Indie actors to look out for

Indie actors to look out for, I have compiled a list of 11 actors that really excite the socks off me, some have already carved out good careers but my prediction is all will go from strength to strength, I've even stook my neck out to suggest a future oscar winner.
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Lloyd Kaufman
Actor, Rocky
Stanley Lloyd Kaufman never really wanted to make movies, but wanted to work in Broadway musicals. During his years in Yale, though, he got introduced to "B" pictures and the works of Roger Corman. Lloyd later got the opportunity to executive-produce a short movie made by a fellow student. The film...
“ With 500 credits to his name, Lloyd has to take the top slot, yes he may not fit into the Hollywood scene but he is a legend in his own rights. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
Kim Sønderholm
Actor, Høsten
Already at the age of 12, Kim was familiar with the media business. He was started as a weekly co-host at a local radio station in his hometown, Aarhus in Denmark. Already after a few shows he was given his own DJ program each week. At a few occasions Kim also went on-air on the National Danish Radio...
“ Kim takes 2nd spot, The Danish Actor has a huge following on twitter and facebook and with his talent and over 100 films you can see why. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
Russ Russo
Russ Russo is a working New York City actor ranging from art house short projects to Off-Broadway theater to Independent film. Russ has gained a reputation in the New York acting community as a rogue actor who dissolves into each role specifically to adhere to the character. After working for several years in stage and on film...
“ Russ is carving out a name for himself, certainly an actor to look out for. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
Jonah Young
Stunts, Outsiders
Jonah is a Native New Yorker. He decided to do some traveling to gain more life experience during his youth after his service in the Army. He opted for the beach life in the Carolinas. While enjoying the surf and sun, he worked for Medieval Times, which sparked his pursuit in entertainment. Upon his return to New York...
“ Jonah is a talented actor new to the scene watch this space. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
“ Splendid Actress Macha, you may look at her credits and say why is she not on everyones lips, my prediction is she will be!!! ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
“ Superb talent, since watching her brilliant performance in Couscous, I see Oscar winner in the making here. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
“ Only 7 credits to her name Wei will notche up many more and looks to be something special. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
Bjorn Jiskoot Jr.
Actor, Lucidity
Bjorn grew up in the Army and lived up and down the East Coast until his family finally settled down in Florida. His love for acting started at a very young age as he would do whatever it took to make his younger cousins laugh. He grew up an only child until the age of 20 when his sister, Ivy, was born...
“ Bjorn is working his way up the ladder and I believe he will do very well. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
Alfredo Castro
Actor, No
Alfredo Castro Gómez was born in Santiago de Chile. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Acting from Universidad de Chile. Presently, he works as a theatre director, actor, pedagogue, playwright, and founder of Teatro La Memoria, a theatre company that marks a milestone in the history of contemporary Chilean theatre...
“ Alfredo is not known worldwide if you watch his great performances you can see why he is a great actor ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
Jason Croot
Jason Croot's Acting career started back in 2000, he completed a N.C.F.E in performing arts in his native city of Bradford, Jason moved down to London in 2002 to pursue his acting career, training at the Poor School he also completed a Drama Diploma at University of Birbeck. His early stage performances included Demetrius in Midsummer's Nights Dream...
“ With over 70 credits Jason looks to have created a career on the indie film scene, I predict another actor one with huge potential. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455
“ Ok you can argue Gustavo Sánchez Parra has already worked on some big movies but I see awards for this guy top notch actor. ” - roberto-verado-508-881455