"Berry Bitty Adventures" Characters

Based on the cast of the T.V. Series of Strawberry Shortcake.

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Anna Cummer
Anna Cummer was born in Singapore on January 2nd 1977. She had the good fortune of spending half of her adolescence in Southeast Asia and the other half in Saskatchewan. After finishing high school at the French International School in Hong Kong, Anna seized the opportunity to study drama in England where she completed two theatrical degrees...
“ Strawberry Shortcake ” - c1990
“ Blueberry Muffin ” - c1990
Ingrid Nilson
Actress Ingrid Nilson has voiced characters on many top animated TV series and films. She is known for her quirky characters and memorable voices. Onscreen, she has appeared next to some of Hollywood's gems in numerous acclaimed film and television productions. She holds an Honors Degree in theatre from the University of British Columbia.
“ Raspberry Torte ” - c1990
“ Lemon Meringue ” - c1990
“ Plum Pudding ” - c1990
Janyse Jaud
Janyse Jaud (actress, singer/songwriter, and dancer) is an exciting and versatile talent, and has been featured in a prolific spectrum of media, from television to film, animation and music, to anime and video games. Raised on a farm in Kelowna, British Columbia and of Icelandic and French descent...
“ Orange Blossom ” - c1990
“ Cherry Jam ” - c1990
“ Huckleberry Pie ” - c1990
“ Mr.Longface/ Berrykin Bloom/Construction Berrykin ” - c1990
“ Mavis ” - c1990
Nicole Oliver
Nicole Lyn Oliver was born in Ottawa, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University, a Masters Degree in Communication from Royal Roads University, and additional training from the British American Drama Academy in Oxford and London. She was a prominent member of the Union of BC Performers...
“ Jadeybug ” - c1990