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Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall was a child actor in various television dramas, but decided to pursue stand-up comedy after leaving school. He was a finalist in the So You Think You're Funny talent hunt at last year's Edinburgh Fringe, and was nominated for best newcomer at this year's Chortle Awards. In December 2012 he was awarded the title King of Comedy by the British Comedy Awards...
“ Unfunny AND unlikeable - Double whammy. ” - MrPunish
“ wacky? off the wall? surreal? subversive?

NO - Just WANK ” - MrPunish
“ One trick pony relates everything to race, in a very unfunny way. ” - MrPunish
“ Purveyor of bodily function "humour" and schoolboy innuendo, with a nasty, often misogynistic streak. ” - MrPunish
“ Don't be deceived, yes he looks funny, but he is not. ” - MrPunish
“ Professional northerner with ridiculously white teeth. ” - MrPunish
James Corden
Describing himself as the "chunky unit", James Kimberley Corden was born in Hillingdon, London and raised in Buckinghamshire, the son of Margaret (Collins), a social worker, and Malcolm Corden, a musician. He studied drama at the Jackie Palmer Stage School before going on to Holmer Green Senior School...
“ Pony ” - MrPunish
“ fat person music video / movie parody specialist - NOT FKIN FUNNY FFS

i can't stand Dawn French, but then again, I don't like anything Lenny Henry's been in ” - MrPunish
Jennifer Saunders
Jennifer Saunders was born July 6th 1958 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK. She attended Central School of Speech and Drama where she met her comedy partner Dawn French. Like many of the early 80s groundbreaking "alternative" comedians she began her career as comedienne/actress/writer with Dawn French at "The Comedy Store" in London...
“ see #8 ” - MrPunish
Lenny Henry
Lenworth George Henry was born on August 29, 1958, in Dudley, West Midlands in England to a family of Jamaican immigrants. He made his TV debut on a talent show called "New Faces" in 1975 at the age of 16. He won and went on to things such as The Fosters and Tiswas, which was when his career as a comedian took off...
“ Dated + Lame ” - MrPunish
Gina Yashere
This dynamic young comedienne hailing from London via Nigeria has taken the comedy world by storm since her debut. In a few short years, she has become one of the most sought after comics in the country, making numerous appearances on Television, radio and the big screen. This former lift engineer's...
“ See Reginald D Hunter above. ” - MrPunish
“ sidekick bob - ” - MrPunish
“ blubbery professional northern slob ” - MrPunish
“ Camp, bland, inoffensive and very, very Unfunny. ” - MrPunish
“ juvenile, puerile tosh merchant working under the cover of "irony"

entertainment for the lowest common denominator

lowest of the low. ” - MrPunish
Mike Myers
Michael John Myers was born in 1963 in Scarborough, Ontario, to Alice E. (Hind), an officer supervisor, and Eric Myers, an insurance agent. His parents were both English, and had served in the Royal Air Force and British Army, respectively. Myers' television career really started in 1988, when he joined Saturday Night Live...
“ fart joke multi millionaire ” - MrPunish
Russell Brand
Russell Brand was born on June 4, 1975, in Grays, Essex, England, the son of Barbara Elizabeth (Nichols) and Ronald Henry Brand, a photographer. An only child, his parents divorced when he was only six months old, and he was subsequently raised by his mother. Enduring a difficult childhood that saw...
“ 1 cup - silly affectations
2 cups - obnoxiousness
sprinkle of - weird staring eyes
handful of - smugness
generous helping of - pretentious flowery language
mix together et voila - one completely dogsiht "comedian" ” - MrPunish
“ Man with a squeaky voice - hilarious. ” - MrPunish
Noel Fielding
Noel Fielding was born to Dianne Fielding and Ray Fielding, on May 21 1973. He has once revealed on The Russell Brand Show, on Radio 2, that he has a French grandmother. Fielding once stated that he was never baptised, he hasn't got a middle name and he does not follow any religion. He was once educated at Croydon art college and Buckingham Chilterns University College...
“ see #2 ” - MrPunish
Simon Amstell
Amstell was born on 29 November 1979 and was raised in Gants Hill, London. The lively and determined chap made his first television appearance in 1993 when he appeared as a contestant on the Channel 4 game show GamesMaster (1992-1998), which he unfortunately lost, but this did not falter him on his climb to fame...
“ awkward creepy weirdo ” - MrPunish
Omid Djalili
Actor, Gladiator
Omid Djalili is a British Iranian stand-up comedian and actor. Omid had great success performing A Strange Bit of History, which won the Spirit of The Fringe award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1994, Omid has since become a fringe favorite with a string of sell-out shows. In 1995 it was with Short Fat Kebab Shop Owner's Son...
“ One of the "I'm from Iran, isn't that funny, hahaha" school of tripe ” - MrPunish
“ See #21 ” - MrPunish
“ Let the wank see the stain. ” - MrPunish
“ Recycler of ridiculous stereotypes who fails to covers his tracks with his oh so clever irony. Stan Boardman with a degree. Pub bore. ” - MrPunish
“ Punctuates every punchline with "errrrr" - just to let the fkwits know it's supposed to be funny. Errr. Errrr. Fkin Errr. ” - MrPunish
Paul O'Grady
Paul James O'Grady was born on 14 June 1955 in Birkenhead, England. He attended Christian Brothers School and, after his graduation, worked as a clerk in a magistrate's court. During that time he met a woman named Diane Jansen with whom he had a brief affair. Their daughter, Sharyn, was born in 1974...
“ Cringe. ” - MrPunish
“ How to present "Only Connect" the Victoria Coren Way - 5 easy steps.

1. Every time there's one choice of category left roll out the hilarious "which one will you choose?" or "that's a fine choice" or "yes, I think you should choose that one".

2. Every time there's a mention of alcohol make sure you mention that you drink, in a blindingly unfunny, childish and cringe-worthy way - "Gin did you say? Oh I put that on my cornflakes."

3. Make it seem as if you know all the answers and are not just reading them off the cards in front of you, smugness is essential.

4. Use the word(s) "fiendish" or "fiendishly clever" as often as possible. (Note she has recently calmed down on this - obviously the producers flagged it up as very annoying.)

5. Over articulate in an unnecessarily formal, smarmy know-all whine as if you're talking to idiots- "The next round is the mmmuuuuussssiiiiccc round, you will be hhhhheeeaaaringgggg the ccccllluuueeeessss..." ” - MrPunish
Sarah Silverman
Two-time Emmy Award winner Sarah Silverman is one of the most versatile talents in entertainment, with credits including that of actress, creator, writer, executive producer, comedian, and author. Silverman will next be seen in both The Book of Henry and The Lonely Island's Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping...
“ Edgy? Shocking? Controversial? Boundary-pushing?

Just because it's disgusting or offensive does not make it funny. Grow up. ” - MrPunish
“ Woeful ” - MrPunish
“ Nasty, hateful and loathsome in so many ways. ” - MrPunish
“ Like Rivers and Silverman above he labours under the impression outrageous / offensive = funny.

Like them he pedals the lame justification "hey I'm part of a persecuted minority so it's OK for me to be offensive". ” - MrPunish