Horrorhappensrs "Sick & Brilliant Minds Who Do the Meat Work" Top Horror Directors (You Need to Check Out Now!)

This list is in alphabetical order that features the talented, unknown, foreign and rising directors in the horror genre that have established themselves in the last 20 years or so.

Each director primarily has at least 2 films in the genre and I have kept the Hell of Fame masters off the list... sorry but I was even torn about names like Zombie, Del Toro, Roth, Miike, etc...

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Adam Green
Writer, Frozen
Adam Green is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor known for his success within the horror genre with films like the "Hatchet" franchise, "Frozen," and "Digging Up The Marrow." He is also the creator, writer, director, star, and show runner of the television comedy series "Holliston." Born and raised in the small town of Holliston...
“ Film to Check out: Frozen ” - JayKHHRS
Adam Wingard
Director, V/H/S
Alabama-based filmmaker Adam Wingard got an early start in his field, as he shot and directed his first feature film at the age of nineteen while still enrolled in film school. That film, the horror-comedy Home Sick, starring Bill Moseley, Tiffany Shepis, 'Tom Towles' qv, and 'Brandon Carroll'...
“ Film to Check out: V/H/S ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Haute Tension ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Crossbearer ” - JayKHHRS
Andrew van den Houten
Award Winning Producer Andrew van den Houten is a native New Yorker born and raised on the Upper West Side. Receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Stephen King and Roger Ebert, his work has been recognized worldwide by Sundance Film Festival, The Independent Spirit Awards, SXSW, Fantastic Fest, Deauville American Film Festival, Sitges, FrightFest and many more...
“ Film to Check Out: Offspring ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Kill List ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Machinist ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: I Didn't Come Here to Die ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Crazies (Remake) ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: The Turnpike Killer ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Psycho Killer Bloodbath ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Oldboy ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Open Water ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Perkins 14 ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Blair Witch Project ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: 28 Days Later ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Repo: A Genetic Opera ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Dark House ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Hills Run Red ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Hard Candy ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Mimesis ” - JayKHHRS
Eduardo Sánchez
Eduardo Sanchez was born in Cuba in 1968. It was at a young age he gained an interest in film making. At Wheaton High School Ed made school movie projects such as Shrimp Fried Vice and Pride (in the name of Love) all of which starred his friends and family, as well as Ed himself. After High School Ed studied at Montgomery College where he continued to make movies like Star Trek Demented...
“ Film to Check Out: Lovely Molly ” - JayKHHRS
Eli Roth
Producer, Grindhouse
Eli Raphael Roth was born in Newton, Massachusetts, to Cora (Bialis), a painter, and Sheldon H. Roth, a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and clinical professor. His family is Jewish (from Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Poland). He began shooting Super 8 films at the age of eight, after watching Ridley Scott's Alien and vomiting...
“ Film to Check out: Hostel ” - JayKHHRS
Producer, Gut
Born in Boston, Elias moved to New York to study film at the School of Visual Arts. His feature directorial debut Gut, screened in 30 international film festivals and earned 7 awards. Other projects include Dark, which he wrote and produced, Alone, which he produced, and the anthology The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft, for which he wrote, produced and directed several segments.
“ Film to Check out: Gut ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Super ” - JayKHHRS
Franck Khalfoun
Director, P2
“ Film to Check Out: Maniac (Remake) ” - JayKHHRS
Frank Darabont
Three-time Oscar nominee Frank Darabont was born in a refugee camp in 1959 in Montbeliard, France, the son of Hungarian parents who had fled Budapest during the failed 1956 Hungarian revolution. Brought to America as an infant, he settled with his family in Los Angeles and attended Hollywood High School...
“ Film to Check out: The Mist ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Wolf Creek ” - JayKHHRS
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro was born October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Raised by his Catholic grandmother, del Toro developed an interest in filmmaking in his early teens. Later, he learned about makeup and effects from the legendary Dick Smith (The Exorcist) and worked on making his own short films...
“ Film to Check out: The Orphange ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Dark Water ” - JayKHHRS
James Balsamo
James Balsamo is a jack-of-all-trades; a songwriter, an actor, a sculptor, but most importantly, a filmmaker extraordinaire. From the time he was just a lad, and like so many others, James became fascinated with the Horror genre, attending his first Horror convention at the age of 8. As a youngster...
“ Film to Check out: Cool As Hell ” - JayKHHRS
James Cullen Bressack
Producer, Bethany
Bursting upon the indie horror scene at the age of eighteen with his first feature My Pure Joy, James Cullen Bressack has been called "horror's new hope" (StudioCity Patch - Mike Szymanski) and "a talent to watch out for." (H.S.T.- Ben John Smith) as well as garnering rave reviews on almost every horror web site...
“ Film to Check out: Hate Crime ” - JayKHHRS
James Wan
Producer, The Conjuring 2
James Wan (born 26 February 1977) is an Australian film producer, screenwriter and film director of Malaysian Chinese descent. He is widely known for directing the horror film Saw and creating Billy the puppet. Wan has also directed Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious, The Conjuring and Furious 7...
“ Film to Check out: Saw ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Woman in Black ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Final Destination ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Hobo With a Shotgun ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: REC ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: I Saw the Devil ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Mulberry Street ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Attack the Block ” - JayKHHRS
Joe Lynch
Actor, Everly
Joe Lynch was born in Long Island, New York and was raised on a steady diet of B-movies, Stephen King novels, heavy metal, 8-bit games & 4-color comic books. His first foray into filmmaking was hooking up 2 VCR cameras and creating "remixes" of his favorite movie scenes to new music, and creating home-spun gore effects to shock his family members (it rarely worked)...
“ Film to Check Out: Chillerama ” - JayKHHRS
John Erick Dowdle
Writer, Quarantine
John grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. After graduating St. Thomas Academy, an all-boys, military, Catholic highschool, John moved to Iowa City to attend the University of Iowa. There he would make the move from writing to film. Two years later, John moved to Manhattan to attend NYU's film program...
“ Film to Check out: Quarentine ” - JayKHHRS
John Gulager
Director, Feast
“ Film to Check out: Feast ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Plastic ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Intruders ” - JayKHHRS
Larry Wade Carrell
Actor, She Rises
Larry Wade Carrell is an award-winning American writer, actor and director. He is best known for his horror creation Jacob. The film earned 16 awards worldwide including the Platinum Remi Award for Best Picture at the 45th Annual Worldfest International Film Festival. Jacob was well-received by critics...
“ Film to Check out: Jacob ” - JayKHHRS
Leigh Whannell
Actor, Saw
Leigh Whannell grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where, at the age of four, he developed an obsession with telling stories. Whether it be through acting, writing or filmmaking, his primary love was getting a reaction from an audience. In 1995, at the age of 18, he was accepted into the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's prestigious Media Arts course...
“ Film to Check out: Insidious ” - JayKHHRS
Lucky McKee
Director, The Woman
Born and raised in the small riverbank town of Jenny Lind in Calaveras County, California, Edward Lucky McKee grew up mostly in poverty with little access to modern forms of entertainment. When McKee was age ten, he used an old video camera to videotape his sister's birthday party which put him on a path for an interest in film making...
“ Film to Check out: The Woman ” - JayKHHRS
M. Night Shyamalan
Born in Puducherry, India, and raised in the posh suburban Penn Valley area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, M. Night Shyamalan is a film director, screenwriter, producer, and occasional actor, known for making movies with contemporary supernatural plots. He is the son of Jayalakshmi, a Tamil obstetrician and gynecologist...
“ Film to Check Out: The Sixth Sense ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Collection ” - JayKHHRS
Marcus Koch
Special Effects, Sinners and Saints
“ Film to Check out: 100 Tears ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: American Psycho ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Infection ” - JayKHHRS
Matt Farnsworth
Actor, 7th Heaven
Matthew Neil Farnsworth is a well known American filmmaker, painter, video artist, and performance artist. Farnsworth has directed 3 films to date. He is best known for his new horror franchise creation "The Orphan Killer". His first feature film IOWA was an instant cult classic. "Iowa" was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005...
“ Film to Check Out: The Orphan Killer ” - JayKHHRS
Matt Reeves
Born on April 27, 1966, Matthew Reeves is a writer, director and producer, known for his directorial work on Cloverfield (2008), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), and War of the Planet of the Apes (2017). Reeves was born in Rockville Center, New York and was childhood friends with director J.J.Abrams...
“ Film to Check out: Cloverfield or Let Me In ” - JayKHHRS
Michael Haneke
A true master of his craft, Michael Haneke is one of the greatest film artists working today and one who challenges his viewers each year and work goes by, with films that reflect real portions of life in realistic, disturbing and unforgettable ways. One of the most genuine filmmakers of the world cinema...
“ Film to Check Out: Funny Games ” - JayKHHRS
Mike Mendez
A native to Los Angeles, Mike Mendez was in the backyard making movies since the age of 10. At the age of 23, Mike made his first feature film "Killers," which was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival in 1997. The film was picked up by Alpine Pictures, who distributed the feature in the U.S. The film also received a worldwide theatrical release...
“ Film to Check out: The Gravedancers ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Sloppy the Psychotic ” - JayKHHRS
Mark Duffield
Cinematographer, Demon
“ Film to Check out: Demon ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Descent ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Fourth Kind ” - JayKHHRS
Paco Plaza
Director, [Rec]
“ Film to Check out: REC3:Genesis ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Paranormal Activity ” - JayKHHRS
Danny Pang
Director, Gin gwai
The twin brothers Oxide and Danny Pang started their career in Hong Kong, where Oxide worked as colourist and Danny as editor. After moving to Bangkok, Oxide made the experimental film Who's Running. Bangkok Dangerous is the first film in which the brothers combine their talents.
“ Film to Check out: The Eye ” - JayKHHRS
Oxide Chun Pang
Oxide Pang started his career in Hong Kong, where he worked as colourist. After moving to Bangkok, he made the experimental film Who's Running.
“ Film to Check out: Ab-Normal Beauty ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Martyrs ” - JayKHHRS
Patrick Rea
Director, Nailbiter
Patrick Rea is a prolific, award-winning independent filmmaker recognized for his innovative storytelling and creative directing style in horror and suspense. His feature film, "Nailbiter", won Best Director and/or Best Feature Film awards in several film festivals in 2012, including Shriekfest, Chicago Fear Fest...
“ Film to Check out: Nailbiter ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Wrong Turn ” - JayKHHRS
Rob Zombie
Soundtrack, The Matrix
Robert Bartleh Cummings, more famously known as Rob Zombie, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts on January 12, 1965. He is the oldest son of Louise and Robert Cummings, and has a younger brother, Michael David (aka Spider One; b. 1968), who is the lead singer of Powerman 5000. Growing up, Zombie loved horror movies...
“ Film to Check out: The Devil's Rejects ” - JayKHHRS
Robert Hall
Visual Effects, Troy
“ Film to Check out: Laid to Rest ” - JayKHHRS
Robert Rodriguez
Producer, Grindhouse
Robert Anthony Rodriguez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, USA, to Rebecca (Villegas), a nurse, and Cecilio G. Rodríguez, a salesman. His family is of Mexican descent. Of all the people to be amazed by the images of John Carpenter's 1981 sci-fi parable, Escape from New York, none were as captivated as the 12-year-old Rodriguez...
“ Film to Check out: El Marachi ” - JayKHHRS
Ryan Scott Weber
Ryan Scott Weber (Born February 24, 1980) is an American film director, Screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, actor, editor and musician. He shoots and produces many of his films in his native town of Bernardsville, New Jersey. Ryan began his interest in filmmaking at Just 15 years old with an old VHS camcorder...
“ Film to Check out: Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Exorcism of Emily Rose ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: A Serbian Film ” - JayKHHRS
Steven C. Miller
Director, Marauders
Steven C. Miller was born in Decatur, Ga. His love for film began early when his father bought him a VHS video camera. Miller started off small with multiple music videos and short films. In 2005 Miller attended and graduated Full Sail University. In 2005, immediately after graduating film school at Full Sail University...
“ Film to Check Out: Automation Transfusion ” - JayKHHRS
Steven R. Monroe
Steven R. Monroe is a true child of film. His entire immediate family was, or is, part of the entertainment industry. Monroe started very early in life making movies with his Super 8 camera when he was 8 years old and receiving his first paycheck in at the age of 12 in the film business. At 20 he began...
“ Film to Check out: I Spit on Your Grave (Remake) ” - JayKHHRS
Jen Soska
Actress, American Mary
Identical twins, writers, directors, actors even stunt players, the Soska sister's have always loved twisted film. Even at an early age, they devoured Stephen King novels, one after another as fast as they could read - and snuck into the over 18 sections at video stores, to critique the bloody images on the backs VHS horror movies and in gore magazines...
“ Film to Check out: American Mary ” - JayKHHRS
Sylvia Soska
Actress, American Mary
Identical twins, writers, directors, actors even stunt players, the Soska sister's have always loved twisted film. Even at an early age, they devoured Stephen King novels, one after another as fast as they could read - and snuck into the over 18 sections at video stores, to critique the bloody images on the backs VHS horror movies and in gore magazines...
“ Film to Check out: Dead Hooker in a Trunk ” - JayKHHRS
Takashi Miike
Takashi Miike was born in the small town of Yao on the outskirts of Osaka, Japan. His main interest growing up was motorbikes, and for a while he harbored ambitions to race professionally. At the age of 18 he went to study at the film school in Yokohama founded by renowned director Shôhei Imamura, primarily because there were no entrance exams...
“ Film to Check out: Audition ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Marebito ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: The Thompsons ” - JayKHHRS
Ti West
Director, V/H/S
“ Film to Check out: The Innkeepers ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check out: The Human Centipede 1 or 2 ” - JayKHHRS
“ Film to Check Out: Suicide Club ” - JayKHHRS
Zack Snyder
Director, 300
Zachary Edward "Zack" Snyder (born March 1, 1966) is an American film director, film producer, and screenwriter, best known for action and science fiction films. Snyder made his feature film debut with the 2004 remake Dawn of the Dead and has gone on to be known for his comic book movies and superhero films...
“ Film to Check out: Dawn of the Dead (Remake) ” - JayKHHRS