Stars of belly dancing ( In Egypt )

The best in the history of cinema
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Naima Akef
Actress, Aziza
Taheya Cariocca
Actress, Shabab emraa
Although her parents did not approve of her becoming a belly dancer, she became world renowned. Although Islam frowned upon belly dancing, she was the only one recognized with a public funeral procession. She performed in over 300 movies and television shows. She gave up dancing in 1963 but as late as the mid-1980's ran her own theater in Cairo...
Samia Gamal
Her career began with "Badia Masabni" band where she was involved in dancing in groups , and in 1943 began working in the field of cinema where he formed a successful dual team with the artist "Farid al-Atrash" in several movies and she did the most famous dances with him. her dance Characterized by combining Eastern dancing and Western dances...
Soheir Zaky
She participated in more than fifty films as a dancer and actress., She married a cameraman "Mohamed Emara". Danced at a wedding concerts of all the sons of the late President "Gamal Abdel Nasser" , and danced in front of US President "Richard Nixon", and Tunisian President "Habib Bourguiba". Also danced in the presence of "Shah of Iran"...
Actress, Assal Eswed