Actors who have appeared in CYC Productions

Actors on IMDB who have appeared in a past CYC Production. This is in Starmeter order.

Please let me know who else I should add!
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Alex Rose Wiesel
Actress, Hart of Dixie
Alex was born and raised in Del Mar, California. She attended the conservatory at "AMDA" (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy). Graduating from their Los Angeles campus in December of 2007 and "The New School University", New York, where she received a BFA in Musical Theatre in the winter of 2009...
Alexis Rae
Actress, The Slingers
Alexis was born in San Diego, CA where she attends public school. She loves writing short stories, complete with illustrations, poems, composing songs on her piano, loves doing all things active including hip hop dance, ballet, swimming, jump rope, bowling, fishing, camping, horseback riding,etc. She started he acting career with a featured role in the youth production of "Big River" at age 6...
Dominic Ruggieri
Actor, Preacher
Born in La Jolla, CA, Dominic knew from the moment he was born that he was born to act. His first public attempt was at 5 years old when he auditioned for Annie the Musical. He proudly told everyone that he wanted 30 big sisters. Director Shaun Evans gave him a chance and he charmed the crowds and garnered raucous applause for his role as the Apple Seller...