Directors rarely get added to IMDb lists or get as much recognition as they deserve. I felt this would be a nice start to showcase some of the more very active directors in Texas who without the following, there would be no Texas film. We all really appreciate you for keeping Texas film alive! As of 10/18/12, there are 187 people in Texas listed as a 'Director' according to IMDbPro. This is a comprehensive list of those very active directors with at least 7 IMDb director credits. (Listed alphabetically by last name) This list may be very helpful to those who don't have access to IMDb Pro that want to stay updated on some of the latest projects being shot in Texas. *If you see a name not listed, please post a reply comment and I'll add them. requirements: 1. Texas Director 2. At least 7 director credits listed on IMDb.
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Burnie Burns
Producer, Lazer Team
Burnie Burns is an American film producer, animated filmmaker known for his Machinima work on the Red vs. Blue series. Also an actor, he appeared in the 2015 movie The Outfield. He joined the cast of The Amazing Race in season 28. He is also one of the co-founders of Rooster Teeth Productions. He also is a comedian...
Blake Calhoun
Director, Exposed
An award-winning filmmaker who has successfully directed both feature films and web originals including the Streamy and Webby winning hit series "Pink" and the TheWB.com's "Exposed". He's also an extremely versatile director, rarely working within the same genre (he's done dark comedy, action, mystery...
Randall P. Dark
In 1986, Randall Dark was given the opportunity to view High Definition for the first time and knew it was the future of images. A few short years later, he founded HD Vision in New York City. The company later moved its headquarters to Dallas, then to Los Angeles. Its mandate was to specialize in the growth of High Definition...
Jim DeVault
Director, Jebadiah's Axe
Jim DeVault was born to Rex B. DeVault and Frances Sheegog on February 28, 1957 in Santa Monica, California. At the age of eight, his parents returned to their roots in Texas, and Jim was raised there from that time on. Showing an interest in art and photography from a very early age, it was only natural that he would eventually become a filmmaker...
Mark Harris
Producer, Black Coffee
Mark is a self-taught filmmaker. His movies have come out to major distributor and he's self-distributed many of his earlier films and sold hundred of thousands copies in US and overseas. Mark was born and raised in the Englewood community of Chicago. The same community Bermic Mac, Jennifer Hudson, Lorraine Hansberry...
Matt Hullum
Producer, Lazer Team
Matt Hullum wrote and directed The Schedule while attending the University of Texas. After graduating, he worked as a visual effects producer on films such as Driven. He then co-founded the company Rooster Teeth, later becoming its CEO. At Rooster Teeth, Hullum was a voice actor in Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles and was an executive producer of RWBY and The Gauntlet...
William Kaufman
Director, The Hit List
Having grown up on the move, Kaufman had the opportunity to live all over the world, before settling in the States after high school. While in film school at the University of North Texas, he started his career working in the special effects department, where he learned the intricacies of feature film production from some of the most skilled and talented technicians in the industry...
Clay Liford
Cinematographer, ABCs of Death 2
Frank Mosley
Frank Mosley has been called "a superb actor and filmmaker" (RogerEbert.com), "an indie hard-hitter" (The Playlist), and "the kind of experimentalist we don't see often enough...with a pair of soulful eyes behind which there always seems to be something going on" (Keyframe). He is an alumnus of the...
Melissa L. Nichols
Makeup Department, Arlington Road
Born in Springfield, IL. Resides in Houston, Texas. Melissa L. Nichols is an artist of many talents. She is a successful writer/producer, graphic artist, designer, classically trained actress, voice actress, martial artist and special effects artist. She is a graduate of the Carver Center Advanced Visual Arts program...
Kevin Page
Actor, RoboCop
Kevin Page is a 35 year veteran of the film, television, VO and commercial industries. Some of his career highlights include: His recurring character on "Seinfeld" as NBC executive, Stu Chermack, who invites Jerry to pitch his "show about nothing" was based on real-life NBC exec Rick Ludwin. And the...
Trisha Ray
Producer, Orphan Train
While in college studying pre-med to end up in the same medical profession as most of her family, Trisha spent a summer working in a printing press in Fremont, California as a binder that gave her enough time to complete her very first full-length screenplay 'Hola Armando' that was never produced but did the job to drop out of school and pursue her passion instead...
Dan Rubottom
Director, The Chase
Highly-respected for his post-production and shooting skills, Dan has over twenty-five years experience in film and television. Dan is sought-after extensively for his creative and technical skills in cinematography, editing, motion graphics, visual effects and color grading. He has directed, shot and edited documentaries...
Bob Sabiston
Animation Department, Waking Life
Sir Michael D. Walters
Producer, To Boldly Go
Michael Walters is an award winning American director, producer, writer, cinematographer and editor, who's professional experience spans over 1100 productions within 32 years of film and television. His calling for being behind the camera, began at age 12 when he was gifted a portable reel to reel recorder, and at age 15 a friend loaned him a super 8mm film camera...