
“ Role: Debbie Thompson
Period: 1998 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Andrea Jones
Actress, Just a Dream
Andrea Jones is an actress/singer, known for The Young and the Restless (2008) and The Crazy Ones (2013). She also sang in the off camera choir/soundtrack for Black Nativity (2013). Andrea wrote and performed the opening songs "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" and "Back To Me" respectively for Don B. Welch's films "24 Hour Love" (2013) and "The Divorce" (2014).
“ Role: choir member
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Andrea Lynn Evans
Role: Patty 'Patti 'Williams 1983, 1984
Role: Tawny Moore 2010

* I'm not sure if they are the right years. ” - supermarketuldefilme
Andrea Savo
A mix of Latina, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern heritage, Andrea Savo has been performing since she could walk. Andrea's first film was opposite Bookeem Woodbine in "Spin" which she followed with the studio picture "Zoom" with Tim Allen and Courteney Cox. Since then her roles have grown as both an actor and dancer...
“ Name: Andrea Savo (Savopolos)
Role: receptionist 2008, 2009
Role: Jennifer 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Sachs, doctor
Period: 2010, 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Phillip Robert 'Chance' Chancellor IV (McNeil)
Period: 1988 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Name: Andy A. Rolfes
Role: client 2001
Role: officer Crockett 2006, 2007 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Andy Martinez Jr.
Andy Martinez Jr. was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Of Cuban descent, he graduated from St. Brendan Senior High. An exceptional athlete, he was drafted to play professional baseball by the Chicago White Sox, however, he opted to pursue his true passion for creative writing and the arts. At Miami Dade College...
“ Role: cop 2011
Role: guard 2012 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Andy Umberger
Andy Umberger is an American actor who spent the early part of his career in New York City, where he was primarily a stage actor and appeared in three Broadway shows: "City of Angels," "Passion" and "Company." In the late 90s he and his wife moved to Los Angeles. Since then he has had supporting roles in over 15 films and has guest starred on over 60 television shows...
“ Role: Disanto, judge
Period: 2009, 2010, 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Angela Alvarado
Angela Alvarado was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She was raised in Villalba, Puerto Rico until her parents moved the family to the South Bronx. She attended Arts High School in Newark NJ majoring in Visual Arts. She majored in Economics with a minor in Film at Hunter College. She began her career as a model in New York city...
“ Role: Salazar, judge
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ The information that the actress played in 'Y & R' it isn't shown on IMDB.
Role: Sandra Chang
Period: 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Alison
Period: 1999 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Angell Conwell
Actress, Baby Boy
Born in the tiny town of Orangeburg, South Carolina, Angell Conwell began her journey at a very young age. After winning countless awards locally, she signed with Wilhelmina's Kids Division in New York at the age of 10. Always one to challenge herself. She begged for her parents permission to audition for August Wilson's highly acclaimed...
“ Name: Angell S. Conwell
Role: Leslie Michaelson
Period: 2010-2013 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Ralph Hunnicutt 2001, 2002
Role: Angelo Rozzano 2001-2005 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: airport announcer (voice) 2008
Role: woman (voice) 2008 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Anita Finlay
Anita is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Hunter College High School and Queens College. In addition to her many years of TV and film work, and 7 years as Dr. Nora Thompson on "The Young & The Restless," Anita authored the bestseller, Dirty Words on Clean Skin, a shocking exposé that makes the political personal and tells it like it is for women aspiring to power...
“ Role: Nora Thompson, doctor
Period: 1999, 2001, 2005, 2006 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Simone Vauban
Period: 1981 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: nurse
Period: 1986 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: airport announcer 2005
Role: nurse 2006
Role: Amber Alert 2007
Role: dispatcher 2007
Role: Jabot contest announcer 2008
Role: chipmunk voice 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Hattie, secretary
Period: 2000 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Estella Muñoz
Period: 2008, 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Anne Gregory
Actress, Punk'd
“ Role: Amy
Period: 2011 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Anne Leighton
Actress, Grimm
“ Role: Stephanie Gayle
Period: 2013 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Susan Randall, doctor 1994
Role: Deborah Heming, doctor 1995 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Anthony Geary
Mr. Geary has come a long way from Coalville, Utah, the small mountain community of 800 where he was born. Tony was a gifted student, attending the University of Utah as a Presidential Award Scholar in theater. Jack Albertson saw Tony perform there, a nd cast him in "The Subject Was Roses." The production...
“ Role: George Curtis
Period: 1973 ” - supermarketuldefilme
“ Role: Jack Curtis
Period: 1976, 1977 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Anthony Pena
Attended University of California at Santa Barbara where he played baseball and played football at Fullerton Jr. College then graduated from California State University at Fullerton with a degree in Comparative Literature and Southwest American History and a credential to teach secondary history. Taught high school and city college classes...
“ Name: Anthony Peña
Role: Miguel Rodriguez
Period: 1984-2006 ” - supermarketuldefilme
Tony Winters
Award-winning veteran actor/writer/producer Tony Winters' career has spanned decades with his work on stage, screen and television. Perhaps best known to television audiences as restaurateur Clive on Oprah Winfrey's critically acclaimed Queen Sugar or to gamers as the tough-as-nails Assistant Coach in the best selling video game's NBA2K15 and...
“ Role: reporter 1988, 1993
Role: headhunter 2009 ” - supermarketuldefilme