My Left 4 Dead Movie Dream Cast

This is a list of actors that I think would be the perfect candidates for a Left 4 Dead movie. Their will be multiple choices for a character and I will tell you why I picked the actor for that role.
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Don Cheadle
Donald Frank Cheadle was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 29, 1964. His childhood found him moving from city to city with his family: mother Bettye (North), a teacher, father Donald Frank Cheadle, Sr., a clinical psychologist, sister Dawn, and brother Colin. After graduating high school in Denver...
“ "Louis"

Don Cheadle is Louis!
No reason to explain. ” - Jason_1312
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus was born in Hollywood, Florida, to Marianne and Norman Reedus. He is of Italian (from his paternal grandmother), English, Scottish, and Irish descent. Norman's first film was in 'Guillermo Del Toro''s 1997 horror thriller Mimic, where he played the character Jeremy. He has also played roles in the films "Floating"...
“ "Ellis"

I think Norman Reedus would be a great choice for Ellis, because his character in "The Walking Dead" Daryl Dixon resembles a more badass version of Ellis, and Norman looks like Ellis.

Do not buy The Walking Dead: Killer Instinct game. Trust me, it is just a cash in game to get your money. If you do not believe me, go watch Angry Joe's review on Youtube or on his website. ” - Jason_1312
“ "Nick"

Taymour Ghazi is the face model of Nick and he is an underated actor and needs to have this role. ” - Jason_1312
Hugh Dillon
Actor, Flashpoint
Combining acting with a distinguished career as a singer songwriter, Hugh Dillon earned notoriety as the lead singer in the multi-platinum punk rock band, the Headstones. It was early on in the band's success when Hugh caught the attention of legendary filmmaker Bruce McDonald (Highway 61, Roadkill)...
“ "Nick"

Hugh Dillon is the voice behind Nick and he looks like Nick, but he would need the hair. It would be awesome to see him act in the movie.

It would be a good time for him to move away from his Flashpoint show for a while to act in this movie. ” - Jason_1312
Danai Gurira
Danai Gurira was born in Grinnell, Iowa to parents from Zimbabwe, when her father was teaching Chemistry at Grinnell College. When she was 5, the family moved back to Zimbabwe. Gurira studied social psychology at Macalaster College, and received an MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She is the co-author of the play, "In the Continuum", with Nikkole Salter.
“ "Rochelle"

She is Michonne in "The Walking Dead". Whenever I watch the show I almost always call her Rochelle. She would be great in the movie. ” - Jason_1312
Rochelle Aytes
Rochelle Aytes was born in New York City. She attended LaGuardia High School and graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Dance from SUNY Purchase College Conservatory for Dance in 1998. She is best-known for her role in White Chicks as Denise Porter; her role in Left 4 Dead 2 as a news producer; and more recently in the TV series The Forgotten as Detective Grace Russell...
“ "Rochelle"

Her name says it all. She is the voice behind Rochelle in the game and I think it would be better to see her in the movie rather than Danai, but Danai would be work if Rochelle Aytes refuses to play as Ro.

I dont get why they would not use her as the face model in the L4D2 game. She is way better looking. ” - Jason_1312
Chad L. Coleman
Delivered a fantastic performance of a reformed street 'hitter' on the HBO show 'The Wire' from Series 3 to Series 5 with varied screen time. The character reflected the possibility of reformed criminals into positive characters of society; as with Coleman's character starting a boxing gym for the young children/men to stay off the streets and learn a sport.
“ "Coach"

Chad Coleman is the voice behind Coach in the game. Yes I just noticed that he is Tyreese in "The Walking Dead", but I thought of him as Coach before he was in the show. So he is the best choice for Coach. He is not as old or as fat as Coach, but it could easily happen.

I think he was Coach in the Campaign posters. For Example, The Parish poster:

I would love to see him eating a Chocolate Helicopter chocolate bar in a L4D movie. ” - Jason_1312
“ "Zoey"

Sonja Kinski is the facemodel of Zoey and just like Taymour Ghazi, she is an underated actor and would need this role too.

To see her pictures just search her name on Google and you will see the gorgeousness. ” - Jason_1312
Jen Taylor
Actress, Halo
“ "Zoey"

Jen Taylor is the voice behind Zoey and of course Cortana in Halo. If she was not just a voice actor, then it would be great to see her as Zoey. I just love her voice and if I had a chance, I would want to be her boyfriend/husband and just want to listen to her nonsense about things.

Again, to see her pictures, Google her and see her gorgeousness. ” - Jason_1312
Eric Ladin
Eric Ladin was born and raised in Houston, Texas before moving to Los Angeles to study theatre at The University of Southern California. His love for acting started in high school but was solidified at USC where he earned a BA in Theatre. His film and television career took off shortly thereafter with a breakout role in HBO's hard hitting...
“ "Ellis"

He is the voice behind Ellis. He looks like Ellis. If Norman did not want to be Ellis then he would be the next best bet.

This is my proof, watch this and you will be smiling the whole time.
The other guy in the clip looks like Francis. ” - Jason_1312
Liev Schreiber
Liev (pronounced Lee-ev) Schreiber was born in San Francisco. His mother, Heather (Milgram), is a painter, and his father, Tell Schreiber (Tell Carroll Schreiber III), is a theatrical actor who had a small role in The Keeper. His mother is from a working-class Jewish family from Poland and Russia...
“ "Francis"

He looks the part. He is just as tall, he could interpet a Francis attitude. He would be the best for the role. ” - Jason_1312
James Cromwell
Born in Los Angeles but raised in Manhattan and educated at Middlebury College and Carnegie-Mellon University, James Cromwell, the son of famous film director John Cromwell, studied acting at Carnegie-Mellon. He went into the theater (like both his parents) doing everything from Shakespeare to experimental plays...
“ "Bill"

I found Bill! He is has been in many war movies including Green Mile.
Just give him a beard, beret, a cigarette, and a Bill personality and we have a Bill.

"Im gonna miss that old guy", Francis ” - Jason_1312