Best Talent Scouts in Mumbai Film Industry

by Herag Halli | created - 23 Oct 2012 | updated - 27 Nov 2012 | Public

The success of a movie is bent upon the right actors that fit the part. If there is no famous actor then the talent agent (if there is one) need to find one from the files. This is what this industry is all about. You don't bank on three camel looking toady midgets or six pack ab apes with an IQ in low 20's or kachada camel brothers for every movie unless you are catering to the suvvar illegal and illiterate and fithy frontbenchers from filthystan.

Good Talent Scouts, wear no blinders nor practice nepotism. They are not obligated to their friends or repeat the same actors in every movie. They don't try to win favors from the filthy frontbenchers who are the filthy idiots who have never seen an international movie and are totally immersed with the ugly camel actors from camelstan and support every sewer movie made by them. The reason they are all midgets and ugly too is because they were brought in to perform in the Three Ring Circus and they escaped the circus to Mumbai where they are actors and producers now.

In Hollywood, there are Talent Agents with their own Guild, that oversees quality and standards, and they are the best in what they do. This is one of the reasons the Hollywood movies are a rage all over the globe. Movies like "Bugsy" "Good Fellas" 'God Father" and "Shawshank Redemption" had reputable Talent Directors who chose the actors to the fit the part like a glove and they became immortal movies. In fact, Francis Ford Coppola, threatened to resign from "Godfather" if Marlon Brando and Al Pacino were not chosen for the parts.

According to Morgan Freeman's biography, Frank Darabont, who belonged to the "Book of the Month Club" got the book by King, in his mail and reluctantly read and paid King, a nominal sum of $1 for the rights to the movie and then spent nine long years in coming up with one of the best and Oscar winning scripts from prolific fiction writer Stephen King, for the movie "Shawshank Redemption" chose Morgan Freeman, for the part of "Red" and Freeman, in turn was told to select his co-actors.

This will never happen in Bollywood, an industry, inaptly titled and ruled by incompetent mutant ninja turtles in the nature of the three or more idiots-the so called leading actors-and the six pack ab chimpanzee from monkeystan, who look and smell like camel jockeys and were brought in by the older stelwarts for menial labor like cleaning after the camels in a Kamala Three Ring Circus.

These maggots have taken over an illustrious industry started by the likes of Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Mehboob Khan to mention a few and turned into "Item Dance Industry" that caters to their maggot cousins-the filthy frontbenchers.

These bosudike traitor and scum maderbanchods have no clue about talent or how to find a good talent, since they have sewer taste and they themselves have any talent if there is miniscule of talent it is put on pedestal by the traitor criminal frontbenchers and the media. Their sole existance is to payback to their benefactors and mint money for themselves at the cost of the industry.

These maderbanchods, only know about "Item Dance" since they only cater to their cousins, the frontbenchers of the cinema, the kind who spit like camels in their own homes and ride camels to the cinema. They are oblivious as to what makes a good actor or the right actor for the right part, since they only cast their brothers, family or friends or import the imbeciles who are good for nothing idiots for the item dance.

Very Few have the innate talent of a scout and they cast imported imbecile actresses, who can't walk and chew paan at the same time let alone act. As far as dance it is mechanical and unaesthetic and remotely resembling the art of dancing.

They are the traitors of the the industry and should go back to the circus. picking behind the elephants with a pail, so they can still claim to their freinds back home they are in the Showbiz.

1. Madhur Bhandarkar

Writer | Chandni Bar

Madhur Bhandarkar was born on August 26, 1966 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. He is a writer and director, known for Chandni Bar (2001), Page 3 (2005) and Traffic Signal (2007). He has been married to Renu Namboodiri since December 15, 2003. They have one child.

If not for him, the movie industry would be stagnate with the kongs and the kuttaes and imported imbeciles who can't walk and chew paan at the same, time let alone act or dance. Even God can't save the industry from these bosudike chamcha six pack ab chimanzees.

Every movie of his, has made a few actors and actresses famous, like Anaya Khare in "Chandni Bar", Shashana Goswami in "Heroine" and Ranvir Shorey in "Traffic Signal" and "Heroine". He is the best "Talent Agent" in the industry. The worst are the Kong banchods and the Kuttae banchod brothers the scum of the movie society and a disgrace even to the canine breed.

2. Anurag Kashyap

Producer | Gangs of Wasseypur

Anurag Singh Kashyap (born 10 September 1972) is an Indian film director, producer and screenwriter. Kashyap made his directorial debut with as yet unreleased Paanch, with Kay Kay Menon as the lead. As a filmmaker, he is known for Black Friday (2004), a controversial and award-winning Hindi film ...

If not for him few of the Bengali actors would have never seen the light of Bollywood. The incredibly talented Bengali actors like Prasanjit Chattarjee and others would not have been discovered. His "Gangs of Wassypur" both parts were pivotal in making few actors shine.

3. Gauri Shinde

Director | English Vinglish

Gauri Shinde is a director and writer, known for English Vinglish (2012), Dear Zindagi (2016) and Oh Man! (2001).

A bright new star on the horizon. Her casting for "English Vinglish" is what talent scouting is all about. Priya Anand, as the niece and the kid who is a little bundle of joy and talent and "Mehdi Nebbou" as the the french guy an great actor, are all great find for a debut director. The movies success depends on good talent and part of the wholesome success of this gem of a movie is the fresh talent and not the stale talent found in the camel markets.

4. Sudhir Mishra

Writer | Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

Sudhir Mishra is a writer and director, known for Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003), Dharavi (1992) and Inkaar (2013).

The best casting for a gem of a movie "Khoya Khoya Chand" Every actor was story and picture perfect for one of the Best Hindi Movies Ever.

5. Ashutosh Gowariker

Writer | Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

An actor who took up directing after almost a decade, Ashutosh Gowariker is one of those rare people who take the path less taken and, although it was a rough going, he is now one of India's elite directors. He began his film career modeling in commercials by Govind Nihalani and Jenny Pinto. He ...

His casting for "Jodha Akbar" was plaintive.