Top 10 Male actors in Texas to watch for in 2013

These actors residing in the Texas area are making some noise and should be watched for their roles in Film and TV.
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Frederic Doss
Fred is a born entertainer, but did not discover acting until his senior year in High School. After studying theater in college at Missouri Southern State University, he eventually earned a bachelor's degree in sociology, got married and shortly after 9/11 joined the US Air Force. It wasn't until 2006...
Bryan Massey
Actor, Mad Money
Bryan Massey was born in Pontiac, Michigan but moved to Dallas, Texas when he was just 7 years old. He began his illustrious acting career at the tender age of 9 when he made the local paper by winning the 5th grade talent show lip syncing to Steve Martin's "King Tut." At the age of 13, Bryan showed an interest in cartooning and filmmaking...
Michael P Gardner
Michael is best known for his co-starring role as Officer Rosenthal on the Emmy winning Television series, American Crime. Michael says "working for Oscar winner John Ridley was such an honor. He's the best." With the face of a grizzled Marine Officer, Michael is a go to guy for films and TV shows that seek that strong authoritative character...
Larry Jack Dotson
Actor, Bernie
Larry was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has been married to actress/teacher, Tracy Dotson, since 1984. Always a performer at heart, he was often involved in school and church productions as a young man. Larry traveled the country as lead singer and front man for a quartet for almost 20 years...
Alcides Dias
Best known for his debut role as the Loan Shark Michael in the feature film "The Ringer" starring Johnny Knoxville and Katherine Heigl. Al Dias has worked with many talented individuals including some of the biggest names in the industry such as The Legendary Chuck Norris, Brian Cox, the creative mastermind Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, The Farrelly Brothers and more...
Tim Newkirk
Actor, Banjaxed
Tim Newkirk is an American Actor and Writer. His career took hold after playing the German Commandant, Hans Wagner, in the off Broadway production, The Weaving, performed at the Lincoln Center in 2010. As a playwright, both his plays, The Gambit and The Charade have been produced in Dallas, Texas. He is part of the talented cast in the award winning film...
Cody Daniel
Cody Daniel was born in Arlington, Texas to Mark and Sheila Daniel. His father is a nuclear engineer for a popular Texas power company. His Mother was in marketing. He has a younger brother (Brayden) and a younger sister (Kaydence). While he was only in the sixth grade he auditioned for the high school play...
Christopher Cassarino
Christopher Cassarino was born and raised in Milford, New Hampshire. Christopher discovered acting at a young age, however, he would not pursue the craft professionally until later on in his life. He attended the University of Massachusetts where he completed a BA in legal studies. During his junior year...